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220: What You Never Learned About Your Period - with Kristen Ciccolini

2021-10-12 | 🔗

Today on the Rachel Hollis Podcast I sit down with Kristen Ciccolini and we talk about all things menstrual cycle; the effect that your diet and wellness practices can have not only on your body but your mental health. So many of us were never taught about the ins and outs of our monthly cycles, or daily cycles for the guys out there. This is such an amazing conversation and I know you guys are going to learn SO MUCH from this - I know I did.

You can find Kristen on Instagram @goodwitchkitchen or on her website at https://www.goodwitchkitchen.net/


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Well everyone it's time for another episode in our series on curiosity and a conversation I have been dying to have for over a year today we're going to talk about our cycles yep. I know I know if there's like a handful of dudes who listen to this podcast. This is the part where maybe you feel squeamish and you want to shut it off or maybe this is the part that you learn a ton about women and how we function and why you should be extra kind to us during certain parts of the month. No seriously, I have been navigating a hormone imbalance for the past couple of years and it has led
me to change the way I eat changed the way I function and in that change in that study and better understanding of my body and how it works, I've learned so much about how we actually should be flowing pun intended with the way our body is meant to function. So today I m pumps to sit down in conversation with someone who specializes in women's reproductive health and approaches it holistically and that I found through a google search bitterly. I was trying to understand how I could change my nutrition to better help. My hormones and I discovered Kristen
I have been following her on social ever since and reading what she puts out and listening to her podcast, and I had a fascinating conversation honestly. Ladies, if you feel like you already know everything there is to know because you've been getting your period since you were twelve trust me there's a lot of information out there that we weren't given that can really help you to navigate the way you're feeling. So this is my conversation all about our cycles and how they work and am asking a ton of questions. ends, and I hope that you dig the conversation as much as I do. I I'm rachel Hollis and this is my podcast ice. then so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and try
I aim to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened to dinosaurs? What is the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best, And four intermittent fasting: what's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you what for it is my guess are into. I want unpacking so that we can all understand. These are conversations. This is information for the curious this is the rachel Hollis podcast kristen for people who might not be familiar with your work. Were you explained to the audience what you you and how you got into this field yeah. So I am a functional nutritionists. I'm a menstrual help educator, I'm the host.
of the lunar body? Pine cassowary talk about the stuff, so how I got into it years ago I was working and marketing, which was in a very poor for life, balance the social media marketing, and I was doing it for restaurants, but I loved it was, five, and it was a lot of fun, but there is really no balance there because I had to be available the ninety five. work hours, but then restaurants, of course, don't have ninety hours, those also available at night, I always have my phone out. I was always so stressed that really impact in my life I had a poor man How often I just wasn't feeling good and my body so around that same I'm there were some classes happening, boss and there. It was like the wellness boom and bust head, and there are a lot of free classes happening, and so I started going to this class where the instructor wid
he should do a work out and then afterwards afterwards we will eat together and chew the food that she shared with us. You talk about all the ingredients, and you know what they do for us, the body- and I found that so fascinating and this something I wanted to learn for myself to help myself feel better. So I start I committed to in a working out where and eating in a way that felt. Finally, and to me, rather than just kind of being on autopilot, and that really change things for me. I've I've finally saw them. Connection between food and my mood, which is something that we might sound obvious after the fact. But before that I had no issue. So that's that's kind of how I got into it as I started, noticing me facts in myself and I got really passionate about it and so I just I decided to take a certification programme and then that help me transition out of it
I've been to this on my own, because the the experience but I had where it was such a dramatic change for me I'll. I wanted well everybody and I was like probably at first. I was like that annoying person, that's like what you have to try this and you have to try this because it's doing wonders, but then I was like. Oh, if people want to hear that like we can
Talk about progression, yeah, not something everyone always wants to hear, but you get excited in the beginning, yeah for sure, and I I'm curious to what those initial steps were for you. So I know you know this idea that maybe it is more obvious to some of us, but if someone's never heard that idea, if they've never really considered that the food that they put into their system is affecting their mood, will you unpack that for us yeah? So when I was eating, I mean growing up. I was like definitely the sweet tooth. I remember and when I was young I would like pour myself a bowl of rice krispies and then pour myself pretty much another bowl of sugar inside back and yes, you know like I. If that was just how I eat you know a lot of process,
it's foods and not to say that they don't have a place. But I wasn't really balancing that. So I just wasn't paying attention to what I was eating before that marketing job. I worked in journalism and my my diet was basically like hot fries from the vendor. jane and rebel and supply. I was depressed then too so yeah yeah. So I mean all this, this connection between like work and my diet and stress all of that when that started to sort of dissolve- and I was noticing it and an actual difference between the food that I was eating like I had been learning odessa. Does this for you in this food like fibre? It helps your energy in your mood, say: save also eat more fibre of vegetables. Have fibre toilets, don't they're just little things like that little changes over time really made an impact actin that it was so dramatic, bad,
It was nothing that I had ever really put together before, but again it just seems so obvious now, but before I didn't realize how about it was making me feel until I realise how to make myself feel better. You know like so when I, for instance, what they do with clients is behind in the very beginning, we have sort of an awareness period for just focus on. How is this would make you feel, don't judge the food that you're eating down like don't try to eat in a certain way like. Obviously, if you want to eat to feel good, do that, but don't adjust your eating based on how you think I want you to eat so it's more just starting in awareness around how these foods connect to your mood and they eat, emotional mood and also physical, too, and then
from there. It's then you can modify it so there you have to identify at first develop that awareness and then you can modify and make changes after you have that information and that's kind of how my intuitive approach works to it, because you have to have it awareness, intuition works with information and like pulling things out of the ethers, it's it's. I call it library of experiences in your brain. So all of these things that you ve learned over time. He kept conch We think about all that and we're in and all that, like you can't you're not going through day remembering like. Oh, I have to remember this, mrs maybe you are and that's that could make you a little crazy, but it's just that's where your intuition polls from
and so that and if someone's listening- and they are not sure you know we talk about this idea of intuitive eating- which I really think is a process and a practice, and something that I I don't know that you sort of snap, your fingers and just sort of can intuitively like choose your your food. But if someone is hearing that and they're like, I really feel like I struggle with intuition. How do you guide people to kind of grow? part of themselves yourself? If you haven't heard of intuitive eating its of framework onto approach food, in a way that focuses on how you feel verses, how you look because that would mean that the whole thing about it is reacting that giant mentality and so what I find is kind of missing from that framework. It is geared towards people with eating disorders or disordered tendencies,
which the national getting disorder association does consider dieting, disordered tendencies that this really could apply to anyone. But what I find missing from this is developing your intuition outside of the first. I think that's really important and so the way I try to go about it is seeing other ways that you can. I mean. Definitely you can try it with food, but also Can we do it in other ways, for instance, that meditation that's really easy accessible? I shouldn't say you think of it. It was hard to sit in focus, but about I practice it's alright, but it's free and it's available to everyone. So meditation is one that you can use because that seal calm, your minds, and you know what that in her voice come through. Can do for me. I like to do the work of my terror occurrence
so that's another way if, if your intuition speaks to you more visually, that can be a way that you can connect with it, because if there is, there are certain symbols in the tarot or, if you're, looking at a spread and you're sort of seeing a message and how the spread goes. Like you kind of see like a visual message or visit a story is what I'm trying to say. so tat. I can be a way that your intuition seeks to you, I'm you said taro and all add to that makes as well. So I have a couple different sets of affirmation cards here that I would probably use in a similar way to you is that I sort of feel like I'm being guided to poor a card for myself for a movie, I'm being guided to pull a card for a friend, and I sat and meditate on them before I pull one and then there's always a message on that that really resonates with me and I think
Even just that, and a lot of the things that you're talking about are when I think of intuition, it really does involve a slower pace. So it involves a presence inside of your day that I think if people are listening to this and they're like man, I don't even know where to start just this. Well act of slowing down and being present in where you are- is going to quiet things down enough to start to listen to that voice inside yourself, right, yeah, absolutely presence is totally because you can't you can't listen to it. If your mind is a hundred different places, you know it's there, so many voices in your head crowding out, but one that you're trying to listen to what is really important and in one way or there's a couple differ with outside of food- that, if you do this as well, that don't involved if you're not into terror or anything like that, you can sit outside on the park bench or something if you feel like you're in a safe place and just choose one sense to focus on. So maybe you close your eyes
then you focus on your hearing and you pick out the little sounds that you hear all over the place new view here on children laughing. Maybe you hear juicy conversation I live frame. Europeans may be here: the water lapping things but if you're zeroing in on those senses than when you, open your eyes see if you can focus on the same thing and this kind of trains you to me, to have a heightened awareness to certain fences and intuition is like your six month. So it's a similar thing. So isn't it sort of trains us to be on the lookout for those little things that were not really usually paying attention to, and you can do this at mealtime too. So this is something that can be done with food is while focusing on each of your physical sensors. So if you I have a meal in front of you. You can focus on the presentation, friends,
and you're not gonna, do this with every single meal. But it's just like one practice that you contract. He can focus on the presentation. Use your eyes. Do you like it think about whether you like these things, whether it's pleasing to you, if you, if it makes you want to eat it, do you want to instagram it to you? Never want anyone to see you flick flick. You can hear it sizzling room and see if you can pick out any certain aromas or flavors when you taste it. You know that so there's different ways that we can just train ourselves to be attuned to those or have a heightened awareness of those senses, and I find that that can be helpful for developing your intuition outside of the traditional intuitive eating framework, and when you start there, then you can go into the framework. I think, with a little bit more awareness of how you can actually apply it to your life yeah. I love. I love the idea of sort of you're almost describing like the work that you do in advance and then I would say, as I was developing ways of eating, that felt really good to me:
what really nourishing a lot of that was about paying attention, or you said, like an awareness of how I felt after I had eaten the thing which again is sort of this slowing down and being present and not rushing to the next thing, because oftentimes, the things that are supposed to be good for us, I'm using air, quotes if, if people can't see me but of the things that are supposed to be good for us, can be really harsh on some people system right. So Well, my newest discovery and nutrition, and it's like such a gift in my life is I started reading about ayurvedic medicine and really started to dive deep into dough shells. Instead of how different body types are structured then the one of the overall things that I had read about my type was that raw fruits and vegetables, which basically live on a really harsh for my system, and I know this sounds nuts arabia doesn't maybe her
it's all the time as a nutritionist, but I literally read it and I was like. Oh, is this not supposed to be how I am not supposed to feel this way as not supposed to make me a little sick to my stomach and I'm not supposed to be bloated, and I'm not supposed to have this reaction, because I'm eating things that are really healthy, and so it was the simplest fix in the world. I just said like lightly cook: your green vegetables are lightly cook. Whatever before you eat them, it would gently changing my life like I it's so wild and I live for this stuff. So I'm in this world all the time. So find the simplest hack that made me feel so much better is such a gift, but simultaneously I lived that way for years and never questioned.
how that thing was making my body feel because it's a healthy. So this idea of sort of slowing down and becoming aware is so key, and I really I just I feel like we need to reiterate that for listeners that it's sort of fast process and thirty eight, I just figured that peace in information outright. So when someone starting work with you and they're trying to navigate through all these changes, do does are also sort of, come or does it also sort of bring an emotional component to it, because I know that when it comes to nutrition, a lot of women have triggers around this idea. So what do you find with your clients as a sort of embark on this journey that helps them with the emotional piece yeah? There is definitely an emotional aspect to all of this. I find I find that that's a huge thing that smith thing from the
conversation around. Ah, you know changing your diet is that there is an emotional effect and we have emotional attachments to food. How do you help people to navigate that if it does feel emotional for them to be on this journey? And I honestly think that this way of eating is one of the most graceful and its turnover moves, those rules and those all the harshness of what we were How about diet culture? I feel like intuitive eating kind of release says, but is their advice it you have for people who they know that they need to make change, but it feels like an emotion trigger for them yeah. It's really important and I think to be curious.
And non judgmental about these emotions that are coming up so really just asking it's it's very hard to do it. I'm not saying it's a super easy thing to kind of detach yourself from the emotions, but getting curious like why it. Why is that coming up for me? Why do I feel this way, and what's underneath all about? Why do I feel like when I step on the scale? What does that number even mean why? Why am I attaching a certain feeling or a certain sense of worth to that number? What does that even mean? Where does that come from where
I learned that and once you start kind of asking those questions, he replies all kind of means. Nothing like. Where did I wind? I learned. I learned that from a very reputable source it doesn't make any sense. I do find that it is important to just neutrally ask questions I like to look at things very neutrally. I find that also. You know this. You know the the sense that you have to be positive about everything I find that kind of harmful, because it can be really difficult and especially, if you are trying to go from a place of south hatred, to loving yourself in showing up your body on instagram, whatever it's very hard to make that leap, and it's very realistic. So I did just bring it to a place of neutrality. Where it's you know, you're, not placing judge,
than anything. Nothing means anything, it's not good or bad. It's just uh! That's interesting! What's think about what I asked why behind all of it, so I find that when emotions come up and it can be really stressful for clients, just kind of stepping back in looking at it objectively, we can be really helpful yeah. I was smiling when he said the word curious and I'm guarantee that my bank has produced is also doing that as well, because our theme for the month of august, where is curiosity over until he said? Oh, I felt guided to choose that word and then it so wild or not, while that all that every single podcast guess I have right now, we'll fought they'll just bring it up, and unlike what mrs green fizzy of, because I think that there's something so beautiful about the word curious.
when we talk about the idea of change or making change or those that that word can feel very triggering to people. It can carry a lot of baggage, but curious fills lights. It feels like, oh I'm, just going to explore and kind of see what works for me, and I think that when it comes to our nutrition and it comes two paying attention to how things are making us feel that's really key, especially as women, and that is honestly how I first discovered you I understand now what's going on because I've you know, done all the tests and bloodwork and talked to doc, and which is, I have estrogen dominance, and I didn't know for a very long time, all I knew was that my cycle felt whacked like I will go through up then the most joy for happy like live in life.
Then there's just a handful of days during the month where I could just murder you in cold blood, like you just look at me wrong and you know it so hard and I have for kids, and I have a company terrain and it's the worse when I feel like. I cannot control my hormones and I can't control emotions that I had tried a bit of everything and finally found a doctor who specialise in punctual medicine, usually helping with the way I'm eating and herbs and out the whole deal, but I was googling that I found yos curious. Those there has to be information. Some one has to be talking about cycles and hormones and how we should be eating in a way that can help balance those things. So we talked us a little bit about that cause. My my curiosity led me to you and now this
Sasha yeah. So I do a lot with cycle. Health obviously so mentioned a menstrual health educator. So I am talking about periods all the time so when it comes to eating, for your period, I think a freer cycle cycle in general. I think it's helpful to know how the cycle works. I'm gonna be okay. If I start over Absolutely yes gives all the info, because if this is hopefully going to allow everyone's minds, because we are not talking about our cycles and mcafee. Knowing you talk about nine years, hurry Y yeah, but we are and I have I have plans. I mean ilo arms, this myself lake, around, like five or so years ago. I've clans that didn't work south until their thurii is my mother. She was like. I wish. I knew this stuff like that. You know people whether her wise without knowing how their cycle works and how it in tax so many different parts of the body. I mean it's considered now, a fifth
vital sign and and in your vital signs, are very important right. So it really gives you a look into your overall health. It gives you clues as to what's going on, so there are four phases of the menstrual cycle, and there is so we start off with the follicular phase, and this is the first is right after your period, and so what happens in this phase? Is that the part there's a part of your brain that signals to your glands to release the full file go stimulating hormone. So that's why it's called the molecular face and follicles are. Why are on the o breeze that contains immature eggs? So it signals to your body to start preparing an maturing and egg towards abolition, so in the body. Estrogen is rising. This causes your energy to rise as well, so
you're going on you're goin rollercoaster, it's a gradual increase sales, searching notice like right after a period. You know you don't have a ton of energy but going towards we can feel amazing ray. You have a lot of extra energy, so its third world faith, that's happening in the body that. then add regulation, what happens is that you so there's a hormone called bhutanese hormone, and that is what stimulates: relation to happen and when you, obviously that phase is like I look at it- is like the goddess phase, you're feeling amazing you're at the top of your game. You energetic your super socially motivated, your productive it everything you want to be so, Well, I love this phase, the best phase. This is a great time, for you know social stuff and you're better at communicating at that time, and this is when estrogen is peaking. So that's why you have all that amazing,
energy and then from there is when you go back down the roller coaster and it's not exactly like you're not it's not you like screaming down the roller coaster, hopefully for some people it can be and that's where the imbalances come in, but the so this phase, the third phase after ovulation, is the luteal phase, and so what happens? There is after the egg is released from the follicle. It starts to produce more hormones, estrogen and progesterone. So what has been happening up until now is that the estrogen has been helping build up the lining of the uterus. So now it's it's kind of hoping like hoping for pregnancy, so the the main hormone in this half is progesterone, so you think pro gestation, it's the pregnant,
the hormone so it's there in case you get pregnant and then what happens when you don't get pregnant is that they realize or your body realizes. Okay, that's not happening this time around time to shed. So all the follicular phase is sort of the growth phase. The luteal phase is the shedding phase and when it starts to release so progesterone starts to decline, and this is where a pimp mess symptoms can pop up. If you are dealing with an imbalance, so pms sometimes are not normal. That's huge news too While I find so with your cycle a healthy cycle, you should not have anything more than mild cramping pms. It is very, very common, but that doesn't mean it's a normal thing. That's supposed to be happening, so this is where it can pop up. If things are in balance and then all the
on the stairs your energy, your estrogen, declining your energies declining and your body sort getting ready for more internal moment. and menstruation. That's when the shutting happens, that's when hormones are at their lowest sayer energies below its and that it is the most intuitive times. So this is a great time to be practising to be flexing that integrated muscle in practising the things that we talked about earlier I mean you happens during your periods. I won't go through all that, but you know how it is that this is the general flow of how the cycle and then we start all over again for anyone to have any questions I know I love. I love this and I love that you brought this up because I actually have talked about this. So much of my girlfriends and honestly with my boyfriend, how crazy it is that at at least in the way, I grew up the way my friends grew up. Nobody explained this to us. Nobody talks about not only what would happen, but what was happening in our body.
And what that we would need to change the sort of you know if we were eating certain things or either sit something would make that worse. Ass dress would make that worse or even the aid, that he a message not supposed to happen is such a gift you know what I've been doing a lot of research and work on this idea. Lately that our body is constantly trying to tell us when we are out of alignment, but as a society, we are so used to feeling pain or information or bloating or strasbourg. Your whatever a million different things that we tend to treat the symptom. Instead of asking and what tat of alignment like? What's the root cause of the thing? That's going on?
me, so I will love this topic because it's a half the world's population is experiencing this and it now lay back, but just to go just once a product. They literally was at dinner last summer, best friends talking about this, then it's this lake shameful thing in its shameful in the u s and other countries is deeply shameful, but example that I use was like if you are on an airplane and you had to go like you need it Changer menstrual capri needed ginger tampon. He knew they were amorously ray. You would like a fire. You like put your cheek like a squirrel, like god forbid, anybody should know that you have a period when everybody knows you have appeared, it's it's not. So I love that your normalizing, this conversation, and maybe boy people mine's today about how it's meant to be, and I really want incurred your listening to this go check out. Christians website, which we will put in show notes.
because that was really what I took a deep dive down and started like unpacking. The information actually have a ton of great info on the site. It within those phases. So I remember reading on your site that there are ways to approach nutrition based on where you are in your cycle. That's going to set your body up for more success in that era. Can you talk about that a little bit, yeah, absolutely and just to backtrack for a second, I want to sort of reiterate that when you hit when you listen to where they explained about how things are supposed to happen in your cycle, it's really important to kind of pause on the fact that you're not supposed to feel the same every single day and you're not supposed to perform the same Every single day there is different faces, are different gifts and challenges of each phase, but that it's ok for it to change on, so that we all know that it's really good and so rightly said that that is really good, because that is a lesson that I have had to work very hard to learn cause I'm in achiever. I, like
do things I'd like to get things done, and I in the past would be so hard on myself. For what I now understand is as a place that I was out hormonally that I just have the energy that I might have had two weeks ago. So I really love that you made us pause there, because Even the idea that we are not going to be the same base on where we are in our cycle is really important for women to hear, really important, because I think that we just been ourselves out because we think something's wrong with us or I started several months ago. Literally just keep me, I keep it on my first day we know of how I'm feeling, based on the day of my cycle, I know that seems obvious. Maybe, but it really it's like a liking.
In gift like I woke up today and I was feeling a little. I was feeling sad and there was no there's nothing to be sad about, but because I've struggle with anxiety in the past, if I feel a certain way, my brain will try and supply for me why I am feeling that so we'll go over the list of one hundred, and I was like oh wait, I'm gonna go check my my the tracking that I've been doing and the last four months every day on day. Seven of my cycle, I have felt a little sad, so it gives me so which piece like okay says. This is where we are today we're just going a little sad and that's okay, extra, an extra gratitude, meditation and I grounded myself a bit, and I allow myself to feel a little sad but giving a y like understanding. Why, I think is such is so our whole for someone like me, who can be really hard on herself yeah we're tired, so much to resist sir cycles, because so our society is built
were men and the mail or while cycle, and its were constantly resent the singer cycles day after day in that causes, mental stress and physical stress, which you know, pushes us further into balance, so what you said about writing down how you feel just one word day, that's exactly what I tell plans to do to get started because then you, like you, said exactly. You can look back on previous month and see any patterns that arise and it's just so much more helpful for having self compassion when it comes to this, because lately like today when you're feeling sad or things just feel harder, and you dont know why you can look at it and say? Oh, this is just how I tend to feel at this time and I can give my files permission to feel it and also may be focused on something else. Today that my brain can be better used for you now here wait. You just said the male hormone cycle is that twenty four hours- s citizens
freakin a. I honestly just chat about that. I just took a guess. We both like, however, society set up okay. So how is it different? Do you if they go through their own cycle? I mean I have met some men who have been. Like they're on their period for sure what does it actually look like in twenty four hours? So I I look at this. The way I'd like to talk about it is solar, vs lunar, because people with periods, you know, function more on or it's mirrors more towards the lunar cycle, and you know people who don't have periods or move born with the male hormonal cycle function more along the lines of the solar say I like to talk about it as like lunar bodies and similar bodies, so this I mean they have the same fluctuation every day and they have their up and they have their downs, and that's it so late. In the morning there there
Energy is really high, but, like morning meetings perfect for them later on in the day, that's when they're winding down that's what happy hours for you know, maybe we don't feel like going anywhere after work. We just want to plop down on the couch know they go to happy hours to wind down and because that's their time to chill out you know. So it's it's little things like that. I mean they're, very big things, but they seem when you kind of pick it apart, like that, it seems like little things that if our society is set up Everything is for that cycle and it doesnt really taken into account that we have different ways of you know eating. living and moving working. You know we have different strengths in different phases, so we can talk about that as well. Just there like, I said there are gifts to each phase. There are challenges to each phase and my ideal work situation to you now have keep all be more open about where they are in their cycles and-
playing into those strength. So if you had a group of people who had cycles I came to a meeting there. and you know, maybe the person who is in their follicular phase their wheels. turning they're, the ones gonna be doing the brainstorming, maybe the person in the looney affairs, through as better at more detail, oriented workin admin stop at that time can take out. Maybe you know that kristen has been their menstrual phase and is feeling kind of quiet and internal, maybe they're the ones that can just like run the tack for the meeting or something you know. So, if there's different ways that we can play to our strengths at work and outside of work as well, but I feel like that's that takes up the bulk of our time, but that is dream are people to be more aware of, what's going on their body and to it instead of constantly resisting it in meetings of the patriarch,
Yeah well forever. You know I love this idea to because it was in this process, which I am about four or five months, and to really trying to understand the hormones and trying to understand my cycle, and I became aware of it because I found they saw the tracking and this I know it seems insane to be thirty, eight and just kind of barely uncovering these pieces, but I'm I'm told a we seek to the moon, so full moons are a big deal for me and my friends were very witchy and we love a full moon dinner and we love the whole thing. We got all sorts of traditions and because that that is something that we do. I was very hyper aware that my cycle was really sinking up with the full moon and I was like whoa. This is crazy, which would have led to this journey of kind of understanding. What that looks like, but a big thing for me, was it's exactly what you said this idea of like an empathetic quite in this way, but almost like we're at war
wash our bodies. You know that I would get frustrated like. Oh, I can't believe you know. God of my periods happened. You can like are be so frustrated which is awful cause. I'm like no. Your body is doing exactly what it's supposed to do right now. You know this. The fact that you had the cycles, while you were able to have three babies and your body is fleshing out what it needs to and it's doing exactly what it is and there's this sort of I dunno like if you're in this resistance and if you're always at war with your body, it's going to affect how you feel about the entire process, and I think that war comes because I'm wanting my body to perform in a way that maybe it can like mind over matter. I can push myself, but it feel so much better and I feel like I'm so much more productive. If I will allow my body what it needs and then later I've seen him, I'm replenished, I'm renewed and am able to come back and kind of get into flow,
the easily and get all the work done and be super productive. If I can just let my body can and do what it needs to do This episode sponsored by f faxes, Fleischmann is in trouble during jesse eyes, limburg, clare, danes, lizzie, kaplan and Adam brody, this dream my tells the story of recently divorced toby Fleischmann, who dies and to the world of app base dating with a kind success he never had in his youth, then his ex wife disappears leave him with their two children and no hint of her return, f axis Fleischmann is in trouble streaming, november, seventeenth only on hulu, so and mister smith you're gonna love this house bunk bed in a closet?
there's no field manual for finding the right home. But when you do u s, a homeowners insurance can help protected the white way restrictions apply. Go in your honouring the different bases in giving yourself what you mean throughout each face. You can be so much better than the things that you want to do in the right, Is this. You know you're always having that education like we don't have a job. So we don't know these things tat we can really down on ourselves for not being able to be known as productive as they were last week or we can do the same work out. Retainers. Good luck, because when we have we more energy now, why am I so tired today, because we do now these things at me just in a week
are very mean to ourselves about it. Can we talk about hormones in putting hormones into your body, because I this is more information, anyone to know about me, but I went through a divorce last year and for a very long time I didn't need any sort of birth control, because my has my ex husband had a vasectomy. So I was golden and then I found myself single and dating someone new, and I was like oh better get on birth control again and I now understand estrogen and the play that it had there. But I didn't at the time- and so I tried birth control pills and I felt like I was I was. I went crazy, the guy just it was
it goes bananas. I managed to stay on it for three weeks and then I was like I nope. This is nuts. I can't do this and the more that I've talked about this. The more women are like yeah, that's at the eyes how I feel all that hot, that's what it is, and I was having a call with my doctor actually yesterday, at about birth control and she said well, you know when you on birth control, when you were younger, did did it not affect you, then
I was like. Oh no. No, it definitely made me feel insane, but I just thought that was my lot in life. Like I, just it had to do and she's like wow that just like it makes you sad, I mean that's a lot of people's stories, but that you felt like you, didn't, have sort of autonomy or control over that or that you thought it was normal if your body reacted in such a way that you thought it was normal to kind of just keep on keeping on so the more I talked to me about this, the more women, the more friends, more people, my community, who are alike. Yes, I it it's terrible. So what are your thoughts on you know like you, just gave us a huge gift and said: hey PMS is not supposed to be making you feel as bad as that doesn't have it in. If it is your you, maybe something's out of alignment. So
when it comes to birth control or contraceptives, or do you have sort of any ways that you guide people into what would feel normal? What would not and kind of how to take that on? Well, I'm some medications are not my area of expertise or doctor. It is his girlfriend's just chatting well. So I do say like when people come to me and are asking about birth control and ask them. You know whether your symptoms beforehand, the birth control pill, is not going to fix that it's going to temporarily suspend those symptoms, because but the birth control pill does, is it shuts off the communication between your brain and your ovaries, and so whatever symptoms that you have beforehand are going to come back through the birth control pill and you're, saying that that help give you more symptoms. So that's another thing to consider is that you know you could have potential side effects and
you know there are a whole lot of options that are good for us. You know they're, it's just that's just the reality, some for some people, the pill is the adoption, and you know there are people. There are a lot of people that company expressing interest in coming off, and so what I d like to talk about there, is the fertility awareness nothin. Have you heard of us, you ok, so this is a method patrol family planning and birth control, and I would definitely make sure that you read a book about it in a really learn about it, we do. We don't want any accidental babies if you're, not tracking sphere, that right and there is a book, I would recommend it's called taking charge of your fertility, and it's like the bible of this method. So it is not like the rhythm methods that actually this method when done properly
is just as effective as the birth control fell. So, where you're doing as your tracking your observable fertile signs and that's your basal body temperature, sayer temperature, the first thing I, when you wake up in the morning and then your cervical fluid, so why you may know as discharge something that you may have grown up thinking was not normal. It is one hundred percent or more, and so those are too things that you're really paying attention to, and so the temperature, if you are not on birth control of yours, you know having natural cycles what you'll learn there is there. Is that pre you'll see as you track this everyday you'll see: pre oblation your temperatures are above ninety seven, queen seven and lower
degrees and lower and then after regulation there is a clear shift. Sale start to see you know you're going with spain and all of a sudden, because that so it's like ninety first, our over, that tells you that population has happened and that can confirm for you if you are either trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy, that's really helpful, but then the second thing is monitoring your cervical. So there's a couple different terms for it: discharge several mucus, cervical fluid whenever you want to call it and that changes that signals that population is on coming in. So that's when you start to see either I'm like a creamy consistency, either until a paper in your underwear about how people tend to check or it it to get more like a white that's more fertile and though the more watery it is the more fertile you are. So that's telling you you're like getting up to emulation. That's a sign that you need to either abstain or use protection answer.
That's, really important to know. Also you know if you are trying to achieve pregnancy, that's the time to get down to it, how does it It's like. We don't learn this stuff, so we just think. Oh my god, there's things changing in my underwear. What is that something's wrong with me? But it is a perfectly normal aspect of your cycle, and so these are the two things that you're looking for said. This is what I recommend when people are thinking about going off birth control, but they are nervous about not consuming we're trying to plan a family. So you know it's definitely more complex than what I can explain on the podcast, but that's the basics of it. As you're looking for those two signs and
even if you are not fully following it following it, yet I recommend, starting with that. So over time you have some data to work with once you know what the hell you're looking at you know, yeah for sure I mean honestly, I feel like I could talk to you. We are going to have to have you back because I feel like I could talk to you about this stuff for hours and I want to, but I know that people who are listening are going to wanting for more information cause. I know my girls they're gonna wanna, like absorb the stuff, so will you tell them Chris and where they can find you uninstall gram where they can listen to your pod catholic, give all jews details, so they can take learn more gas, so my website is good, which kitchen dot net. I might ceramic good which kitchen- and I also a course on all the stuff. It's called cycle now jack enough for my website as well, and they may pike have, is the lunar body? Are there. Thank you so much for the time and the wisdom and set of jumping all over the place.
Me. I really feel like there's all of this, like sort of sacred information that, should have been ours from birth and that we ve been separated from so I'm constantly constantly trying to seek out people who are practising in these ways so that we can make this conversation, which is very necessary, a bigger ones, are appreciated you to chat with us today. The Rachel Hollis podcast is host by me, Rachel Hollis. Our show is edited by andrew weller, with additional production support by sterling coats. Everyone loves buying holiday gifts, but the credit card hang over not so much well odin. He is outdoing even santa with their prices. This season they have credible procedure for everyone on your list like matching jingle jammies statement, making coats and the cosiest sweaters, and
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