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226: Tricked Into the Life of Your Dreams - with Yvonne Orji


Y'all, I was not expecting to laugh for an hour when I sat down to record with Yvonne Orji, but that is exactly what happened. Yvonne is in the hit HBO show, "Insecure", or you might know her from her stand up special, and y'all we get into all kinds of topics: religion, love, growing up in Nigeria and immigrating to America...and how she has walked in faith to build an incredible, inspiring career. I know you guys are going to fall in love with her, and here is where you can get her book, Bamboozled by Jesus!


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You'll find our last ninety days, challenge filled with extra contact. You can't get Where else lessons and meditation and really cool screen saver is fallen wallpaper, you name it. The rise app is where you'll find it nine ninety nine a month so low than a single trip to Starbucks Hand, you can get it on Iphone or Android to keep you accountable, motivated, and to give you lots of options to feel great about yourself. Today I was not expecting to laugh
for an hour, but that is exactly what happened when I interviewed my next guest Yvonne Orgy- and I have been social media friends for a couple of years now and weave traded, a million text messages and a million dams, and I definitely laughed getting to know her on the phone. But getting assume call with her was something else entirely. You probably know Yvonne from the hit HBO Series in secure a favourite of me, my girlfriends or from her stand up special on each bio as well, but you are about to fall in love, she's, written a new book and just based on this conversation on positive Yaller gonna buy it immediately. We talked about love and religion and what it was like for her to grow up in a nigerian family and to come to America when she was a little girl and how she's built a wildly successful career by following her intuition
and walking in faith? This is my conversation with Yvonne Orgy hi, I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is. My guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these. Our conversations this is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis.
I guess we use Walk Leslie through why you're doing what you're up to a sort of how you got this place and how the story in the book plays into that all. Basically, where, where I am now is different, even then, where I was when I first wrote the book the come see the consider the concept of the book was just like: hey, I hate when you meet people who are successful and you ask him a question. What was it like on the journey and their life also started from the bottom now. We're here is like Yes, I I know that Drake Song is well thought out because it lies within you we're at the bottom, and you tried to give those that were you noticed in those days of God. We know is the happy to be here. being affected by mad. I can't do anything. Do I get give up again
at bay and so like either people are. I don't want to show the uncertainties that Friday just like that it's not about where we are now we'd be Bobby. I am and bring me. I just wanted to be honest because I was going through them you're only like Romania, the retailer we read the book and what I did was the head of the truly closed. The chapter on that point in my life, but it was still so fresh, is though, robbed rounds. I am in the driver's seat within the reverie near like with me and my friends I had their like you remember when we was sharing values with no meat. It always is like it was the latter's. There was even a badly, it was just baths and we These are the way you know we got is abolished like added Guatemala with it would get it over Jackie, and I just I just knew that
it wasn't the only woman- and I know that you can that, even though the my life would be, let me guess he's made anything tat has ever before we get here. Let me show you what happened and right yeah, and I just I wanted people to have a play by play like it matters that I didn't think play book, because everyone's journey is different, but it is to be like you're, not alone, if you feel like you're, crazy you're, not a lot of people, I want because deepest that meat and fish- and it's ok like it- you can have a moment. You give a drunken man No one I was like God, you lied to me in a lot of others. The latter we give them not only did the bats, but above all the money ends up.
But here is really a Fulbright. It's the burden, the building, the breakthrough in the book lesson busy, and so obviously the murder- and I thought about how like sometimes dreams are about it. You get them, you believe you can do them, but then there so heavy there's some heavy. The summit so much answered them. The setbacks repentance so back when it was, let's say you're in that phase, that sort of burden phase and your building. What was the dream? The dream? was to be a comedian. An actress at like tell us the journey of of what it was instead of what were the chefs, you took to build to this place for sure. So much in his dream was me to be a doctor and ensure Imogen Flash nigerian form. I was, I guess I'll, be at that I'll, be a wonderful that that can do it, and then I think I'm gonna give assurances at another
I should not use. I don't want to do it's like I'm gonna give you tell me the gray said he had forgotten give us. He said now, and so I require clear realise, like I don't have a better plan d like I had only put my egg and this basket I now realize I only want to feel no more and to stall from Germany because I didn't have a better plan. I got a masters degree in public health. The only thing that you're in love more than education is war, education and the hawks. I got my mistake, and am remind me out, were you born an idea or your parents wherein they came here? I was one of those yours. I came home. Ok the got it. I remember that in the area of special of so red to watch you go like you're here and you're doing sand about, and then it's almost think you're showing like this is the place that made me and gave me this comedy the sound the state. So superadding ain't you get so I'm getting my master
I saw a patent because, like my brother hits me up in his like hey, can you do a paper find him soon had? I was just me. I was not the patent yet I was born. I was building when I was growing up as a carrot, deed, major and active. I gave them. and the kids will not be a limit other. Will you be my I like? No, we don't want to know. I had a date beer rejection though, a pattern, unlike while I mean ok, agree a maid. I was I literally my only decision to do it with I'm free on Saturday felt sure, and I think I wanted to feel beautiful. I've been told saw that I was pretty fun like a man two weeks before the pageant they call and say well, what's your talents and all NATO I'm account of immigrants? I don't happen, my kids,
Only dollar is the mixture days like that and there were one lose, but it could needs to have one one's. I I've gotten day when I was a freshman out, it's so by the summit and rock with, or I would say, its ears and I pray. I will that I'm gonna to do like a guy was up help with a very simple breyer and he came back and was like do comets acid. What do you think you're gonna be delayed? The girl who's? A brain of rejecting you want me to stand upon paid in front of a room full of Nigerians. To do them make the mismatch area in America. Bedded is very, on the nose and we never met a Nigerian I'll say right now we are lay worse. Ok, we will not, even like tell you you're, not funny, we'll just dismantle your soul by talking about you, but whose daughter is this the way she thinks you
funny? Oh, my god he's gonna behind again. They make you feel less I was by guy by now. Let you gotta get me something else and I remembered to think we always worthing will what else you have and I said you don't- have anyone going back a ball with him now that you know I don't have anything and he said either you gonna. Let you trust me are you now and now that he was not on vegetable? That was that I have I thought the bay we need a better. I do ask me for help. I gave you an answer. No, my answer where we did not come back right, so I was well. Maybe he doesn't like in a book about moving from a morsel learn. Other maybe- and I just would like maybe gun-
more about me. Then I know about me, like I don't know what I don't know. What that is- and here is the crab- only remember like maybe there's something to this and for the next few weeks I walked around the house trying to figure out what was funny with this. I worry I'll. Do that dichotomy of being both major inanimate kid, and I did a five minute said when it you Rachel. I did now cause for laughed and even though the possible that I had no idea what comedy without new that ice is making them apparent row and watched the comedy jam on HBO at this one. We had mobile and then he looked like it was overheating. Don't like smuggling here, those one television had the Basque and, I just knew I'd even punchline. I just knew that they would say something and then after they would say something else, people would laugh sounds like I need whatever that formula is. I need that so I was so
aid, but I memorized my mind so that when people were actually mapping it to me up of the people that I don't care, I just need to get off your laptop. and that was the first time I ever did it and then afterwards people, like, oh, my god, do you do comedy at the baby showers and weddings. The like I do. Actually I do. you gonna vacates say your men get right right and after that, I'm just like way with difficult one time being like. Maybe I was really good that weak as a Christian, guidelines camper for me, and I remember going back a methodology that if this is real, allow me to do again and allowed to be good and I entered a competition. Bird like this is funny college student competition. I was gonna, my master sums that contracts and I ended up winning Brigitte up. You add that met. I gotta perform Aberdeen Iraq and it was just a little like morsel
When did I kept getting him outside now hoods, because if not when I found something I didn't even know, I got this when you ve when people say with a guy dream this goddamn I've Emily emigrate. I didn't know Hollywood with a being I'll know how people make money, and I would urge the bank comedies gave the still scares the crap out of me. So it was that thing, I know I don't be a doctor, Now something I love. I dont know what and is, though, it's like. I don't know any comedians who were successful. I don't know any comedians period and what that's where the fake walking in their burden section would like. I'm gonna go to New York with five hundred dollars, all of which are going towards an acting class now than about in Europe with a hundred dollars and on the bus, and I thought about the book on the bus going to new from Maryland four hours. I didn't have a place to stay.
The high standard of facebook methods, like everybody, got a couch for me. The crash on hadn't in Europe. we did tonight, a woman I met once I'm doing public up work in Liberia. It's me I was. I call me immediately. I callers he's like I have a basement apartment. My daughter is one of the college. You can stay there every six months I'm, on the bus to New York wow with so much life trying to divide us finding common ground can too often filling a revolutionary act, enter Van Joan. as a news commentator Van hears opinions from across the political spectrum, but as a change maker he's dedicated his life to cutting through the political noise, he's been building uncommon coalitions and pursue
of the common good in the new Amazon original podcast uncommon ground, with Van Jones he's exploring topics that affect us all from climb change to racial inequality, the state of our democracy, to quality education, access for all, he's talking to thought lead. cows and getting row with people about how to join hands in pursuit of the common good at a time when still divided Van and his guests are searching for unity, and building bridges to bring people together. So if you're looking for hope for a place where people are uniting to find real solutions, join Van on the journey to fine uncommon ground, listen to new episodes of uncommon ground Fan Jones each week on Amazon, music, apple podcast or wherever you're listening now. What I mean is sound
to me, like I love this reminder, sort of being led right, so I feel, like all of us are being led, and we have this intuition and there's something guiding our steps. But not everybody continues to walk in favour, continues to walk towards where they are being guided. So what do you think it was was? It is just the way you ve always been, or how did you know that? Keep following the instinct like there's a lot of people who let alone going to New York, but would never let somebody no publicly Handgun York, I'm not what I'm want to do, and I dont know where I'm in a state like people when asked for help or your guidance in that way. So what Is it about your personality for people who are listening and the like dang? I really struggle with this. What do you think it is that allows you to keep taking steps. In fact, for me it lies in eyes. They like I just kept saying yes, but I was almost inevitably like taking you. Did it yeah. Then you will be greatly. I'm smarter level figure it out and light.
It's not like I'm lying in supplied, yeah sure this is so. element but like let me drive, Men is all that I met right back, capable of something better go exec like the panic you know, and I think to for me. I was not interested in playing George. I will the major enemy is very I'm trying, I'm actually undue this visit new phase of my life, I'm being less matter, but you know what where born profession is like. I literally have a tattoo Nigerians open its last, like my last like it's. A stain of the country is like our like our motto and within that, as so much pressure to always be first at ads pressurize. I kind of took that same. I will always be first with religion like I was just like know that
God does do another reward, the TAT other guy. I can do that guy. I know I'm a student had fallen structures, and I think I just I didn't ask so many causing people. The idea bade. Wouldn't you know when you call a blind, be it just require do as I say that I might not like in a call to a heel. I love the way, though, have like wisdom, but it does require to be like, others. But clearly you must know more. Ok, it's getting late. Money made valor. Now you got me was the ok got so want me to go into battle, ok we'll never get with the fighting, but give me my sword, United, that they like he'd, never happy you, you never got cause there. He was like jobless or an absolute hundreds have been removed. look here. We have accommodated blow your trumpet. Ok, then,
and like you have to be, like this one babies, you gotta be Oda by becoming, though they don't. That's. Ok guys got that wasn't on. Besides I've illimitable job with having so many people in their moment would be like that. It does not know what he said about. We need to find a gift shop and my sword and is like and you're gonna get you because you're not a warrior. Anything browns need. That was what was I gotta go to New York began United, no family be willing, but specific. Clearly, gaunt figure it out, and I in my mind, why so many people want all the steps figured out before they buy the bus thicket like annulled by the beginning of the Gatt, the figure it out as he gave me anyway, so that there is on it like. I think I do I d, be it on you got it didn't work out
what I'm telling you anything that takes the pressure on collecting. Some people are afraid of failure, because people will look at them as a failure, and that is why I got there. Oh yeah, that's all you ass, I was about was the Duma to her, but it was gas while the hold on. and you know I've never gonna happen. I don't like you. He always wins thought by you Never gonna ass. He had a conversation yeah so you're in New York. You got this basement apartment you're, taking an acting class. Then what happened to it? maybe better. When I lived Merlin, I would do white shirt events. Will you not like tributes paid and saw I would like to do and light dollars here. A thousand here am I to tell jokes what employed five minute ended, but the thing TAT S, the one that forgets.
A valid environment is whether you and I'll just was like. Oh my god, I can make you. I did know like committee, the fourth what did you think you like? I will have the same kind of better. Maybe they had these bringer shows and it was like if you bring five brains each paying like the fallen. Bounds ban will give you, you know four minutes and it had a wifi. and how to lose rather than that employers, nobody desolate, that there will be a fish and until afterwards they wouldn't work as one only brought me in Europe. Have begged me friend than the few that I do
dirt dirt partners artist. I need they. Don't have the money to support me every night and I need to practice, and so it was. It was the moment where I just was like. Oh my god like how am I going to get better? How am I going to get seeing if I can get on stage so one day I go to a an open mic night and open MIKE is just like comments were just trying out. New material is not a show. Sometimes there is like regular audience members most of the time. It's just other comments in the audience will not listen to you, because they're working their ass at this particularly the guy said hey, I gotta give up the room than my moving away, and so he wants to take the room over. I looked around waiting for, like all these other, like more established comedians to be like me, and nobody did an identified to my mind again, I'm a major businesswomen
That was why I don't have the s anybody for permission to get on stage at least once a week, and then I can be overcome by booking than on the show, and then I get to being a job. You're asking what other comic saw as well. as an opportunity, because how will they gonna like meat, overcoming that there be like a network at bay where you got getting back to this great at arab show? Our committee was like. It was my way of fixing up problem and a lot of people think the winged at this. The problem it's like. Oh God open up the door for me to always perform at this. Please no open the door for me to work and be responsible and have ownership and then also meet the problem so yeah. No, it was not fun dragging equipment on the train every Thursday night creating flyers of lister reaching out the comic book.
the show, but it gave me a things about it and I call that yeah Mamma. I made it because I was like one day: I'm gonna call my mom and ass? It say those words to her. Come too years later I have aids because Russia, with the same name yeah. How long did you do that? How did you run that that room? I learned that room or about two years. Why? How and was that the scientists, the dumb question without lucrative at all or it just so now a lot of money. Could I would pay audience members? Did they told a joke? I remembered everything but I had no idea how to run the room. I just remember that when I lived in DC there was a guy who ran an open mic and that's like like nothing is ever wasted
though he really enjoyed me inside you, mother, mother paper. In doing this thing, how did you do it all these years he was like this is the kind of becoming get. This is the kind of like the kind of life. This is how I set it up and I remember he used the paper or even with your companies, not easy as somebody I could do that if a great whoever tells the best job. I'll get them five dollars, and so I did the same thing with my made it out like IRAN that would like entice autism everyday. I could get a dollars or whatever tonight and thought that that I did not make anybody, but it wasn't. Sometimes you have to do the things not to make money for what I didn't make were friends. What I did create with the community and what I did get to do was have the opportunities and Sicily practice myself. I should also say,
I was working at the tent during the days. That's why you got the money for absolves like I write a money from working of the term and I follow the bad in the level of a big rent from the back into my made. It right- and I think it's worth saying that too, because I think a lot of people, especially a younger generation sort of Missis step. They want to be in the thing where their working on the dream or their creating the content or the pudding it out in the world, but they want it to. Eddie be lucrative whatever they wanted to already be a paying job. And the reality for all of us that I know, at least in the age group that I mean is that we all had that we all had they jobs pursued the dream that we wanted or the business that we wanted to have the pursuant to be at night. In the morning on weekends, and it wasn't easy. It was a house and it was hard. When did you feel like you started to get traction so that you started to like ok now this can actually be. My gig, though,
Just imagine what you just said. I don't know if it weep with aged out of this formula, because you're absolutely right up like maybe it's like the Instagram, you tube culture, where you can like make money. If your video of us all, that really makes. I guess people of this general don't even know where we are z, then I don't know this integration who like who truly feel like yeah now either. But I have people like maybe commands, and I want to work, we're whenever and ve gotta, let others this is the long run I'm gonna be now and the like, it's. Ok, I guess that aim and how you gonna be now like it took so much effort and where in maybe there is like a go get it. You know a button that people can press and then suddenly,
I didn't know, I don't know it exists, and if it does, please send it my way. Can I m I'm it right faith that the new norms and almost I'm a young person or even wrote her thin, who they are. like committed and dedicated to like the prophets of like you know like so don't you have to serve, you have to work hard at night and then you like your time comes even for me now that I am number two on a show, and yes, I get benefit from that my goal, the hall fancies of shooting was like I'm. You deserve ISA in her vision, maybe because one day, some also me in mind, though, how it, by trick this offer you're gonna get your offer me some. What a beautiful attitude, and also very rare on in the industry that you're inside of it know anybody, but that that's what they call us to do
for me. I understand it because I understand it like Eliza and Eliza Eliza was delighted with a jerk was the reply. I asked you to follow the daddy now, and whether the strait of joy and Eliza was like your eyes? I recognise the exchange like undersea political cell of my cattle and we took his mother. The bat like without with bob- and I got you and and got a double portion of the lessons way. Lashes I but wasn't lying beyond me, raise in two weeks of working with you, then I'm out when God bless. You know we were talking about You know bow as and rude, but like we forget the lamp Naomi Road, my husband is dead and gone measures as they love abide by our good will always love one. Another has made us greatly. I'd give ed.
We may all we were better angry with so many other be what it is granted woman but yeah. Maybe your people, we want people you about mother. Will you go out and she went straight to feel and there's more who was? There was a guy back there than exchange in Serbia. I think people to death tat because apparently being number two were being an employee of mass taxi, because a bath is worse than other than bucket by everyone. trying to or will remember their lives and just pop up up up up and is like that. You all back waken and drop asked. Oh my gosh fell. Good could also understood this. not even like you, don't want to pop, and I will cause you to skip steps like got caught me to fix that, but like in the seasons, when I wasn't popping, he was developing the thing that you can develop,
The light is off you re you'd, your talent is always gonna, be, like you can add, acclivity comedy, but the character. If I can, you learn to be a good person. You'd like before the Czechs come, he learns alike manager money before the zeros come. Can you like? Why can you learn to still like love me? No matter what is present sit in front of you because it would have been too late to see zeros and see opportunities without getting my character and, like my bike, love of God in order first Am I why it's such a good? It's a good thought key, because I think people get that wrong. I think that if you are working toward a financial abundance and wanting to create wealth and wanting to have these things, which I get, it move that for sure I think a step that people or
peace that they get wrong is that they think money is going to change them. Money is magnified, He just magnifies what is already inside of you. So a view, establishes. I love that reminder establishing those characteristics now and creating the infrastructure. Now, for the person that you become when you do have more resources than you do have more access, and an all of that is something you can't know till you're on the other side of it. As a leader in business, you know that healthy happy employs create successful companies. No matter what the industry is. Com for business can help your employees to be their best selves at work at calm. We want to help kick start. Your mental well, being initiatives, empowering ploys, distress less rest, better and build resilience should be a year round
priority, millions of employees over six hundred companies like link in it or a bull and universal studios, use com for business and right now. Com for business is offering a one year subscription for HR and benefit leaders when you go to calm dot com, flash rise, that's right of free year of com for hr and benefit leaders, so that you can personally experience what com can do for your company get started today at sea. El M dot com, slash rise, so do you think that you had sort of patients in that in that season
like being planted and make your growing was hard intellect tension or you are like no there's a plan. It was a lot of liver, the myth of boat. It was miss of all of those most is the delivery gimme, your like. Ok, I get it back, see what you're doing Gatorade also view. I love you. And ban airline, but that I really do want to eat twice a day at least like business now run now harvested ok star- and you know I had hit my wall where you know we all get economic right, isn't that nation had been serving you, I even I am the only one left either disengaged, as this amazing few is called conversations in the game which is where Eliza was like doing it. Did you know he challenged by the bail out? He was like a rapid and now you're doing doing good work for the Lord, and then we'll who the queen was like. I promised by the more you will be dead, was implied.
Oh I've got to go. You, like you know like he'd, be God will often be the one that was like I'll kill you mother and you ve got up at the back, I'm out at all but many runs, and that by then- and I love at this moment the public. What about daybreak? My mom is regarded as so Roque, as I also experienced it in the average dislike. It would have been so easy forgot to be like them, though all the blessing that showed you are you just forget about that, because members that they will kill you, I can't stand my kids like it would have been so easy to said. Just write him all, but he said now and and cuz you know you when you hungry, or he is a snicker bar- just grab a bomb
it has been well. You know you and you're tired in your obviated Eliza woke up inside looked at the rest, and sometimes we get our Basle back in a war were mad at everything, romantic element of our cells, whether through the door where it will be built with the time with a year's and baggage that no workers. For me, I was like getting spurts, it was like. Oh yes, ok I'll ever happen for me. If I thought I make money and am also by the sun I built to allay- and I was working in a rage, room gonna, give me an idea for my own so but in true form I was like TAT. I started. This is hard. Either ok, but it is somewhat easier to work on someone else's that that already going, though, because I had a servant tired, but I will also work for you guys. Yet another girl shovel got cancer
they will die created other shows animal with them at the man. I want a minute at times like go with them, like I literally evidence and shutting down of what a member and that's what I hit rock bottom line. I was like a lighted eliza that they were like that. I was working with you. I was doing everything I could get. My head was moving, but I told you to do something that you never did and I don't know various like I didn't like like my answer. You want me to do very Eddie was by ever my cousin about bugaboo. By that Africa's with delight you and I'm cry, because I don't like you get really be that of that, but I just bills goods just like I'm slap actor with him in the street and that's when it was like. What's in your hand- and I was when I tell you- is that as it is, he give me another riddle? Is this some kind of a problem of I'm? Not I'm not David, I'm not the one. I was
I see, and he, but I wasn't gonna like like our sleeping that you can be to two of them got for too long. I opened the Bible out of nowhere. I see some thirty one reporting. Are we trust you because my hands are in man. My last night I was in my head and I had method than destroying it my times are in your head. I think from me what I had to get out of my mind was I'm running out of time, I'm getting older. I told my parents, I would be somebody by now. It hasn't happened. Real tangible way had some ways, but like nothing, tat I can write home about and I'm not married. I don't have any kids like I'm running out of time and God needed needs to realise like now. I'm I'm the methods and the other a time. So whatever you need.
make the time make sense, and I think what you once you lead got what you wasn't. I get invited the your most afraid of a big people lie about what were the afraid, but we don't verbal either. We don't like what are honest with ourselves. Much, I'm really like you I get married, it won't be happy by we live like that. Like subconsciously, is up and running name a thing and then You can be like ok what wars the evidence and also, if that does happen, so I got some autonomy and give you a better blocked. The leg is kind of like when you can decrease the thing that your most afraid of me was like a marine inside but love. So TAT was like those that over twenty forty Rachel get ready the dismal a month October, twenty fourteen and final since the boulevard. That tells me with your hand, I say: ok back, there's a big I'll, give you my s last shot it this way. I'm across the lean and Michael Orgy apologize being crazy
listen to you and go home The war Marilyn were sometimes dreams. Go to that, but I will be happy. Instead, you got it I'm giving my best leisure and I became a crack head on a bicycle cake that no using they run fast. They are just pedling up a he'll like that. Without an I started, writing what is now known as First Jane. I was ready to scrape. I had no idea what I was doing all about the writer, but I was I gotta get out a meagre. This is literally my last shot. Then I had the idea to like should achieve a trademark, as it is now to present fourteen without a lot of black shows on tv devil, mulatto shows by men during american families. So I was ok, they need to see this and you should see the driver This is now the timber January. I mean protection of independent production company. They tell me the budget is ten thousand you got about it what are you gonna do?
the one woman Elaine is those we issue, but I will. I will take any money from the boat. You can give us the seven thousand we can do in life. Ok, great and I had a neighbor comes out of nowhere- is it fifteen hundred, unlike You just met, you are you're, giving me fifteen hundred, as you did, I've been in LA for a long time. I have tried to have a lot of people with their dreams, and so many people don't do anything with it. I am helping you because I see what you're going to do with it, so he came out of the woodwork anybody money got transferred from Nigeria the night before I deadline, because we didn't have it and I said, and is not an email task and he's not a bad. This is real. got it right? So we go. We made our budget, we shot the paying in February we release didn't in April. It goes viral, I say
I got to get this done like another Nigerian or another person that can like really sanction it's like there's no insecure this moment. No one knows who I am, I'm just black girls get a downward I'll? We call called every yellows manager and dislike. It will really deal with David. No thanks is it David? It comes back, and if this is the story of my life, how can I help you? Would you guys need MIKE and whether he shouted to his mom event? I shouted the man I'm sure they loved it. I walked that's great, with yellow lovely regner by my mom. I mean offer one for other, that's what your car you're gonna, be ok. I work at a deeper level, waited wearily and that our Missis Reed, but ok catch. You were teaching first, Jan two, the own network
now do July, audition for insecure August, I book insecure October, twenty fifteen exactly a year after my breakdown and from the boulevard. We should the pilot for insecure. We get green, what they well wow. That's so incredible, and also, I feel like when things two click when you really start to you know, follow that intuition, but like take them, steps. If it really does start to snowballed that fact it goes from. Does I get so hard it's hard and then all the some sudden something clay and it just goes incredible, twelve months what I'm really curious about, because I asked a lot of people. That's good. I just think, as is a fascinating thing, that happens is in always feels like the hardest part of
Achieving success is getting from the sort of very beginning to getting to the top of the mountain, but what I have learned over time- and I was curious- if you think the same thing is, It is a way harder to stay. Where you got two, then it was to get here, because when you're you're climbing up the mountain right there's a direction. You know what you're doing, but you hit a certain level of success where you're like everything is possible, but I don't really know like didn't. Did if you like that for your, you feel like you, so had pretty clear guidance once you're on the show it explodes. Oh, it's a different ballgame yeah, no Biggie lyrics Deadly made a lot more sense. Any more money. More problem it sounded like a really builder already. you getting your life. Oh, my daddy was right. I owe him a worthy jag flight. He was right wing for me. I trusted got so much did
and then it was like when I did get it almost I've got my own. I gotta go at any moment might even though they I was waiting for like the pseudo drop by I don't want you they get away, but look at the way. What what was gonna happen, and so I do with everything I proceeded. J Ellis Michael STAR was, like you, gonna burn up beside just relax gesture like good things about com just got up. I was that he doesn't, even though he clearly each has always been working if all the time I've even these nine. How does this report so I was it I was doing speaking Gatesman I was like I was like I gotta get there. I was
Donna mean until I done like six college, and I was in the middle of publicly bumble and this guy, the student with back. So are you doing like a college tore? The question was so simple, but outside would cause I'm doing. here, but I really would like- and I dont know what I'm doing until finally, where I had every bad that operates and able to watch the aid must be as it were, that is unjust and just like collecting just collected, through my mind, admitted deficit for so long that is why either the promised by another, I will nevertheless able to try and that crazy, because I feel like I never struggled with the scarcity mindset, sort of the fear that it's all gonna go away until I had something like I'm Europe without anything and very similar. Not we don't,
same journey, but like lived and allay trying to make it work in three jobs. You know buying dinner at the night and sent store my field open about it right. Yes, yes, but I never really had that fear until all of a sudden, I made this money and then there was why that other over willing to me- and it was like. Oh my gosh, don't let this go away number one and number two. I dont know if you had this, but I've been suddenly had like overnight, all of these people on payroll. So now it was. It just mean that I'm concerned about its also like I have to keep producing cuz. I need to make sure that these people are okay, and how did we get here and Support for the Rachel Hollis podcast comes from three m committed to protecting health care workers.
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now it? I definitely look like I was like mad we'd like maybe we will look at it. This? I met the mining everyone functionality like. How do I add an immense like you get duped it I'll, give you that if a good you drive that you bring people in your life and there they say were right in what you and then like big disappoint. You, like the people who you have and for years- and I just like oh yeah, everybody's crazy- you know about that. He's gotta, keep your heart right and left people in my trust. You will again because, like you know, I'm bringing people into my own now, I'm bringing people like my clothes bays and it's got a hard at its heart yeah. Believing and at this point in my life I will say, like I was deafening
a like see into eyes a big only leave you like. I look at what you do like every other started. There was no likeness yeah like when you say you were gonna. What do you mean? I believe that everybody was that there was. There were a lot of hard lessons and therewith that evil went beyond money. I had to grow up. You look at it like its matters like blindly you at that wisdom but that the sermon and for me it was always clear, career wise of life. What I want to do, but then my mission I had always check my mode of life. Are you doing this because I never forget a friend of mine ass? So what? What is the goal for you? Do that? What is the goal for you, and I was the only thing I want to get an egg most people when you stay, I wanna get eager out of the element which is the enemy.
Grammy, an Afghan, it sounds like literally all the major were, all of them TAT s a she caused major issues like I use. They back really want an eager or because you think it's like the men during painted, do like going to Harvard Medical School and outside ok right challenge accepted. He was Second, a follow up question right down on the other. You I'm only data because, like behind the thing to do in Hollywood and only like of small fraction of the Abbe like what twenty thirty began. He got out at all in Hollywood. Sums like I'd like it brings me the small group of exceptional artists, and it's like you can't think that you're gonna Grammy figure.
I wouldn't go. I've got about those there, though I love you items like Turkey check me so much because it all. I will say that this is the reason that I now, when I say, are becoming less. Nigeria is like you're, absolutely correct. In like we reach a milestone, the hardest part is figuring out. What happens the like maintain or keep going high right, so I was blessed Michel that written by lead people starting by people in a real, honest, new ones, viable way, don't get. These characters often is busy as black address and really What do people I loved and enjoy for six years? That is also an anomaly. This business and
found myself by having anxiety last year when you, my agent, sent me a script, knows that after I have to go back into place the beginning rejected again. I I, have I've always had a safety net for the last six years and didn't happen. about it. Now I like I was like I retired. I'm getting down that path. They gave me the other guy. Do this thing and I dislike chasing the same high I don't know that I'll be able to work with the likes of people like you again like how does that work? I'm now coming into that zone, and when I tell you when I say I'm becoming left Nigerian, it really took a lot of work with my therapist or her to like get me out of the perfectionist zone because it was just like. Not only do I have to be the best I have to
You know everything has to be both it and it just like us, like the manager like major, though my bonnet ability to ignore them. Let your house be debts, he never let them see like, but Why do they not unaware? Well, God is good all his work and For me, I had to let them go and envy agenda murmured. Everyone says that one would be messy and like the buses with someone, you know he was a boy things lab. Let these far nothing aspect a life making sure nothing, because I thought I break in its like that's a getting off a trusting that AIDS is really learn your ear. You say you just gotta use wanna be guide, and this year on my vision, born, I was that other guy I want my were to be either that there will never be. Where can I know happily, guy and the problem when you ask offers of EU activity,
You may not be waiting, so I was just like indeed hold me specifically beside you. You're not gonna have the capacity to use your strand in your energy in the way that you used to either promoting the book. Outburst of roaming fees are five times I I can't do oppressed all. I want to present the pandemic wherever, and I was like you want me to have either flowed the one of the things I want the horizontal I'm. No hustling Rhine gets through to the desk, making they want, and you say it also did he burner dongle antibodies, I'm lonely way. If I do it even love, maybe the vessel day an idea that I even my way into it, and
forget when I didn't make the list I was like devastated, disappoint everything devastate. I was disappointed and there's a difference devastated by what is light disappointed. If, like that, I listened to you. I did the thing that was very hard for me to do, and I have got in mind then reach that goal, and now all of that- and he was just like Mr Evans, the vessel and away he lose it clause. From my books or I'm guess, hosting the eligible for right from above and give holding Malaga. I got to talk with them levy like like so many opportunities, people or tax. Our deal Me every day talking about how their relationship with God and just like their filing making the steps the
do the data they know they ve been like Lala, getting all the less. How many years and literally thanking me for re. The book again got is like the citizens. Listen here and again. The hockey now was just resting in knowing the thing that that me, this is not a thing that will get me that far yes, the thing they got you here will not get you there and it also looks like. I think this is another interesting side effect of achieving success in a certain way. Is that all of the people that surround us then want us to continue to achieve success in the same way, keep writing the same book, keeping the same woman. keep acting in the same kind of things and I actually think the greatest and most beautiful challenge once you have achieved success is what is evolution, look like for you personally yeah, like the one of the most beautiful things, as this idea of
letting go of something, and I always think it's interesting when we should have collar shot with. We ask God we asked universe, We're like I want even flow, and we think that that is what we want: given, but the reality is that were actually given opportunities to practise the thing that we say what which is why harder? So I ll never forget when, like my schedule was with Christmas free and as I am so lazy coming out, I should be and something I normally juggling three things in the town, and I remembered like when I had one thing as I am aware- and I haven't everything: I've also lay the issues. I deal lazy with your body. Finally catching up from a decade of rest. Now that I mean what let the death of the prospective added now attack, you dont have a mind right and for me it was all
I'll get associated my worth from my work and really going on this journey of like girl. You, if you don't path for the next five years, you stop it you're like there. I never let a luxury that you get to escape and like only do what you want to do and not be beholding the thing if you're not into the dumping, will forget about you and deliver together and it keeps you changed to it. Taken some vacations daggled bedding like what do we have come up? You're telling me go. Did you know we're dominant by my fellow member we entered the Morocco amid the boy bore Jan Living, my best light, because I'm also gonna like over matters of ivy, he's going to have to understand that this is what I am accustomed to do. So if you can add, contributes or like
said: look like they re about me, but finding? What would you like? What do you enjoy? Not what you think you have the like. I think you have enjoyed think you have to do think you have the big in order to maintain the like, hey discover, you knew anything yeah, and I love that Listeners who are digging this conversation- and I know they all are we you tell them where they can find the book. Is there nothing What the new narrate exile Wanna hear your voice, telling these stories that gives all the juice all that our final bamboozle by Jesus, that man is young people's alleges that army the final Amazon is available. Oh I do married the audio element arise. I will tell you right now. It is not your Mama's, though grandmothers bubbles that he did indeed Aurettes Cardy Bunny.
and Mary, Mary mother, by rule book about about their life, would be here, which I thought I speak very conversational legal. I wanted the audio blocked the sound like a bug, asked accommodation amongst friends, and the book reads very it's it's very easy. Read its written globally like her, I dont like I was writing it like. I was talking to a really good friend, and so now is going to come across an ice sprinkle stories about my life and the journey, and then a kind of cement and with them lorries that are very talk them it all again like the image of the Bible. Yes, I do. I make all Abraham the first employed ever this you'll find out about those rights. God knows where I mean like being, let me the mainly to get rid of her fault that boy behavior but father,
Any nation shore of a bell is best last this last season of insecurity that right last even of insecure, were saying good by its see them by area for marrying October. Twenty fourth unease: beyond your max and eagles until Christmas. Well yeah, it is honestly my to my best friends. It is their favorite thing on the planet and their very That, then, is the final see then, but also I love when creators do that. I love when creators are like, we did it, we did. The thing and we're not gonna run this into the ground and we're not gonna go on for fifteen seasons. Just it's like that thing like or we can t cashing these checks, but let us stand on its own and be the story that way.
So I was gonna be really cool, yes, is that we are never lot of lose em to wrap up, and this is a very exciting who what's happening. Those were too, I brought you to check it out and then tell everybody where they can find you. I'm social cause, you're, always so funny any where the best outfits that that alone should be inspiration and after all your instruments, they, you add Yvonne. Oh I'd, J Ai on also shows ass. I saw a white. Thank you so much for the time and for sharing stories and make me laugh for an hour. I shall remain suspended that I am really the heavy today- and I know that- aren't gonna love. You wish you all success of all the things and with all the rest, We live in flower pay, the name anyway, I'm so happy with your happy. I'm yeah you're happy picture. I love it. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me. Rachel Hollis Our show is edited by Andrew Weller with additional.
Reduction support by sterling coats. Our executive producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance production.
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