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243: It's Time For A Calendar Audit!


With the New Year approaching, you guys KNOW I'm getting excited to sit down and reflect on the last year. Calendar audits are so important to me that I wanted to share my process with you. Take some time over the next few days (or even weeks!) and really think about what worked, what didn't, and what you want your next year to look like.

Happy New Year!


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If you're the kind of person who needs to be able to check things off the list of autonomy- sure you know about my habit: Tracker the five to thrive tracker? Is a signature item inside the rise of a community of people? all over the world who are dedicated to the idea of doing our five to thrive practices every single day making Are there hydrated practising gratitude moving their body having a morning routine and constantly asking which parts of their life they need to stop, adding to let go of or release You will also find guided meditations full on work out. You can take a hike with Trent Shelton. I'm on a treadmill with me do hit aerobics, whipped coach Diana. Do radical soothing yoga exercises and just about anything else, we can think of
also where you'll find our last ninety days, challenge filled with extra contact, you can't get. where else lessons and meditation and really cool screen- Saver is fallen wallpaper, you name it. The rise app is where you'll find it. nine, ninety nine, a month so low than a single trip to Starbucks hand you can get it on Iphone or Android to keep you accountable to keep you motivated and to give you lots of options to feel great about yourself today, hi guys welcome to the last podcast episode of twenty twenty one that fails
wild where coming to you today on the thirty eight and one of my favorite weeks of the year seriously, you ve probably heard me talk about this before if you ve been listening to the pod cast for any amount of time, but I spend some time every year during this last week of the year figuring out. What are the parts of the last year? that worked. What are the parts of the last year that didn't work? What are the goals and intentions that I want to set for myself as I enter the first weeks of this new year? All of those are things focusing on right now, as we wrap up this hard beautiful amazing
Evolving greatest lesson filled year of my entire life. All of it is what I'm thinking about today and to help you tap into the same kind of spirit, to help you tap into no wing what you should bring forth. Knowing what you should. Let go of me to share one of my favorite practices with you, which is the annual calendar audit. Now, if you're in my coaching community or you ve, been with me for a while- you probably you're rolling your eyes right now cause you're like! Oh my god. Please stop talking about this, but. really is an incredibly valuable tool, and I know it will help you. Actually learn this from John Maxwell years ago. He does a calendar audit and I took the information he gave me and I made it my
own. So today I want to share with you one of my favorite episodes, which is the annual calendar audit episode. This is an old but a goody and I'm bringing back cause. I know there's value in this practice so taken listen to this episode from this time last year, and I hope hope hope that its helpful please check and on social if you do it, let me know how well let me know what you learned, but this is tactical. This is good. I hope, you'll take two hours this week and create a map create some intentions, set some goals for yourself: there's real power and getting clarity as we enter a new year and as we enter a new year, I want to wish you a safe and happy beautiful star twenty twenty two. I pray
that this year is a blessing for you and your family. I I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast. I, spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best and for intermittent fasting. What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is my guests are into, I want to unpack it so that we can all understand These are conversations this information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis
hot gas, let's start with where this practice came from, because I want to give credit where credit is due. John Maxwell wrote about this. I want to say John wrote about as an fifteen invaluable laws of growth, if you
never read that book, I want to ask you to put that on your your tb, our pile. That's your to be read pile. I want to ask you to put that in your tb, our pile immediately. Fifteen invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell is the oh gee Personal Development book. It's like the gateway drug people read that book and then it makes them go. Oh, my gosh! What else should I read? What else should I bring into my life? What podcasting lifts into that's really a book that gets a lot of people excited about elevating, and I am super freaking blast to have John as a real life, mentor and friend,
but honestly, even before he was my real life mentor. He was my like author mentor. I followed his work and learn lessons from him. Long before I ever met him in real life. So in that book is when he talks about this idea of doing a calendar audit and there's so much and credible information in that work, but for some reason in that book, that was like the thing that really doc with me. If you don't know this about me, I am always looking for ways to become better. I believe that one of the things I am here on this to do, is figure out a better way to do my life like how
can be a better leader. How can it be a better podcast shows how? How could I be better with my health? How can it be better, as apparent like I always want to improve, I I'm such a nerd for learning, tactics and skills that will help me to have a better life, and when I saw this idea in his book, I was a girl. I really want to try that, and I did this was years ago, when I did it for the first time and it was so freaking powerful. You guys, I'm in a walk you through how I do it, but I just want to tell you my first experience of doing a calendar on it. The first I'm that I did a calendar audit. I really fell in love with the practice, because
As are many be honest. It was the first time that I really did a post mortem on my life now, if you're not familiar with the idea of a post mortem. This is something that we do in business all the time. If we have a big project or We have something that we ve launched or we spent a bunch of money honor. We created something for you guys in the community. We may end up as a team afterwards and we do what's called postmortem, which is like. Ok, we got through this big, in that we invested time and money and energy into let's talk about what was grey and let's talk about what we could improve for next time and let's talk about what straight up was wrong I had done that in business a million times it never occurred to me to do it for my life and when, did it for my life. I found frankly the very first time I did it. I was super disappointed. I was super disappointed with myself
because I realise how much time I was wasting on the wrong things, if you like, ok, are familiar with the eighty twenty principle, or Puritas principle if you're not familiar, look out, there's a billion books on this topic. I ll just give you a quick, like fifty thousand foot view at the idea of the eighty twenty principle. Eighty twenty is this law of like life and busy and results and success that shows again and again and again that twenty percent of your effort produces eighty percent of your results. Twenty percent of your customers equate to eighty percent of Europe
twenty percent of the things that you do for your health equal. Eighty percent of the results that you see, I'm not perfectly explaining this idea, but basically the This is your spending all of this time and energy on all of these things when really only twenty percent of the stuff you're doing is actually giving you result. If you can focus and tighter and tighter on the things that are just your twenty percent and you just focused on those imagine the exponential growth you would see in your life. Imagine what that would do to your revenue if your business owner a man What that would do to yourselves if yourselves person like Imagine what that would do for your relationship. If you can hone in on the twenty percent effort that actually freaking matters, your results explode,
but the thing is you're never going to be able to figure out what you're twenty percent is or what you're eighty percent like what you're wasting eighty percent of it, I'm doing that doesn't matter, if you don't do it post mortem on your life and that's what the calendar audit is. So the first part of this practice is the review. if you wanted to account or audit super Freaking simple, if you have kept track of all of your meetings, so that's probably where we have to start as someone with a really busy schedule, every thing is in my calendar. This is a calendar audits. You have to be able to look at your calendar for the last year if you don't have that if you dont have your calendar, if you d well your meetings number one as you move
to the new year. Do that favour for yourself, because if you're not organised enough to have your life scheduled in that way, my guess is, you get to the end of the day or the end of the week or maybe you're at the end of this year, and you feel like I don't even know what I did like, I know I worked hard. I know I feel exhausted right now. I don't even know where I had traction, I dont even know on, even though the year I just lived, I'm in a walk Ya'Ll through this, as if you so have your calendar organised like I have mine and if you don't hopefully me just talking about it, will spark some ideas for you to review. Maybe you were view it. You know by journaling and you just sort of think back through the months, but I can tell you how I do it step number one. Is I choose a day between Christmas and New year's and I really do choose an entire day because it takes hours
to review every thing I have done in the last year, and then I like to end that day, refocusing which I'll talk to you about in a minute. But I choose a day between Christmas and new. I set it up so that I have child care, I have a plan. So that I can really do this, this is a sacred practice in my life I geek out. I so excited, and I have notebook and journal entries going back years with this practice inside of it, which is so cool. so I choose a day and then I get my spiral
note book, I I would say you can do this in any paper, but I really like the idea of keeping track of these things, so I would suggest that you do this in a note book where you have worked, will you be able to keep it? I wouldn't do it on loose paper, and I also don't believe in typing things like this out. I think it's important to write it out. I believe you guys hear me say this quite a lot, but when we write things down were using multiple modalities were using our consciousness. To think of what we want to say were using our motor skills to write it down their suit of the textile of like touching paper and holding a pen it just it's going to keep you so much more present in that moment, then should have mindlessly typing something into a computer or a phone. So I get my notebook. I get my pen I get in a good state like I like to do this,
work out, so I'm feeling energize and excited ed and a lot of times it get like my favorite coffee like the whole moment, and then I open up my calendar now. I m not fancy here, I'm sure, there's all sorts of great calendar apps. I just use Google calendar and I start with January like I'll, do it this year and I ll start with January of twenty twenty, and I will Early go through every single day of the entire year and I will put every single thing into one of two categories. I have a page in my notebook that says great use of time and I have a page in my notebook that says wasted time, money or energy. So it's like great use of time,
waste of time, and then I go through every single appointment in my year and I put them into one of those two categories now before I dig into that limit How you one more thing I do as I audit my calendar. I didn't do this the first year, but I added it in, and I want to tell you, I feel it every like term it aren't you guys. I say that something is life changing, but this really was a huge deal for me so the first year I did this. I was just putting things into this like great use of time and when I say great use of time, those things have to have pushed me closer to my goals. They have to push me closer to my for values. They have to push me closer to the person I want to be so. The things that fall in that category could be like awesome meat
as I have or projects that I did or they could be, that I took my kids to the movies or that we made cookies right like it doesn't have to be these big audacious. Like oh, you wrote a book. It can be things that make me feel like I'm the person that I want to be so the very first year I did this. I had those two categories and honestly the things that I felt like had pushed me. closer to my goals. The list was really short and the things that had wasted time, money or energy was like five pages, and I Looked at that less and I wanted to cry- and As an entrepreneur and a dreamer
I know I hadn't done calendar audits before, but I know that I had would have had a list like that going back a decade, if I had done this. That long like. I know that if I had done this for a decade, I would have just a hundred pages wasted time, money and energy because, as a dreamer, I get really excited about a project, and I am also really creative and I love to brainstorm with people, and if someone tells me there dear. I would also get excited me like oh my gosh, and what have we did this and what? If we did that- and I would get sidetracked so easily and saw it when I did this audit- I looked at that list and I was like oh my gosh. I've got five pages of just a waste,
and that was a super bomber and I'll they get into that in a minute. But at what I want to tell you is when I saw that list, I felt really disappointed and myself and I fell disappointed because it was the end of the year and I had just I mean worked myself to death. I had I was exhausted. I didn't have air gee. I was feeling Bur now and to have works. That huh,
hard and to know that you wasted your efforts to know that you wasted so my gosh, how much money I wasted on like ideas in projects it didn't pan out. I was really bummed out and I thought TAT ended. I do anything like for me in all this year. Did I do anything for me this was years ago, and so I thought I am actually go back quickly, one more time in our view this year and I opened a new page and I put off the top of the page, I put living the good life other called it, and I made a list. I said, ok reach. What do you think is when you do these things? This is your definite
and of living a good life, because I thought man, ok, you wasted this time and money and energy, but at least if you ve lived a good life in here in certain moments, if you ve practise self care, if you ve gotten to do some fun things than that sort of evens out this waste and so the things on my list at the time and in many of these are are very similar today, but at the time our amber that I was like getting a massage was a huge deal for me. It was always like a big perk when I like splurge and got a massage going to dinner, going to dinner with my friends are going to deal with,
Dave at the time and like having really yummy dinners that we're like multi courses- and I was really specifically my details- are getting a good, often dinner. Travelling getting to travel to like cool place is and go on vacation. I'm trying to think of what else was on the list. I don't have my notebook massages dinner with friends travel. I want to say: Fair P was on there and I'm spacing on what the other one is. If you ve ever heard me talk about my joy list, this was sort of like pre joyless, but now, if I doing this. It would be things on my joy lest anyway, so I'm going through the calendar, and I just wanted to put a tally mark next to any time that I had done. One of these things that made me feel like I was living a good life like I was you know celebrating and enjoying my life.
and that very first year I went through and I was so bummed I mean all that work, all that effort, all that wasted time, money, energy and I had like three And maybe I don't know how this sounds to you guys, but if I'm, if I could look at that list of Wasted- let's just say money like oh my gosh, I wasted so much money in my business on these things like I wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on projects that never pandora on stuff, I should never have done like I should have slowed down. I should have not gotten so excited. I wasted so much money over here. and yet twelve months went by. I want to see if the time was like one hundred dollars to get a massage back in the day, which is a lot of money, but if you wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on something stupid
You look at your year and you're like you got to massages in twelve months. She spent two hundred dollars on a massage, but you could waste thirty grand on stupid things in your business. That made me feel so disappointed because I was like raised a freaking massage if you got a massage once a month for twelve months, it was one thousand two hundred dollars, but you wasted thirty thousand on stupid things. your business and it just was like such an eye opening moment for me of, like I am working so hard. Not I'm talking right now to the entrepreneurs cause if you're, not an entrepreneur. You might hear me say like oh, my gosh, you wasted thirty thousand dollars or like what is going on what even talking about that's insane, but in a business where you're making at the time
if I was making a million dollars in revenue- thirty thousand super Freaking bomber to realise it. You wasted that much money, but like it's all relative anyway, when I look at that, it was so I opening for me to go in and and and foul check this with me you guys, because even if you're an entrepreneur, I think this gun makes sense to you. I looked at it and I thought your working so hard, your busting by you're you're running yourself into the ground and to create a business that will give you couldn't unquote the good life, but you have the money for the things that you ve, you believe are the good life and your your blowing it on stupid crap for your business. It's idea of like. Oh I'm gonna do these things first, some day some day I be able to slow down and take a vacation someday, I wanna, be able to splurge and get my get a pedicure
someday I'm gonna to be able to have these things, but I gotta be over here hustling to do this stuff so that someday I can the life when, in reality, if I'd ever just looked, it's like wholly crap, yawning have the ability to live the good life as use. and your blowing. It you're blowing these resources on things don't freaking matter, but until I did this audit, I was never able to look at my life like that. So I want to challenge you to do a calendar out at this year to sit down and go through every single thing that you dead and into great use of time, got me closer to the person. I want to be in the goals that I have waste of time, money or energy and then have another page where you right out. What is your definition of living a good life, and this is not like a great cup of coffee.
You know tat. I love that stuff. You know I love it suffered, live every single day, so blast and so content, and so grateful because I M just brimming with joy over really tiny things. But when I'm talking about this idea, these are like elevated moments, you know you got to get the cool thing. You know I don't know, maybe wanted a new phone or Maybe you wanted to like help your mom pay off her debt, or maybe you wanted to be able to buy a new sofa. I don't know, but just things to you that feel like your definition of living, the good life and as you go through your calendar, any time that you see that just little tally under your things that make you feel like you're, taking care of yourself and your living a great life. When you do this review and ask you to do two things. So, first you're gonna go through the entire year with
no judgment. Dont! Second, guess yourself, don't be yourself up just get thirsty. You can see what the results are. What do we have in this category? What do we have in this category? How many times that we do something cool, and please know that when I did this for the first time I had like ten things on my great use of time and a hundred things on my waste of time and free on my living, a good life, and this matters were doing this for a reason. If you were a view your year in this way, then you can set yourself up for the next year with success which I'll get to it a minute. But once you were view the calendar, the first thing that you were going to do. The first thing is celebrate: you're freaking wins celebrate them seriously. We are so hard on ourselves.
as we are so hard- and it feels like no matter what we do- it's never enough right and because we don't celebrate ourselves- and we don't acknowledge the awesome stuff that we did this year and the effort we put in to get us closer to our goals. You're nervous system is not wired to want to keep putting effort in its. Why you get burn out it's why you don't have energy, it's why you ve lost the joy and the passion for this thing that used to be really excited about Because you don't acknowledge it, you're you're, your subconscious like day girl, it doesnt matter for do good things are crappy things. You're gonna be disappointed either way we ve got to learn to celebrate our wines. So when you look at that list of things that were a great use of your time, dude if their did there's one on the list in twelve months, I want you to say
a bit like o k right look, it is one thing I did also. I lived through a freaking global pandemic right also. I had to approach a life, my children's education, my business, my work, my interactions with family, in a totally different way, and I am still standing yea me right whatever it is, acknowledge what you have done once you have celebrated what you have done once you have become president in your success this year. The second thing that I want you to do is to look at the things that word a waste of time, money and energy. Now, when you look at this a zombie on us when I look at this list, especially first year holy
I was so disappointed and myself I was so disappointed. It was like so much self recrimination. I really had never taken an honest look at my life and my business that way before and I felt disappointed. So when you look at that list, I want you to be graceful with yourself right. You did the best you could with the information you had and the resources available to you good guess, right, you the best you could in that moment, that was what you could do and we know it and work lodging it and we're being honest about it, so that we won't repeat the mistakes in the future, so be graceful yourself as you look at that list,
number one and number two. This is really important. I want you to look at the list and I want you to see if there are patterns here of these things. Are you wasted time, money or energy? Was there a pattern? So, from my perspective, a lot of times when I get to the end of the year and a review stuff and I'll say that was a freaking waste of time. If I look for a pie, on the pattern. Throughout those moments where I wasted time was when I was doing someone else's agenda for me. My team wanted me to do something or something popped up on my calendar and I went to the meeting without asking for clarification on what it was
for while was involved often times when I feel like I have wasted time. It's because other people have asked me to participate in something that I am not leading out on and if I participate- and I dont have clarity on why I'm being pull then I am getting so far away from my twenty percent. I am incredibly clear about what are the things that only I can do. Like only I, can record this podcast for you guys. Nobody, you know. Thirty employs nobody on. My team can record this package recalls podcast right, but lots of people on my team could sit and on that meeting lots of people on my team could come up with a process. Lots of people on my team could come up with a marketing plan right. So if I get pulled into other people's agendas because it would be helpful for them. If I was there or my energies bomb and they want me in the room, I get it Superfund
want to be around me to p S, view were not live your life in a way were you be around you. Why would anybody else? I digress. Ok, back to it, when the team pulls me in on things, or think of it? This way, maybe your mom and, like you note the pity, I ask you to do something or you're. The church wants you to do some of your being pulled in two other people's agendas is typically when Philip, I'm wasting time, because I know what it is. I want to do and I know the efforts that I should be putting in When our view the year, I'm like it that's when a wasted time when I wasted energy, the pattern that I could see was that are often waste energy. When I get excited about someone else's, India, and I start following it down a rabbit traffic. All that will be fun, thou be fund. That will be fun and I get to the end
you're, I'm like wholly crap, you spend so much time coming up with ideas to help someone else's vision. that you completely lost traction on your own, and this is really powerful. When we talk about the idea of refocusing- because I call my shot at the beginning of every single year- and I were view those shots at six months in so that I can make sure I dont get to the end of a year and be like dang. I wasted all this energy on other people's ideas, and let me just say this to you: the more successful you become. the more ideas. Other people have for what you should be doing, the more successful you become. The more people want to take part and your success and expand on it and be in it and does it matter. If you're, like you, wrote your first book or you're. Just doing me no tiny moves in your community like you're, just starting to make waves when we become successful other people.
Tension, and they want to be around the energy, which is amazing, like you're putting the kind of energy into the world that other people like hey. How do I partner with you? What do I do, but Remember in twenty eighteen after grow, wash your face, exploded, freaking everybody wanted to do business and I'm not being a douche bag. I am not like named dropping I'm just telling you people never thought would talk to me in a million years people I thought, there's no way they know my name. Everybody was calling everybody is there. Will I go? What's this chick doing, she's making waves like? Let me be a part of that and I didn't know better and I was excited I MIKE. I can't believe these people want to have phone call with me or can't believe these people want me to talk on their stage or can't believe. And so I was just like yes, yes, yes, yes I'll! Do this I'll! Do that I'll! Do this thing and I got two notches, two thousand and eighteen, but even into two thousand and nineteen and I
fully lost sight of my own agenda and my own dreams and and my own goals for my life, because I was so excited being pulled into other people's fears. So I would just say be conscious of that. Be thoughtful of that. If you are experiencing six ass. Other people want to be a part of it and that's awesome. If those people who want to be a part of what you're doing are vibrating at your same frequency, but that's not often the case, and sometimes we can't see it. and told to lay so when I lose energy, it's because often times the pattern I can see is I get pulled into other people's dreams and visions. The last one is money when I have wasted money in business. It is always because I'm moving too fast. It is all ways, because I am not being intentional- the way that I want to be it's always because I get excited
and I'm rushing to do something I feel like it has to be done tomorrow. I feel like I wouldn't that be great. Wouldn't that be gorgeous. Wouldn't that be amazing, and I always look back and I'm like yep, you wasted a crap ton of money. Doing that thing So when you were view the things that were a waste? I just want you to ask yourself if their patterns there, because if you can recognize the pattern, then you'll see it when it pops up again, you'll be like all this is that thing remember where we get excited, because some wants us to do something, and so we have to learn to say no. Lastly the idea of living. A good life is remember. I did at that for time and I looked through and I was like: oh my gosh, you only have three things: ok, yeah, all I'm I'm like I'm excited is the simple
tactic. I'm ever gonna give you and it is so freaking good for real. If you use Google calendar like I use Google calendar, maybe you can do this in other programmes, I don't know, but in Google calendar there's like ten colors, maybe twelve, I have a different color assigned to a different, don't roll at me, but like the different mindset or energy that required for that thing. So I have if a meeting is with someone on my internal team, it's one color meeting is with someone external, it's a different color if a meeting is or if even my calendar is press, it's a certain color. If it's something for my kids, it's a certain call like every single thing in my calendar is color coded, not just because I've got a little OCD happening in me, but because
I can look at my calendar for a week and add a glance. I know what is expected of me that day I know what mindset is expected of me so, for instance, podcast recordings or purple. So this morning I looked at my counter. I've got up this podcast recording and another one coming up like. Oh, got to purple, so you need to have high energy. You need to be focused. You need to be prepared. I know immediately, what something is here's why this is the most powerful and why I started doing it was because I thought I need to be able to look at a month or a week and see where I'm living the good life so from me living the good life, I'm using your quotes on my calendar yellow and my role for myself after that very first time at a calendar, audit was, if you look
at your calendar and you don't see yellow that them at the very beginning I was just like. I just want one yellow thing week, if I see one yellow thing a week, I am I, I'm living my life wrong, and for me, remember, like yellow, is therapy hello is maybe getting a man you're yellow is I'm out. Tell you today. Yellow is all sorts of things, but when I first started it was just a handful and it was just a really easy for me to say, do you have any yellow and if I did it, I was like ok we'll. How can we get some yellow and at the time I didn't have as much financial resources? I have
day so, yellow might be like I'm gonna go get coffee with beans, because hang out with my friends is me living the good life. But if I'm not intentional about it, the week goes by and I don't have it and if the week goes by, then the month goes by and I d when you get to the end of the year again and not have done these things. So now I can tell you when I look at my weak, a rubber have four things on my week that are my definition of living, a good life and taking care of myself, because a big part of what I think I told you guys this before the thing I spend the most money on. I did that podcast with J Shetty, and he said if you really want to know what someone values look at their calendar and their bank account, and if you look at my
under an my bank account. You will see that what I spend the most money on is my health, fair, P, a massage stretching Jim equipment for my garage, horseback riding lessons like all of these things that are about my health are my yellow, especially in Covid times like oh I'm, going to you know, I'm going to. I got a pilates reformer this year, which was a big financial investment for me, but that is something I use four times a week, so I'm like no. I would rather all freaking day spend money taking care of my health, then we're having my shoes, but we all have our values, that's one of mine. So anyway that was really powerful for me, because I could
look at a glance and no in my living, the kind of life that I want to live. So the first step I told you is review. The second thing is to release. Ok, when you look back on this year, inevitably you're gonna, remember, like oh February, was when I broke up with my boyfriend or may was when I had that fight with my sister or you know, July was when I got laid off when you're reviewing that year, it really important before we get into the idea of planning the next one that you release what was release, what was did a disappointing release, what you're frustrated about release those things that you're carrying that negative among join with you in to your presence and your future so
when I'm saying release, I'm not talking about soup or painful experiences, because their stuff in life that we will carry with us forever the loss of a loved one like you're gonna. Carry that with you forever. That's, not what I'm talking about when I say release I mean like the idea of that's not. ere I mean I should have done I mean if only this had gone this way like what happened happened you upset about eight or wishing it was different, isn't going to serve you and what comes next You will not thrive in the next year, carrying around baggage from the last one. Okay. So a great way to do this is to journal. You guys are like stop telling us,
Freaking journal. Now, I'm gonna tell you to journal all day because it something everybody can do doesn't matter where you are in the world does about how much money you have. We can all journal so grab a notebook grab. A pan- and here are a few- prompts that you could use to process what you need to let go of so these are at the start of a sends. You could just keep writing after this line, so the first one is when I think about the last year. I'm really disappointed that, that or when I think about the last year, I really wish that I or the things that felt the hardest over the last several months are and then stream of consciousness, like don't think about it, don't question it right as fast as you can and my advice when we're journaling is always.
Set a time limit of at least thirty minutes, because the reality is you're. Gonna start journaling and you're gonna run out of self to talk about after six minutes. but if you know that you have to sit there for half an hour, a few more minutes I and you'll start writing again, and I have found that, like the good stuff, the stuff I really needed a process is what I write down after I thought I didn't have anything left to say and you got ya like you can destroy this paper when you're done. If you want to live, but just be real, just acknowledged the discipline just signalling the her two significant things you wish you would have done in didn't like we started out this conversation by saying that we have to be able to look at the things we don't want to repeat in the coming year. Once you have acknowledged those feelings, I want you to run.
View those pages that you just wrote through the lens of serenity prayer. If you're not familiar with the serenity prayer, it says Lord grant me the wisdom to change the things. I cannot accept to accept the things I cannot change and for the wisdom, to know the difference. So I want you to review those pages of what you need to release through. That lends look at the list and say what are the things that I cannot accept like I did the same,
cannot accept that I will do better and then make a plan to change the things you cannot accept. Then allow yourself to release the things. You cannot change, finally, pray for the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Lastly, the last are so we did review release, refocus in order for you to refocus and get ready for the next year. You must be intentional. You must have a plan, that's why we don't just review to sort of go ok that happen and leave it there. We were view so that we can come up with. What do we want to do better? What is the plan? What are we gonna do from here?
What were we going what's happening? I typically use that, like two thirds of the day I spend reviewer my calendar and then the last third of the day is when I start to think about what the goals that I want for the year had now. If you dont know this, if you want to make a plan for the new year if you're like ok, this was awesome. I need like. Let's go, let's create the plan. Let's get making palmed, let's be strategic. What are we doing? How are giving their? If that's you, if you're, that energy level at the end, January January, twenty seventh- I am doing life coach one time only if you're with me in twenty nineteen, I did life cooking every single month, twenty thousand people all over the world. It was freaking awesome. It was also a time out so much oh, my gosh. It was so much for me
so I didn't do it in twenty twenty. So I'm doing one time no plans to do it in the future, but I'm doing life coaching on January, twenty. Seventh, it's two hours of live life, coaching meaning your n form that we use so you're with Gina students all over the world Super ad and its life. Simon chat row with you, so I'm teaching you guys like a video course. It comes with a pdf workbook that you print out like were planning a whole freakin year, but as I'm teaching two hours of live coaching as I'm teaching you're like people are commonly asking questions. I'm interacting with you live superfine. It was always really awesome and I created it. I did everything I but again honestly, but so many people have asked, and so many men in. My community will really struggling coming out of twenty twenty and feeling lost and kind of a draft, and do I even make play
and like should I make plans and twenty twenty one. We don't even know it's happening and, yes, you should make freaking plans be as you are not in control of life. You have never been in control of life. That's not because of a pandemic. That's because of reality. The only thing you ever been in control. Love is yourself and your reaction to what is happening around you. So, yes, you should have a plan for twenty twenty one. If anything Like your sat, we know what to anticipate. We know what it looks like to be in quarantine. We know how things are just like. We have some information now, so, yes, you should create a plan for your life and your business. So if you're interested in doing that with me, we will put the link in the show notes you can check it out on the Hollis codec com. You gonna see me talking about it for the next month, not for everyone
I know not, everybody is as intentional and hard core and planner as I am, but if you're at that level on you, freaking geek out over this kind of thing coming out with me and of January life, coaching were creating a plan for twenty twenty one and from our entrepreneurs up in here I'm doing business. Coaching on, I think it's February. Third, so those are my only planned live coaching events for the year, but were excited. It's gotta be awesome. If you have a business she have who hunt. If one of those might be for you, but the bottom line is you have to be intentional with what you want? You have too because, if you I say this all the time if you aim at nothing, you're hid it every time and there are plenty of people who got to the end of this year and our like what the hell just happened, right lots of people- maybe you are like why survived.
I survived, I made it through. I survived. I can tell you with pride, I'm going to say with pride that I did not survive two thousand and twenty. I thrived and that's freaking sayings thing when three months of this year, I struggle to get out of bed, because I was deep in the midst of divorce And honestly, the only time that I was functioning was when I had to when the kids are with me and not with their dad, and when I had to show up for my team at work, but the rest of the time I was on the floor. So for me to be sitting here with you with this energy and this joy and this freaking gratitude for my life for these little moments. For, like I, was driving a drop in the kids off at school and like the song, I like a bunch of song,
from my like, when I was a middle school can I was like what has happened like I just I have much energy. I have so much joy for my life, not because my life is perfect because there are so many parts of it that are Jack's right now, but I made the decision that I would be intentional with We showed up, I made the decision that I would not get to the end of this year without feeling like I was thriving, and I am I am not because of external things, but because of internally because of the joy I carry on my heart because of my sense of purpose because of the passion that I bring to get into this work with you and getting to that like getting to be the mom, I can even believe how lucky I am to be the mama. My kids, like I just what I'm so breaking blessed, and I live every single day with that intention Amity and because I choose that intention, it is
for me, it is real, so do not buy it. to the myth and the bs that I'm just gonna wait until you know, I'm going away into this whole covered thing is over. Are you freaking? hitting me, we don't know when that's gonna be if you're still saying Look I'm just gonna wait till this is done before I start making plans the like every just sing, always gonna wait till the end once twenty twenties over then I'm gonna be fought like when is it going to be the right day for you to take hold of your life? You know that this is it you get one chance, one freaking chance to do this life and guess what, in part of your life in part of the span of all of the years of your life, you had to live through a global pandemic. That's real! Ok! That's a piece of your story, and you can use that as this
thing that anchors you to the earth and you can make excuses, and you can say why you couldn't get ahead and why all these things happen to you or you can decide that you are going to take control of the only two you have ever been in control of your added and your effort. This is your chance to show up I hope that you want to come. Hang out with me and you coaching, but freakin go watch Youtube videos go read books, there's a million things you could do for free to help you plan on your head, but please please don't go into this year without a plan. Ok guys. I hope that bow helpful. I hope that you got even just like one great idea in the things that I talked about. If you like this episode, please please please, Sharon on Social, take a screen shot put it in your stories uninstall face, but, like tell people hey, this is a good bye.
Cast, you should go, listen to it. If you are not already subscribed. Please subscribe. It's super helpful to any podcast that you love. If you subscribe to the show, so you get an a little alert when we post a new episode every week the show is always free. Always always. My only ask is just that you tell other people about the work that we're doing here in this community. I hope you had an awesome holidays. I hope I freaking help with my whole heart. This is going to be your best year ever I love guys and I M rooting for you. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted an executive produced by me, Rachel Hollis shows produce by sterling coats and edited by Andrew Weller.
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