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258: #RachTalk EP 3: Must-Watch Documentaries, Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary, Law of Attraction for Beginners


Welcome to my weekly show where I talk about...anything! Everything and anything. This week I'm talking about MUST-SEE documentaries, mountain climbing, our 1 Year Anniversary and my dog, Jeffrey! He's on drugs - it's fine, I'll explain...come and hang out!


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Maybe that's the intro guys are welcome to reach that my weekly shower. I talk about anything and everything, and today has a lot of it. Were talking, documentaries, we're talking mountain climbing, we're talking the year anniversary of being with my boots thing we're talking about Jeffrey he's on drugs. It's fine I'll, explain later put out. Give us in my favorite books is a whole show. You guys get run. Hey guys and welcome to my home and another episode of Rachel, I'm going to start us off with a bit of a it's, not a warning. It's the sort of an awareness. It is very Wendy today in Texas, home country, and I have one chimes. I love when time so you may hear them. Burial. Sound of wind, chimes gently swaying in the breeze and Jack
Who's running sound doesn't like the wind chimes, but he also does joy or puppies or children, so he just gonna have to deal with it in case are wondering what that was: it's not angels, it's the chain So Jeffrey Hollis, here today a crappy heard his name. I should have spoken code, it's like talking about Malacca when you, you know cause too bright NASH yeah. She woke up. I was trying to cover at night and cover it very well so he's here, but he had to have doggie surgery. Last week he had done he dental surgery, which in case your curious costs as much as a used Miata but he's our dog. We love and we gotta make sure he's. Ok, so he had I'm jack you're. Probably like don't even talk to me about how much medical bills for dogs cause, I mean job has a beloved beloved dog. We all love him.
He's getting on in years and the work you guys but into the you you and Sarah, are my definition of people who, like their dog, is their child by getting your child and so you're like oh, is it a million dollars and my own spleen to keep my dog okay you'll? Do it so this guy, dental surgery and he has pill that he asked to take and they may cam so Lupi and so high and a part of me that wants to try one, I just want to see. No love. I swear to you, rumour that I do you know. Canine drugs are what I but anyway, he's here. He's gonna be sleeping or like standing awkwardly staring at nothing. just now. That's that's what's happening with the big guy today, all right
Let's get on two important topics lie carroty forgot what my life worth you may or may not know that I am a huge fan of documentary some damage to make one jack, and I have an idea where I work on it, but I am a huge fan of documentary film, it's my favorite John Rex. I just feel like its entertaining and you're learning. What's not to love, let's with a movie that has happened. on Netflix right now called fourteen peaks, ok jack. You ve seen fourteen peaks,
Selina call me taken it in well, get your aren't ready. Giving over is not in the blood, sir, it's not in the blood. I guess my first foray into climbing slash my only for anti climbing is a documentary called free solo. Free solo came out several years ago. Jackal now he's a climber. This guy name Alex Hon. All that just came where did that auditing Adele. So sky, decide eyes to climb the side of a place called L cap in your seven uses its huge rock surface that people have climbed he's trying to do something called free solo. I did not know before I watch the movie means no ropes, no road, You're. Not here you me no ropes, meaning what is
holding him to the side of a freaking mountain are phalanges and his tone ok little and not even like a sought not like this grip. Ok, they're signs are he's holding on to this If a mountain like with finger Tipps, it is so is stressful, but what act? it was very inspiring to me- is that he practices over and over and over with ropes, so that he knows exactly how to climb to get to the day when he can do it without were There is a line that movie. I will never forget, as long as I live, that she when he's look, he's trying to figure out like why he is that he is, and he says I remember, being a little kid and my mom's favorite quote was good enough. Is it. and now he's like crazy thrills King climbing mounds, whatever- and I was like TAT, is the most stressful thing I have ever heard.
in my life like parenting, I mean ok. On the one hand, her thing did make Alex Honolulu like incredible climber, but on the other, will Alexander wishing Houbigant having given mahogany like good enough? Is enough is good enough Sundays. Good enough is good enough and other days we trial will be harder, but like anyway watch it is amazing. Okay, so I had watched that movie and net and the algorithm was like. Oh she likes climbing documentaries. Let show other things, so I keep getting this advertisements for something odd. Fourteen p, eggs whatever at an ornament to do on a random Saturday night? So, unlike let's watch this, so this is a guy who decide it's to climb the fourteen, ok, that the fourteen tall peaks Macatawa mountains in the world which had been done in life, this may be Some guy had done it, but it took him.
seven years This guy says not alumina. Am I going to climb he's fourteen weeks, but I'm going to climate in seven months, amazing, You should watch it. It's so inspiring. It's a really good reminder! It reminded me of Jack, please edit this, so that there is not space on sound intelligent. Will you look who first ran the mile and under a minute and as city since they might be annoyed, examine you know it you guys a cheer quail disclaimer in at this rate stock episode. I tried to tell a story of Roger Banister running the mile in under four minute. It's a really famous story.
but I was so excited when I was telling it that I was confused and I kept saying one minute that he read without incentive, one minute, which I'm pretty sure is actually physically impossible and I've only breaking into your audio listening to tell you this, because if you watch rate shock on Youtube, you would seen that we wrote the actual time that he used in the video, but does you can't I just want to make sure that you know, even though I am about to say one minute over and over and over just now that. I found out afterwards that I was very confused about what I was saying, but the story is still very relevant now I'll, let you go back, to the earlier version of reach stock enjoy. Ok, so here's the story, a promise, amateur rap, all this up a beautiful little package for you, guys in nineteen fifty four in nineteen fit.
Three a man named Roger Banister ran the mile in under a minute. Here's why that nurse until nineteen fifty three in the history of the world, we never have recorded evidence that a human being. Could run the mile in under a minute people. It wasn't possible, sir, Japan, Sir works on it figures. It out, runs a mile and under a minute so from the big. meaning of time to nineteen fifty three, no record of documentation of anybody doing this weapons six months of Roger Banister running the mile and under a minute it was something like who deserve the information? Fifty people, see people one thousand people Amelia and I dont remember the number, but be the key
all these are the people did it. Nobody believes something's possible until somebody proves that its possible, like Alex Hano, free selling, l cap or this guy, seeing the other man came fourteen peaks and go in hey. Maybe I could do it and maybe I could do it less time, all that to say I love watching, documentaries like this, because it's so inspiring to see what humans are capable of, and it doesn't that you're gonna run out and decide to climb a bunch of mountains, but it age just inspire you to do something that you dont currently believe that you can do watching I trees. I know you're gonna, love them, but here's thing I learned watching fourteen peaks, the inspiration, the beauty, the shots, the mountains, whatever. Did you know that your climbing Everest, if at any point ya climb up the side of a snowy mountain and you can keep going
They leave you to die when you are in the mountains, if you give up you'd die there in the movie they're telling about like coming up bodies or like finding people that have been left behind and I would freaked out And my boyfriend was like: oh no, it's a thing like you may. Decision to climb out. It's like an agreement with everybody and with the mountain is that like if we as if they try and help you off the mountain you willed they'll die to in fact, a terrible movie that booth thing made me watch called. I think, Everest heaviest in a movie spoiler, were everyone dies of everybody everybody in the movie, the heroes of the movie you're like they're, not gonna die the dead dying. Just
dying, left and right. What? What? What are you all doing? I think there's two types of people on the site: does the people who are like I got this I'm climb to the top of the mountain, I'm taking a picture and put it on Instagram all the likes right, I'd going to do it and then there's the people that, like oh, if I, every I'm gonna die, guess which one I am dead, o K, guys guys. I feel like. I want to cut my hair now- I know every woman does this, but I definitely I'm the kind of person where I need a change and I get sort of this really funny now Jack. Perhaps I shall like some of the atrocities of my hair over the years. You know its intent, but a couple of years back, I cut like to hear and the other day you know how your phone, like serves that photos like remembered this moment in your life. So certain
photo of new short hair which I'll send you Jack CV reference it here and I was like really cute hair. So I'm thinking of getting old chap here's the thing though, and this doesnt matter, but it's sort of does like a baby tiny bit and I'm I must say and like whatever my boyfriend really likes, my hair, like loves love, loves my hair. In fact- ok, so I just are we just a year ago this week, one year ago this week we met for the first time. And I'm he's not here now- is in Europe for a couple of weeks, so wasn't here and your girl rage loves an anniversary, Am I the only one I celebrate everything I celebrate the sun. Do you do this? Do ok? What's up
and I don't wanna make sweeping generalizations about gender, but without the ways I was like all MIKE. I think a year with today I said you first tax may and- and he was cool like did not care and and notes to him. I had arranged for a very elaborate, be a lab veal. labyrinth nature of what I did you guys so I worked with his best friend in Europe and I was like ok he's gonna, be there on the day. I'm saying that I realized what a loser I am, but I'm like okay he's going to be there on the day that I first thought of a text message: it's been exactly a year. Could you grab a bottle of champagne cuz I love champagne. It's like a celebratory thing: I'm IQ gravel bottle of champagne, and then I
gonna write a toast that I want you to read when Yaller having the champagne and she's. I guess I got you. I will do this thing. I one of the nice bottle of champagne and told you in last week's episode? If you recall, please show a flashback or two weeks ago, whenever this was Jack, that the English, people the british people that the European there just what I say that little bit more official, then we so I say to his friend and like you, have a nice bottle. Champagne. I have an idea in my head of what that is so she's like. Oh, I got it. Champagne, I You not bleep out that customer jack, I shan't you not she's, like this bottle of champagne, is stored at the bottom of the ocean. Ok, stored at the bottom of the ocean, the bottles covered in barnacles. It's been there for like thirty years. It's
a bloodline, blued and, unlike that, sounds great, that's a good option for us and then later I said I'm like. Oh my gosh. Thank you. So much for doing this, send me a like a venmo invoice or whatever. So I can pay you back and I got one and you know again, Jeffrey could have had been. surgery. That's the level, I'm bringing it up. Ok, what even start this conversation was talking. Ok, He likes my hair on Valentine's day. It wasn't here for Valentine's day. I did wake up and he had written me. A poem is like a beautiful poet. He had written me a poem and he was like in Switzerland at the top of mountain, where he had climbed all those carvings coming together as like baby, I as a voice now is a baby.
at the top of this mountain is Valentine's day is just a of love and I wrote a poem for you which, if it would not destroy him with embarrassment, I would play the audio for you guys, but I won't cuz. He would be just devastating
But in it there is a several lines about my hair. So it's like no he's. Definitely going to that. Want me to cut my hair, so I think I'm just going to do it not tell be like. Can we talk about vintage? Can we talk about like flea markets? Can we talk about that? Corsican was going to stop one of the things that consumes the most water in the world is the fashion industry, so it's massively impactful on the environment to make clothes and obviously, if they keep make, if we keep buying clothes and they keep make they'll keep making them inches a cycle that never ends, and even though I'm just like one little person, I thought you know, I love vintage. I love a thrift store. I grew up shopping at the goodwill. I think you find the greatest things. I've, no weirdness about that. I'm going to make a choice for myself
that I'm not gonna do this anymore, so my boyfriend, I did it together. We committed to not buying anything, that's new, with the exception of a couple things, one Shoney's. Ok, I'm not we're in someone else's underwear. I just I can't I'm not work out close, do or Tony's with your work up close me either. I think most girls don't do that jack. You are trees with your ears, free just be and free right and, if you're junks rubbed inside that Anna want my jump gripping inside that mean menotomy two things that I have per Just since I started this are this shirt and these plants, which are just little slack moment, sorry that mini part like an old woman to worry about this. I got a flea market, I'm having like crazy dish I'll, be right. Now: woe because they, like I dream this moment,
like ten years ago going to dream a moment ten years in the future. You think it would be something really cool like meeting Oprah, but now it's just hanging out with Jack in the house. Talking about my shirt anyway, this I got a flea market here in Austin and this I got at a thrift store, that's so cool in Brooklyn. I want to remember the name cuz I just loved it hold it hold it. It's called something street, something you stay at the one hotel and then you just block them. Quick street front front street, yes Street General Store ever Brooklyn. Arabic does not add it is the coolest store. Every little thing is just curated so beautifully. So I recommend that one, and Nicole, did ask my favorite vintage place here and Austin Texas and here's your answer. Best prices best quality place in Austin Texas is a thrift store called Avenger is now. I know that that is a weird name for a throw store,
has nothing to do with Marvel, but it is so great it is so well done an allotted when someone has that much good stuff, it's insane the expensive and I feel it pricing is fantastic: fantastic off of Burnett Road in Austin, not like downtowns, like a bit north of downtown just down from a girl who gives me bikini waxes. So sometimes I get a little rip rip and then I go and do a little shop chap Beginning He's really hurt me ever had one jack, it's exactly like that sea, when your old Virginia, was a lot Listen- now. Let's talk about what I'm learning. Ok,
thing that I am obsessed with that I have been learning about, fell last year is manifesting and the law of attraction. The idea that we attract into our life, the energy the vibration that we put out- and I did a two part podcast about this- that was so popular with listeners. I just want to make sure you know you can start with episode. Two hundred and twenty seven- and I talk to you the whole sets about how to think about how mindset works about some challenges that you can do to see how this actually works. It's one of the most popular series, I've done on podcast in a while, and if you want to experience that podcast yourself you're unlock sticker, because I've got a bonus segment coming up for you next, you can go to listen and if it feels like it, something that you need to take a deeper dive on. You can head on back to the original episode and consume the whole thing,
when I posted those episode, so many of you wrote in set mediums set in question, Sir Customer Service and then rage. I want to learn more about this. What book should I read? So I wanted to say you guys the two books that I think are really great when you're starting this process, so the first one is the thing I recommend to everybody when you're just beginning to try and figure out what it looks to manifest things in your life, and that is super. A tractor by Gabby Bernstein, this one is a really great way to look at your entire life through the lens of what you were trapped. Now, if you red Super tractor and you love it. You're like. What's next someone go to the next level, this one's a little bit more intense, so just be prepare your heart for that the law of attraction. This one is by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the reason I say this is a little bit more intense is that Esther
six is someone who is interpreting messages from an aim spirits, sort of its very. to explain. But if you read the book, it will make a lot of sense. It sounds very well, but it's so good everyone. I know whose interests in a manifesting her love attraction, is obsessed with this book, so check out these two. If you want to learn more or of gold, listen to the entire too for episode in pod cast, if you haven't heard of it before years ago, I made a journal- it's called the start today journal and its based on a practice that I've done for a decade I would open up a spiral bound notebook or my daily journal, and I would write down things and am grateful for and goals that I wanted to make happen, and I wrote those goals as if they had already come true- and I did this for years, and it was so helpful in keeping me focus and creating traction in moving forward, and I did it
ever, and I would show it on social media and people kept going. What are you doing? What is that explain it to us and it keeps saying gosh you could do this just what'd you do know it's not a big deal. People keep saying that all this should be a thing. That should be a thing and finally, we made it a thing so of years ago. We launch start today journal and it has been so incredible. But what is my favorite? when I am so overwhelmed and humbled and proud of, are the stories that come out of the process, so women and a few men all over the world work on goals using this journal gratitude and goals, setting every single day and we hear their stories when they achieve a goal that they ve been working on inside of start. Today we call it an S, T J dream, catcher and I want to start sharing the stories a few because they're so inspiring. I think we get confused into believing. That goals are something that only happens for other people write or they
resources, or they had a connection. They had help and really every single day people all over the world Mama's. Just like you, students just you husbands, just like you, kids, just like you, are achieving incredible things. There inspiring them lives and their families and their doing it with us. So this week's s dj dream catcher is really cool story. Jabez to check it out bid goals that I have accomplished with mice are today Journal would be being a better student. I am a wife, I'm a mother of twin toddlers full time nursing student, as well as a health care worker in the field So, during his trying times, I have found that I better studio and better with my time and not giving up on myself this the journey has changed my life, why not letting?
doubt myself in what I am capable to deal so often. What I did her story is that its real life she's in school she's, a mamma of winds and finding gratitude in those little moments. That's what this work is all about. That's what gratitude practice is about its about how can I pay attention to the little moments in my day like this dog that is wanting you to play with them when I'm trying to work? How can I take a to appreciate this. and realise that every single day, I'm immensely blast and from that spirit from that place of abundance. What is possible what do I believe my potential is, if I'm coming from a place of gratitude instead of a place of black, so you want to find out, more about start today. Journal there's only in the show notes, also
you can go, listen to episode, seventy two of the pod cas and do this process for free. I say this over and over and over and have for for years. You do not buy this thing. You can grab any piece of paper. You have glistened episode. Seventy two, the pod and I will explain exactly how to do it every single day, guys cheap the dream, catcher stories coming, we're gonna, do a fabulous, give pack every single week of product of funds up that we have at the office of different things that we're loving to people we send in their stories. So you can you the hashtag s, teach Adrian catcher ducks gonna put here and will have a chance to be considered for fabulous, get back to inspire the people Which is also our guys, I'm so glad that you came to hang out with me today. I am glad that my coffee levels were exactly where you needed them to be Jack and who just brought the energy brought the noise. You brought the funk Jeffrey Stare and off into the distance, just
Enjoying those drugs, I will be back next week for another episode, in the mean time, you are digging podcast. Please please, please do me a favor and subscribe to the show. If you like, a a one of the best things you can do for a toast is subscribe. are you guys? I love. You have a fantastic week out this major. How happy? Maybe you learn something, and until next next time remember I love you and I'm waiting for you. Guys one of my favorites male robins is back With a brand new audible original, it's called here This is exactly what to do, which is based the greatest title ever in each other. Fourteen episodes, MEL focuses on an attitude or a situation that holding you back is your car it in need of a recharge. Is your creativity running low? Are you not
carving out the right life balance, or are you just filling blah and he can't get out of bed in her? because no bs style MEL cuts through the high to deliver the simple tools you need to move forward and create positive change? These short Packed full episodes are the perfect way to take a break, take a breath and filter Lee Empowered here, exactly what to do. Is the perfect follow up to start here? Her thirteen topic breakdown how to deal with whatever life is throwing at you avail. only on audible, audible, dotcom, slash what to do, and now please enjoy peace from the beginners I too manifesting. This is episode
to hundred and twenty seven of the podcast. If you want to go, listen to the full experience, you are always manifesting in this pipe cast the beginners, de manifesting. The first thing that you need to understand right now. You are always manifesting. You can actually control. Whether or not you are manifesting. The question is: are you manifesting with intention. Are you creating the life of your dreams, or are you creating a life that you don't want but you're not aware that you're, the one who is putting that who is creating that who's, calling that to you, you are always manifesting. The question is whether or not are you doing consciously so that the organist talk about today and, as always, got my hand, He Dandy Journal and I
written ten thousand notes- which I probably won't even get to Khazars too many, but do my very best to tell. everything that I could think of, on the most simple levels of just. Where do you start? Where do you start? So, let's, let me better explain the idea of the law of attraction or manifesting. the law of attraction says that you can attract anything that you want to your life and I that this sounds cheesy, but I'm gonna keep telling people this. If you want, like the most basic overview, set to some pretty red dick you less all and some. Times now all the time, but some time sketchy speakers the old school classic, thus secret
Is a great place to start, pretty sure you can watch it on Youtube or Netflix, and ah that's when I first heard about this years ago was Oprah had o rise. It Rhonda burn, I think the author of the secret. She had her on the show, the first ever heard about this, and I watched it again last year, and it is there party like a little bit cheesy. But it's a really good explanation of the idea, and I even I should again later with my kids, just because I wanted my older boys, because I wanted to be able to talk to them about the idea and they deftly watch it like. Oh, my Lord mom. What is happening right now, but I felt like it was a good conversation starter. So that's a really great place to start. The law of attraction says that you can attract anything that you want to your life
and growing up. I do not know why I believe that was true. I had now. thing in my life that would have indicated to me that that was possible But as long as I can remember, I mean if you go back and read my old books. I talk about this. I've said this since I started my podcast. I've said this on stages around the world. I have just off ways believed that I could achieve anything. If I could stay focus and I would work hard enough. I just It's it's absolute certainty. In my mind,. and now I look back the winds of manifesting and I'm like, oh that's. Why I've been doing, but I did, have the language for that. I just thought state. focused on way you're going and work hard.
So in the law of attraction and the secret, you can attract what you want. The only thing I don't love about daddy yeah an end. This sort of comes across in the movie is sort of this law I want a million dollars and the universe is gonna. Send it to me, and I just I believe it's true and there are tons thousand. a videos on Youtube right now with millions of views that are like manifest, thousand dollars by tomorrow, whatever I think, there's a keys, that's missing, emerge that people don't understand and it's why get thrown off or its why people think that this is all bs or it's like shit. LE tens or whatever, because
even in that movie they're like telling you to like put a ferrari on your bulletin board and just sort of wait for the universe to deliver it to you and that's not the whole picture, at least according to me so Rather than talking about the law retraction, I, like the of manifesting. One of my favorite quotes on this subject is from Wayne dire. He says, the law of attraction, says that you can attract what you want manifesting the law manifesting says you will attract what you are, and that is where I think this it really interesting and where this concept has the ability to change your entire life- and I don't just to me not in terms of what you can create or attract, but I also mean that, in terms of the type of person you can become The Rachel Hollis podcast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its editor,
by Andrew Weller and Jack, noble.
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