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259: I did the IMPOSSIBLE. And you should too.


I have climbed mountains. I've run races. I've done adventure half marathons on the coast in Ireland. I have climbed the equivalent of Everest. I've done some crazy challenges, but I did something this weekend that I did not believe was possible and I don't mean that I did something I didn't think was possible for me. I mean, I did something on Sunday that I did not know was possible for HUMANS. For real.

My goal in this episode is that at the end of it, you sign up for something you don't think is possible. Something that you choose to push yourself to your limits...BEYOND your limits. You CAN do hard things.


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I did the most it's like the car. The thing I've ever done. I have climb mountains, I've run races. I've done adventure, half marathons on the coast in Ireland, I have climbed. equivalent of Everest I've. I've done crazy challenges, but I did something this weekend that I did not believe was possible and I don't mean that I did some I didn't think was possible for me. I mean I did something on Sunday that I did not know was possible for humans. Hi, I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that what we do on their shall we
talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is Rachel Hollis Podcast before you jump in Q States, podcast, which I am really excited to talk to you guys about cause you're, not even you're, not going to believe it. I literally did something impossible. Except it wasn't impossible. I now know it was an impossible but I thought it was impossible and I'm pretty sure you also think what I did. Impossible. We're gonna get to that. But before we do,
You can't see me if you're listening to those who have to watch on Youtube. If you care to see you can see me, but I'm running this giant mug and as I was preparing this little tea before I came in here to talk to your arms like I'm, going to talk to them about this, be, As it has been so out for my life- and it is the simplest thing This is not an ad who could pay me to save us We have a conversation about ginger No, I am not referring to the Red headed woman on Gillikins Island, slash due care today, even know what Gillikins Island is, I'm not sure ginger the route the ever family of its, not a fruit? It's it's not suitable. I dont know what it is. You know what I'm talking about. It looks like a sort of a potato with hands homesick so
and I did not go up eating it and I think If your family doesn't cook with certain ingredients or certain foods, they feel really foreign you, I didn't really have ginger to my knowledge into. I was an adult and I tried sushi and then I would have ginger with my sushi. I definitely didn't have wrought ginger and then, as I said yet healthier and learn about nutrition. I kept seeing it come up as this great example of something that was good for you and it will always like this. Oh, I wanna. Have more gender in my life. I know that I should and I've been on this journey for o golly. Probably a year to bow Hence my hormones and in learning how to balance my hormones p s side. No, I estrogen dominant, so I worked with the like a homeopathy. doctor and natural path and all those things to learn how to balance my hormones without medicine, and it has litter
We been life, changing I'm an interview, my doctor, all about it see you guys can learn, two. In the meantime, google it if you ve, never heard of estrogen dominance, look up the symptoms, cause it I'll blow your mind. I've been on this journey and- and learning about how to balance my hormones, I also really started focusing on nutrition, not just for health but also to make sure my hormones, my body all it had everything that it needed to help me have the best periods, the best menstruation and I don't mean like. Oh, I want to be the winner administration. I mean I want to not have cramps, I wanna Not have my mood swings, go so crazy, and so I just really went on this journey and in doing that, I kept reading that gender was really powerful for em. The mission in your body and helps it cramping. It's good for knowledge,
so- I have gotten in the habit of the last few months of buying just one of those giant pieces of gender at the store and I got it you for years. Our walk by that den and be like who on earth could ever use this much ginger me. I can So I keep on the counter so that I were, I think, anything in life that you want to develop as a habit. You have to see it and like something I like thing, to be me and organised, but when I'm tryin to like bring something in as a routine, I will put it. Right. Where I can't miss it, so I put this big ginger, on the counter, and every day I tear off apiece appeal. I cut it into big chunks boil water put the gender in the water and a mug, let it steep for like ten minutes and then I sit on the tea and number one. I love the flavor by them two I just cannot recommended enough for I get it, I just love it.
And before we start this Congress can I just I was making this? Unlike you know what I'm a to. I bet there's someone who is struck, they with inflammation or is struggling with their hands, cramps or maybe they're having knowledge around. Your time of the month and yell haven't done it yet tried ginger and yes, you can buy ginger, tee and theirs your powder, but I just went out, possible if you can have the actual food in its form, its better for you than taking a supplement so that, is my small push for you to incorporate ginger into your life and now, let's have a pot cast on Sunday. I did the most it's like the the thing I've ever done. I have climb mountains I've run races. I've done adventure, half marathons on the coast in Ireland. I have climbed
equivalent of Everest I've. I've done crazy, challenges, but I did something this weekend that I did not believe, was possible, and I don't mean that I did some thing I didn't think was possible for me. I mean I did something on Sunday that I did not know was possible for humans, and that sounds noxious and do she, but for real I ran a full marathon on Sunday without training to on a marathon man if we had some like cool editing or saw just as this would be the time for, like some kind of sound effect, an explosion, perhaps before I get in to what I did and how I did it and how I'm still alive, let's start at the beginning,
of my running journey and I just want to set my intention with you right now my Goal in this episode is that, at the end of it you are going to go sign up for a race. I don't care if it's a former, I don't care if the five k, I don't care. If you walk it out careful to Turkey trot, I just be emit we believe in the power of running. and training and doing a race to EL. They your mood to lift your spirit, to make you believe in yourself to push yourself into hard things, to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and most especially If you are a mom I do anything in my life. other than childbirth that make. Me. Prouder then merit like then my marathon. and even with child birth there is this sort of pre can see,
notion that your body knows how, like, oh, your body, knows how, like you could not it's not hard, not that it's not impossible for zombie. But that that's a I'm using air quotes natural thing, whereas a marathon you actually have to train the worked like all of it so that did I why you know by the end of his eye. I want you to be like you know why hell yeah, let's go, I'm gonna do it. So just so you know so and you're not like. Oh, how did she bamboozle me into doll the sun I sent for half marathon? Whatever just that's my goal, I grew up I was not athletic, I the president of the drama club in Ito, it I did Theatre it sports weren't, really. My thing, I sort of wish that I had had parents who are into sports and would have encouraged me in that way, because I think it's so good for kids, but it just wasn't my jam and
I definitely He grew up. and I wish you would have heard me say a million times in my life. I am not a runner. I hate running, I'm not a runner, I don't run blah blah blah and like a lot of people. There were many times in my We adult life were alike, I would try and get in shape like it would be a new year and I try and get in shape in the way- I try and get in shape, was like to go on a job, but I didn't know what I was doing and I hated it and it just wasn't. My gym basically, is what we're getting at here. And I never in my life anticipated that I would be a long distance runner. Actually can't really believe that I run long distance now, but What happened was I was pregnant. my third son, and I was very pregnant with seven months pregnant
and it was my third baby and I was uncomfortable end, really have. I didn't have any healthy approach to pregnancy. I really didn't understand my own health at the time. So when I got pregnant, I didn't I I know maybe the sun so stupid. If we listening to this now and twenty twenty two, but I didn't know that I could work out. I didn't know that I could there. Then I should- do yogurt take walks or do anything till I have healthy pregnant. I really did it ends I didn't do anything during any my pregnancies and When I was seven months pregnant with Ford, my third son, my ex husband, whose my husband, at the time he D added to run a half marathon with one of the guys in his office and so cool any like gotten amazing shape, and he
started running and they just did the cool, and I was like super jealous Number one I felt like a veto: The good here bland, I felt so like awkward and weird and my body, was like big belly, and then I was watching him get to go to this cool thing in here. Doing something he didn't think he could do, and I just wanted that and the competitive nature and me was like ok. If you can run a half marathon, I can run a half marathon. So after I had forward an ice, meaner spent a few recuperating come like getting myself back together, man two, we and emotionally in years trying to get a little bit asleep again I reached to the guy that he ran. Marathon with because he was a marathon runner and he had run for light twenty five years and like hey can tell me how to train for a race- and he was a yep so put together
full schedule for me. you, run the Disneyland half me Fine which happens- or this is back in the day- maybe still the same, I'm not sure, but they used to do it every labour day, weekends in Anaheim and This is a side, no having run races all around the world. I will die on this hill. There is no better race to run on this earth We saw that I have found so far. Then a Disney run Nobody does it better, nobody can even touch. The hem of the garment. days of run Disney. They are in fact it's almost like D.
Jurists had that be your first race, because it so well done that you think all races will have water stations at every mile. You think all races will have all the bathrooms. You think all races will have like Darth, Vader and Mickey Mouse cheering for you. While you ran, I am not making it up, run his knee is. I have been talking about them for years of never I've never gotten anything remember. This is not an ad There is no better way to get to running than to do Disney race and they're, not inexpensive. No race is honestly no run is inexpensive, they usually are like tuna and fifty boxer. They like that and disease, probably a bit more but as someone who has produced lots of events, I tell you that the reason their expensive is because it is hell, expensive, to close down thirteen miles, or twenty six
out of roads and get the police involved and, like it so expensive to put on IRAN so just f why their expensive? For reason? All of that to say he puts together this schedule for me to do this race and I start doing it and when started that I could not run half a mile I I literally, I could not run half a mile without feeling like I was gonna pass out. I was exhausted or I was going to die or isn t my pants of the amount of times of ip. My parents running Emmy get mine the listed so long. You just like over it. You're gonna peer pencil, but if you push baby out, it's fine. My podcast is sponsored by better help online therapy because relationships take work. A lot of us will drop anything to go
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somewhere along the way he was really smart and he was like you. Need to run a raised before you get your actual half and So he signed us up David, his day was going to do with me. He signed us up for a five k. Now the beauty the fucking beauty and I met a cause cause I this is passionate subject. For me, though, beauty of running. An analogy for life I don't know anything better. First of all, it does not matter where you are starting out. I cannot stress this to you, tuna. If you, to erase. I dont care fits of five k and I don't care if it's a full marathon. You are going to see people on that course that are in wheelchairs. There are eighty five years old there are, you know have lost a limb in war that
blind that are like you we're going to be so in Are you going to see people who are on you know a massive weight loss journey and you're like you, you don't you can even be inspiration human beings on re stay. I just don't know a community of people that are more aligned with, like whoever you are whatever you're about? You are welcome here, we're all struggle We're all when did we're all doing something, we're not sure if we can it's just damn, it is so inspiring so he's like usually five Kay and I'm like ok, we sign up for this five k and I remember it was in June because Labour Day the actual race and I'm Thinkin five k. That's like three point something miles. Ok, I could do this me thinking. I am about to die.
on this course doing a five k. That's what I need you to hear me say when I started running. I everything I did felt scary. and everything I did felt so hard, and I remember that five k being like Do not embarrass yourself in front of this guy cuz is me and Dave, and his co worker. I was like do not embarrass yourself. This guy put this whole play. Heather for you and you are You come out here and you're about to like peer bans or poop your pants or throw up on this course. You better finish this race, I remember crossing the finish line that five k and beings proud of myself and I want you to know that, like the the the freaking joy of crossing a finnish sign of your first five k, your first ten t, your first half your first full. It doesn't matter what the distances when you cross offence,
fine and you have run more mileage than you knew you could do the field. Of it. It's euphoric, Run that five k, Michael CARE, ratified kid didn't die now. It's To run this half marathon and It's so exciting. I mean. Those of you who are runners- I just feel like you- are gonna, get that you're gonna be smiling, as I described this. Those you have never run before it like the right, community, is so welcoming. There's this huh a thing like the day before there is something called an expo which is like it's where you pick up your packets, where you get like your bed, which is the a piece of paper that, as the number you ve seen, that when people are running like the numbers that they were on their chests, they they know which runners which, in their something and then like tracks your time and when you cross the miles- and you got here but to pick up the packet, but then like there's like these, then there's different. You know tank top,
and Fanny Pack said chiropractors. Basically, anything that has to do with health and you walk around in your so excited everyone's excited and people come from different. The world, and it's just this in. a sense of community and. The night before you're, like gagged e pasta, get a car blowed men the now, stay you're so nervous, and you lay out all your staff and you get so excited, and then you have to be there so early in the morning, in your like six years, like the go. Lord am I gonna miss it like five o clock in the morning, you already feel like you're late on. Then you have to pee twelve times and you you gonna, wait line for a port, a pot is shot and there's music lights and bless it. It's so special and the first time that I ran that half it was, it was run Disney and
I remember they played the song over and over at the starting line, because Tartu expire, if you ve, never gone to race, but imagine that there's, like thirty thousand He bore a hundred thousand people and you can't obviously also running it. Sometimes your in carouse basin, how fast you run. So each time a new crown would move to the starting line. They'd restart the song. A dream is a wish. Your heart makes a dream it is a well sure heart makes you. I know that one and I cried. My balls out ever single time they started every time I get closer and closer that start line and aid play that song. I was like this is a dream that my heart made there this moment and use. the Rhine and wood credible about run Disney is that you are literally running through Disneyland
I've, never done it and at the other properties, but you're literally running through Disneyland you're running through California adventure you run if you're familiar California, you run from the parks to Anaheim Stadium, which is so sick. You run through the stadium, and then you come back, but why you're running through the park? Every single I'd, is on and going there's nobody. There is very early in the morning ever rides, going there's floats literally every character. Do you want to stitch? Do want to take a bit with Darth vader- do you want to take a picture with making many? Do you like it doesn't matter who you love. Their are. for you. While you run this race, which is so magical, but also- and this is the key distracted when you decide to run a race at the end of this, beside me. I, like rate, I am doing this. Really really important to think about what we're going to look at, and that sounds silly until you're in it.
Now I had a one of my old coworkers decided to run a marathon a couple of years ago for years back and I remember that she signed up for the men fine, unless delusional. She said for a marathon in a place called Marathon, Texas, Lord, I hope I don't think I'm making it up but basically I remember her coming back emulate. It was so hard because she was just running on a road in the desert, but there was no a thing to look. I get so monotonous so think through that disease great issues, you your constantly distracted from the pain, because it's hard and that really helps when you're like. I can't do it and then all the Sun Cinderellas, like oh you're like so thousand first have it, was awesome and kicked off this hobby of mine
ever since then I have been running consent. We are definitely have had seasons, different seasons of my life, where I've gotten really into a different kind of work out or I've. You know been into training or done different software running isn't as popular for me, but I have consistently run since that day and set forth half marathon I've had many times over the years where I will just do another half I've probably done fifteen half marathon since then, and and that Ford is nine, so I've done fifteen slash marathons in nine years and then definitely it boy, I think most runners, if you have a good experience, you start to think a man. Could I do a former on like that's crazy, but I could I do a full and no reason that you think that is because you understand what it takes so like
The beauty of running is that you are just stacking, your stacking literally one step on top of it? of another. You know that that exists. Can the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and what you learn is ok, like today, around five steps. How I run six in the next decade in seven and it's this beautiful expense, I swear you're just adding on a little bit each time and when you do it five key you're like wait. Could I do it for half and then could I do it for a full? So I decide that I'm in a run, a full marathon. This was when I lived and allay an I trained for six months and training for full marathon. It it's a lot of work and it's a lot of time and there's a ton of build up to get to the place real, like ok, I've got this an
just so happened. It was this freak thing where that first time around a marathon. In our way in february- and it was a fluke was ninety two degrees that day so crazy and I was already so freaking scared and its compounded by the fact that it is about to be so hot and, unlike well. This is how I die and it was all really interesting. I was thinking about this this weekend. That in raining for that matter, fine Originally I had talked my husband at the time I had talked him hinted to doing it with me and somewhere along the journey of training. He was like, like you didn't want to do it anymore. He
for whatever reasons there were his reasons. He don't want. Do it anymore and the closer it got to me running the men, fine. the more weird he got out me running the marathon and I say this because I know this is something that many of you having countered with partners with spouse- says, with parents with siblings, whatever that, when you do something that is so different, then what the people around you can understand. They start to I don't gets conscious. Sometimes is conscious, but In this instance, I dont think he was conscious of it, but I do think that he started to.
Try unintentionally tried to sabotage the experience and, people get scared, they don't like change, and I can look back over many experiences in our marriage where any time I sort of pushed further or did something that was outside the norm or did something that he wasn't doing it made very uncomfortable- and that's not me talking, crap on him, that's more saying it so that you can recognize if it shows up in your life. because I did not have the self awareness to taken ownership of that experience for myself and to have put a boundary up and I should have I remember the day before the marathon. You know that experts now for the L. A marathon is magnificent, like
huge: it's at the La Convention centre in a really big deal and one the things that I remember was that allay I don't know if they still do it, but it now raise. They had a wall that had the name of every single person who was running the race and I'd. I wanted to pick up my hacker a one to walk on the export of one to see my name on the wall, and I told him hey, I wanted the kids to go to the expert tomorrow, like does a huge deal. I think it's real special that these little boys are going to see that their moms running a marathon. I really would love to like. Take the It's a all yeah, that's awesome like I'll go with. You will take the kids and that day, like every thing about that. From the time we left. The house was just Like an emotional mind, fuck like he was paid
the traffic was bad. He was past that it took so long to parkway. Guy and images like this is chaos. This is crazy, like he was a jazz, everything- was bad and wrong and he kept complaining to me about how hard all of it was in. My thing was like in my brain MIKE Wire, even here like I- would have taken the kids but of course it and say that I would taken in by myself and He just was so pissed off but the whole experience which now, in hindsight, like ok, his his energy and his vibe had nothing to do with traffic or people or whatever it had to do. Whatever it made him feel for me to be doing something that he wasn't doing but I didn't have that Letty to process or see that at the time, so I just kept feeling worse and worse and more stressed about it and eventually I was like I got.
my packet and was a glitches. Go like let's just go it, was so stressful to have him be so pissed off that I was let us leave, and we literally I got my packet and we left. I didn't walk on the expo. I now so my name on the wall, I didn't do any of it and I was so upset for the rest of the day, and I remember I cry myself to sleep the night before my first marathon. when you're supposed to be sleeping, I was so upset. I was so sad that He was upset. This is I mean eyes of done a therapy sense, but the like oh dependence of this, of like oh, no, he was upset. He had to go to this with me. Wish I this is again. I'm telling you my experience, he will have his own experience, that moment, but I am telling you this because.
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into the exact fear that you have an encourage you in the fear. unintentionally, sabotaging you're, you when doing it, but in that instance he didn't didn't sabotage me. I didn't keep me from doing it, but a definite definitely gave my power away- and I definitely gave away what could have been a really beautiful moment in this weekend. For me because I ll some one else control the experience. So I do. I want to say that it doesn't matter it doesn't to be about running, but I think, any time, we're doing something that steps out. of what other people around us understand we to be on the lookout, doesn't mean that you get angry like I. If I could go back in time in time have gotten pairs of one. I fought with him. I him from place of love. I would have been like all my knowledge. No now you stay home, I'm gonna. Take the kids consistent experience that I want to have with them
and it would have been that easy. So that was the experience I do the full marathon, it's ninety degrees, he alls absolutely impossible. It was the hardest thing, basically that I've ever done yeah I mean I've done substance, and but nothing was as hard as that day and night. I only goal was: I did I want to walk. I was terrified of walking was terrified of everything but arms. fight of walking because oftentimes of your muscles are like really over used an you use. Dont like if you walk they can seize up I'd had this happen in some of my training runs and I'd seen this happen. Other people, and they just like can't keep going so is terrified, so is like care how slow I'm running I will not walk.
So I did the l marathon I mean crossing. finish line of that race, I have used that memory tat Thousand times since then That's why I feel like everybody, but especially moms, should experience it, because I just don't think we have, typically a lot of experiences where We did that like now but he can run a race for you. You have to do it doesn't matter. If you have a crowd of fifty people around you, you still have to be the one that puts one foot in front of the other. Two do the thing and it just so powerful and I, an incredible experience and I did it I like. I am never doing not again a guy zero desire to ever run a marathon gangs. Oh, like I just no thank you. I did it check that box. I deaf,
had died of dung lots of half since then I still run by just no desire then at the end of last year which, if you have listen. I did a podcast about this, but I unexpectedly got and it was a really scared experience just as it was totally unplanned and I have for kids and I wasn't and stating having more and went through all the emotions and all the fear and the all the holy Shit and then got really excited about it. I thought well, this is now. This is amazing, like I never thought, I'd have a baby again and I'm just gonna Ray, says and went for routine, alter sound and am at just about four months not that I am, the baby's heartbeat had stopped and stop growing and it was really brutal guys. It was just
Emotionally, it was horrible, but sea. the key. It was really like a saw had gone through all these men, of pregnancy,. and then had about a month of miscarry I never knew that. I never knew that when you scary, there's, a whole episode but basically I had to take medicine that made me miscarry, AEGIS need and bleed and bleed for weeks and weeks, and I felt like my body had been through the ringer and when I start to come out of the hormonal fog of that I really craved I really wanted to run running is like fair p. For me, it's prayer, its chair, ouch, its meditative, its joyful
and I didn't start out that way, but that's what it as for me, and has been for me for a long time. So I start it just like I did at the beginning of my running journey. I started you know half a mile and then a mile than a mile and a half and slowly, but my way back up and I remember my credible boyfriend was like you so carrying and wonderfully like. Don't push yourself. You know please, like just be done. Two with your body and ve been through so much and it was so sweep away. He didn't understand was that I needed to push a little, but I needed to be reminded that I still here and there spotty was still very capable and still very strong in it was a really beautiful time to get back in in that process I made the decision that I will I wanted to run another marathon. I thought it would be.
Some to training, and it would be an incredible challenge and it would be a celebration of what my body can do and so I started to run a couple of times a week and when I say a couple times a week I mean you know first like three miles a couple times a week when I was two I would do for miles on one day and then my long run would be six miles on the weekend. So at the law, it might sound like a lot for not a runner, but if your training for a race for real it's not a very intent schedule and I was in the end, I was looking for a marathon to run and I thought I would be called a like. Google their country or like do something different or whatever, and I just can't look look and I was doing a lot of research. I was kind of asking God and require think of the universe like I really want to run a race like a really want to do this marathon, you know let me now trying to
see where I should go and cunning. Nothing was working out, timing, wise and then lay Friday. As going yoga- and I was really excited- I love my yoga class and it's something I couldn't do. While I was pregnant. I do hot yoga answer. I've been really enjoying being able to do yoga a couple times a week, and it was so pomp to go on Friday, and I got all my work down. Unlike got me together and got the car and like a weird day. It was a holiday weekend and traffic was really weird and about have we there is. I got a message on amiss class cause you know of Europe. There at the beginning you you're not getting in and I was heartened my boyfriend. The farm, like men, have been coming to monsieur ways that no you're, not you're, gonna, get there. Don't worry you'll get there like you, ve been so looking forward to this, and then I might know I'm. I think cuz. It just was taking forever like. I think, I'm going, I'm gonna Miss class and
I am very laid back like I really live. My life like, if I don't a fly. I don't get a flight if in fact there's only there's this hilarious cuz. If any of you had seen me in the Miami Airport a couple weeks ago, you would have been like that. Bitch is not okay with missing a flight, because I rented I have never come so close to missing a fly in my life, and I usually will just like let it beaks and my car. If I were a vital, if I didn't get it I'll, get the next one by I have my kids. Full time saw him sing. Parenting for the wine and I promised my oldest son, that he can have a friend spend the night and I was like I was gonna- make dinner for them, and I was to do this whole thing and I had only guys a for one. I had to go to town for work, and I
gosh there were just was crazy traffickers. This whole thing- and I like I- cannot miss this fight promised him, and I you know I take my promises very seriously to the kids and I I mean I spoon, TED sprinted through the Miami airport- that's neither here nor there, but typically, I am just very chill like I feel I give. It is if I don't get their. Unlike I'm like Mokanna High, like I'm just like, I wasn't supposed to go to yoga soy literally said. Oh my poor he's. I know you're gonna make, and I said you know if I don't it's, because the guardian angels or the spare guides want me to do something else today. You know that they are MIKE. I'm was meant to do something else. I wasn't integral yoga
so drive over to your got. My few minutes lay Cancun and some like. Oh, I know what the spare guides wanted me to do. They wanted me to go to use land to get a smoothie that the local asked me the place was like. I need a person later, which is like a smoothly with coffee in it, and it's delicious and Gazer wondering I going go, get a smoothie, and ass. I am trying to get US movie. I see a big sign that says traffic. on Sunday because of the marathon and I'm like. Oh my gosh, that's why Miss yoga. supposed to run this marathon. I so clear to me I don't know. I mean, maybe you guys, think it's cheesy, but I m in conversation with God, and the universe at guarding angels all day long all day long. I'm in prayer, I'm in conversation all day, and I really feel like I am guided and I felt
and knowing inside I was just like I'm supposed to run that race. and I literally, looked up where the expo was. Cause a lot of times races, you can still sign up. Even if its race weekend I looked over, there was I drove there and in the parking lot of the expo. I text my nanny and I said, is there any way that you come in on Sunday of like whose area I guess what I try and do this thing. God bless her. She was a gap. I got you and I signed up for the marathon at the race because I just kept thinking, but let autonomy When I had the thought, oh my gosh, I'm so surrender raise. I immediately was like you're insane. there is no way there is no way, and then there was a party that was like. But what? If? What? If I could do, this what? If I could run this race like what its path of war and they,
the thought was when I ran the first marathon. I did something that I did not think was possible for my body if I could run this race without training. I will do something I didn't know was possible for anyone, because I'm in- I'm way healthier than I was when I ran my first marathon. I am, I I don't know I just have this instinct and, like I probably watch many documentaries about people like climbing mountains are doing crazy things, but also it and if you ve ever heard that David Goggins quote where he says like when you think that you are completely tapped, you're really only at forty percent and I was like well, I know I could run a half this weekend. If I needed to end, if running a half would be forty percent than TAT. I think we are probably could run a full, so I just did it because I thought what's the worst, that happens, the worst
happens. As I sign up for this race and then a few miles, then, unlike ok, I got it. I can't do this, but I you for sure, no matter what I was going to end up running more miles than I would have if I hands signed up for the re so like to lose I haven't gotten to run a race and so long, and I wanted the feeling of like the runners. Unlike the hearing, the cow bell- and I just it was- so I was frequently let's go so I sign up for this thing and every time of the next twenty Or forty eight hours, however long was every time I got scared. I was just like nope there is not we're not even holding space for negativity, and because of that I didn't tell anybody. I was doing it. I told, My boys knows too young to understand, but I told my three boys that I was gonna. Do it and my nanny new, I didn't tell my boyfriend. I signed up angel anybody because I was like didn't want anybody else's. I don't want anybody else to weigh again
and I don't want anyone else to worry, and I just wanted to do this thing and I also don't want the pressure of like ok. Well, if I bone after like ten miles, I dont want to feel like I'm disappointing anyway, just want this to be something I do for me. getting quality. Sleep is important, but so is getting enough. Sleep sleep duration- is how long you slept compared to your sleep goal, which should be somewhere between seven and nine hours, as recommended by sleep experts. Here, a few things you can do to improve sleep, duration, avoid large meals and heavy sacks before sleep
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he will put on Youtube too cause I just they gets wild. special and really cool, but couple of things that I just wanted in telling that sorry that I wanted you guys to hear me say is number one. I ran this second marathon. Without training, until Sunday, the most miles I had run for a while was six six miles of the most I had run ran this marathon without training And I ran it two minutes faster than the Last time I did a marathon and I trained for six months. That's freaking crazy and I feel very confident and how I did this and if you guys think that my woo woo stuff is cheesy, this is gonna, be this cheese. This is natural cheese. This
his valve cheese. This is some cheese, but it's real for real for real. I ran I first marathon terrified achiever and me was terrified of failure. I was terrified of peace, watching me fail. I was terrified of getting her. I was terrified of poop my pants leg, you name it out. I was scared of everything and go into this marathon, I just wanted to do a little experiment. I, just wanted to see if there would be a difference running over case out of love instead of fear like what, if I just had fun what if my goal was to give as much love to the people around me as I possibly could. What? If this Grace was a celebration of love for my body. What if I refuse to let fear into the equation your eye did not walk this race in till mile eighteen,
and at that point I would walk for a minute and then run walk for a minute and then run. I walked a little bit of every mile pass mile eighteen and Frankly, I did that because ass a marathon is all hills, I had no idea, this also was powerful. Ignorance is bliss. because if I had looked at the course map, if I had understood how many hills were in this marathon, I never would have done it. So I had the best time I had so much on I dedicated, every single mile of my race to a different person that I love and I I finish the mile that was for them. I would send them a voice now on my phone and just say hand crazy thing, you were mile six, your mile three you will. You were mile nineteen and
not only am I sending you good, vibes and loving you so much, but I also want you to know that I meditated on gratitude for you during the smile, and I mean it on the characteristic about you that I'm most admire, and it just. did not being this in- radical Sperience and what I love. So I paid extra when I signed up to that. Take pictures of you when you're running at like the the race will do and then they send you like: hey here's, a link with all your pictures with you section of the finish line, because I'm bawling in those picture Every single other picture. Twenty six point two miles I am smiling. I was like what is the psychology of every time I felt like I was struggling. I would make myself smile. I would make me Self laugh, I would cheer on another runner. I would like shout out to the people on the sidelines and thank them for being there like em. I sore yes, but-
was way more sore after I ran the first race and I believe that's because fear makes you ten everything in your body, so I literally ran my first marathon, you were tents and terrified, and this time a literally was like dancing. I was having fun. I I just did, something I didn't think was possible and I remember years ago talking to a therapist about writing because I sit down a write books and I would be so hard like the tortured artists and be so hard on myself, and it was a miserable experience and I got into believing that, in order for me to produce results I had to make hard. It had to be hard and she was what if you just try to write from a place of joy and thou, recommendation changed everything that came after for me and now
what this experience taught me was lake, it will mean my question, everything that I believe has to be hard just got flipped on its head and I have challenged myself to do a lot of physical things that I didn't think I do like when we did that challenge and stuff like that, so definitely knew before I started that I could do hard things. and I dont think I would have been able to do this. If I had run a marathon before I can go to psyched myself out and you very healthy, I eat really clean, I'm in a great place like emotionally and physically, so my mindsets really good and all of those contributed to my ability to do this. Crazy thing, but I swear that I was able to accomplish crazy idea, because
It was about love An idea of sending a note when of my girlfriends is going through IVF sent her voice so, and I was just like hey I don't? this will be helpful, but I just have this experience and I want to say to you Could you love every part of it? Could you love even the pieces of your speech? and where you normally feel fear or anger or resent Could you find love like I? just recently read a book by Luis Hay and she was talking about bills, singing we'll get so passed that they have to pay bills and our angry about their bills. She said I blew every single bill. I kiss the bill This is back when he used to get into the bill in the mail. So I kissed before us in the check back, because a bill is evidence that a business trusted me enough to give me something before had actually paid for it like this,
Oh, represents something that I've gotten or the fact that my it's your honour, the fact that my house is warm, and so I bless the fact that I pay a bill so in experience in the parts that are hard you find love for the tough. Could you find love for the things that suck because in doing that, none of it sucks. The whole thing just felt like this beautiful magical experiment and I am not suggesting then you run out and try and run a marathon. I think that training for a ride This is a really powerful no journey to go on and if you want to get into running, the training is, is a big part of it because you're getting to re stay, knowing the hours that you put in to have the mental capacity and the mindset required to finish but in this instance I just I did
hey I thought was impossible and I just still not even done unpacking it like. I still am going to have really think about how. How this happen and what this means. I remember my my boys? They were tracking me that day there were just like you know cost, I'll ten or what they were like bomb. I can't believe you're doing is unlike idle love that their sea now, like I love that they see this example of something that there were like you're gonna. Do what the morning of the race up sending attacks. My boyfriend he's his in Europe and I was a k, just it was like picture of me like at the start of the gay off to do my long. Ronnie was like, oh my god. What are you doing so exciting, what's happening and send him a link to track and he said, are you doing the half an hour late,
Are you me you do, but you have you got, do guys oversee old school. the old school. It's one of my favorite lines were Vince Fawn like has plan. This elaborate party and his friends like you got a ban is? Are you think we you think I got? I got a million dollars and speakers I set up finger, got students. All rock band, now make sure you gotta view at this stage. Now we are like dull van we're goin roomful out and oh guys adjust. It was so special, and you don't have to try and do something like that. But if you haven't done anything in the last five years. That makes you surprised by yourself If you haven't anything in the last five years that you do it and you think
holy shit, I can't believe I just did that. then you gotta challenge yourself says me if you need a sign, if you need something to kick you in the pants, if you need someone to tell you that you ve got this, you have got this. You can do this thing when you see people doing here like that would be cool like, but I can do that. That's not me, I'm not a runner, my people, I don't have the Jeanette. No, that is bs. I'm telling you that you will get out there and re say you will see every single type of body you'll see every person you will see. Every age you will be so inspired and me all meaning. That matters is that you finish like Your time doesn't matter of freaking pace doesn't matter. It matter that you finish it where's, that you do something that you didn't think that you could do, because that is the stuff that sustains you win everything else falls away when work is hard winter
going through divorce when you're struggling with your teenager? When you know your help in your parent, is having to go into assisted living like all the hard stuff that you have to do that. Life is gonna, throw at you whether you want it or not. You me experiences that you can fall back on NGO. Yet this is hard, but I can do hard things by choice lie the people can do hard things when their forced this is. Hard thing that you choose to do. I started this year and I promised myself that I would stop being a weeny. I don't know if you saw that episode of rage stock, but I it's only February and I have done into an ocean. In England, I've gone ski I have run a marathon without training, and I had dental work done Europe day.
Through this I went and had dental work done, would you're laughing cause that some stupid, but I am petrified, of the dentists, and I was like you know what we're not a weeny. We can do hard things, and that means someone is gonna. Give you a shot in your gums. And you're gonna live. If you started pushing towards things that scare you, if you start pushing towards that discomfort zone, I think you'd be shocked at the person you become there is no way not in a million years did twenty nine year old version of me, imagine that I could do the things that I could do today. She couldn't even dream this. It was two big of a dream, but Jim
like running dream have a way of growing and more becomes possible when start to move forward. So I really freaking hope that this the push that you need to go right now, right now go sign up goes. I have in fact I want to challenge you guys to sign up and like tag me answer elect, show me the crazy thing that you dead or like her tag I didn't it rage like I don't know something just freaking. Do it don't over, think it do. You can. Google how to train for a race. You can find a local running group. You can read a thousand blogs or watch Youtube videos. The answer are there if you have a calling on your heart, even if it's scary just freaking, do it I'll? Have you guys I'm rooting for you if this episode,
was helpful share with a friend ya, like you listen in every week. You got to this point. Do me a solid friend a solid sharing? I think every thing in my career is based on the idea that I find things I think will be helpful to others, and then I give them to make community or assure them with my friends, and this really great opportune, for you in that sense your friend umbrella girls. Let's get a running together we're goin rainy, were doing the dizzy run. Until I see you next time subscribe, to the show things ring, and now I love you and I waiting for you and let's go get a run in Hollis pot podcast, is produced by me. Rachel Hollis, its edit by Andrew Weller and Jack. Noble.
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