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263: How to Move Towards the Good | A Podcast Swap with The Skinny Confidential


This episode has been such a treat to put together for y'all to experience something a little different. I did a podcast swap with Lauryn and Michael from The Skinny Confidential, a blog, brand, podcast, and YouTube channel that reaches millions of women and men trying to live their best lives by sharing wellness, business, beauty, & lifestyle tips. The dynamic couple are also married and in their show you will find a mix of audio entertainment with world class leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, best selling authors, experts, & thought leaders.

And it really was a swap! If you want to check out the episode I recorded with them it's right here - I love getting to be raw and unfiltered and vulnerable with these two, and today's episode is an honest look at some of the effects of Covid on our working and thought life, and how we can start to overcome the fear we've all been living inside of for the last 2 years.


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