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282: #RachTalk Ep 13: Getting Hit On By Strangers, Stealing To-Go Orders, Walker County LIVE Performance!


Hey guys! Welcome to #RachTalk, my weekly show where I hang out and drink caffeine and talk about anything and everything!

Today on the show I'm talking getting chatted up by strangers (ya girl Rach has still got it), people who steal to-go orders and we have a LIVE performance from my new writer buddies, Walker Country!


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Hey guys, welcome to reach top. My weekly show where I sit This case in a hotel room drink, have been and are about random things. Today I am introducing you to Walker County, my new writing buddies and incredible banned at an ash bill. We are hanging out in Nashville we're talking about thieves, we're talking about flirting we're talking about my relationship, we're talking about I can't remember what else we're talking about, but it's going to be funny should totally hang on the welcome to Nashville guys. Have we ever? We must have shot at some point. rates talk on location, but I can't member I've shot arranged talk with by myself with Ray, camera. for that time? I was in a really cold play. snow winter, it's gotta be like our first season, arrayed stock. I was doing
audio back in January in Michigan court. Stick was Michigan. Of course there was a banker gain. in Nashville I've had come out to shoot with me, cause I desire. We really cool too. Like makes it I've shaken up. Do the thing and. cause, I'm a national making music I could pull in some fun gas, which you're going to see a little bit later to you know make rates. A little bit more exciting. Also I am there, sure I love but like I'm out, their sweat here, and so I'm is why I'm doing this, I was try not to go like this. It's also the same reason you ever wondered at an away would. But if you ve ever wonder why always wear jackets onstage? It's because also, how do you whistle this, how a whistle I, Oh, I know my older
siblings, used to sail up like a rat which was rude probably accurate. I dont know how people was like this, with your lips purse. I only know this rats we were a national last week, Jack. If you recall Jack came here. Last week I was here, I was shooting upon Podcast Jack came out, and can we just tell this story? It's the most Jack story. I ever in my life Ass Jack said: hey. Are you available to come tonight? fill to shoot. This podcast he's. I guess. Of course I am I'm thinkin let's knock out some rich talks, while you're here, let's get in on location moment, so I sent a note the team I said: hey Windows, Jack Land in Nashville, so that we Should these right shocks, they said, oh he's driving her, driving from Austin Texas to Nashville Tennessee. Why
he thought he was supposed to cause. He likes a road trip cause he wants to dry for twelve hours straight. Did you think I wouldn't fly you here or you just wanted to drive? Ok, cause away. I heard it was oh, he did no and so he's late, and I was like what kind of monster make someone drive their own vehicle across state lines. It was so crazy, but we did get. We did. We did a pie cast that was so making and I am really really palm for you guys to get to see if it comes out soon. There's gonna be a whole theme. Gall, if you dont like music, you now there get ready cause, it's gonna, be part of the stuff that were working on sets, gonna leave its way and but got to sit down with an increase Nepal songwriter, like a really like one of the great. And talk about song some really excited, but because Jack drove we didn't quite have enough.
On the ground last week, so he came back out. He flew down, where he flew this time and were here doing this thing and I got IRA less Jack. I got a list of things to talk about a cool oak. I love that I have this note on my phone for rates to conversations, and this is in caps. That's how serious I am about it in Cali, if you want to get your car wash. You go to a place. You get out of your car. and someone takes your car through, and then people clean it all and whatever and here's your car in Texas. To my knowledge, I don't even know where that would be. You don't get out of the car and nobody's cleaning inside your car. There's drive through car washes. Okay, have you been to a drive through car wash yeah drive? new car washes and summer like at the gas station? You should have just put in your info, and then summer like this is a legit. This is we're committed to this right. This is a business and there's
college kids were like scrubbing the car before it goes through the long tunnel with worrying and the finnish and now all of it. Ok, when I go to the car wash you got. Screen and it says I do you want the basic basically like do you want to Van two year in a grand air, whatever like what level of car wash you want. I get twenty bucks I do my car, so rarely that I want to like treat her here is my question, How does the car wash tunnel No that a car got the twenty dollar wash I want you to imagine a line, so you the thing is, I threw banks right and then they all merge into one and you go into the tunnel you? were telling me that car wash has the technology to know.
that I think the twenty dollar one and Jack pick the twelve dollar one know it's all the same: Carla, I feel convinced it is all the same car wash. How does it know. So what it says on my note is: does the drive through car wash really know the difference? You know what I mean that no, when I was going to the car wash here's. My next question these: are this is question. Is the things ponder. Ok, how do thieves? I literally rode down the word thieves. How do you see he's not steal all the two go lunches at restaurants: Ok, so like when covert happen, got really popular to get you know, taken our door dash or whatever. So if you go into restaurants in Austin their popular there's, all of these like shelves,
and the shelves have like a bag. This is Jack, a bag that Rachel a banquet says Joe, whatever yeah. We could be eating like kings for free, bigger in my nose. I said imagining put on a different disguise. You know you have like your Carmen San Diego High and, like you know, a fake mustache and you go in and you're like nobody's policing that you literally go up to the shelf and you're. Like now. you're, taking a gamble about what's in that bag, but you could just look for a bag as heavier staff also sometimes back in the day when I used to eat, drive through food happen very rarely, but every once, while you get something that someone else ordered and it was a delight
I ordered the salad and then you accidentally got like someone's burger and you were, like God. I didn't actually want the salad. I wanted the burger, but what I'm saying is how do thieves not take all the lunches? How is this not like an issue? I never have you stolen something before besides people's hearts, I never saw anything in my whole life. Ever ever. I have the fear of God about still I'm not lying. I really am like afraid of it. When I went to the mall for the very first time at like thirteen years old, went to the east those mall it was there. Today my dad dropped us off. Is me and like to friends I d, turn around the Black Sea and he said if you ever still, I will help them sooner.
And we wonder why I've had years of therapy and he was serious. All of US kids, my siblings, like none of us under like you, could hold us a gun. When silly things he gave a speech to Oliver sought so works, but I still to this day. I've not. I have driven back to a store in LOS Angeles parked, which is like takes an hour and a half just because I accidently got something I really I got home in realising. Oh my gosh, I didnt pay for this thing. It was like, I know specific Actually I remember I was buying ash cams at target and allay- and I was also getting a collar for my dog and it like ended up the staff, so I didn't see it and when they scanned it, they scanned the three trash cans monopoly that was inside that call it was probably eight dollars yeah, I spent over an hour getting it back to the store, took it inside and paid for it. I am honest. I not steal ever ever ever, but I feel like there's an opportunity.
the free lunch guys. I wouldn't I'd start crying I get caught. I would hundred percent get caught I'd like my boots, tells me this all the time like. anywhere. We want to go anything hundred. Do I I ask because one he's beautiful too: he has a beautiful accents and people give him anything. Anything he's like that's not true that, yes, it is. I will go? Ask that hostess for a seat and they'll be like no. Do you have a reservation? I make no no like get out of here. They don't say that. Please, I doubt he walks in he's like hello and they're like what? What can we do? Where can we put? What do you need so I make him do it, but I am pretty sure that I go.
In any situation like that, assuming I'm already in trouble. I understand I'm manifesting this, but I'm like you do like. Oh, my I'm. So sorry, I'm so sorry to bother you you don't you definitely don't have to see for us right, I'm just like confirming that you don't have a cp yeah Where were we? Where were we somewhere recently that here made me do it because he thinks I'm ridiculous and then I just absolutely screwed it up and use like what. Why I looked, I think I was like China Park somewhere or do some thing and I was like Is it ok, it's like. I will not go into the thing. That is ok. If we just it's only going images like now and the end with of way imbues eight year year, the literal Why would you tell them? Why? Would you give them like? I don't I get trouble so anyway. Ok quitting, about the animals, the mob. stirs the people
who do not clear notifications our phone. What is wrong with you? Who are you do you know what I'm talking about when like look Ok, so right now on my phone, I have three emails and to tax. This is still rare. Seeing me. Still rare thing. Ok, then second, that I'm not talking the all these are getting cleared like I cannot have us. Have you ever seen something that has like one thousand two hundred and ninety seven unread emails, a million unread text messages they ve got in. Like all over their screen, that I read red Red read this year. Weird, Iphone have notifications, you have notification. Of course you do actually seems really on brand for you. What kind of fund you have carried out I would like my father. I would throw it down a hell. I would add that with.
How do you know what you need to do if a few, how I do this thing where if I need to respond to something all not open it, because I know I need to go back and like what's happening on tat ants from my boo, you son, He loves me see. That was worth it, but also I get doping mean heck cause. Now I dont have any notifications owed suits gone on e mail, apparently at in point in life I signed up for emails to tell me if there was ever a liquor store for sale in Austin Texas, and I just got a institution. There is one you know why? Because I did, pandemic. Asked this question to my financial person. I was like what are the businesses that can survive anything and they a gas stations of resource debtor, Linda and so like started looking at all these different things like. Well, maybe I'm now, I'm not gonna not going to add to the problem.
but it would be kind of fun. I have like I sometimes think I might at some point in my life open a coffee shop opening. Tore open at whose USC open and gas station and just like work there and you'll come in to get gas and then I'll be they cry. Pumps Heaven. like just what a life die like beyond for camera anymore. I don't have to wear like little house on the prairie shirts. I dont have to try and make up and failures We clearly I dont know have to help you get your gas or like make you the perfect core Tata, which I feel like I can definitely do, but then I wouldn't have time to write. So, oh I forget. We have Walker County come in, I can't talk much because we actually have guessed today what a terrible entrance for them by the way? Like me talking about people smiling want. Well, you know what they knew. They with their get la look
I cleared and I already have two more. Oh, it's them cute ease. I work here ok. Have we ever had guessed, but I was not related to the spot, but I dont think we ve ever done alright shock. You might the fur on renewal loudly family. Only like my kids to be almost more like you, I guess people we work with, have been here too Ever had you know new bees and have also definitely never had performance. I feel a little bit like we're doing a late night special on our part of the family. I work wonders yet here. I think we ought to united. When I tell you where's that certain right perfect, I would love it. If you would introduce yourselves yeah and tell your story, it's really interesting it is. Joan of ARC Sinn Fein long story- I am so
feed on Walker. Yes, and I'm her big sister Ivy Dean, one walk or de facto Ya'Ll are putting in middle names, is salvation. I have ever seen the most southern step. I have ever seen Manuel Medina, she neighbours to be countries, and yes, I am so be it on, and why don't you just sit there I started telling it yeah. We started playing music together now for fourteen years we started in two thousand and seven when Sophie was nine, and I was twelve, so we've been playing music together for a super long time we are, Beware on. We are from Indiana we're on Emily vacation to Nashville in two thousand. Seven with our moment add an. We grew up, lovey, music, just being obsessed with music. My dad was a huge influence, all growing out in music. So when we came in actual use like much treat performed to say we did, it just opened the gate the Qatar he's on Broadway. Of course we do not movies and all that is no longer like ok, yeah, sorry arm, so we did yeah. You pay me women
The four dollars in ten minutes widely is like a literally old bluegrass selling. I felt a piece of your national staff so about you, so we did we sang for about ten minutes and Sophie kicked me and so David like, if you could tarkas like we're done. well a little fyi. I was not at all yeah yeah, so we ended up going back to the hotel and and and dad was like. You know you made like four bucks or whatever in ten minutes and he was like if you want we'll come back down in a month and do that again. But like have a look, a lot more songs legs. Ok, I like them. Whatever we make you guys and keep the money and so soviet, I we learn hours were the songs and dad play guitar? And we may like two hundred bucks, so we would may we were re were re. We leave we're like yeah we're like ok, we're gonna. Do this all the time so entwine, I think we want
Opry Mills mall. I think I belt about like a build a bear letter, yeah yeah marriage, I'm going to go to go so we ended up doing that and then coming back home to Indiana, and I was like, if that's something you guys like, let's start playing here, and so we did for the first, you know all through middle school, all through high school sophie, and I played every weekend at churches bears
best voles weddings anywhere, all ascended the would anyone out. I am aware, the eye and honestly I feel, like I love the your time that story, because it's also not in the same way. But when I was learning to be a speaker, I would speak at the opening of an oblong. I guess, if any one would let me in the room, I will send up at people who I remember, going old folks homes. I remain alive. Oh yes, but he cared about what I was saying that that's the only way that you're gonna get better at our and perform in front of a crowd for sure and we are paid him barbecue sandwiches underlining Rachel. I we learned so much from that. Just I yeah had entertainer Crowboroughs, just not engineers and yes, I know I'm just gonna keep smiling played Isaac. You now, even though they
Care at all, but that is yeah lesson it's like you need that moment so that when you get to the bigger stage yet prepared for anything and that's when you so we moved national eight years ago and sign or deal with one or music Nashville Minor Pub deal with one or travel and just really started. Writing really embarrassing ourselves in the in the community, an army we learned so much from their so many talented songwriters here. We just grew so much over a period of time and now we're just really were put in songs out and just open one of whom six. That is why we still travel on play everywhere, which is, though, via we love, Travellin and plan for vans and base. we do and what we don't know, little winning them overt random, plays Qatar and is to our manager and not as everything drives, the van and everything down. Yeah he's a man who could trades, but now we ve just been put in a lot of music out and brightened still am we're just Torreon
finer spot, rising music, where I yeah. So we got the chance to re together last week, but it was so cool. So every experience- and I know you guys get to do this all the time at every experience. Riding with a new group of people is whole new. You never know right like so. My first experience riding with songwriter was so different than working with your was so the anthem working when who I work with yesterday, like it's different, every time, and that's a world that you ve been in for a hot men yeah. yeah. It's crazy because you know song. Writing is so vulnerable, so you're literally going into rooms a lot now. Sometimes we write with the same people but like if you're right with somebody brand new,
walk in and basically pour your hard drive on Thursday layer pigs are saying so like the song we ended up. Writing yesterday was based on something happened in my life, and I was like and then that he there's this and the other one more or less. Ok what else? And how does that make you feel therapies than it really is? I mean there's been so many times were Sophie and I have like dealt with some kind of relationship thing or, and we ve literally gone environment. You guys know nothing about women and really honey, and we're like this happened to me than we did this move. I felt horrible for to immerse then needed that and there like you're right about that. I should what you do so. As a great y know, I'm gonna get writing this crazy. It's different with every person you go in the room where you can have to feel feel that no, thereby bow, and but it's fine yeah yeah well, and I think it's really interesting too
every single room, I'm going into I'm learning something new and one of them things I loved, like I had this aha moment in the room at all, when we were first talking this idea, which was yours, you're wearing a half that said the title you're like we think this is a song, and then we were sort of toying around and throwing out ideas, and there was a moment where I was like a weight Oh your singing like it's, not a singer, so it makes sense in my brain like a way. We have to write something that you who can actually seeing and be real yeah in the beginning. I was like. Oh maybe this is like a letter, to. My daughter, like I, was thinking about Noah and thinking like oh, I could write this to her and then I realize well, if you have a beautiful twenty seven year old kid on the state, you're twenty seven get on stage and certain people are gonna be like what are you talking about so then we flipped it being this like moment in the bar, where the older woman, which was fun,
Oh, how I like a letter to a younger girl younger south by It's funny about something different, because eager riding with I've aren't as an art like we try and you know do something that we would do because obviously we want every song we rely to be some, then we will leave you now as when we were younger and we came to how we just wrote about anything and everything like we. It wasn't really from the hard it was just like it. It's a cool idea and I remember writin songs about drinking beer and I haven't you I wouldn't I d, seen an idea like my very good girls, you know we never like alcohol know about what we were. We have never not going about life, our hearts and that's one of the things I jury like twenty twenty line during the pandemic filling like me, I do it Lastly, let me alive and that here
We're leaving everybody but modestly, like Africa, and I was like man like the suffer. Writing is actually very authentically very old and I was very citing has now it's cool yeah, something there was a change, because you start writing when you start writing for yourself using it yeah, like those songs, become like you can notice that, like I'm relating to it on stage and its really coming from the heart when we sing it because yeah when you're just right when you like a cover sing in something that you know you didn't write for yourself is fine and, and sometimes those songs blow up. do really well, but it's nice when it's from her maids meds different, and I think when we speak our truth, other people see their store, can say for because I can't tell you how many times of law, Disarmed me like, I love that song about X Y, see you hear the song writer or you hear the performer, explain what it means to them and you're like oh yeah, that's not at all what I was taking out of this conversation. I thought this was about like losing a lot
and this was actually about you. You know losing your mom like if they are rightly hang about, like a landslide by Fleetwood. Man like that song mean so many different things, depending on who singing it and what it is to them. So it's been a really Redpath says: I'm super pomp that I got to number one meet. You guys number to create something that doesn't sack
while the from ashore harming our life. How they're gonna be able awesome, breadths right with you, because afterwards you gave us a total highwaymen speech. It was the best thing we need a. We left that right is obviously got hurt. Our prayers is going to be really mean that language we use we're like anybody. We now agree dead, say a problem when we like more, we just need like a little man. I know what to do. We have happened. We re with Rachel huh. Ok, if you cannot cover room with violent, have may not be like ok, where their rights are. Obviously able is what are you putting in your turn, all real, because I do think in life and in my career and all the things that I've done. It's a bow How do you add value in that space and coming into this? Unlike ok, I know that I can write because I'm a writer, but I haven't done what any of you I have done, I can't play the guitar, yet I can't sing ever. I can do those things, but I was what is that
Oh you that I bring to this space beyond me though did right cause. You could sit with anybody right. Anyone in this town who walks and worn chapel then right with you, but I think there is something I can do that nobody else can brain which is like. I will live coach this man to every literally every person. I've worked with them like cancer heart into line on, and then ok and then what happened? Okay, and what's next, where we go from here refreshing. Did you guys? I only Ireland where I was glad thank you guys for hanging out with US banner gas performing away. I probably an interval right DEC We are so exciting for some ever unreached talk that we have a live performance of music. This is Walker County. doing what we call the song, I think, would be british bridges, uber Brigitte bridges, you burn
Why worry a dream you are? This is bridges you burn by Walker County. We wrote it together. We hope you guys, like it,
takes the deepest lamp she twenty four ways. Now you tell me to have been more than a butterfly, get negative stance. Now you, like my will, has an imperious sure, Jack Cinema or thing is I don't buy new close, so I went to the store downstairs, bother swell. I would then return
does my idea. I just didn't, have anything q. All I have is like ban tease and I didn t like TAT was rates. Talk, Q, Clear look I've my vans on Jack, I'm my vans on in them. About till I go to the prairie, but I thought I was I well, indifferent and whatever, and then my whole plan was just to return. It is that may be rude, but, like my whole thing, I don't want to buy new clothes, but I sweat in it. I can't return it I watch planes, I broke my own rule, they did it. I was thinking. Maybe I could like donate something. Maybe I could plant a tree really bad actually. but I just wanna Q and if I was wearing my like Nirvana sure, which is pretty frickin q weirdly. I never get hit on more in life ever then, when I'm wearing that Nirvana sure. What is that is, you know what I got today, I'm not sure, but
CUP line, but I want and pretend that it is great that it was a kind of interesting as waiting for it. Well at breakfast. This morning I mean look alike, can I tell you as a side now I've it. I am wearing one right now, Basically, just don't wear browsing or I trying with everything in me to get away in life with wearing a browser was possible and a cue like alarm, twenty two and I'm sexy, but like on thirty nine and I wanna be comfortable Gentlemen. Early this morning I went down. I met a nice hotel went down to breakfast through a jack. on over my pajama sure, which was very thin out like this? Jack, it were to be ripped from my purse and or like I did a guinea. Good morning stretch or something people are going to see, things they don't want to see. I was like on my phone and sky walked by and he was like. Are you from New Orleans and I was like no, I'm not
ah, you are just like a girl in New Orleans and I was like thing for him. I had no response to that and I didn't know it if I really looks like a girl in New Orleans or if this was a line, is a line What would I have said to make it see I don't have any game. not trying to have game I'm very much in love and taken exports very important. They are going to take you I genuinely shut down- and I talked about this on the show when guys try and talk to me. I shut down like a robot. I think I did a data about getting on the plane and I got some data from bill. I didn't have a star okay, so this is so dumb on a plane. And blue and I were fine gather adore, remember where, but he ended up, someone got in front of, and so he was like two people behind, or maybe one person pine and then
I behind me. I have no game and when I think of man is actually flirting. I am so uncomfortable. I dont know what to do: because I never went out. I never like had bar life. I never I didn't do those things so I this bag, this top bag, that the front of it looks like it's almost like a face this guy behind me. As I owe wiser back so angry I shut I was like- oh the DVD, like I was like I well should, but I I I don't know and behind me my boyfriend is behind this guy and he's like legitimately, crying he's, he's watching this guy triumphant with me and watching me now, the event, he was like the guy. I got my c and then like the guy carried on and boost satin To me and he's your site, that was,
the most precious and also most embarrassing thing I have ever seen. and I was like this is why they give wherever worried that I was going to go out in the world and like flirt you just saw. I can't I have nothing in them spend something I know if my pheromones that day, because gentlemanly like five it's later. You know people are getting on the plane booze in the window, but he was like working on something and then I'm in the aisle seat cause. I have to pee like eighty times on a flight, so I just always take the aisle and a guy stops Jack. Next to me to document I was what is Am I wearing my Nirvana shirt like what is happening right now? It had to be my heart, like pheromones, had to be pump in cause. I was like. I do not know what about me right now is doing it for these men, but okay and a guy. actin like started at me up in the sea, and this time I was bound, determined to like. Do it right?
because now I know booze paying attention, and this is twice the demands for it with me in front of him. In less than ten minutes, I'm trying to be like ok, but also design your rob. This guy is like these, chat me up, and it was when we so warm ass, some planes and he's like all your mask is better than mine, and I was like for us all dumbest like way to talk to somebody, but I'm like at this point. I am about to make this the greatest exchange ever cause booze, watching his leg. Keep talking like passed, the point where I'm like we ve set all we, came to say today, Sir I've proved a point to my boyfriend and the guy was like but it's pretty annoy him. Unlike deeds come up and like try and talk to your see- and I was like yeah it.
Again, I don't have game, and I was just like. Please, please, stop lose. All big mess is big mess. guys. Thank you so much for hanging out. If you dug this episode, if you're still here, will you give this a thumbs up? Will you subscribe to the channel? So you get a notification every single time he posts new episode. If you're listening to this on pod subscribe to that channel too, I will see next week and until then remember I love you and I'm ready the. hey guys. This is Rachel Hollis and a quick word on anger. so I'm reading this, but right now, which is nothing new, I'm always reading a book hand. I had this sort of
mind explosion Epiphany moment as it was talking about the emotions that we have under the surf as one of the things You don't want anyone to know what the things that you try and cover up or you I am put on a happy face so that people don't know that you are failing to press or your anxious or in my case that you're angry I famine even said that out loud before, and I dont think that I really made that connection until this moment. this moment when I was reading a book and ask ok, what are you struggle with most and what I thought was anxiety was feelings of fear that anxiety, cause and what's gonna happen, but when dug a little deeper which none of us love to do, but is very important when I dug a little deeper. What was under there was anger and
We realise that their anger goes all the way back to when I was a little girl. I have said to my friends many times or to my boyfriend many times that one of the things that I just can't stand it just it takes me from zero to a thousand. in one second flat is feeling like someone's getting away with it, and you can't see me I'm doing airports and I don't even know if this will make sense to you, but I think it goes back to growing up in. a really conservative, very oppressive church environment, where a lot of the elders of that church or like sort of that, the people in the church grown. Ups were saying one thing and doing another, they were living life in a way that didn't match the values that they were putting on. It people on they were super judgmental they were basically those people living in a glass house throwing stones
They got away with it, and so, as I got older, I realize I have this thing like when I feel like Some one is about person, but they're, getting away with it, or I feel like someone sleazy, but they're getting away. It's like up just makes my blood boil and, not really weird thing and a very honest piece of him nation to tell you, but it's so why you know I've had people that I've admired so much, then I'm so excited to get to meet them or go to work with them are collaborate and then what see behind the scenes and they're actually not a good person. I stop I mean you ve, probably if you ve been with me for a long time. You probably identify times you like, while she was really doing a lot of stuff with this person and then all of a sudden she's just not never talked about them anymore. It's because I did
like what I was seeing behind the scenes, because I feel like them that person is sort of putting out a false sense of you know their full of it like I am super imperfect a mess up all the time, I'm as a publicly like I, but I own it. I never try and say that I am not that person and it just drives me. Oh my skin crawls, when I feel like someone portraying themselves as a person there, not all of that to say I have anger about that and whenever I see it happen and That means that I have anger still in there for my parents, if I think about it- and I have a lot of ink her for my ex husband and, and I try work on those things. But if I'm honest, I realized I was eating this book, I'm, like I dont giant like sir size those demons I'll, try and get them out of me. I just tryin repress them. I really we try and you know, do gratitude practice.
costs on the positive? Do things till I feel better, but I'm not really getting them out? It's almost like. out that you have a cancer in you, but you just think like I'll. Just you know cover up this piece of myself with something else. How does a cute if any moment was, like my mind, was blowing. I, like oh wow, what a gift for me to understand that I'm gonna learn about you know. This is how we do things whenever I figure out all my hormones are. Oh, my this. I take a deep dive. Summoner read the book. since I'm am in a really learn about it, but I was like I made a promise to myself and problems to God to who ever was listening. I was like I am going to actively work on in this out of my body, getting this out of my spirit getting this out of my soul, I've never thought that before design the happiest person and the most positive, when I say I have anger, it's like it. Oh come on me out of nowhere, and so, if that's in there
You have this little volcano ready to go off. That's really work for me to know, and I've got to do the work to suit of unpacking get rid of it. I Say that in case you have anger or in case you have, a negative emotion, a sort of suffering, emotion that you know is festering inside of you, but you're not really doing anything to get rid of it. So I may- this decision on like okay, the only way I know how to take on something like this is just to learn as much as I can, but I make a promise to myself that, I am going to get rid of this thing inside of me, and I happen to be on a flight when I Had this realization I land at the airport and the whole way to the hotel? I'm thinking about this in a promise him just made to myself I get to the hotel there, like, oh, your rooms, already ready what a treat thank you so much. I go drop off my,
AGS and I haven't eaten. I'm starving so go down to the hotel restaurant to grab some food, and it's a hotel. I stay. I often so I know the workers, I know the girls at work, the hostess stand so, walking in and, as I walk in, I see a man standing at the hostess sand. I rate just going on these young women, who I have interacted with so many times there so sweet and he's just going off and, unlike what on earth, could be worse Could this be like I'm far away, but I'm like, I know these girls, they don't, they would never say or do something there so polite like? What can this man be pissed off about and I get up closer and chewing them out because his food is taking too long number one, I'm just like flabbergasted cause. These hostess have literally nothing to do with your food
I guess he had come up to them, asking to speak to the manager, but while he was waiting for the manager, he was gonna go ahead and just let these girls, nothing to do with it know how pissed off he was- and I just thought this- the most amazing thing not for am. They were ok, it all ended up working out, but I was like I I am so grateful that the universe just showed me the worst of the should that I just committed to getting rid of the work debit it, and I want you to understand. I'm not trying to say that I'm gonna go through the rest, my not life and not have moments. It are angry. Of course I will What I am talking about is the ghost of emotion right. The anger that I feel inside of me has nothing to do with what's happening in my present moment. Be angry. But I feel inside of me is about things that happen in the past, so things happened in the past, that I keep bringing up over and over and over again
moment, I walk into the Russia and I get to see this guy freakin, Being the worst of war and I was just like oh yeah. This is what it looks like and I don't I would never take my anger out on other people, but looking at this time, I get This is what it is. This is this gross thing he's hurt the people around him- he's embers forcing his wife, because I saw her at the table like oh, my gosh he's embarrassing itself, because, as we were standing there, I will some, like you know, people who have. It's like a teapot once the water sort of boils and steams over Dave, calm down, and Watch em, calm down Asia like I'm sorry like I shouldn't this out on you? This has nothing to do with you guys. I'm just really frustrated and I thought That great quote by Wayne Dire where he says you never. Squeeze an orange and have lemon juice come out whatever is inside of you will come out when you are under pressure when you are squeeze
so this man had anger inside of him and he's just looking for an opportunity users looking for something like traffic or food being late too? find a way to express that bitterness that inside of him so day, I thought that was good and those so grateful for the whole experience and I was like I have to tell the listeners about this maybe your thing is an anger, maybe something else if you have an motion inside of you, that puts you into a suffering state its not gonna, go away. doesn't matter how good your life is. How bless you are how much gratitude you practice if those things are still clinging, the inside of you they're gonna, stay there and you're gonna have to do the work to get them out. Rachel, Hollis Podcast, is produced by me. Rachel Hollis, its editor
by Andrew Weller and Jack noble.
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