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285: #RachTalk EP 14: My Interaction with Hot Firefighters, Surprise Spirit Animal Visit, Private Concert with My New Guitar Skills


Hi y'all! Welcome to my weekly show where I chill, usually drink some caffeine and talk about anything and everything! This week I'm talking about meeting some hot firefighters - seriously y'all my goodness - a suprise visit with my spirit animal and a private concert from yours truly!


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Hey, guys welcome to reach top. My weekly show where I sit here, sit wherever drink caffeine and talk about random things. Today, I'm telling you about the interaction I had last night with hot firefighters, the fact that a spirit animal flew into my house today and I'm giving you a private concert with my new guitar horoscope, the jack, I'm just putting chemical oil on because you know get my I dont get like now, partially more, which means that might now actual nails, have got to look so so that means a lot of cuba coil. Also, you pull the sun on the plane, the slightest china has a panic attacks. You can't put now about yeah, always like it's oil
but I dont like getting in trouble. Sunlight in I'm gonna believe what happens last night, I have to go, pick up my child, my thirteen year old from baseball and dark and its I care how would rather be in bed so I'm wearing pajamas and slides and no bra cause. I am just driving to pick up this child and driving back. I pull out of my driveway drive. two seconds down the road I live in the country and I live on like a country, road and there's not a lot of activity around these parts and and as I'm driving to my right, I see a car like on the side of the road, a michael weird spot for a car, my brains kind, not processing, what's happening and then I get a little bit closer and I realise that cars in the road it's an act. Today, cart the the
the hood is smoking. There's gas running into the street. I am like on what appears to be an abandoned country. Road with us, the car that is clearly just happened. I slow down A man wanders out of the bushes the and I'm like are you hey. Do you need help and key He can only speak spanish and he's obviously disoriented, because you just been in a car accident. So I'm trying to speak spanish to him he's trying to respond. speak english to me got blood everywhere, unlike I, he had had his pony was like was like and I was like I don't know, what's happening then so I said just a moment Woman, like let me I'm gonna call, namely one cause like these clearly hurt. Nobody else is around us
call nine one one and I'm like I want to make sure this guy is okay, but I'm also a woman by myself. This is a man alone. I don't know what's happening so I called them and one I'm like talking to them like I we need. You know fire department a blog, and I see him start to sort of like wander I'm talking T okay, I m, like you, definitely boy he's, definitely disoriented. I look up again and he's like. Miles down the road in the dark. Unlike on the phone number one. I'm like he's he's gone, he's gone they're like is he under the impulse? I might know, I genuinely think he's in shock and he's like. So now, I'm a Why do I this man into the countryside in the north of man just stay? Where you are stay stay there were the fire trucks, We are on the way I'll, tell you what, if you have an issue in a small town in texas. Ever
Every neighbour I have never met was like in Are you Are you? Okay? Do you need I'm like this? Is not my accident and new car would come by every er? Hey? Are you ok, we're just we live up the street. We heard a commotion, I'm like I. I am not involved in this. I am just now the only one around with this car accident happening. Fire trucks come sheriff, department comes they're like where is the pr? Unlike I do not know they had black. He like had gotten disoriented like wandered off. They did eventually find him. Everything was ok, it was the weirdest experience. and I'm like on a country road alone. All this is happening. The man is ok, the cars. Ok, my neighbors tense, not ok! Here's what you need to know if you are single. If you are single woman in this area, you need to find a real.
reason to call the fire department for you. I am happily above happily. but when I tell you that. And wearing firemen on some men, samples rolled out of this fire truck all How can we be helpful? How can we be strong? How can we wear suspenders? what I did not hear my boy from that when I this morning, cadiz gone for work and call them animals like Tom. In this. So I did not tell him the fire department park those one project
is a one fire truck. There was a second fire truck that came a minute later. Another whole crew. Do you need? Do you need help? Do you need medical assistance? I was like do I I don't know. What is it about firemen. I mean, I'm not gonna, if your firewall may probably hot to what is it about the uniforms about the uniforms. Why is it different than the police department or the military like if you are? If I was telling my kids, my my two oldest were like what's going on, I was like telling them the story and I told them. I was like I'm going to be honest. Lifeless and you don't know, but you will know if you are You are a fire person, you're hot we're uniform. I dont know, but in your unit in your uniform. You know how, like they load up in the fire charcoal and we all go to the grocery store by like ingredients for chile or whatever you guys do. Why are you so high and then I was?
pushing I'm like trying to be a superhero dynamic, shared ones. Ok, and then I realized this- and then I realized this whole time. Your girl has. t sure like I'm wearing, like I'm wearing a nirvana t shirt. I never get hit on more in life ever when I'm wearing that nirvana shirt It was all a clever ruse Clever ruse, apparently wow man. the car is not ok, This is not ok, I don't mean to make light of a car accident, but I do want you to. Or single, put your cat up a tree, the you are single. That's, not a euphemism. Maybe it is okay. That was one thing. That was one thing that was last night. This morning, you guys I'm doing my meditation, and I
visual. You know we visualize our future. If you're not familiar with this you're episode, seventy go. Listen the episode! Seventy two of the we're. It's like you gotta, where you're like you gotta, know Be like very specific, with the universe with yourself with your goals like this is where I'm headed. So I'm doing my man so I'm doing my man, my meditation this morning manifesting the future that I want, and I just got back from nashville, where I did another round of song writing which, like we're, going to show you the coolest stuff and about what had been working on Many people late. We asked me like: why are you writing socks? What but like what's the goal, I runs like. What's so what are we working towards western project? What's the goal and for a minute I got thrown out, I got thrown off because, like asking me what the goal was that I felt like I should have one, and then I remain. and then I remembered that that I am a mother for that at this point in life. Most of us don't try and it don't try and sort of try
who hobbes or learn new skills- and I am- and so the goal with song well with song. Writing is just I'm challenging myself in a new way. I'm writing in a new medium. I am having so much fun. I am meeting the coolest people and I, Let's do it if I'm learning a new, a new way to story tell and it's rad and it's really rad, and so I was meditating cause I was like. Well all these people are ask you what the goal is and like. Maybe I should have won like something besides joy, I was like feeling really one with the universe jack. I was like really connected, really aligned the eye. You know open my meditation. I'm ready- and I was sunday here like a flower- Sunday here like a flutter of wings and I'm like, oh god,. Bird, don't let why khazars soul!
cause, there's so much glass and the birds get confused. The birds are already slamming into these windows without the door open. So if one gets in I'm here by myself, it's like no hope used and we have a problem. That's what do you think's, however, is that it turned out. Ok,. It turned out. Ok, though, I think up all thirteen, so I'm a Tom hanks and they like figure out a way to survive, is a part of its tommy and they live, I think that's not the point, the point, as am I please The point is, I'm like: please don't let bird fly and I look over bird bird, sitting on a chair on medina table, and am I so I'm? Ok, all gonna do all I gotta do is angle myself, m m jack, maybe your job is like a football play like I'm here,
birds there. If I could just get myself over here than the verbal fly back up the door, I get myself over here. The bird panics slants hinted that window slams into that or slams into that window ends up in the dead. The den as in the back of the house, the in the back of a house. The din is where my office is. I don't have a way to open doors and windows to get that bird out of the den that poor precious. into the window in the den right and I'm like. So what do I do? I call the bird whisper. I call the person whose girl The person who's got all these birds. Coming into my house. I interrupt him in a very important meeting in new york, poland, whenever I said this is an emergency. I don't know how to fix this myself. We've got an issue he's like okay, okay, calm down, show me what kind of burgers and I'm like all right. I facetime show boo here's the bird. What he's like? Alright, here's, what you're going to do close all the other doors in the house, your gut,
was I to follow his instructions. I'm gagging the whole time because every time that bird sends into the window get, I think this birds death is about to be on my shoulders. About to be on my shoulders and you'll recall. I've already had the traumatic have experienced this month with the bird dying in the window. You can cut to that jack. It was like the First, through a series of hand, gestures, leading doors, clothes all the doors to outside. I finally get this bird to go outside. Here's was crazy. kind of her to this cause. I love this bird one of my favorite bertz. It's a wren there really cute. I love that bird because my initials growing up or are even when I sometimes I have like a cool alter ego should be like I don't know a hippie in red and whatever in her name would be rent. That's not the point, the point as it was such a weird experience, and it happened right at the tail end of this manifestation moment that I was like
I was like I'm. What the look up, what the spiritual onto your hat hold onto your hat jack, hold onto it, get ready like animal interactions and you dont look up at the spiritual significance is of the animal. You are missing out the spiritual significance of wherein the rent is a small bird, widely can Small bird, widely considered and harbinger of spring and rebirth the arts, because of its association with poets, songwriters musician. songwriters musicians, ass written work, they universe, I just said: unit. I just said the universe. I got so excited the universe is freaking wild, wild,
vibrations was putting off such high energy about the writing that I'm doing that this red with sucked into my orbit, into my orbit and I had to get it back out. That's what was happening. Speaking of my fifteen year old and I had a conversation and I had a conversation about music last night and it was wild number one jackson I grew up. I said jackson or unusual understand that when I was little, the internet didn't exist and his brain like couldn't process that.
I said when you got a computer cause, I also didn't grow up in a world where everybody had computers. I said when your family saved up for three years and got a commodore. Sixty four, the what you put on the dining room table and then everybody got to try out that computer do what was inside of that. Inside of that box there was no to connect to something else explained this to I need to explain to him that once upon a time, if you wanted to listen to music, wanted to listen to music you went to, sold cds. Yes sold cds, yes, but I'm like jackson there's you know: you're you're gonna run down the sam goody. You're in a run down the sam goody, brazen, Werner, blame slick, sample, okay and your gun,
that just has c d s. It has cds and he was like what think about this, that that that thing, a cd player or a cd to a fifteen year old boy or girl, Next came into being an already leg was wiped out before they ever and unlike you, wear and a city, and it was You went and bought a cd and it was twenty dollars, maybe One song tat: occasionally there would be a single that you can, but you wit for one song and then you were you. You are listening to the whole avenant shrine. Explain all this into to the whole album? I was trying to explain all this to him, because I was trying to explain to him what napster was sounds access everything joyous cause, I'm like always the first time, that somebody basically put all the songs- and
but all the songs and they were like crappy quality whatever, but you could go in and like burn a cd off napster and, like the whole thing insert taping myself, because I was like this is the wildest explanation and also like for sure embellishing and fisher telling lies, because I told them that there was a lies because I told them that there was a little girl who got prosecuted for them using knapsacks you're, trying to unblock prove a point and that I said that she got like a hundred years to life in prison and he was like. You are absolutely lying in a google there and she had a two thousand dollar fine, which is very different than a hunter. So napster put all the music arm website and then you could go if he knew how to use it. Go if knew how to use the internet which, like three people dead,
one kid in my grade named nathaniel victor who knew how to use a computer and the internet, and he would charge you twenty bucks for twenty songs. It was genius and became really popular kids all over the country getting on after making cds and it was such a crazy. Like pirating thing for years, the music industry was like kids, we will destroy you if you keep using napster and then eventually enough
went away. Oh, would you like a little update on my guitar playing skills, so the guitar that I played for you last time. Somebody gave me as a gift. They had it and they have a lot of guitar. So they gave me that guitar, but I felt like it was important to buy my own guitar. So I went shopping and I am obsessed with this. It's a taylor guitar and it's called the something many, so you can tell it's like a little bit smaller and I love it so they're all different, but I love it cause. It's got this like the wood. Has that cool and look at I mean? Isn't this gorge? Okay, oh she's! Shader! Sorry something. Ok, let's do I want to play I'm in a play, a song using map, but it's not like it's not like you you'll hear it's not like us. It's not like playing a real song, but it is an improvement over the equal jack. Song, but it is an improvement over the equal jack.
finer. This is cheesy, but I don't care cause. I couldn't do this when I first tried to show you guys What. why. Why can I be graceful, so gabby jerk restarting again we're starting again
we got it. I beg you.
you get the point. I can play tab and that's interesting and that's better than it was guys we're moments away from something really magical happening, but maybe nothing. I'm real bad at the court's guitar players fell. The tar players number one I'm getting houses on my fingers, so that's fine, but courts are so breeding are still stuck in a lot of I still suck in a lot of ways, but I think that one of the things I'm best at is being willing to suck for as long as it takes me to become better and, like I said, I'm really just enjoying the process of getting to learn about how music is made. Along that journey. I had the most incredible opportunity to interview
one of the most well known, songwriters in nashville, so his name's tom douglas- and he is amazing- amazing amazing- he's written a million songs that I love. He wrote a song called the house that built me by miranda, lambert, which is was considered song of the decade by the sea, amaze and like just all sorts of stuff. It's he's awesome and jack, and I went out to his place and got to sit with him and just hear about the creative process. How do you write songs? How do you you know do this and he has an incredible story and that he didn't actually become successful as a songwriter until he was like forty or something just a really cool story of someone who chased a dream later in life and made it in the highest possible echelon
I would love if you haven't checked it out already the interviews her on you too, but you can find it on the podcast as well, but I want to share just a few minutes of that conversation cause. I know you guys you're gonna dig as much as I dead. So here is a little bit of my interview with Tom Douglas. I love your store, or he so much and from the outset, looking ass, I never would have understood. Maybe I never would have understood the journey arched you took to get here, had the story movie. So could you tell the story of how Well, it's a circuitous route, as you. Well it's a circuitous route, as you can imagine up, I. Asshole. That was very creative in a wave, and my father was with
I my father was with a steel salesman. He was a brilliant artist at heart. My mother was an interior decorators had an amazing eye for design, so we grew up. With you know, artistic things and love of beauty in the household and, of course, the way you grow up. You assume that that's the way everybody else grew up, but it didn't. It was a very artistic household. Looking back and but My father was born and nineteen eleven, my mother was born in nineteen. Seventeen so they were formed by. so they were formed job security and education was really the pre eminent pillars upon which my family was built, you you you go to school and you go go as far as you can go and then you get a job and you do a forty five yourself. I'm apparent sacrificed for me to go up
a private high school and I go to college graduate school. Then I got a job and real estate Then I got a job in real estate and I really tried to do that because I, even though I mean I just felt deeply in love with songs really cause my father, love, songs and music, but there was no possible way that I was going to pursue it as a there was no possible way that I was going to pursue it as a vocation. Parents couldn't do that to my parents but you know the the soundtrack followed me everywhere. I went and I really tried to focus on real estate and fitting in with a blue suit and red tie and a black suburban on a cell phone. I really tried to do that, but I just finally couldn't do it The songs finally chase me down seven, I twenty seven. I
in away from home for the first time and I moved to nashville when I was here four years on the outside looking in got nothing going my father got ill and I had to care for him at the same time. So I reinvented myself as a real estate broker and move west Dallas met my wife here nashville and we got married. They just try to start over again back and real estate with the blue Try to start over again back suit real estate with the blue suit, the red. Now I just. You know I just I did have a spiritual eight about, I guess, eight or nine years into disappointed life at the aged thirty nine, even though, with my life at the aged. Thirty, nine, even though He's gotta know: yeah yeah he's. You really killing me that thirty Braided, do you really killing me and so I was created? I just said. And so at thirty nine, I just
gonna, go on this point in my life and god, sir, you been worshipping the creation, not me the creator has at workin out, and it was just there was a moment right And it was just it was a moment where that this is. This is what it's like to work. but which is music and songs and too and turned it into an idle and it turned it into an destroying and as it ultimately was you ve. Never. As a great speech is giving seen, at a Jim carrey, is giving a commencement address. Have you seen this where he talks about his dad, say it again? he's Jim carrots ahead of his career and each time the story about his father, who, I think was a saxophone player took my dad is one of the most talented musicians got so much of my talent beyond my dad, but he was terrified much of my talent from my dad, but he was terrified. He was terrified as an accountant or something along those lines and when he was in his mid or something along those lines, and when he was
division get laid off. He never really gets a job again and he laid off. He never really gets a job again and he says so you can fail doing something. You hate and you love what yeah the really great says you can find it on you too. I have seen it off forgot there, that that is that's really powerful here. So you you, are you crying? should have have this moment. What do you decide to do with that information well, and there are that information well and then I. I wanted to find me. You know, reclaim the gift of of music. You know reclaim the gift of music, just the creative gift. I just want to find that again, and I think once I kind of realized that you know my eyes were down here. Instead of up there,
Like a weight fell off me as like: ok, god is in control. This is not random and I just want to regain the you know the gift of creativity. Again so that's what a joy it I care about nashville. I don't care about any of the. I just want to find that love again, and it was like that. Don't really last you know, then I went quickly moments like that? Don't really! Last you know, then I went quickly back to the eyes for success and validation. Everything else of the culture throws at you. I did reclaim it and slowly started just kind of on and writing songs yeah, and when did you guys get back out here to nashville. My my sat down early one saturday morning and- I sat down early the song I just sat down, and I wrote us
I wrote a song. I just sat down and wrote a song by myself that I loved and it was called little rock and is honesty, Well, I could cry- and I did when I watched the movie for the first time. Understanding the then getting to that hearing the hearing, the details at your dad and then getting to that. I honestly nineteen days. I could. I remember that I remember a drink, and nineteen days like I remember that I remember call on our member being a little girl now on the radio among grandpas track like at. I think that's what as who grew up and are of a certain age and listened. Who grew up and are of a certain age and listen a country music. It's the soundtrack or alive you and it's the sound, back of your ally. Well, it's yeah! I mean I didn't realize until probably two years ago that little rock was about my father, oh wow,
Is pretty crazy la how beautiful yeah it's it is, as you know, barred before The strange after all, tat yeah, but you know those were pure moments that you wish you good. We wish you could have more of them, and I were you really. You gonna break through the scar tissue and somehow you get down to the purity of in a love and lawson in pain and beauty, Do you buy yourself right this song and you haven't had any you haven't, had success as a song haven't had any you hadn't had success as a song right. No, no I mean I had forsaken, aided and ass for the loves, never coming back. Master was mistress, she's gonna else yeah, and what did you do? Did you know you had a head? No, no! No gosh! I didn't
you do. Did you know you had to hit? No, no, no gosh! I didn't, but at that moment I Something occurred to me and again I I don't think you just wake up one day and think, as I think god just gives you occasional pearls pearls. wisdom. I decided you know in stuff and I'm just true that since that moment, so I have been true to that since that moment so and of little rock and I made a demo of it and it was a piano vocal. It was like literally five minutes long, and I just started sending it and giving it to any body in every. Tax, national, our send the song. There was a look I'll, give you the publishing send the song to them as look I'll. Give you the publishing on this. You can have the song if you'll just pitch it. If you'll just give me some encouragement and everybody. nobody responded, but our rican
with Paul worley is like my guardian angel. And I had known him ten years before as a guitar player nashville, and by this time he was an executive at sony publishing. I gave Paul all a cassette of little rock after four glasses of red wine at a cocktail party at a song, writing seminar in austin nice? then he said I think I can get one of these arms cut He ran with it another way, Sammy disowning, publishing and ninety. Ninety three and and he got little rock recorded and I've been with sony since nineteen ninety three. And how would we at that point at that point us for teen, ninety three and how old? At that point that point, forty one I love as a deadline. You use it to you, don't hear a lot of stories of someone in their forties. Getting the Don't hear a lot of stories of someone in their forties. Getting the first big break right
guys thanks so much for hanging out with me and listening to the random stories. If you are still here, if you are still paying attention, I feel like you gotta, like it a little bit. Will you give this video? his up and make sure you subscribe to the channel, so you never miss out on an episode for your listening on. Podcast same requests subscribe, so you get a notification whenever we post something new. I will be back next week and until then remember I love you guys and the. This is rachel Hollis and a quick word on doing some is rachel Hollis and a quick word on all right. I have started a new hobby if you have have started a new hobby rates. Talk then you have passed, asked or watched on rates talk. Then you have But it's on writing. About songwriting. So
last year. I wanted to challenge myself one of the things I want. The I wanted to challenge myself. One of the things I want to do as a writer is every single time you right in a new category, you really have to challenge your brain to the work in a different way books. Nonfiction self help I have written. You know, you know adjourn all I have done. Written. You know died. A scream done screenplay now, moron they now more on that later and either oki. What's my next iteration of writing? I've learned is that every single time you right in a new category because what have to learned is that every single time you a in a new category, you really have to challenge your brain to to work in a different way. I'm writing. A screenplay was incredibly difficult for me because you get so described the characters is the lock ice, but it was such a challenge and I was so proud of myself when I did it. So
but it was such a challenge and I was so proud of myself when I did it so, forget. You know a scream play that gives you a hundred pages. Now you ve only got a scream play that gives you a hundred pages. Now you ve only got to and as a huge me huge music nerd get the story across and as a huge music nerd. I just thought it would be fun and I would like geek out over it, and I is started writing and country music because tell music really allows you to story. Tell I hope in my life I get to experience in other categories, cause they're all going be their own challenge, but I started country music cause. I love, that tells stories as well as country music does so. This is where I start. I figure out how I so this is where I start. who can explain this to me? I saw going to conferences. I start reading people my who can explain this to me as are going to conferences. I started
upon it and I'm documentaries and that's absolutely loving and the first this time I out with another, absolutely loving, essentially and the first time I write lyrics and someone else writes a music and then we work together and we make a song in the very first time apartment up with someone to do this. I was was telling her the idea and then ok, no, of course, in our this thing. was telling her the idea and then ok. Now we have a chorus and oh this thing and she starts playing and singing, and I start bawling because just never seen this before I've, never seen my words like just put to me, thing and we had such a blast. You gonna work together couple times now she's amazing, and we had such a blast. I was work together couple times now, but Taking trips to nashville, I am a big fan and asheville always have fun there, but that is the part of countries Nashville always have fun there, but that is the part of country music. Frankly go in, heading sessions as other writers, and
and I can go in and sit down in writing sessions as other writers and clad in its fun and the whole thing. I living my best life, I'm literally setting in rooms am just living my How is this my life right now? How do I get to do this? This is crazy and all of this morning on loving it living at learning, every and every person I work with I'm like my mind, exploding, I'm learning a ton and at first we like that's cool a because I was learning to do the same, and I was also I am also learning guitar because I was learning to do the same, and I was also I am also learning guitar and all of it and at first you like that, do the thing we know you to do, but most people but like good, you know do the thing. We know you to do, but most now. I will of officially at a point where have had
And now I've of officially at a point where have have like six or seven people lately people I work with people. I know friends, family. Whatever ask me: what are you doing but what people keep asking is back in the day when I hadn't had a lot of what people keep asking cause people ask you: what are you doing in a very different way back in the day, people would be like will ask you. What are you doing in a very different way back in the day, Why, what's it was that I think you are what are you why? What it was that have launched products books success right now, people don't ask in that way. Now people go. What's the point like what theme like what the endgame? What's the goal? What's the project, what are you doing? What you building when he working on and What are you doing, what you building what are working on and you know, probably some old and securities in the past, I hear people say
What's your point and all of a sudden I'm like? Oh my gosh, I have a point. I have to have a goal. all of a sudden, I'm like oh my gosh. I have to have a point. I have to have a goal I need Yes- and it took me a few days to process this and the resolution that I got two I really want to show. Few days to process this and the resolution that I got to. I really wanted to share with you guys in case you find Itself in a similar place, be it's making my heart happy. It's a hobby, it's making. every single time I go into I go into a room in a songwriting session. I always say like had loved, well time. I go into a room in a song writing session. I always say, like hey, I'd, love, to tell you my intention for this time and I'd love to hear yours. I want to listen to music and I want to get some really good lines in here that you know when you long and there's a line you're like, for example, nobody asked, but I'm gonna tell you. For example, one of my favorite line ever is war. Spanish gonna tell you,
sample. One of my favorite songs ever is walking in memphis by MARC Cohn, it's pretty old. So if you haven't heard it before, don't worry and songwriting where he says he he ends up in a church service. A mark on is a jewish man from, I think brooklyn. and the ends up in a church service and men best and he's like singing with this woman on piano and she said, church service in Memphis and he's like singing with this woman on the piano and she says, tell me: are you a christian child and he says ma'am? I am tonight so that's it I'm living for that time sitting in these rooms, but I'm here I'm here for the the joy of it, the absolute joy. Here for the the joy of it. With no goal with no monetary thing with no goal. red big magic by attached gilbert. I love that she says like if you can keep your creative she says like if you can keep you can just have something in your life
something in your life- that's just for you, but you don't try and sell, sell that you don't try and make a job or a success. What a gift and like we don't get to do that. There is a point in all of our lives of children get to do that. There is the point in all of our lives as children, while not olive are some like olympians are like prodigy Bandit don't have this, but most the goal what're you gonna do with that and if you're, not going I think band and middle sc, okay, what's the goal? What it'd do with that, and if you're not going to do anything with your drums, your clarinet, your art, your photography your day attached to something. Then I guess it has no value so If we can't have money attached to something, then I guess it has no value so taking on a new creative project and process for that and I just wanting Don t give you that in case, someone in your life is asking you.
and I just want to give you that in case someone in your life is asking you why you have that hobby whatever it is. You have that hobby because you're human being and it feels good to do something that you enjoy. It feels good, You know, I love what I do, but I have done this for so long I love what I do, but I have done this for so long. I've had this podcast is twenty. Seventeen I've have my first book and twenty fourteen in speaking on stages for fifteen years, I know how to do those things this new project, this new programme I know how to do those things this new project, this new process, all of it, no idea what I'm doing and Fear of that is excitement in my belly. That makes me pause to get in another room and try new thing so yeah do something because you love it not be
has your time to turn it into something that feeds ego. The rachel Hollis podcast is produced by me. Rachel Hollis, it's edited by andrew weller and jack noble.
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