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292: How To Get Promoted


Hey guys! You know when it's time for you to level up at work, but what if that's been your goal or your intention for a while and you feel like you aren't getting any closer? As a long-time business owner and as someone who has had a job since they were 11 years old, I want to share with you my thoughts and some tangible advice to help you get there!


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I want to pay you at the top of what you can make, but I also want to reward you for a job well done, and I the queen of like oh you want to know what you can. I will tell you what you can do. I will oh you exactly what you can do if I was able to see this result, that would be worth a six figure salary to me all day long before as a business owner, and I want you guys to get this as a. Business owner. I know that that person producing that result rays. the revenue of my business. So if I can see the revenue of my business raise by three point, five percent, that will mean They cover the rays her salary hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast, spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos.
trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened to dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting, going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, However it is my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand. These are conversations. This is information for the curious this is the rachel Hollis podcast the we're going to try this again and also. I just learned a very important lesson, which is- and I feel like every time I do a podcast and you guys have probably seen it if you watch
podcast on youtube or if we listen to the beginning of some of these episodes, I feel like I'm always hugging about how hard it is to set everything up, and I just realized like. Oh, I am creating this reality that its super hard to set up on my podcast equipment and forgot. The lighting for the video and so I just create more of it. I realize I was literally starting the podcast and feeling
frustrated about how long it took me to set everything up, and then I realized that it can always be harder. You can always fill an entire bottle of water everywhere, and there is that, so I'm just going to be grateful. I I take the equipment down because it is in if you're watching this on youtube, you can see behind me is my den. This is where my kids hang out. We watch movies in here and because I have a five year old and a nine year old, they're really good, but they do sometimes like to explore and play with things, and so I put away the equipment, so they don't mess it up, which is why I gotta set it up every time, which is why it's always frustrating but we're. MR saying that we are so grateful which I am to be able to work from home, and this is just one of the joys of working from home does is nowadays, episode is the bad news I gotta ree adjust things cause. I spilled water today we're talking about how to get promoted, how to get promoted.
Well, I stick that in here right away, so that you know where we're headed, even though we ve got enough to a bit of a fumbling starts, I notice I was. I was sort of coming through back catalogue and looking at the episodes that have done over the last six months. I try really hard to pay attention to what you guys respond to and create more the stuff it your loving and something I notice was that any episode that was about the workplace has done really well so taken a stab in the back in assuming that lots view are having careers, creating crew not not everybody, I understand, but there are a big part of our share who are maybe just starting out in their first job at a college, or
Maybe during that first job in high school. Maybe you have been in your field for a long time. You're transitioning to a new industry- or maybe you just am- are- are trying to work and be the very best version of you, and you want to do that in the career as well, and so I'm taking a cue from what y'all have responded to and I'm going to try this episode and see if you like it how can we just manifestly? I just want you to hear me manifesting. Then I'm gonna build a fabulous studio. Have this, like it's, not a barn on my property, I call it cause. I don't know what else to call it, but here in Texas people like to build these structures where they like put their boats and tractors in such an. I don't have boats and tractors and such I just have this structure on my property that doesn't have anything in it, and
I have this like dream that I'm gonna build out the interior and that's going to be where I do all the podcasts and like I'm gonna have guests over into me. So beautiful and cool and it'll be like out in the barn and but we're not there yet so just why hear me say that we're going to do that, it's going to be amazing, a manifesting it and yeah that's common some day, we'll we'll have shoots again where someone actually sets up the lighting for me. So it's consistent, but in the meantime I do my best.
Let's talk about how to get promoted, and this information is coming out you from two perspectives. One is from the perspective of an entrepreneur. I've owned a company for twenty years and have had employees for eighteen of those twenty years, and so I have a lot of thoughts and feelings as the person who is promoting employees who has given raises have given bonuses has done sort of all of those things I am coming at you with the perspective of that person, has a manager or a leader in an organization who has made decisions about who gets promoted. So this is just like I'm giving it to you,
Elderly real authentic truth telling about how I have decided to do that with people who are on my team. This is also coming at you from someone who was an employee for a very long time. So I got my first job when I was fifteen years old. Like most people, I mean honestly, I got my first job when I was eleven. I baby sat every summer all summer long when out starting at the age of eleven, because my family and have a lot of money and if you wanted, sort of anything you want to go to the movies with your friends. Are you wanted to like? Buy you? No clothes that weren't hand me downs or didn't come from goodwill or costco. Then he had to make money. So I really started working when I was eleven. I got my first like real job. When I was fifteen, I worked at a sandwich. Shop called the sub,
station downtown. I think it's still there in my hometown and bickers filled, we made the best sandwiches ever so crave them sometimes, but that was my first job and I have just worked for ever since the only time I have not worked in the last. thirty nine august twenty eight years is one I was on maternity leave, gyllenhammar have had but haven't been working anymore and I was like taking care of baby. That's definitely work, so that's it perspective, I'm bringing I feel like. I was always a really great. Boy, I always kind of got jobs, that we're their over my skis, meaning like I would go for stuff that I had no right to go for and I would get hired cause. I was while tat some of the things that I did that I hope are gonna help you get higher, get promoted, get that great bonus at the end of the year, but just to evolve, I'm going to keep using this quote that I love theirs.
And often in Ben hardy em an interview him soon on the podcast, and I got the chance to read one of his new books that comes out. I think, next month and This quote that I loved, and I just keep saying, which is it's better, to fail at being the future version of yourself than to succeed being one meaning if you have a vision of where you want to go. If there are things that you want to do in your life, your career, your business and you sort of fuel scared, you fill unsure, you may feel stuck stock. Its this pitiful reminder that it's better to fail in pursuit of becoming a better version of yourself than to just stay as who you are set. Godin has a book called the dip and in the dip he a it lots of great advice. It's a really short you, you can grab it and read it have a kind of what to do when you feel stock, if you're unsure. If you want to quit something or should you keep goin, should you keep trying
and in the whole book the one thing that I really like glass, on two was: line where he says you know people think that quitting something quitting the pursuit of something great, that there are like sort of only two options you either quit or you stay where you're at he's, like the opposite of quitting, is not staying stuck the opposite. of quitting, is re, committing to wear is you wanna go some of you fill stock, now, but you know you're not supposed to quit. You know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you're supposed to be pursuing this thing and what you need is not just to stay here? What you need is to reconnect with passion to wear. if you want to go so, let's talk about how to get promoted Let's start with like why? Why should you get promoted? Why is that something that you should pursue, and also
when why and when, I think are really are two really important places to start. So first, I was a why why get promoted, because in anything you're doing, and I mean anything and everything you should aim for evolution if you don't agree with that, I'm not sure how you're hanging out with me he I don't mean that in a bad way I just mean cause. I talk about it. So often I feel like, even if you don't want to think the same way and you're hanging out with me enough you're going to absorb that through osmosis moses. I think that we are as human beings here to consistently and constantly be reaching for a better version of ourselves. so that means how do I be a better mama? How do I be a better friend? How do I be a better us son brother daughter has?
and whatever it is that you are pursuing whatever matters to you and honestly, you could be aiming to. You know, be a great horseback rider agree. Tap dancer a great sumo, sailor. A great teacher preacher, butcher baker candlestick maker does not matter what it is. It's what matters to you and anything that you're doing, I believe we should bring our best and our best. Isn't always the same: some where we are in life. There are seasons of life where me be mental health as something that you're working on for yourself or maybe you have a new baby, or maybe you just mary. Maybe you have something going on in your personal life, where the best you're bringing isn't necessarily in the workplace there's nothing wrong with that, but the times and life that I think that we aim for promotion in our career is
when were wanting to level up. We're wanting to level up because we want more responsibility, maybe we're feeling a little bored with the work that we're doing and we we should want to take on more, maybe there are different things that can happen within our industry or company that would of bring a heart more alive and make us feel more whole. Also we wanted promoting, because we want to make more money, we want. Have better perks. We want to take better care of ourselves, our family, our community, and you have to, remember I know money can he sort of a touchy subject for people and they feel like. Oh you know, but I'm so blast in You know, I don't know if I should want to pursue making more money, and I always just think of that old saying, like them She requires money. The mission requires money. What or were here to do the way that we want to impact people the way we wanna you know. In my case I support my
We probably you do too Maybe you give back to your church, maybe they're nonprofits that you donate to. Maybe you help take care other family members. However you of back. However, you contribute that requires money it doesn't mean that you can't contribute. If you don't have money, but it really does help. It helps and all lot of ways. It makes it easier for a lot of people to live like with the money that I've made in my career over the course of my life have been able to do amazing things bought my grandparents, a home paid off pot paid off their home and I've helped am siblings and I've helped parents and I've helped all sorts of people. I was able to step up and do that when they needed it, and that's because I have pursued making money as a part of my life. I think that for me, that comes from growing up without having it
and probably also from that mindset. I told you guys about at the beginning of our conversation. At eleven years old? I was like. I knew better or worse. I would raise my kid so differently. I do raise my kid so differently now, but for better or worse, I knew that I was different. I knew that I was getting teased or picked on at school because of how I dress, because of how I looked because there A sort of in my school, the haves and the have nots, and I was definitely a have not- and I didn't want that, and so I started working really young and I think that's why I still pursue it today. So I just encourage you that a lot of really great things can come from getting promoted and it's worth pursuing if this is a season in your life, for that makes sense there also seasons where I think it doesn't make sense to get promoted. If you, Who are? You know like I said, but let's say that you're
I'm a brand new mom and you're trying to figure out how to do that. Your brand new, dad or me, be you're in a year and a new relationship or may be. caring for an aging parent, maybe there's something going on in your personal life. That really is taking a lot of extra energy, an effort for you don't buy into the myth that we should always be pursuing the promotion, the money, the new title, the whatever this might not be a season where you can take on both, and it might just deplete your comp completely to pursue something like that. If it's not the right season, but if it is, if you say yes, sir,
stir rachel we are here for this. It is time for me. I would do want a promotion I do want fell in the blank then. The next thing I want to talk about is when, when is it appropriate? Not for you when? Is it appropriate for the company to consider a promotion? This fills really important to me because in the last probably five or six years, I've had a lot of team members at my company who were younger, so lots of people who have recently graduating college, we have an internship programmes. We ve had people who were in college. Younger in their career and maybe didn't have a lot of information, and I found that there was often frustration.
both in the employ and in their manager when there was a miscommunication about when a promotion happens, so I'll tell you from my perspective, when promotion happen, and what most important for you to understand is this will be different based on the company work for the industry that inside of an who your manager is. I tend to consider promotions and two situations, one every employee, that's been with me for, like basically, I look at a year at a time So if you have been with me for a year or if, let's say we're, passing your three year mark that sort of annual, like The year were looking at where you're out we're looking for twelve months cycle and just kind of asking questions how person doing where are they going? You know
have they elevated have they grown, so were considering promotion and raises. an annual basis. The second time that promotions have her. bend are in really unique circumstances where a huge opportunity has presented itself. Someone who maybe it's only been in their current role for seven months, jumps to something new. Someone was hired to do graphic design, and then all of a sudden we had a project where we were building a website and this person had you x, you, I you know, skill, sat and they raise their hands that hey guys, don't higher. This out out of house actually know how to do this. In that instance, there jumping allow of all, and even though it had been a year, it would be appropriate to consider a promotion for them, also it's worth saying that
least for me. It is not time to consider a promotion. if you haven't done, either one of those things, but maybe responsibilities have changed so it fills important now I want you heard me say this with love in my heart. Ya'll is, am I sort of think of it as a certain level of bandwidth that every team may is capable of taking on at my company? This definitely wasn't true. Pre covert proposed covered. We all kind of function with you, you know like a four hour week, mentality that is sort of my motto and the motto of of my team is you have an amount of work that you need to get done in a week.
is your manager, as the boss is the owner of the company. I could not care less when that happens as long as it's done when it's supposed to be done. If you want to do that from you know: five, a m to seven a m and have the rest of the day to like go lay by a pool, care as long as your mail, why you know for sure, if I can get a hold of you, if I need you, I I We don't care. I know I'm not like most men Yours maybe don't think that way, but I am really looking output, I'm not looking the amount of ours that you are working on something so the reason I mention this as we ve had situations in the past, where Let's say someone was doing their working on this project and then that colonel went away and they change gears and started working on this project over here there you're working on project a now they're working on page.
be they're, not doing project anymore and project. Be is the same kind of work. That's not in my case, just because you changed what you are focusing on. That's not a change and job, and this has happened a lot with younger employees people who are maybe just out of college will, though they'll go. Oh well, I'm working on different projects, so that mean them doing different work. So that means even though I've been here for three months, I needed title change and promotion and that's how it works and less the level of work that you're doing has changed. More working in completely different category or something along those lines to me, that's not the time for promotion. So yes, So it's gotta have been a year. It's gotta have been a change in what
we're working on and it's not something, I'm your would be shocked. I love love love. I've been so bless her work with most amazing people, but I think you'd be shocked. how often of very young teammates war literally be at a job for like formats and be like when I would like to be a manager. Now, like you, are innocent, sam for me- to be a manager mike. whoa gay with well- and I say this because there's always like disappointment like they ask and then we have to explain to them and then there's then they feel sort of one disappointed, and you, maybe a little embarrassed that they kind of got it wrong. Some hoping that this helps you and honestly Your manager may be very different to me. They may have and probably do have very different expectations
so one of the most important things you can do is understand what the expectation is which brings me to the first piece of advice I have in how to get promoted. Comes under the banner of contribution and probably the most important question that you can ask when you were, to get promoted is who can promote? You mean who are you reporting to? Is it the manager who decide your promotion? Is it the business owner that decides your promotion? Almost every company that you're gonna work inside of his gonna have some politics, meaning they're gonna kind of the rules and regulations about how you are allowed to do things. These are kind of unspoken rules and sometimes spoken rules, but pretty consistently. I would say that across the board
it would be appropriate for you to go around your manager and speak to their manager or speak to the business owner and in fact, you probably with india fresh trading, your manager, unless there's like an age, our issue in their crazy and you need to tell your boss- is boss, what's going on totally fair, but if that's not the case, you do, have to play a little bit of a politic game in terms of how to get promoted and again maybe it's different it your company, and maybe it's not the way it should be. But this is the way that I no business to be and mean always how my kid like
in school when they would complain about like, while the teacher has its rule, the will to do this thing and I don't like the rule on it doesn't make sense, and why do we have to do it this way? I always say that classroom. Is your teachers? Kingdom want you to imagine that your teacher is the queen of that kingdom and that queen requires you to write down your answers using a pencil and paper and then like in the next period that king in his kingdom, he wants you to do it only on a computer, I'm making this up and maybe you're frustrated, because they have different rules and you filling it should everybody should allow me to put it on a computer, and it should
but while you're in her kingdom, you have to play by her rules turkish kingdom, her rules, I think it's the same for businesses, their kingdom, their rules. So, instead of feeling frustrated by the rules, learn to work with them, learn to use them to your advantage, learn how you can sort of you know get through the system until you get into a place where you get to be the one who makes the rules. Maybe you make the rules because you become the manager? Maybe you make the rules because you start your own company? Maybe you think this is not why this should be done and I'm I'm gonna do great star accompany sartor nonprofit change there. But until then learn to play by them so that you can be taken care of So I know who your manager as no who can promote you, because I think people get this wrong
I know I know people get this wrong because it happens all the time at low. My gosh, especially when we had a bigger company we had sixty, employs pre covert. This would happen all the time you would have people who are doing in like their very best. They were putting so much insert into into and then they would of have presented in a meeting, and it would be so wrong because they were turning in work that they thought was the way it was supposed to go instead of asking, what does my manager need? What does my committee mean? What does my group? need, so they were doing what they wanted to do, instead of what other people needed, and that, I think, is the biggest key was talking to one of the gals on my team about this couple months ago,
she had. We were instead of working on booking guests and for the pod cason she was like, and this in this amazing going through things, and I said this is amazing- jean I worked here for several years, but never this closely said either. This is amazing, but here's the interesting thing. You're not trying to figure out how to produce a podcast or you're, not trying to figure out how to book gas on a podcast. You are figuring out how to book gas. On my ass, you are figuring out how to produce an episode of my power cast, and so what's more important here is that I understand what you're doing, not that you, have it done in a way that makes sense so, for instance, I am a visual learner. I need to see stuff if you oh gosh, just thinking about see, I just it
right away when someone like comes at me in there like hey. I need this and this and then this post it's coming over and its two o clock on wednesday and endangered, and they have the whole is energy verbally light were vomiting at me. I get so my brain melts. I need to see it. I need you to talk me through any need to see it. So what I was trying to explain to her was like you have to as the purse that you're trying to do this, for you need to do it in a way that makes sense to me not just to you, and I saw the light of charlotte. Ah, oh yeah, ok that makes it yeah. Obviously tat makes little sense, but you'd be surprised. So reason? I tell you that story is I'm wondering do You know why your manager needs. Do you know what your boss, one,
do you know what your leader would prefer and what they think is promotion worthy? I have had, I mean a hundred now, not them any less. Fifty fifty employees in my twenty years have asked for a promotion or a raise. Do you know how many of them before they asked for promotion. Arrays ever once said to me rage. I really want to level up. I really want more respect responsibility. I wanna be making six figures for months from now, Can you tell me what results you need to see from in order to make that happen, you all that has never happened in my entire careers. Entrepreneur. I have never had someone come to me and say: hey. I'm a year and a half in six months into this new role feel like I'm doing a great job
when we get to the annual review come december. I am hoping to be present I want to be promoted to vice president. I was hoping to be making this sound. We tell me what I need to do to get to that place, I would have a list I am the queen of like. If you are producing for me, I, if your working on my team and you're killing it. You should be rewarded for that. Absolutely a hundred percent like I want to pay you at the top of what you can make, but I also want to reward you for a job well done, and I am the queen of like oh you, I know what you can. I will tell you what you can do. I will tell you exam We what you can do if I was able to see this result that would be worth a six figure salary to me all day long because as a bit no sooner, I didn't want you ve got to get this as a business owner
I know that that person producing that result raises the revenue of my business. So if I can see the revenue of my business raise by three point, five percent that will more than cover the raise in her salary. I I think you have to think like a business owner its it's not just what's a good job to here's another one, and this is crazy. That did you study visual learner, but I'm visual with the tasks that you need me to do. One of two things: wings. Oh I'm going to sound like a jerk. I am in a sound like a jerk, I know it, but I'm just this again. If I was your manager, some one else would have a totally different thought process. I hated deck. She owned a deck is like a powerpoint presentation or slideshow. When someone's like I'm like hey, can you pull together some ideas for blah blah blah, and then they come back to me with a twenty two
page deck, beautiful gorgeous gorgeous deck as the business owner. All I can think, is how many hours did you work on putting together a deck that was a fifteen conversation we could add. You gotta show me four bullets honour just a word doc and we have talked about it, but you spent two weeks putting together a slide show which yes is beautiful, and I also understand if you have to present it makes you feel a bit more grounded in the presentation. Does your attached to unity of the sides you can go through but again, who are you talking to them definitely people are definite manage. That would love that I went for really impressive, your pitching to a client or something along those lines. If you need it, who creative like yes bring the deck energy, but for me, if I asked you to do so thing and you bust out a deck.
Not only do I feel like you're wasting your time, but I owe embryo As I told you, I'm just gonna be row with you guys I don't want to sit through a deck presentation. I don't have time guys and if I'm not working, I want to be hanging out with my kids seriously. I don't I am not trying to work all day. Seventy out, I'm not trying to do that, and I just I hate a meeting that about a meeting about the beating. You know I don't waste time so not only did you waste your time, but now I feel like everybody in this meeting is just like. Oh my god, please finish. Please finish just like get to the end of this and then I feel like I'm actively trying not to rush the person, because I just it does. What I want to say like I I get it I get. I get what you're trying to say. We don't need to go through ten, more sides. I know that sounds like a jerk and if you're like breaches, a jerk, okay,
but every single manager or leader that you work with is gonna have their version of that pepys and you have to what it is you're, not listening to the podcast. It's like how to start a business. If you want to hear that one happy to share it with you, you not listen to the podcast. It's like how to raise the revenue in your side, hustle you're, listening to how to get promoted getting promoted at your job doesn't happen in asylum. It happened connection with someone else and the connection to some? One else is whoever's giving you the promotion, so you have to know how to show up in a way that they, like bear team to work. Number one know who can promote you number to understand what I'm gonna call the poker chip principle general principle. Nobody calls at that years ago someone told me the story. She said you know when you start out and business and your new to a job or your new to a company
Imagine that on the first day, you're there someone hands you one poker chip, you just get one and the longer you're there, the more poker chips you get. When you go to a meeting or when you go to a sort of a group activity, not like a fun activity, but when you're doing a a group thing you're at the you know, the staff meeting or you're in a presentation and you're in the room with people who are higher levels than you are in the company Remember that you have one poker chip and that one poker chip represents your ability to say one small. Thing now remember you're a newbie. Let's say you just graduated college. You been here, you know too You got one poker chip, so If you're in a big meeting number one make sure that you only contribute. If you are adding value to the conversation that stuff
one because we have all been in those meetings where someone is only talking just so that you remember that their there, which is the worst or better. Yet when you just repeat what other people sad but you're, saying your way and sort of getting credit for the things that other people sad like you. well this sorry. This happens a lot with dudes in meeting where they'll be like you know, Sheila will say some and they'll be like oh and also man's plane, everything she legit and what typically happens is the people. The rumour, like David so amazing, good job. When really he didn't say that it was her words, so don't be that said remember that you want to add value and remember that you have one poem
I remember that it's ok to say nothing, but if you have valued at if you have an insight, if you ve got some wisdom that you can share that are really be additive. Just remember: that's your one poker chip that person who's been here for six years, she's establish herself she's, a vp, she's beloved. She can talk the whole meeting. she wants to because she's got all the poker chips, it's just a really smart way to remember to slow down and to make sure that you contribute and to make sure that if you're in a meeting with your boss, is bosses bosses boss? They? U dont, speak english, add value and that what you say will hopefully be. Memorable to all the higher up, they take notice of o who's. This check, I got
how about so that, and it doesn't mean they govern you like: hey, hi, hi, I'm sheila. I do the accounting right. You don't know, thought that it's. How can you consistently user poker trip to show up in a way adds value overall, just bear in mind that one of the ways that you are going to get noticed. One of the ways that you are going to have people associate you with adding value to the team. Adding value to the business overall is how you're contributing How are you showing up? How do you carry yourself? One of the notes that I wrote down is that old line that says: dress for the job. You want don't dress for the job. You have dress for the job. You want. If you want to be the creative director dress, like the creative director? Don't dress like an assistant in the creative
parliament if you want to be the manager of the bank carry self, like the manager of the bank, even when you're a teller because- amber wine, your keeping rise, focused on where you want to go and who you wanna be, but you're. Also, I promise you getting attention notice from the people around you and the leaders at your company. I care overstay how big a deal it is to me what people dress like at work. I know not. Every industry cares about this and not every leader cares about this, but I really do when we we're in an office when people work at home, I'm like whatever live your life, when we are in an office or when we come together for group meetings. We had was a catholic, a wardrobe s, a clothing policy, I care of whatever you call it. We had a policy about The way you dress when he came to work or now the way you dress when you come to a meeting and
My line has always been that you would dress like you care and you would dress as if you were going to brunch with your girlfriend's, like that, you would wear some thing. That makes you feel good. I don't care, if you, ring and indeed as track suit. I dont care, if you're wearing you know like ass we sure cute styled with a ball cap. I dont care for your wearing a leather jack. And motorcycle boots. I care that you put effort into what you wore to work today. I care about that because to me that is how human being show that day care about where they are now there are seasons. Yes, when your struggling with different things in your life, if you're going through something hard, if you're
struggling with depression or anxiety. The last thing that you give a crap about is what you're wearing you're like congratulations. I took a shower today I showed up I'm here. I saw what im talking about that's a a a situation that special when I'm talking about is just your average tuesday. Did you show up to this place of work like you cared to be here? I always I love this with people have to wear. Uniforms is like one of my favorite things when you go to a business where someone has to wear a uniform and you can tell that they put effort in like nurses. Do this really well? Nurses will they're wearing scrubs and they're, like all in the same scrubs, but they'll have light great nails, gorgeous makeup, cute hair but they'll be wearing like fun, earrings. There's this great place. I love in hawaii to go to brunch and they have to wear like they all wear the same,
shirts and it's so cute. Like all the servers there will do really cool things, even though they're all wearing the same shirt, they all have their own style and to me, it's like you care about yourself. You care about image and you showed up in that way so dress for the job. You want not the job you have to me. That is part of our overall contribution cause. It's like what is the energy that you're bringing to the space. To that end, I will also say there is nothing literally nothing. That I care more about, then be energy. Someone brings to the workplace the slack channel, the party, the I I just it is one of the gifts in my life of owning my own company is, I just won't work with people who are mean who have bad attitudes who
are just you know what I'm talking about like super low, vibration soup and I'm again, I'm not talking about certain seasons where we're going to write stuff. You know those people it just they're. Just now, nice and or maybe they're unhappy about semantic it on another people. I don't care how talent and you are. I don't care, how good I'm thinking of an employer right now that he was so real. His it and when and when he first started. We all were like. Oh my gosh. This is this best he's the best he so good at this use, killing it, and then one complaint happened and another complaint, and it was just about him being a jerk usage work and honestly, not my job to figure out why you're being a jerk, we talked We said: hey your attitude, you know its inner company policy. Gonna knew this was a big deal, We really care about our environment and we really want people who are you know being kind
he's a gay, I got it and then he kept doing it and He had to let him go. who is greatest job, I remember the first day when I was filming the show for quibi and of the chauffeur could be a no. No, if any of you saw it, but the very first day there was someone onset who was used to sort of a hollywood environment and it was his job to quiet down the and those people like quiet on the set and the very first day we were filming. I he screamed at everybody- quiet, honest everybody be quiet like he just it was so jarring to me and as the person it has to be on camera and all of a sudden, I'm like back in my childhood home and daddy screaming at me like and also I'm being silly, but you don't know who that's going to trigger.
like you, don't know, and I really strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe and good, and so all you know the whole first part of the day. While we were filming, he is just light and he's just trying to do. His job is used to sort of. Like you know, working with, like whatever, and so he yelling at people moving around whatever and lunchtime and call the producers in, and I was like no We are not going to have that here. we are not that's just not a thing you do not have to scream at people. To get them to be quiet, respect is earned, is not some but you have to demand that something that can be earned, and I never ever want to have a production sat where this is sort of this toxic by this happening and that produces a gap we gonna absolutely and they talked him at lunch, and I tell you This man was the most lovely kind
and wonderful and worked with them on two seasons of that show you so great and I on We think he just didn't even know that you could do that job and be nice because nobody had ever asked that of him before so. Energy is huge for me and I think me. Personally, it doesn't matter how good you are a job if your you're. Never I get promoted and frankly, probably won't even stay on my team, if your mean so that's an important thing to me, too, is to kind of ask yourself. How do I show up? How do I show up in the space and what's the vibe that I give up, two people, and I know that that's not always easy. I know some of you work in an environment where people are toxic or where people are gossipy, where people are mean, but I think that's when we have- to go back and remind ourselves that we cannot control other people. We can
control, the environment outside ourselves. The only thing that we have control of is in here. You know, you know my favorite stephen covey quote: carry your own, whether carry on sunday, and with you. If you're walking into an office place with a bunch of you know rainy day, stormy people, you can be the sunshine. You can be the light though your energy matters, your contribution matters and another thing for me, is I'm always paying attention to who is growing? So I wrote this down for you guys Because I wanted to make sure I set it right, You have the title. and the money. Of the role you were hired for or the like whatever status your at your title and your salary.
your money, your hourly whatever it is, is based on the job that you're doing. So. If you want something different, you must be something different. At my company, where we had a big team, Everybody got arrays every year like, even if it was just a small percentage, five percent or whenever everybody got arrays every year, but some people got big raises and some people got title jumps and it wasn't just like. Oh the executive team, we would have assistance that went from corner
there are two manager tit like they worked their way up. It was about who you were as a person and what your contribution was. But the biggest change is that they changed. You don't get. Perma promotion is like a new title right. It's a new thing. You don't get a new thing if you are the same person if you're contribute and at the same level, if you're doing the same work, maybe another companies, but for me I want to see that you're are evolving right cause at most companies as you grow. Eventually, gonna get to the place where you have people underneath you right, you're gonna people who are on your team, but I can't, as a leader, give you some one on your team. If I haven't seen your evolution or if I dont know that you can handle it so huge thing for me in terms of promoting people. As I want to see growth, I want to see that you have grown. As a person and one of the ways
Is zero money podcast youtube books at the library? You know it's just going to be on my headstone, those three things have been talking about him for fifteen years literally, I have been telling people podcast youtube books at the library the information is their whatever industry, you are an whatever airy. You wanna go like their sole, this, so much knowledge that you can acquire that you know have and that knowledge adds value to that poker chip, that your leg you know, imagine you're sitting in a meeting and someone's talking about. You know the best email service provider for your small business and your email list is a hundred
some people and you ve, been using this one provider and they're not really equipped to take you guys to the next level and your light on my heart. Here's my book, a chip and you said hey. I was just reading an article in wired about the best. The five best in a service provided for small business they there are some pleasant minds. I really feel like this. One issue were song, but I can, for you guys the article and you can check it out, but that might help you to make a decision that is the kind of car abuse Shan, that people pay attention to you added value based on knowledge that you are acquiring like. Are you reading your industry trades? Are you reading newspapers? Are you reading? Do you know information about your industry? Do you know information like if you were for small business, pretend you own the business
you wanna get promoted, pretend you own. The business is called an intra per newer. Entrepreneurialism went inside of the team who acts as if it's their business and tries to figure out ways to make that business stronger. Doing a ton of search on sales during a ton of research on social media or marketing. How can you contribute through Your knowledge, constant. Acquire knowledge about how to make yourself stronger your business stronger- and this is a key make sure people know, you can't again, remember a promotion doesn't happen in a silo. A promotion requires other people to give you more money and a better title.
That's not gonna happen. If nobody knows your growing, but nobody knows so podcast books of the library you tube about subjects that would be helpful. Reader industry trades taken online course go to conferences. When we had the bigger team, when we had in a sixty people pre covered, we had a stipend, every single, employ gotta stipend every single year. Think, oh god,. when a misquoted, I want to say, is eight hundred dollars. Some old employs gonna get on glass door, be like tat. It was three hang drag out. I've had eight at our roof. I think it was eight and we had that amount of money set aside, that you could use for continuing education. So anything that you did your graphic design. We want to take an online class if you.
worked in accounting and you want to go to a finance conference? If you want it like whatever it was, you got a stipend to help you grow. because my greatest as a human, my greatest value is growth. It's my greater value, and so I wanted to weave that into the company. So I set money aside so that people could use it to educate themself In whatever way, felt good. Do you know how many employs over all the years took advantage of that mean either because they rarely dead and when they did occasionally, I would hear about it occasionally now I would say across the board, even at sixty employs.
There was we were always around each other. It was an open concept. We are always around each other. I literally can only remember one person which was Michelle. Michelle started, as my assistant worked her way up, ended up on the accounting team. Incredible and I always remember michelle being like, can I The money to go. Do this. Can I use the money to take this? Can I use the money to get this certification? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, incredible and I still members he has moved on, she is out there doing incredible things. I still remember that she is the person who took that on now now Every company gives you money to go, do it, but imagine that accompany does and you're not taking advantage of it even without a stipend to help. You grow there's tonnes, there's on limited resources for funds and here's the thing, even if your company doesn't have a stipend, I
bet. You money that if you found something that would help you do your job better and you took it to your boss or you took to hr. Look at your leader and you're, like hey, there's, really cool certification for blah blah blah. That's going to help me run if shopify better. Is it cool? If I take this course across three hundred dollars, you know, company pay for, I bet you'd, be shocked, number one. You got their attention right because they know that you contributing they know that you care about growth, number two they pay for it. right like it's a win win and even if they say no, it's in their head that your thing king about that that your wanting to grow. So I put me for that you committed to growth but making sure people now, I think, making sure people know across the board, is so important here
No, not just that you're growing, but also that you want to get promoted that you want to elevate a sort It's me perfectly to my next and last category here first was contribution. Second, was growth? Third, you want to get promoted, I'm going to ask you. Where is your focus? What are you focusing on? You haven't listened to it episode, two twenty two of this part guess they talk all about manifesting and what we bring into our life. I believe that we create our life with our thoughts with the energy that we put out. We create, we see blessings and we focus on and goodness and we work hard. We do these things. That is what comes into our life, not to say that life doesn't also have hard time than doesn't bring you. You know the cancer diagnosis that life doesn't bring, you the hardship that life doesn't bring you divorce that life doesn't bringing those things, but I believe,
that what we focus on we create and when you are focusing on where you want to go in your specific, with where you wanna go. That's what happens so specifically. What is it I know that you want what is the amount of money that you want to make a right Do you know those things I have on my wall right now, I'm not going to show you I'll show you like after they come true on my mirror. Here I have six months and twelve months, and I have three goals that I am manifesting in six months and in twelve months- and I looked at It- two eggs had just put this up here like two three weeks ago, looked up here today and I was like wholly crap. The second thing on my less that seems totally impossible, is gonna come true and like it's gonna happened so fast. and I ve been working on it for a while. I was not just that. I put it in front of me.
But knowing what it is you want is so freaking crucial where focus goes, energy flows where focus goes energy flows? What are you focusing on when you felt is on wanting to get that promotion. When you focus on that salary, you want to me when you focus on the perks that you're hoping for when you focus on those things you talk to other people about it, you tell other people. Everybody knows. Oh yeah, like her dream, is to be creative, direct, and she's backing it up with her growth, she's backing it up with her contribution, she's backing up with the energy that she brings, that she's backing up with how she dresses how she shows up in the office the joy she brings to the workplace like you will be shocked at how fast to athens, shocked right, you will be shocked where focus go
energy flows write it down? I put it on my mirror, you put on your bathroom. Are you put it on posted to go put it in your car? You can make it the screensaver on your phone, where focus goes, energy flows, You can create a vision board. I love a pinterest vision board. You haven't ever made a vision board on Pinterest. I suggest it because you know when we get magazines like old, scornful economy. You put him on a poster, whatever that's hard, because you are only able to put things right. find in the magazine, whereas if one of the thing do you envision in your future life or like? What's life going to be like when you get promoted to manager of the bank right, you can put like the car that you want to drive or the home you're gonna buy for your kids or maybe the vacation you can like put also the visuals that will keep you focused on the life that you're. creating an the why behind this promotion
I have never met a person who was trying to go, oh in their life, is trying to get promoted or make more money who was doing it for themselves. I literally have never every single time my listeners, my readers, people come up to me a book signings or at conference you're, doing it other people. Yes, you want, you are working in and you are doing things maybe anagram three and your trying to achieving, but everybody I know you're doing it for your baby, you're doing it cause your parents, don't have retirement you're doing it for,
they're people, and you need to remember that why you need to stay focused on where it is you're going those three things: man? How are you contributing? How are you growing and just on a personal manifesting level? Are you staying focused on the prize ahead? Are you seeing focus on where you want to go? There's a great. I think I've recommended it to y'all several times as a book called the gap. Vs the gain and there's this great story in it that I'm just going to keep retelling cause. I love it so much it's about be british or the english rowing team you're going to the olympics. They hadn't won an olympic gold medal and, like eighty years or something, and so this rowing team decides were winning, were more meddling at the next olympic and they came up with one simple question that they asked about everything.
that they believe was work, contributed and help them when not just the metal but a gold medal at the next olympics, and that question was: will it make the boat go faster, became the question for everything in their life, college and you want to go to a frat party. Will it make the boat go faster? No guess I can't do it. you are. You know, out with your friends, you want to have a big dinner, but you've got training in the morning. Will it make the boat go faster? Know? I guess that's your answer, Oh you're really tired and you don't want to do thirty more minutes, a near training session today. Will it make the boat go faster? Yes! Well, I guess that's your answer. I love something that
simple and we were focused on where we want to go and we focus on that promotion? I love asking yourself a question that simple: will it make the boat go faster? Will this help you get closer to your promotion, because when you have that much energy, that much focus that much drive and you're staying laser focus on where you want to go, I think you'll be shocked at how fast it comes. True, I think you'll be shocked There is a time and a place, and I bet this is true for a lot of you. You know that it's time to ask for the next day, or better. Yet it's time to ask your manager what you can do, That would make it they would be. The real
to give you more money like what a question for your manner. What what are some? What are some results that I could produce? That would make you thrilled to give me more money that would make you thrilled not just like. Ok, here's more money but like oh hell, yes, I've had that. I have had the most incredible team is. I have the most. credible teammates, that I am like. Yes, a hundred percent with all the joy, my heart, here's some more money, because you are contributing at a level that I notice that I growth that I don't want to lose you on this team, because you are so important to us that it's worth every single penny to keep you here. The last piece of advice, I'll leave you with is one I heard very early in my career, I mean when I was like a baby, assistant I was nineteen years old are no idea what I was doing and
was every single job that you do make it so that this company, this team, these people can't live without you. Right like make yourselves so invaluable to the efforts of this team in this company that not only can't they live without you, they will happily pay more to make sure that your happy right, my friends, I hope that this progress was helpful. I hope I heard some information that you really dug. If I did, if you're still here, will you please please, please make sure number one you are scribe to channel whether that here on podcast, it's really helpful for house. If you subscribe, so you get a notification every single time he puts new episode. Also adjust love, If you gave the pod cast, a good review appear enjoying it and lastly, share with a friend if you
It's got some value out of what I said. If there was some little nugget that you felt like was really great. Put it on social tag me send it to a friend if you think that that would be great We share in your slack channel. I work hey guys, we're organ promoted, yeah. My. Intention here is to add as much value as possible to your life, so that you guys will promote me sooner. Did there However, you share it. However, you give love by would appreciate if you did it for the show and as always, if you have questions you want me to do, follow up if you like this conversation about the workplace, but maybe you want me to take it in different direction or give you more details. Please please. Please call me at the hotline. The number is seven hundred and thirty, seven, four hundred and four six thousand two hundred and sixty two can call leave me a message you can call and ask me questions and often times. I will make whole podcast bass.
Listener question, so please contribute to that. Have you guys have a fantastic we I'll be back later, with more information until then remember and rachel, I love you and I'm reading for the rachel Hollis podcast is produced by me. rachel Hollis its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble.
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