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310: GET MOTIVATED! 3 Reasons you totally CAN achieve your goal!


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You are being guided to the next thing and if you believe that and if you stand back up and you keep taking just another step just another step, just another step- you're gonna get out of the valley- and the thing is the strength that you earned from getting through the valley is ignored. Actually, what you need to make this dream come true, so I believe you have to believe all believe enough for both of us that if you have this idea on your heart, there was a reason it is there and it is possible. It is possible. Hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their shall we
we talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened to dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is rachel Hollis podcast today we're getting motivated you guys straight up. You know I was like I had some time. if you're a bunch of meetings- and I was like I'm gonna- I'm gonna record a podcast to try and you know, put something, I was feeling good. How can a lie. I have on a little bit of make up right now, which was like If you got on a little better make up, you should
just go ahead and knock Oh my gosh, because it really is an audio, also put these on youtube. So everyone, So, while I actually have something going on appear, and I felt like I should take advantage of it, but I was dancing around tobacco more new song because allow mac more- and I hope you guys love him to anyone one of the best performers I have ever seen live, and I am being paid to say this, but he is on tour this summer. It's him and imagine dragons and I am taking my three boys and don't even care. I am going to holler scream, seeing at the top of my lungs. I love both of those performers but also If anyone lessening knows makko more he's a literally a list on my on my mirror here of my dream, gas mca more is literally at the top of my list, and
I do not know how to contact his team, but wholly crap. I would just kill like you, if you know me if you like, been with me for a while. You know I love the rock. That's like one of my heroes, Elam! So much if you like, you can sit down with the rock or with Furthermore, it is no contest. I love you dwayne, theirs Contest, it's gotta be makko more and do you know why creativity and authenticity, because I, don't know many other musicians at his level that just do such creative cool, weird, like you entire song about thrift shopping. He had an entire song about buying a moped, but they're like these epic. crazy all alone, love them so care In a totally platonic, not weird way, if you are a macro, more steam and you're like maybe he gets it,
rachel, but were worried that she's a stalker. It's not that it's just, I really admire his creativity, so I was jamming his new song, which is so good. Oh, my gosh, please go check it out. It's called chant and like what I want to talk about today, like I have a map, a bunch of different ideas, for the show in my handed Andy journal and so I had a bunch to choose from. just fell, really called, and maybe this is it press, oh that I drink, but it just. We called talk about motivation that's what I want to do. I want to motivate you today whatever it is you're working on you're going back to school. Your honor health journey. You have a business, idea. You know you got a side, hustle you're, trying to train for your first half marathon. Whatever it is, you are trying to do. Today's episode is for you is straight motivation: industry, energy. It is
kind of thing that I wish like I could go on best in the world and just like here, somebody pop me- and tell me why I can do it. That's it we're gonna do say. I will tell you why you can do it and gotta be fun. You guys remember I've! Europe play that game to truths and a lie. So When I was writing out the ideas I was like, oh, these are three truths and a lie so three reasons. Why Your dream is gonna work does we're. Talking today and then one lie that few believe it will keep you from making it happen. So Before jumping to those things, I feel it is worth saying: ah, tens public not by you guys cause? I feel like if you're hanging out philistine, two shows if you're what, if your brain my books are going to my events or whatever were like minded,
we like to be motivated. We like high vibes we'd like energy, we don't always get there but were striving were seeking, were, were wanting something more out of life. and I sometimes think that people like us get about rap right they're like you know, you're too hyper- you have too much energy or too loud the work, was burning down, it's a dumpster fire. Why are you trying to reach for positivity? Why are you trying to reach for joy when everything feel so hard and so there is a belief, sometimes that there's something inauthentic about reaching for motivation. When life is hard I just I on- everybody's right to believe whatever they want to believe, but for me, personally. The reason that motivation and energy and hyping each other up and jump
up and down and like changing your physiology, the reason those things are powerful is because the world is the dumpster fire you don't need that stuff when life is going great, you need that stuff when life is really freaking hard so so much of what we do when we talk about habits and instilling a process and a way to live it's not for the poor. four days, it's not for the great stuff, it's not for the highest highs. We Learn these lessons and we implement these practices for when life is hard, I don't know about life is still hard over here. I I don't no. I had almost single friend I almost single colleague who isn't still feeling a bit burn out a bit overwhelmed and about your, but everyone, I'm How can you right now it feels like were kind of falling bad. We were so conscious of
habits when we went into lockdown, but for those of us you still work from home, and maybe for those of you who are even back in an office place, I feel like we ve forgotten in the things that we needed to be doing that were helping us so like a really got out of the habit of wearing blue light blocking glasses and they're on my desk networks, I'm tryin to to be really conscious of it I got out of the habit of making sure was moving, I'm like sitting down for me because I have a fine amount of time, I'm I'm here with my daughter, no she's, five, a baby sitter. Thank you, lord fur babysitter, who comes from nine to we. So during the summer time I have her from ninety three and not every day of the week like this week. She could only come a few days, so I billy conscious as a working mama? Ok, I Only that amount of time to get my work done so far, schedule right now is perhaps like
ass, soon ass. She could see here too, the time that she leaves, unlike ok. How do I fix all these things into the time that I have, because she leaves I'm back and mom mode. So I've just gone into this bad huh again of not taking care of myself. Like I was in the beginning, like making term walking with you, try moving getting from screens looking away drinking my water doing all of it and I feel like life has gotten better for humans post pending in some ways and harder in others, but the heart so feels harder, because we're coming off the tail end of two really extreme years, for you may be more so I want to acknowledge that for most people I know they're still in it even if life is pretty good. The other thing that my friends and I are experiencing and talking about is that there is like
as underlined fear, will what if he gets back again, you know what, if something out what, if there's another pandemic, what are we going to another option? What masts come back? What if this what? If that, what I run out of money. What if this thing happens? What, if my Wayfaring breaks up with me. There's this, like post stress thing, that is making us worry. The other shoe, might drop that's only exacerbated if you already had that in your life. So developing habits, that sort of key you going is not for the good times We do that so that in the harder seasons we have something to fall back on, then even amongst the things that we have to fall back on. everyone's. While you just need someone to look you in the eye and tell you you can do this You can do this. I believe in you
Think you are worth the dream that you have. I think that there is a reason that dream is on your heart. You can do this I need to hear that sometimes, and so I thought, maybe you needed to hear that and if nobody else told you they all be, the one suited episode, is straight motivation? Joe for you- and I really freaking- hope that you find a helpful and if you do Send it to someone else it's a motivation, let's go, let's go. Ok. You all right: chatter, tat her coffee. I did tat. Have my coffee and pumped ok, three truths and ally: three, truths about this dream that you have whatever it is and why you can achieve it straight up on care who you are where you are where you come from. can achieve this and just quick, I'd know unless there are a lot of people
who will argue, unto death about all of the reasons why that's not true, though, be like but you don't know where I come from you dont know what has happened to me, you don't know you don't know my story. You're right, I don't know your story, but I the story of so many people. Historically, in my own life who achieve things that are so far beyond what any and thought was possible, including themselves so I know it is possible to change your life for the better. I know it and I look till the day that I died, this is the hill this it's my hill, you know how there's like oh I'll die on that hill. I will down this hill with the belief that every single human being can make change not all at once. Not you not snap, your fingers and suddenly everything's different but small
incremental changes, add up. They add up to big things and its Exponential growth that happens when you begin to believe, truly believe that this is possible for you, So here's why here are three reasons. Why. You are going to make this happen. Did you know that you're never more than ten feet away from three m three aims: This is the air filter in your home, the reflective tape on the road- the respirator that your doktor where's it's the fall detection harness that helps keep rescue workers like new, safe at any altitude. So he can come home to his family. It's back therapy helping doktor upon help grandma's like Nana in their wound my journey, so she can return home. to be with those she loves its helping under represented. Students like samantha, have access to stem education, so she can re,
imagine what possible see how three m, applying science to life, to help people everywhere at three m doc. Flash three m science the first one is because you are a war ok, don't go your eyes at me. You have lived through way worse stuff, then this, I don't know your stuff. Three? I dont know what has happened, but whatever discouragement you're feeling whatever voice in the back of your head. That tells you the reasons that stream can't be yours. I want you to clap back at that voice. Call bs at me like. No, because
if I was going to go down, I would have gone down when this happened. If I was going to go down, it would have been when I lost my parents. If I was going to go down, it would have been when I was with an abusive ex. If I was going to go down, it would have been for these reasons during this season. I would have gone down then, but you know what life didn't get me. It didn't get me, and so it's not gonna get me now. You we are so freaking strong. so the problem is that much people will oh through hard things, because going do hard things makes us feel weak. Let me say it again: because going through hard things makes us feel weak. We build that we are weak. because going through hard things makes us feel weak. We believe that we are weak. And that is not true.
if you have survived something hard and if you are listening to this, you have survived something hard because you have gone through. global pandemic. If the rest of your life was absolutely perfect if you a good gillian dollars, incredible marriage awry can bod You know you're the smartest person if. nothing else. covered for sure affected you somehow. Because you are on the other side of that thing. That means you were strong enough to survive. Was a muscle bill. think about you, go you go into the jam right in your like doing by set curls A muscle is built because your tearing down the tissue of the existing muscle and its growing back stronger. you grew back stronger.
you see the thing that happened and you think that it makes you weak- and I am telling you that the stuff that you have lived through is exactly why you are capable of pursuing this dream. Grab a journal grab a journal, and I want you to write down all of the things that you have lived through and overcome. I think that writing, like this works best. When you should have do free form, you don't think about it. You set a time you're like I'm, in a right for twenty minutes, no matter what an you just go as fast as you can, and I say, go as fast you can, because if you go fast, you won't second guess yourself and just write it I am strong because this I embrace does this I didn't give up when this happened I showed up, even though I was tired, I was sick. I was hungry I was homeless, I was lost. I wasn't sure I was addicted. Whatever your story is the reason that you, our strong? You are a warrior.
That's why I know you can push this dream across the finish line because look at what you ve already done, and you How can we give ourselves some credit for this stuff? There wouldn't give ourselves credit for. When I have conferences when I speak it events and typically swing into an audience its products, We women and they come from every walk of life, every background, every story and I'll have this moment with emma coquet open your journals and I were you to talk. I have to talk to yourself and to write down all the things you've done and achieved, and they can't come up with anything and then some will be like I. I could come up with anything raged, I'm like ok, tell me about your life and they start telling me, like. You know raised for kids and I was just stare stay man. I am I just a stay at home, mom a freaking kid
unlike any kids in jail like no, the giggle now Tell me about your kids. They certain they're amazing in their there's another, unlike there's, no just anything about you. No matter who you are you you mean Big glorious, human being just I'm just this unjust bs. Celebrate yourself. You have worked so hard. You have endorsed oh here and the only reason you listen to this part cast. The only reason is because yours seeking because you believe that there is something more and that its past- for you to have that so give yourself credit for what you have done. You are strong and that's why they stream will be yours, the second reason that I believe that you
to achieve this goal is because Your creator would not have put this idea on your heart if you were not capable of pulling it off period I cannot tell you how times. I have heard stories from women, Community listeners of the podcast they've, they read the books, they come to conference or whatever it is. I'll. Tell me that, you know. Over years, they heard me say things like this, and they kept thinking like No. She says that, like a wish that someone would do, thing I wish that someone would do this. I wish this would happen in my town and I've had this to run like. Why? Doesn't anyone fix this Why doesn't anyone care about these people wise and anyone talking about this and then I feel get some point: guy or the universe. Your angel, like knock, you upside, the head alight girl boy friend,
the reason that you care about this thing. So much is because you are the answer god would not have put this on your heart if you, we're not capable of seeing it through. Why you playing small Why are you, why are you trying to show up in the smallest way possible. Why? Why you like dipping your toe in to your dream. You're like I really want to do this thing, I'm just gonna like did my pinky toe in so that I can pursue it in a way that is, the least alarming to other people that will keep me save that will keep the top from my back that will keep people from judging me. So obviously, dream, adjacent not gonna, be all in homage. Remember: dream, adjacent. It's on your heart for a reason
I believe, as I have talked about this for years, because I believe that I heard this quote years ago, and I love it like that your potential, the pit central that you have inside of you, that is your creators gift to you. What you do with that potential, What is your? Give back to the universe? Is your gift back to mankind, your patel Joe is your gift. So you were given this potential at birth and you were given the stream in your heart of something you think you can create an squandering it because of fear because of being charged because of being on shore. I freaking get it, but I will you to hear me say there is recent there's a reason there's a reason that you have this exact idea.
this exact moment in life. So what I always think of this context is there's a story in the bible group and the christian faith, and so pictures and stories from the bible, are always going to be a part of my life cause. It was such a big part of my childhood and You recognize it if you grew up with a similar faith, or this is also in the jewish tradition, but it's story of queen astor and, if you're not familiar, Esther was jewish woman. Who I lived in persia and you know found favour the king and the king married her and all of a sudden, this too girl found herself as a persian queen. and do were persecuted and were killed by persia and and so there's small man where she's trying to decide
Is she going to stand up for her people, or is she going to be like yo, I'm a queen now, and so this is, I want to like keep the safety and this position and keep this wealth. I don't wanna and I want to see, the bow and get myself in trouble, and There's a an adviser who says this line to her that I think all the time. If persist and staying silent at a time like this. and deliverance will arrive for jews from someplace else. But you and your family will be wiped out. Who knows but maybe maybe You were made queen for just such a time as this that's esther forward, teen- maybe you were made queen for just so at a time as this. I love that line because I think often we
You know we serve looked down at our hands and we think who am I who am I to believe this is possible? Who am I to believe I could make change. Who am I to think I could break generation all cycles, who am I to think I could help the homeless population in my city. Who am I to think I can be a foster parents who am I who am I, who am I. And you or an individual human like every other. world changer who as ever existed every single person that you admire mother teresa send mandela gandhi, martin luther king, like Every single world Changer you admire was a human who believed that they could
and it doesn't mean that it was easy. And it doesn't mean it didn't, come at great risk at great cost and sometimes their life, but they'd like you, I'm sure, had moments where they looked at their hands where they looked at themselves and thought who am I and what ass scripture always makes me think of, as you are exactly who you were meant to be in this exact moment. This exact point and may be You are here for the time is this, for this exact moment what, if just flip it for me for one? Second, what if you are exactly What is necessary for change what? If, what, if you every single thing in your life? Has all lined up to lead you to this moment in time with the exam background you have made, if your exact lack of information may be the fact that you're a newbie is what makes it gray. Maybe
energy may be your wisdom. Maybe your very specific family of origin is gonna. Set you up. For that conversation, that's gonna, put you in the right place, It's on your heart for a reason, and I believe that if it's on your heart for a reason. Then you will be guided, to where you are meant to be at the time. You are meant to be to see this through Yeah I got another scripture for you. taking you to urge our word which is alarming as I need to like start reading other religions book, so that I can quote lines them too, so I can include everybody but you'll. Forgive her petticoat preachers daughter. If this is some some of my my earlier learning, and so they always stick with me, but yeah we'll be guided. One of was famous scriptures from the bible is
yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Fear no evil. If you mean a few, if you grew up in hurt, or in the church, now you're familiar with that line, but why, always latch on to that, I feel like people forget, when they're in those hardest seasons when they want to give up when they want to quit, maybe season like that right now, when you want to give up where you want to quit- and I want you even if you are not in that faith, to think of the scripture yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, will fear no evil, thy rod and said they cover me. You don't need to hear the whole thing, but basically be idea. Is even in the darkest moments, the creator is their guiding you through and where I dont think, you. People pay a lot of attention, which is beautiful too, like the rod staff. They come for me a lay down beside the like. It's like all god, you're, giving me discomfort and thank you my hardest d, work is seasons you're, giving me comfort, and I find that so beautiful, but what I think that
People miss in that scripture is yea, though I walk through the valley walk through the valley I dont lay down and die there. That's People dont get. that scriptures about being guided its about just the kind for that you get from something greater in the hard seasons, even get that do like right now, the heart. Season right now: post divorce, right now you ve lost someone. You love right now, you're out of work right now,. you are being guided? you are being guided to the next thing and if you believe that- and if you stand back up- and you keep Taking just another step, just another step just another step. You're gonna get out of the valley the thing is this- that you earned from good. Through the valley is eggs. Actually, what you need to make this dream
come true I believe you have to believe, All believe enough for both of us that if you have this idea on your heart. There was a reason it is there and it is possible. It is possible
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About why, I know That you are going to achieve this goal why I know that you are going to make this happen said man. If you are listening to this on audio and like you need me in your face there, video of that for you, the reason, that you are going to achieve. This is because you have too, there are people who are counting on you. If you have children, counting on you, your family, that you want to take care of counting on you, you Are counting on you? Maybe you know it The twelve year old version of you who first dreamed up the stream and now you're forty six and it still on your heart that twelve year old version of you is counting on you someone is counting on you to see this through someone that's why we're gonna, do it on the days
it's hard on the days. It has not been any more on the date that you do not know what you're gonna do best. I want you to remember who? counting on you, who is counting on you to keep going to stand up to try again to look for another way to call one more time to reach. To another person to to read another book Pray again to meditate again to take care of yourself, so they give the energy to try again to morrow. Some one is counting on you. That's why That's why you're not gonna, listen to the negative self talk, Why are you going to ignore your mother in law when she says something crappy about your dreams? That's why you're going to keep pursuing it? That's why you're going to wake up early? If you have to it's, why you're going to stay up late, not because you're trying to burn yourself out, but because you are so passionate the dream, that is in your heart, that that is all the fuel you need to put in those extra hours, people holding on you, and you know
there is a life that is different than the one you have today. You know, I'm trying to sell you on the I'd like this. Being all just like make up me, you're gonna be a billionaire mother. No there's like lots of me, you too, marketers or whatever, like there's lots of bros. That guy you too, that I dont want that, I'm not I want you to live a beautiful life. and what I know about this community, because we have been in conversation and we have been community for ten years. What I know about. You is it's never that it's never selfish pursuits, it's never. You know all I wanna be a billionaire, so like I can have you know, boats and hoes or whatever. every single person I talked in this community when I some about why they pursued the dream is very rarely even for themselves
its wanting a better life for their family, it's wanting their kids to be able to go to private school. It's wanting to tee their family on vacation, its wanting to be able to contribute to charities that they believe in its wanting the ability to start a non profit. I I literally have never talk to someone in this community whose I want to do it because I really want a tesla, but We can, if you really want to tesla, that's what you're working aren't you do you But what I'm saying is it's never that I feel like we'll get beat up because there for of pursuing something, because everyone should have twist or flips there or makes it something that it's not, and if you spend all your time trying to defend your right to have this dream to other people. You will all of your energy and all the extra time. funding instead of just doing the work p,
are counting on you stay aligned with that truth. That's who you show up for when it gets heart and that's why you're gonna make this thing happen, though thing I want to talk about. They give you your three truths. you're a warrior. You have this on your heart for reason and people are counting on you, so I gave you three truths. Here's the lie! Here's the lie that most dreamers believe that keeps them from pushing pass the barriers that keeps them stuck in that comfort zone the lie. Is the idea that you need their support. their support being I just need my partner to believe in the stream. I just need my mama to believe in the stream. I just need a theatre to believe the venture, capitalists. To believe the family. To believe I need my friends to get it
man that be nice, the amount of times that women especially come up to me, and I like how to convince my husband, that it o k and that its smart for me to try and write a book huh Why convince my partner that it may sense. For me to start a podcast like convince them like. I just feel like I spend so much time trying to you know, feel ashamed, and I want them to be supportive and they're, not supportive. Unlike no. I did not have that support. I did not have that support. You know how I got the support of my family and my friends, and my husband the time and my my laws. You know how I got it. I made the dream come true. When you make the dream come true, everybody's a supporter
oh my gosh, we I wages, we always knew. We always knew you had it. We were, we love we knew and, unlike for me,. that. The push back and the fight back and the you know, so I got so much. Reef from. Oh my gosh. I got so much grieved I've written about this time, but it got so much grief from My inlaws at the time I got so much grief for my ex husband. What doing why are you doing there like why getting up so early? Where are you going to these conference says you know, like because I would try things and they wouldn't always work like I'd. Have a book come out and you know the first one a thousand people read at first and then like two thousand and kept growing, but it was never like wild success and I got much crap about you know what
he's gonna, do to the kids like your working in an you know. Kids should have a stay at home mom. It sounds so insane to me now at thirty nine years old, I I and I hope it sound insane to you too. I hope that sounds and saying to you that Some one would say that your kids, are gonna, be ruined because you're not a stay at mom, but at the time. I heard that over and over and over literally. That was the line like what is this gonna do to the kids, and I I fell for and you ve made me her. Be talk about this. If you wanted to go deeper diamond, this engrossed up, apologizing are going to detail, but I I Pursued my dream, but I It like under cover of night, so I got him four o'clock five o'clock in the morning and I would write in the morning. the kids woke up
and then the kids wake up- and I do breakfast in school drop off and then I go to my job and then I'd picnic. Up and it would all happen again. Pursued my dream in the dark, I pursued my dreams in a way that would be least hurtful to other people. S sort of, like me saying like oh, I I just did my pie, He told the water because I was getting so much crap, from my husband at the time. A bow oh, this is gonna take time or you should be with the kids or But I'll. Tell you why, it finally worked. Everybody was a believer. and their memory of how support they were was like very different than my own. I own that I was too a mature at the time to understand that I could stick up for myself. To a mature at the time to understand that my dreams had value, because I have value as a human being. I was raised to believe.
My husband's desires needs. vision, dreams; all of that mattered more than me, I believed in my heart that the only way I could pursue something more for myself, something that was outside of what he thought was normal was I did it in a way that was least frustrate to him and its. We wait. Talked about this years ago. We had a podcast that we did together. and we should tell the storm use like laugh about it, and I look back in retrospect, then I see it in such a different light that I would wake up, like I told you clock five clock them when I wake up to write and where would wake up in the morning. I would unplug my phone. You know on the side of the bed, the alarm go off and unplug my phone and the sound of the cord hitting the the night, standard or falling on the floor. He gets so pay you woke me up and he gets so mad at the sound of a coup and I learned to get out of bed like.
A ninja like I was so effing com and I would like tiptoe and like sneak out and quietly lay the cord down and do everything in my power to not disturb him. I'm talking about right now, it's like making the pressure, my chest rise, and he we like we talked about that a lot we used to like laugh about it because you'd be like oh yeah. You know she wait. Use wake me up waking up early in the morning and in retrospect I mean it's taken me all this time to realise it. Wasn't it the cord it wasn't about the court. He didn't like that. Doing something even understand he didn't like that I was changing. He didn't, like that. I was motivated. He did not like that. I was motivated, paden like I was getting up at five am cause if he slept for two more hours. What does that say about him? Tat was his thing, but I took it on my own and so I just kept being quite.
quieter and smaller and smaller, so that I would not disturb him with my dreams and not disturbing someone with your dreams, essentially saying I don't want to disturb you with who I am at my core. I didn't get that and I tell you these stories now, because I want you to skip the decade that took me to learn this man if you could just now waste ten more years bear. Pursuing this dream. What, if you understood that you had a right to your dreams. And you have a right to pursue them, and There is a way to do it. It doesn't have to be confrontational, you don't have to like be like Have you I'm going after this thing like you can do it there's a thing, if a writers that we say show dont, tell when you writing about don't tell about it, show it so in the story,
it's the same for you and the way that you live your life. You don't have to have their support. You don't have to have them believe in you cause odds. Are they won't. you need to believe in you You only need one person to believe in your dreams. You that's it. you'd want to argue about it. You don't have to defend it. You just have to live it, and when you live it you show up people. What it's gonna be? Don't you get? They can't see it here, and to convince people who don't have your vision. What it looks like You're wasting energy put that entered put that hard put that passion into the project Byron katy says: defence is the first act of war. When you start to defend your right to have your dream You give them permission to fight with you about it. You done have to have their support god. It's amazing! If you do the amazing. If you do but
you start off believing that that's the missing piece that, if you all had support. If you only had their guidance, if you only had mommy and daddy believe in you, I worry that you're not gonna, get very far you gotta, believe in you and by the way that's a hell of a motivation is hell of a motivation to visualize again and again and again when you show them the book. When you call ass, the finish line when you do the thing to imagine what it will feel like for the. people who said it was impossible to be like well Here it is. What's amazing is that by that time you don't even need that validation, because the thing that you did for yourself has been made manifest but I don't want you to get caught in the lie this twist. It belief, that. You need them to make this happen, you need you everything that you need is already inside of you.
the vision the dream potential. drive the strength from those past x. Your it's already in you dorothy and the ruby slippers you ve all had the power when it a stand in it. When are you going to own that power. When are you gonna believe. that there's a reason. This is on your heart, man, who out there is chasing other people's approval and anna It's easy to get this wrong. It's easy, I think that, as a form of protection that the way pursue this without meeting their approval is through anger, right, like to be like if you guys, like I got this, I'm doing this conference nor in your face, that's never gonna work, though to pursue this without their approval is through love, not their fear, not through anger through love.
Fall in love with the thing you're trying to do, A fall in love with it be obsessed, be obsessive. We in love with this thing you're trying to do. is all the motivation you need. It's all the belief you need, it's all the support you need passion and that love and that joy of war. You're trying to pursue is getting carry you so freaking far. you don't need anybody else. You just need. Right here, inside of you.
With Hanna andersson, everyone's mornings are a little happier, their pajamas have each free stitching. So my kids, sleep, deeply and wake up refreshed pen has make them happy. Then that means they actually look forward to getting dressed. The clothes stand up to a lot like messy eaters and years of washing after all, that they're still hand me down quality, which is why my kids are always happy and Hannah's. Hannah Anderson made to play made to last shop back to school and get fifteen percent off with code fall, fifteen I hope I motivated you I hope that with good gave you somethin I No, I'm to remind myself, I can get really, in to their creation right like were we're working on term going on toward this fall. I hope you guys are gonna come and hang out with me if this is motivational to you at all. Oh, you better
to tour, your face will be, Did I off you're gonna leave so on fire? You bring your partner. You gotta bring your husband, you better bring your boyfriend because otherwise do it and go back home to them after tour. and you're gonna, be so fired up their knock and understand. It wouldn't be like what is going on right now, but bring them they'll be pumped two boys boys, can handle it too. I promise everybody is for everybody, but, I get so bogged down. I focus so on the content cause I'm so inspired by? This is why I wanted to do tore the then pension behind going on torn taking the progress on tour was. How can I give people all the experience of a rice conference. If you ve come to rise conference three days in credible immersive anywhere from to ten hours a day were in an arena we energy of each other. Like minded people incredible,
speakers are coming in teaching you're getting ideas, your soul. fire, and it was like how Can I bring that two people in a that's, affordable, because the cost for us to produce a car. france is millions it. So it's it's insane, people think convert does make a good job no conference. This is a big money maker. It costs a lot of money but doesn't make a lot of money. and in order to pay for something that big the tickets into being. I think that the least expensive tickets, like three hundred bucks, or something like how Do this in a way people can afford forty bucks like how can I do that and the way to do it was to come to you. So this fall. You now go into Birmingham alabama, which I want to shout out. If you are in nashville, if you're in lemme. If you are in whatever It is to the left so bad, it is a myth. the city baby.
Man. If you are in those places, you are like a two hour road trip to Birmingham. I just want to say that birmingham alabama charleston south carolina, we're gonna omaha were going, to Detroit we're going to chesterfield Missouri, which is basically saint louis. I just realized Saint Louis, where you are some really great cities that I haven't been to before and I really feel like. I was called there. I feel like I was co I feel like. I was guided in this tour. I think there's a reason deafening People rely pan you're goin. These are not really that kind of, like necessarily personal development sort of cities. You know that would be allay new york, still maybe those those markets. That would be more that we want to talk about things like this and I just I believe, as a reason that these cities were suggested and that I'm supposed to be there. and so I'm super excited to go motivate to go.
My intention, I want you to know tour is too thing is this idea of reconnection? I want to reconnect you With your vision for your life, you, with the ideal future version of who you believe your called to be. I want to reconnect you with your goal because most people, I know, filled disconnected from that more star, that they had pre cove it It's still there it still on their heart. They ve changed, they ve grown. It's me. Augmented, indifferent The dream is still there and that they don't know how to pursue that dream as the version that they are today and so that what I want to talk about. I want you to reconnect and fill motivated and inspired and empowered about building that business about growing the nonprofit about being the best mama ever about graduating college, like about being the best teacher, the best real estate agent in your town, like.
there are not a lot of places where you can go number wine and just be totally pumped up by people around you just leave on fire. Have your cup fell back up, but for two. I wonder we connect us to each other, so at convert. people flying from all over the world, but in this instance you can meet people in your region, you can meet people in your city, you can get your master. My group, you can get your new community you can get your new friend, whose like minded, whose also on a journey whose also seeking that's incredible. please powerful. That's that so powerful so I am so excited to bring this to smaller venues into more intimate settings? If you I've been out arise conference with me before. As about a hundred thousand of you, who have
virtually or come in person to arise conference come get re inspired. come get reignited. You know that energy that exists at a conference come get a taste. Remember that excitement that joy be filled up again and if you have never seen me speak, before just This podcast, as like a small taste. I am so passionate about people pursuing the dream of their heart, whatever it is, what is so beautiful about this community? Is that it every kind of person it's this. Home dad. It's the woman whose about to become see over fortune five hundred company. It's us who's in their second year of college. Its people who are on the journey, its people who are struggling with anxiety, its people, who want to have a better life,
we're looking for tools and they're looking for support and they're looking for community, and that is what we do If you should have been looking for that, kick in the pants, I'm your girl. If you Just wanna cheerleader, if you just want a sort of like talk about things and not you know that there is a place for that. I am not your girl, I am. Tactical, unlike here's, what we're gonna do. Here's! What tomorrow looks like here's who you need to connect to it? Here's the books. You could read its worth thing too. If you ve ever gone to something like if you've never gone to personal development before This is gonna be different than anything you might find waiter if you have gone to personal development before this week, world, has a lot of people, everybody has their own business model and they get to do what they get to do. But at a lot of personal development seminars are conference. Is yours going as the entry to be sold, something else
So I want you understand, I don't sell anything I'll, have you not gonna com and it's like an fur, a good julian dollars in the back of the room sign it, for I don't have anything to like git you know there's no upper level everything I've got your getting on that night. It's like I leave it on the floor. Come to arise conference. You know, there's like at com. Hence I would historically go two or three hours over a hundred on these night. I promise, but I would I just I want to give you everything that I can think of. I wanna love on you well cause, I know, as a leader as apparent in her community, whatever it is you're doing. I know that your pouring out another people, and you have to invest in having that poured back and to you. So want to come. Hang out with me on tour reached. Live dot com, we're going, so much fine, we're gonna be so inspired. I promise you you're, gonna, get it
smelt it off by motivation. So by yourself come alone like so many people come to our stuff alone. You won't leave alone. You will leave with friends it is so welcoming it so fine and two or. Get out get a group together, call your MR called the other members of your commission, call your book club get your get the other real estate agents in you're, like hey, you been wanting to make friends at work, just be like guys im going to this thing. Anyone else want to go it's going to be. A good time and I know that are team, is, is passionate and is called to be in these cities starting in september, and I hope that your called to be in these cities as well I love you guys so much. I love this work. I am grateful for your energy, because I can feel it from here. I blake to tell you I have ever really
had so many people come up to me lately and tell me about how much they occur The pod cast and I've had that happen for a long time, I'm really blessed in the job that I have that in a people come up and they'll, give me back on how the books have helped or how. king? You know they heard me speak at this conference and helped, but yet so much feedback now in the podcast and for the longest time. I hard for me to feel that I I understand now throw a lot of therapy that I have deflected. because I didn't feel like. I felt uncomfortable with praise, or I felt like it. I didn't want to get a big head or I didn't. I don't know all of the reasons, but I understand now that I was deflecting, Any time someone would tell me I would be very gracious, but I didn't really feel it, and I
have is really beautiful moment? I was meditating on this recently, because I have I have started to fill a shift and I was meditating and praying in thinking about these women and sometimes men who stopped me at the coffee shop at the Straw, you know at the airport and and tell me how the work has helped them. And I heard like so clearly this idea, Oh rachel, you define, it's because you think these are fans, and these well that come up to their there angels they are there so that you know that the work matters. They are there, so you know which parts of the matter the thing, that they say specifically give you guidance on what, to talk about or teach about next and
it was such a shift for me too, I understand and see it in a different way and I say that, because I There are some of you out there who are working on dreams, are doing work who are trying so hard and you get feedback. people tell you they appreciate the things. Your baking they, Oh you that they love in the way that you made them feel when you cut their hair. Your salon. They tell you these things and you deflect it and you don't think you deserve to receive that and that was the message I got the of the day is like these are Messengers sent by something higher to affirm that you're doing good work.
And that you are loved and that it matters if one person on this planet is affected by the war that you are doing and matters, and so I'm I'm really grateful and I'm really having that shift in my house. one of the things that I hear. Back from you guys and I hope that you can find that in your own work as well, that you we take it in when someone you know when your partner tells you have beautiful. You really feel that in your heart, when you know your ear, daughter- tells you that she loves you and your gun mama, like your real, we let that scene can we need to have a cop fell back up. and then they ll, two ways to do that. I hope that I get to hang out with you this far and we get ever cups filled up together. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the time and I will be back soon with more more
stuff. I hope you'll have a wonderful day and remember I you and I'm rooting for you. The rachel, Hollis podcast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble. if dog people made dog food, it definitely wouldn't look like dusty burnt brown pebbles will it would actually be food, it would be made with real, fresh meat and veggies gently cooked to preserve the nutritional value. You know like food, the farmer's dog was created by dog people who cook and deliver a fresh, healthy food. Try the farmer's dog and get fresh pre, portioned meals, tailored to your dog's needs, to tell us about your dog, build your plan and get fifty percent off at the farmer's dog dot com, slash podcast! That's the farmer's dog dot com, slash podcast
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