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348: How to Be the MOST PRODUCTIVE You’ve Ever Been In Your Life! (Follow These Steps!) | PART 2

2022-12-07 | 🔗
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Most of us were dreaming when we're goal, setting we're trying to set a ceiling right, we're trying to aim of here we're trying to go like okay. This is the goal. This is where an headed, but you actually, we will achieve more results in the day to day activity. If you set a floor, not a ceiling about it. If you say this is the minimum standard that I will accept of myself and you hold yourself accountable to that. Every Every day, every day you don't have to think about it, you just do it. Hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast
spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything. Life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is. My guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis I'd gas. Today's podcast finds me back in the living room because his appeal
even following the saga of where I take these episodes? Why would you maybe because I won't stop talking about it? I have historically recorded in my office, which is inside of my family room inside of my tv room, and then I moved out here cause I was so dark in there. and I got like two episodes out here and felt really cool and, like I was doing, what I need to do is a good podcast host and then the next week I put up to mystery and there is no room, so mean others. P, we had a meeting, move the piano and then the christmas tree went as like a whole thing. You know how, when you put up a tree, then you may be have to sidestep around so in order to pull off this set up which is the one that faces the big window so that there is light on my face. I had a turk myself in
I tried the last episode back in the cave and it was just the worst so, here we are again, if your one, river, watching this video and you're like. Why are you next to a piano are about to start plank? No, I'm not, maybe a little less my little answer, for you guys know I just wanted to get out of the cave. So that is what is happening right now, as we come back for part two of my conversation about how To have a high level productivity, how do you. Really double down on what is going to move than you forward in your project and how do you should have put it to the next place,
If you have not listened to part one, I need you to stop listening to set the and go one episode back and grab that count. Relations, because that really lays the groundwork and is sort of the framing of what's gonna come next part. One was all about big picture. Two is us going down to the street level instead of that bird's eye view we're down at the street level and we're going to get granular today we're going to talk about what you actually need to do what you need to do. What is this look like how you show up how you get those results? That's the conversation, this conversation is coming to you on the other side of a full day of writing my brain. is a little did come bob violated, and this place
into what I'm gonna talk about later, because one of my favorite pieces of advice when it comes to productivity is too batch your work, which I will explain in a minute but It didn't match my work today. I didn't have the ability to do that and I think it means this is still a great episode, but it's not what it would have been If the only thing I was doing today was just podcasting, because this takes a very specific part of my brain to do this type of work just like when it comes to your there are things that you do that require one part of your brain and then some also requires another part of your brain, and just today I didn't get to do it. The way I wanted to end the reason and get to do it. The way I wanted to was because I had and appoint
in my morning, that would normally not be there. So there was a break. In my system. There was a breakdown in my process, which Did up messing up the flow of the day now? Did I still I get all my work done. Did I do what I need to do absolutely, but this conversation is not about to do list this conversations about the results that we are looking for in our project and if I was focused on the results, the day would have had a different flow, but Life happens: there are times that it's not gonna be able to go exactly as you want it to certainly, but my very first piece of advice when it comes to,
getting the results that you why and seen traction that you want and experiencing some of his success. That you're hoping to experience in this project is that you set yourself up for the best chance of getting those results, and that is about giving yourself rules that is about creating a system and a process that ensures that you have the best possible chance of achieving victory. If you can't see me, I'm doing airports around victory that you have the best possible chance of succeeding. I think most people might believe that what would give us the best chance of succeeding is having all the options. And it's actually not true its counter intuitive, I know, but the moon
our options, you have the more freedom that you have, the less effective you're gonna be seriously. I heard this describing can we buy set godin, and I thought it was the best example of this I've ever heard. He was saying when he was going up. He used to play hockey and in hockey, if you play on, ice reigned like if you have a lake in your backyard and it freezes over in your playing with your friends on this lake. It is a very different experience than if you're playing hockey indoors when there walls, he said something like and forgive me cause, I'm not big sports person, but he said something like hockey is only hockey. If you have walls to bounce off of few have walls to slam into if you have walls to shove, the other players against or frankly, if the park can
slide off the walls? That's what makes hockey what it is. You need the walls. In other words, you need the guard rails in order for that to be what it could be, most people think that they want freedom. They want to. Susan. They want options, but in reality, if you actually want to be productive, you need to take away some of your choices. You need to give yourself parameters to move inside of that's how you can be the most, fact how I say it is that you gotta give yourself some rules to follow that you don't have to think. I feel, like most of us, have heard the stories of some of the greatest minds in the world where the same thing every single day, Steve jobs, always wear the same outfit facebook? I always wherein the same outfit. They limit decision fit
They want to limit how many things they have to think about and make decisions on in the course of a day. It's the same for you and this project that you're working on you need to develop a system and a process that you do not deviate from you don't have to think about so, for example, I have a morning routine. That looks the same way, every single morning when my kids are here and a different routine. That works the same way when my kids are now here, because any parent will tell you that when you have kids in the house you they don't have as much freedom around when and how you are going to be able to do. The work that you want to do my work day is happening entirely inside the parameters of my kids going to school and actually think that this is right good. I would have told you that years ago, to be honest, I yet do I wish that there were days when
Kids are here that I could go past three, thirty hell yeah. Do I that I had the ability to like be entered office and then say to a co worker like hey, coworker, you wanna go get a drink after work. Do I wish I had that? Yes, I'm not! I do you, I wish I had that possibility by knowing that I only have a certain amount of ours is really helpful in me being productive there's. This is like a law, oh I'm forgetting what the law is. It's like someone's, but essentially it says I wanna paraphrase it That matter will move to fill whatever container you give. It think, I'm saying that correctly that it will spread out to be use of the container said another way. If you give yourself, ten hours to finish your project, your finish in ten hours, if you will got. Ninety minute, you ll knock it out and get it done.
the reason we all know this is true is I think, every single one of us has an example of finishing a project right before you go on vacation. Or right before you go on holiday trip or you're like. I do not want to have to work on this when I am gone so all of us and something that would normally take you a week, took you to hours, and you knocked out, and it was done because you wanted to finish your project- will fill up whatever time you gave it so by having myself some constraints by knowing that I got a fit all myself into the hours of my kids were at school. It actually really helps me because there isn't a choice I don't have the option of look Hang on a later possibility. I'll have the option of getting it done later. I've got to follow a process, and what I found and is that the more that you can fine tune that process, so you don't have to think about what you're doing the
better and easier it is to achieve what you need to achieve. For instance, right now I am on deadline for a book and I produce a lotta episodes of the show. So it's a ton of output. For me, every single weekday I dont work weekends and I dont work nights. I just am interested in having a life, so I want to get it done in the hours that I've got assigned to it. That means I have to be. The efficient with my time? If I'm not careful, I will let my desire to be productive to achieve something to get it knocked off the list to override my personal value of taking, care of myself. The reason I'll do that is because I have taught myself or society has taught me or my family of origin has taught me that its way better to have external success. Then it is too
act is taking care of yourself right. It's way easier to you know, do something that gets you accolades, whether its family or friends or public, and then it is too like stop your work day. And do therapy to make sure that you're getting a daily movement break in to make sure that your stopping your workin drinking some water and in taking a break from looking at a screen. All of that is of value Those are values of mine, but I'm trying two unlearn a lifetime of chasing be achievement instead of practising self care, when your aim is rising to the top every step counts step. One is connecting your business, thankfully with eighty anti business you can pick
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Five g requires a compatible plan and device. Five g may not be available in your area visit. Eighty two dot com, slash five g for you for more details the that's, the sound of another sale shop of by the owner commerce platform to start run and grow your business join the platform simplifying commerce for millions of businesses worldwide shop I covers all the sales channels covered from an input in people s system to an own one e commerce platform either, cross social media platforms. Sign up for a free while at shop of ida com, slash, podcast free all lowercase go to shop fi dot, com, slash, podcast, free to start selling online today. So in all to do that. The way that I can make sure that I'm not really dropping of the balls that I'm trying to juggle, including taking care of myself, is a process its rules. If I wake up every single day,.
why do I want to work out today? The answer is always know. I wake up and I'm like do I want to do therapy today? The answer: is now. If I'm like, oh what do I want to do at work today? Will I'm going to choose the thing? That's most fun, I'm not going to choose the hard thing! I'm not going to choose! Writing thousands of words, which is why I spent most of this day. Doing I do as just so we're very clear. I don't like writing books check that for a minute I love writing, but Any author, who will tell you that the actual process of writing a book is fun: it's not fun, you guys it sucks and it's hard and this book by the time has come out. I kid you not. I have literally written for entire books. That's how,
drafts. I have gone through that how many chapters I have written and then thrown away, because I don't like them. I've been working on this project for so long and I keep riding and re writing, and I know it's getting better as I go, but the actual process of doing that is the worst. I would rather have gone and coffee with a fellow creative today and talked about the creative process. I would rather have done a podcast interview with someone cool. I felt their due Other things, then writing a book, but this is my chosen vocation. This is what I choose to do in its how it used to express myself and if I, why that reward of holding and other book in my hands, then I've, do the messy dirty hard work, I don't really want to do so. If I
wake up in the morning, I'm like what do you want to do today? Well, guess what I'm not going to do the parts of the process that suck? So I don't give myself the option. You have got to establish some rules for yourself within the boundaries of this project that you're working on or you're going to think about it, and in this instance you don't need to think as much as you need to do. This really applies. actually to those of you who we went through the process in part. One of this conversation- and I was telling you, okay, You'Re- going to break down your projects and you're going to give yourself these beats and you're going to aim at these things. For those of you who came up so many ideas. This is for anybody who live
you never run out of an idea, you love o brainstorm session. You got all the thoughts all the places you could go and you're actually like, ok, which one do I do first, what's my first part of this or which one of these is gonna, be most effective. This is the piece of advice for you. Which is to give yourself some rules. I have the same were teen that I do every day when it comes to getting up in the morning having morning, routine time alone before anyone else wakes up. Then I've got what happens when the kids alarm clock goes off, then I have dropping them off. Its Oh then, I have getting my work out in then. I have come home. take a shower, get ready. Do I have a whole process because
I do not want to have to think about what I am doing next. If I did not have this process, I would not be working out. I know that in I I've been through a season like this, so many before I know myself when we are in moments of stress. We were ver to our highest level of training. Let me say it again: when you are in a stressful season and trying to finish your project or trying to move a project forward is stressful season, it can feel very for when you were in a stressful season. You dont revert to like the best version of yourself. You refer to whatever you use to. You were to your highest level of training, swipe in talking about habits for five years, the power of having a great habit is in the not having to think we don't ask,
publish processes and habits for when life is going our way we establish habits and processes and systems so that, when were struggling when we're stress when we're in a hard season, we have a routine to fall back on so for me right now. I know that if I didn't have rules in place, if I didn't have a rule that says every freaking day, you're moving your body every day Every day, every day or moving your body, if I didn't rule in place, I would be sabotaging myself care, my well now and my mental and emotional well being you and I both know that moving our bodies does incredible things for our stress hormones for our sex hormones and makes us feel better. It gives us mental cod,
eddie. It's that moment outside of the regular scheduled programming that says ham and take this minute. For me, I am a better mamma. I am a better partner, I'm better leader, I'm a better human. If I am getting exercise and regularly it. So I have a rule that says that is gonna show up in my life every day, doesnt show the same way a weekend when here the kids, and maybe I can't get a grey hard core strengths training session em. Maybe my work out is him an ominous cleaning this house all day today and will be moving around I'm in a pot. My airports, antimony watering, the plants are meant to be doing kids Andrew, we do and all these things and are moving around and I'm moving my body and I'm doing oh by the way. I love that as a movement session cause, I just listen to a podcast or listening to music and just makes me happy, and am
on the go, and also just as aside now as apparent. If I have an entire weekend day, a where I've gotta entertain the kids. It's really helpful to have. a couple hours were: I've got an activity where I'm kind of moving, if anders sitting around like waiting for the day to pass and now we're in glass and play a norman. Do this thing it can make us all a bit and see, but if I've got some move, men just makes me feel better. So all of that to say I have a rule that says: you're gonna move body every day, no matter what, and that means I don't think about it- I just do it, your rules for you life or your project could be things like? Let's use a book is Sample I have a rule that I'm going to write at least one thousand words every day. That's my word count. there's no, if answer, but about that rule, you either
wrote a thousand words or you didn't write a thousand words your rule could be I'm going to cold call twenty potential customers today cause I'm trying to grow my business so at the minimum, I'm gonna cold call twenty potential customers, I'm in a coal call twenty people and I'm in a reach out to at least five, people who know someone who know someone who, give me advice like you need to say: a limitation for yourself most of us when were dreaming when we're goal, setting we're trying to set a ceiling right wing aim up here we're trying to go like okay. This is the goal. This is where I am headed. But you actually will achieve more results in the day to day activity. If you set a floor, not a ceiling,
about it. If you say this is the minimum standard that I will accept of myself and you hold yourself, able to that every day, every day every day. You don't have to think about it. You just do it you know that guy's, a navy seal and every all his instagram is is just like the time that he woke up. It's like for thirty five m by an like. That's all he's doing is your showing you that every single day he's getting up at the same time its cotton genius, because honestly, I know what the picture is. Gonna be, and I still see that every time he comes to my feet and like hell, yeah good for you. He has a standard for himself. He has rules in place, so he does.
Have to think about that area of his life. It's the same for you and the project that you're working on. So the first thing that you want to ask yourself when you're trying to get more granular are what rules. What guidelines need to be in place for me to achieve the best results and it's worth going through a process and tweaking as you go when I was trying to figure out a process for the seas. In that I met this process of writing. An podcasting and working from home and not having child care and that doing all these things I really had to test and see what worked really handed, try stuff out really had to have some days where I tried working after the kids, a god.
Home from school, and then that was frustrating for me. It was frustrating for them and I was like okay. This doesn't work, try something else, and then typically I've discovered in this process that I do or I feel the best. About the pike s that I do when they happen. Mid day in the morning I solve too much stuff in my brain. If I wait, too long. In the day, I don't feel like my brains, you know irene. The way that I wanted to and am also running the risk that I'm gonna have to stop because ago, gotta go get the kids from school, so found that when I do podcast around lunchtime, that's like my best feeling content that I create, for you at least according to me, but that took testing and learn and kind of tweaking and seeing what was gonna work best. So I think what would be so cool for you is too
to spend some time in experimentation to just spend the next couple of weeks trying to figure out a process that would really help you get the results that you want, spend the next few weeks figuring out how you re he's your floor. When I say razor floor I mean you raise your standard, you say This is the minimum I will accept of myself. This is the minimum I will accept when it comes to the results that I'm looking for and just start with one thing at a time whenever we are building a system for ourselves, we get excited about something whether we heard upon cast. We saw a video on you youtube or it's the new year and you're like new year, knew me year ago. I'm doing all the things when you take too much at once you overwhelm your system you overwhelm your system, is way too hard to make it habitual and you give up and then you feel, like you gave up because you are not good enough, but really
you gave up because you set yourself up for failure by taking on too much at once, so look at building a system for yourself but start with one thing: hammond try one thing of friends and I went to a nutritionists the other day. and she was seeing some areas that felt like I could have some supplementation. That would help my focus or help they have better immune system like whatever, but any time If you're working with a nutritionist or maybe a doctor, has you trying new supplements. The best way to take them on is one at a time cause if you take all of the supplements at once, and you have a negative effect or frankly, if you have a fantastic response to this, when you're taking, but you took them all at once, a u dont know which one is helping you or hurting you. It just ends up make knit way harder than it needs to be better to take on one thing at a time tested, get it really good and then add something else
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seriously. One of our favorite ways to get ideas for the show is when listeners call in to hotline with questions hi, rachel, rachel. Alright, I have to stop today. I just had a question for you: I'm just looking for some help and advice, an institution that I'm going through. So I want to make sure you know that our hotline exists, the number seven three seven, four hundred for six to sex. you can leave your name and your number or you can leave a voicemail totally anonymously to ask whatever you're thinking about Do you want us to do an episode about or bring in an expert to discuss? relationship health. How to it, If your goals, how to raise your kids, you name it we're pretty good at figuring a way to talk about it so help us god. The conversation of this show column. the hotline at seven three, seven, four hundred for six, too
now, once we've established a process once have the big picture we're coming down lower. We ve got some rules. We ve raised our floor. We have an idea of what we want to do what admittedly happens- and I know this because I've experienced it and because this is one of the top questions I've gotten over the last decade of this work. Is people lose motivation. They get really excited. things working and their alike. I was doing so well by I'm, not motivated anymore or as excited about it or I'm having a hard time getting myself to move forward. If you're listening to this raised hand. If you ve ever run out of motivation on a project. I think we all have our version of,
as and there's a million inspiring quotes that you can look up on pinterest and you can change the wallpaper on your phone, but essentially the best advice I have is don't think just do don't think. Just do don't think. Just do don't question it. Don't debate it you're, freaking brain, is going to try and talk you out of doing The thing you know you need to do every single time You have never read the war of art by stephen press filled. I need you to pause this episode and go get that on amazon. now? Yes, it would be better to buy from an independent bookstore, but in this instance I want you to have that primed to
your house delivered in forty eight hours, the war of art incredible everybody reads this book: everybody is inspired by this book. It's not that big, but it will change your perspective on the process, the process of creating anything, creating a business, creating art, creating theory being a thought leader doesn't matter what it is. It's an incredible book and the central theme is this idea of us encountering resistance. Resistance is something that's gonna show up in your life every single time, because human beings are creatures of comfort. We want to be comfortable. We want to choose the thing, that's going to feel most good for us. Going back all the way to survival instincts that are like, if you choose a thing that is comfortable, you will stay alive so any time you sit down to do something
You know you need to do even if it's part of that process in the beginning, your brain is gonna. Go into overdrive, trying to talk you out of it. Frankly, we even after you're doing it you're already doing it, your brains, coming up with reasons why you should go. I have absolutely in my lifetime gone to the gym like gone, ready, put, the clothes on driven to the gym walked into the gym, got on the treadmill, done it for like six minutes and the like eight this, I'm leaving. I have totally done that before you know they're like if you could just get yourself there than you'll, keep sometimes, and sometimes I can talk myself out of it even after I've started doing the thing think about it if you have a dream that you gave up on when you were half way through, How many of you have let go of a dream when you are close to the finish line, I think it's more people,
than we would imagine who allow that voice of resistance to push back on us and have us believe that its who hard that we're not smart enough. There were not strong enough them. Your your brain is there at a moment's notice. To tell you all the ways is gonna suck. Why I am writing my book. In the middle of a chapter, I'm writing something in one moment, I'm like hey. This is yeah, that's it. Way to say that I really love that two seconds later like I am a crappy writer, I don't even know why I try and do this I'll never have work. That's as good as girl, wash your face. No one's ever going to care as much about anything I do as a about that book. Why am I even trying, like all of this stuff pops in my head, and it's telling me that I should just stop doing what I'm doing cause it's not worth it. That resistance is always there, so you can't think about it. I think this why the nike slogan is so
successful, and so I conning it's like just do it just do it just go and just write the thing just create the thing just put it out, just publisher work. Just do it! That's why the guard rails are so important. It's why the process and the system matter so much is because you want to give yourself situations where you don't have to make a decision. You just do the thing and every single time you show up, and you just do the thing you put energy in to this project and the energy that you're putting into this project becomes the momentum
it's the thing that you start to move its the little engine that could it's what starts to begin to go forward the ball rolling down the hill it slow at first, it picks up speed. It continues to grow. That's the magic but you're gonna have to show up and do the work. When you don't want to and the best way that I know to go about that is to not think about it don't even give yourself a second just. Do it. and I think in order to pull that off guys. You have to be willing to do it badly. You have to willing to do it badly. The failure question is one that comes up over and over and over again, and people are terrified of failing and their terrified, getting it wrong and their terrified of sacking.
is the only way I know of to get better it really is it see only way I know of to get better and, unfortunately, even once you achieve success in career in life in relationships, even once you have achieved that level of success. You're not guaranteed that the next work will be good. In fact, if you're pushing yourself to evolve, if you wishing yourself to level up in any area of your life. You won't be good at the next level, I'm going to this process right now of. this is like a whole like reveal about the next book, but my tension, and this is hard for me is to write something That is not giving you my opinion.
Challenging you too, I by your own and then seems a little like ambiguous and weird sounding, but I am in the business of advice is what I've been doing for a decade whether it was having a blog talking about being apparent having this podcast writing books. I've just been giving advice, it's really cool and I'm very humbled by the fact that you would want advice or that you would listen to my perspective or that I get to do work that is helpful to me. bore, but I was like you know. What would be me levelling up is if I can figure out how to write something in such a way That allowed each person who reads it to reach
the establish their own perspective and their own wishes and their own knowledge. Like. Could I write something that entertains you? That makes you laugh that makes you think but really leads you on a journey that is entirely yours. and even though that's my intention- I've been working on it for a while. I still reread chapters mike I know what I want them to think. The answer is so I Writing this in a way that is trying to I don't like. No don't do it. By the way. That's what people have come to expect for me- and I am sure that it be really successful. If I just did what everyone expects, but I'm trying to learn not just
as it as a leader right, but as a human in the school of life, and I don't believe that anybody else has the answers for us. I think that we figure out our own beliefs and answers through self reflection through wisdom that we glean from experience from the lessons that we ve learned. Like that's what I really believe and if that's what I We believe, then, the coolest most of thing. I can do as a writer is try and create an experience within the pages of a book. that allows that to happen, and I dont know if you're gonna get it right I don't know if I'm going to pull it off I'm tryin, I'm really trying and damn it
Don't do it I'm proud of myself for having tried to do something new yeah, that's what I keep doing. I just keep trying shit and where get it wrong and when I fail, I stand and I learned from my mistakes and I learn from the past and are and do better in the future. That's it that's scary. Sometimes is your giving yourself room to fail, ironically It's how you succeed in fact the only way that I know of two six he'd in a major way, to be willing to play full out and if you're willing they fallout. You run the risk that you're gonna get it wrong. I run the risk you're gonna create something that people don't and don't like and say like this is what we stu, and this is what we wanted and that's ok. Cause I'm willing to get it wrong. So when
Voice of resistance starts in with you and tells you all of the reasons why this is gonna work out. The way you want it to hope you remember. that everybody you admire, Everyone whose created things You really love. All of them were willing to fail, and all of them in order to keep being great had to fail at the next highest level. Are the last piece of advice I have when it comes to productivity and really moving that big project forward is gonna hearken, back to what we talked about earlier in this episode. Batching, your work is, you doing, lie minded work together in a group, so instead of someone who work
from nine to for every single day- and they do the same being from nine to eleven than they do the same thing eleven to twelve thirty than they have their thirty minute lunch than they do the next thing, the dude annexing or instead someone who does every thing in their job, all day long, like your answering emails, you're talking on the phone, you do you during a bunch of differ you have my mom works and escrow, and this is how she functions like when she talks to me about her job. I'm, like that's chaos. What you ve just described is chaos she's, constantly starting in stopping a million different projects, because that's the speed of her industry and what's happening in her office are so much going on around her she's constantly doing it all and I'm not in the industry. So I can't speak to what is necessary, but what I know is that everything We'll time you
change the thing that you're thinking about you step out of flow stay takes you longer than you would believe to get back inside and frankly, everyone, doing that over and over and over again theirs chance that you are never getting into flow state and there chance that you're actually fatigue. your brain, so much that you're losing the focus you could have. If you are being smarter about how you worked, batching. Your work can really trip you out never done it before, because you can begin to feel like I'm accomplishing all of these things over here, but I didn't through emails today tuesdays amman answer emails, but it didn't answer emails cause it's monday and yes, I knocked out all these podcast episode, but it can start to make us feel anxious, because not doing things, the way that we used to
I want you to understand that if you try and that your work for the first time it might feel really clunky just like it feels really clunky. When you first learned drive a car, and now you ve been doing it for years, and you can drive with your knees while your hand in your kid a they cup in the back right, ouch in your work is these single best way. that I know of to accomplish the most in the least amount of time to the best of your ability, small businesses now there's a convenience store just for you worries easy to shop for quality health plans when a company online get instant price.
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like I'm, sharing in the way that I one share, I'm remembering the name of that navy seal. Why can't I, reverend baby. It's driving me crazy, like I'm remembering that stuff, I feel I propose doing this and my normal time period. I would be on for you in the way that I need to be it also, I think, is so freaking important if you are a men strader a mistake again, if you are immense strader, this is so important. If you are currently menstruating, I dont mean like if you are currently someone who is animal straighten cycle, meaning you are minster being an you are of childbearing age. You haven't gone through menopause, yet you're still bleeding once a month. If that is true for you, it me is that you are on annette, freight in rhythm, so there, sir avian rhythm, which is twenty four hours, there's an
fraid ian rhythm, which is the entire month. That means that in a court the course of a given week over your cycle in a month you are a different person. You are a different person. You are a different person in your little face. Then you are in your population phase. Then are in the part of the month where you bleed, you are different. Her You have different hormones in your body, different energy levels, different things happening with your digestion, different things happening with your focus and. hope they you guys I've been reading up on this as much as I ve been talking about it. I hope you ve read in the flow by of Viti. I hope you ve read period power by maisie hill. If you haven't, please go do that, but essentially you have superpowers. based on them week that you're n you ve got superpowers. Do you that. There is a time of your cycle that you're better at ideation and creativity. Do you know
a part of your cycle that you're better at introspection and doing that deep work. Do you know that there is a part of your cycle that, should absolutely be pitching new clients, because when you are all violating is when you ve got that energy, you got that life. It's when you ve got frankly those sexual and you that are attracting other people, it's the best time to be putting yourself out there. It also should be when you feel your best there fr at times of our month, where we feel good we feel low energy where we feel withdrawn, where we felt. going, If you were aligning the work you do with work, you're in your month, holy shit, things start to happen now, Imagine that you are aligning batching. Work where you are in your monk and batching work with where you are in your day your Now we're getting into some next level thought process.
I know when I am most likely to write the best words with the easiest flow, I know when I can be in the way I want to be on doing sallow episode. I know when it's best room to do an interview I know when I need to stop, because my brain is like yep. That's all we can. Rachel can't add any more to this process based on the car. Work that I need to do. I know the time of day and the weak during the month when that is best for we don't have full control were when we get work done, I can only do podcast episodes during one week of them. But if I have at least a rough idea like, for instance next week, I'm going away, I'm doing a bunch of interviews for pod in person right. I timed that with the weak Then I'm in I'm in my ambulation, unlike let's go like here, I am
here's my energy, here's, my life, I'm bringing this to you, I'm feeling good. I timed that, because ever possible. I'm trying to give myself the best chance that I have, but even if you can set up your month that way, Most of us have the ability we work for ourselves and for working on a project. We can set up our project hours in that way. So batching your work means that if I've got a record for podcast epoch, codes that I do that all on the same day, all on the same day, I am using a very special modality in my brain to do. Episodes of this show so I can do that all at once and then leave the rest of the week free for other things. That's when I get my best work, also just think it smart from the perspective of I like to if pass
wool, because I'm recording audio and video, I like to look presentable I like to actually I know you wouldn't think so, but I do actually like to put a little makeup on make my hair look cute. I like that, you guys could see a veteran and you're like we reach put in some effort today, but if I'm not intentional, about planning out the time to batch my work that doesn't happen today, because I had this glitch in my morning, routine, that's not normally there I didn't get to do things aware. Molly would, which is why, you're watching this video instead of listening to it, you can see that I've got sweats on and I'm wearing a t shirt. I didn't take a shower today, it put on an eyebrow for you guys, because I can at least do that much. But it's not my the best of the best and if I'm
put effort in man. I want to give you my all. The way that I can show up and get the best results is when I back. If I have to do right, doing now altogether. If I have to do press doing them altogether whatever it is. You gotta do health fitness your ear? here. You ve got a vision, you're doing your dream, your workings, your kids, you're, getting sef ready for the house, these whatever it is batch things together. That is huge, the other thing, and I'm not perfected this, but when I do it well,. It really changes everything and that is to do as much as you can in advance, sat yourself up for success, ass- I am really bad or have been really bad in the past. I'm tired, I dont want I just one
still I be done. I don't, and I found that if I can just if, if current rage can set up future each for success, we all just function better, If I know that I really want to do a long run this weekend, and I need new running socks because dont- have any socks right now and I'm getting blisters on my feet and I need new running socks. Just do things in advance. Just do things when makes sense it sort of the idea of batching your work. Your already at the grocery store right, let's say, is a perfect example. Let's say that you are picking up suffer dinner tonight, but you are also going to have to eat dinner every other night. This week you already at the grocery store you're. Already there just figure out what you need
and get it all at once, set yourself up for success So you are utilizing the time you have to the best of your abilities right. Let's say that as part of morning routine early in the morning. It's like five am and am said not you're on the sofa and I've got my hot water with lemon and I'm sorry in there and I'm thinking about all the follow up that I need to do are different things I need to do. I will keep a notebook by me and I'll just in those won't just get it down, put it down just get the ideas down and then, as soon as the back on my computer, I'm doing all that our boom just knock out real quick. I found. like twenty minutes of focused here well, the stuff that I need to do and I'm just going to knock it out immediately in this moment, I'm going to do it in advance. It sets up future rage to come back after I've batched all my podcast episodes and written all my
words. I'm gonna go to my email today and I'm going have responses to all the things I sent out this morning and in that way I am able to keep the momentum everything going of all four projects moving forward by thoughtfully figuring out a system that really works from so batch as much as you can do as much as you can in advance. Beer own assistant, beer, own support team. You know you're gonna need something, do it, then a litter lose at the Jemmy the a day and for like six months, I've didn't you running shoes, no no kidding I need a new running shoes and I can never find them in every damn at the gym. Like I gotta get new running shoes cause, I really want to go on a long run. Gotta get ready and the I was at the gym. The other day it was like dum dum, open your phone right now it will take you
Three minutes. I know the exact shoe I want. I know the size. I have used the same running shoes for a decade. This will take you less than five minutes. To go on to buy the shoe and have it shipped to your house, and it's done and you don't have to think about it any more. It goes back to this overthinking. Don't think just do just get it done. Just take care of the thing we spend. so much effing time. Thinking about how hard it's gonna be to do think. We'd we don't want to do when if we just did it yet it might be annoying in the moment, but it takes one one hundredth of the effort that it took you to think about not getting it done for the past six months. So let's be smart about this. Let's take on these projects of ours with energy and passion and heart
The way that I know to do that is to like stay in it. To stay in the momentum of the project to be with its, why I lay out that you know results based earliest. Why do that? Every week it's why check in in the morning. Where am I out? What am I doing? How am I moving these things forward? I'm there I'm inside of it, we lose our motivation when we lose our momentum when you step outside the project try and come back in? Sometimes it's almost as hard as before. You started cause at least when he started, you are really excited, and you didn't know how hard it was gonna be if you step away and come back its oftentimes way more taxing on us to get going again so stay in its day in that,
you stay in that passion stay in the work. If you need to you, know every morning, go listen to a motivational hyper speech on you to go. Do that, if you need to jump down or dance to music, whatever you gotta do to keep yourself in that modality. Whatever you gotta do to amend, the enthusiasm that you started with that's: what's gonna get the job done. That process
of checking in every single weaken, seeing where you are that's, what keeps us aligned and focused most of us don't achieve our goals, not because we don't have the power to do it, not because we are not excited not because we're not worthy, not because of a lot of factors that we tell ourselves or true. The reason most people will not achieve the goal is because they get distracted by a lesser goal that rule so stay on it stay in it and keep showing up are guys. I hope this conversation was helpful if you duggar, oh, my gosh would so appreciative share. on social media or send it to a friend that you think could really benefit from it too. I am grateful,
at the time and this community and to get to hang out with you guys- and I will be back soon with more rotation and more ideas and until then remember I love you I'm for you, the rachel. How is podcast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble small businesses now there's a convenience store. Just for you worries easy to shop for quality health plans for accompany online. Get instant price
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