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390: 5 Reasons Why You're NOT MANIFESTING the Life You Want

2023-03-29 | 🔗
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Most of the things were, unlike wholly crap, like I've manifested this moment. I know that I set my intention, and here I am living out this moment there was action taken, that's a key is like people are like. Oh, I made the vision board and am calling the shots, and where is my thing? You know I want the partner of my dreams and I made vision born, I know exactly who they are. But you haven't left your house in six months. You don't go anywhere, you don't do anything, you don't need anybody. What is the actual worthy? inspired action that you are taking to get you close. You gotta meet the universe. You gotta. meet god half way, business joint collapse. This is a match between you and a higher power. What are you doing to meet god? Half way? What are you doing well? What did you do today? That can get you even a little bit closer to where you want to go? What
The next write me, in this moment that can get you closer to. idea. Hi I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast I spent- so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan- four intermittent fasting. What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is. My guess are into. I want unpacking so that we can all understand these. our conversations this is information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis
I guess I guys it's great welcome to another conversation. Another hang out, I'm so glad you're here. I am so grateful that you guys spend some time together whether you are watching this video or listening to the podcast. I'm grateful that you're here and I know I say this. Every single episode, but I am very genuinely excited to have this conversation with you today, because I feel, like the universe is nudging. This one I feel, like god, keeps like tapping me on the shoulder and being like https should talk about this. Let's start with the beginning, there were two specific conversations that I have heard lately that I felt like the universe was like elbowing me and going like talk about this talk about this, so the first one was
I took my kids to get managers all the kids. The whole kitten caboodle me rollin into the nelson with four children in tow. We do this, I'm looking to say every month, but I may be every other month: it'll be ok yeah I will get a man cure. You guys want to go pettycury, I'm not gonna lie it's something to do it, somebody You know where I am at home on a weekend with four kids by myself and oh, my gosh is so many hours till bedtime, and everybody enjoys it, who doesn't like a pedicure who doesn't like a manicure, and so am I. want to go to the nelson's everyone's I yet we all. rally together. We go to the nail Salaam ends we're in various parts of this, the small little local place and they put his car oliver the shop, but there's a group of women who
chatting and one of them you We all know that person who's talking so loud. You have a zero percent chance of not listening what's going on now? Normally he to go the nelson and was no podcast or some music, but in this instance I had my daughter with me and she was getting your toes done and she wanted to watch there's this cartoon that a sharp and a mermaid and a weasel do has no there's like shark owen, someone. There are no words in this cartoon. As far as I can tell A weasel as a weasel he's trying to eat a mermaid. This sounds crazy if you ve never seen this the sounds like a fever dream, but the weasels trying to eat the mermaid the shark trying to protect the mermaid. I can't help the sharks protecting the mermaid, because there are a couple or because their friends
or because he just hates the weasel I don't know what's going on. There is no dialogue is just like weird sounds, and this cartoon my daughter lives, for she loves it she's the new law watching now on my phone, so I can't help I can't help it over here. This woman conversation there's two women and they are talking about their kids are going to college, and it was just like a case study in an abundance mindset and scarcely mindset. So the abundance mindset came from a woman whose chow
I was already at college. They had had a year at college. They were going into their sophomore year at college. The scarcity mindset was a woman whose child was going into their freshman year of college, and if I told you on paper all of the things that were happening in this woman's life, her kid had gotten into an incredible school, his dream school. He was so pumped you so excited. She told the other woman his whole high school career. This is all he's wanted to do he's so excited he got into the school he's their oldest. He got like a scholarship. They only have to pay part of it like on paper. This is all amazing news, but to hear this woman tell the story, it was just this
massive inconvenience everything about it was hard having to take him to different colleges was hard and the idea that he's going to college out of state was hard, and now I mean we're going to have to pay for travel, he's going to have to travel back and forth from there to here. And the holidays like and then it you know, all these things that I just never thought about this and what about the meal play? And it was like no matter what she said, the other mom was like. Oh, I know I was worried about that too, but I have to tell you like, but you know, my kid went to college and I was scared but they're doing so well, they've blossomed. They have the most amazing group of friends and yeah. I know it's confusing at first, but like they'll figure it out It was literally an hour. You could not help, but over here these pupils- art like ever my teenager, came up to me and I was like. Did you hear that conversation on my brother or that conversation at the type one? Don't extror everybody her the combo? What
I'm trying to assure the other like it's all gonna work out. It's all gonna be fine. I know it's scary, but this is exciting and the other one it just only negative, it was all she could talk about was how negative this experience was, and I tell that story for two reasons: number one man I freaking get it I get it. I get what it's like to be afraid and have that fear come out of your mouth. As a negativity, because it's easier to be negative about how much the plane tickets home for the holidays are going to cost than it is to admit that you're afraid to admit that your oldest that your baby is about going to college, and you don't know how it's going to go to admit that this is a whole new phase, your family's going into, and that feels scary in fact,
those moments. Unless you do some soul searching and some unpacking, you, maybe don't even understand that that's what you're feeling all you focus on is like. Oh, what does this mean, and this is going to be hard and I don't understand it so confusing why couldn't you go to school and state? Allow you're up here on the surface, because on the surface you're an end control mama, whose pissed about the price of an airline ticket and down here Your mama, whose about to send her first baby bird out of the nest and that's terrifying that feels out of control. It's like your heart, living outside of your body, so it's easier to focus on all the negative things about this experience than it is.
to come back to this feeling of fear. That's really underlying everything else. Thousand first reason I want to talk about this is because I wanted to make that distinction. For well. The second reason I wanted to share this particular story is because I don't doubt for a single moment that this woman loves her son, and I know it based on the the diet. That she had all the things she was so worried about. I don't doubt for a second that this boy is her pride and joy, but I'll tell you what I want every single one of you parents to hear this. If that is the way you are talking about their life even we are not talking about it in front of them, which I doubt if that is the way you are talking about their life, they are going to feel it.
there is no world, were her son does not pick up on the energy that she is adding to this equation, which is either going to make the child feel anxious on shore. Maybe it makes him angry, maybe it makes them feel better. Maybe it makes them feel like. Should I not be doing that? Should I not be going. I shall not be having my own life or may be. It makes its That they go away and don't want to come back because already feel such negativity surrounding this experience that woman
unintentionally. I am positive unintentionally doing the first thing that blocks us from what we want to attract into our life. She doing the first thing and I think, probably the most common thing. What you say matters what you say matters what you say be comes your reality. What you say becomes a reality all fast for different experience about a sporting event. I'm I'm sitting. I can hear the other moms talking and one of them's talking about I'm so tired, I'm just so time exhausted,
I am so tired. I am so tired and by the way, real all all these moms every single mom in this line, at first of all, we're on traveling baseball team, which means we're Oliver Helen ga, taking these kids around sitting out at a tournament. God bless him, I'm not even gonna lie. I do a game, I do a game, I do two hours or watch a game and then go home to three other kids. I know there's a lot of people like pack up the whole family to make all the kids go, the other three kids do not one watch based, but they don't they ll, occasionally very rarely, I'm not going to make them set there. So I
I watch the game and then I go home. I watch the game. I convinced the sixteen year old to watch the two younger ones for the two hours. Why I go watch this game, then I come back home and take care of the other three. So these I would say ninety eight percent of the parents in this line up. They don't watch a game. They watch all the games, all the they're there. They say the whole thing, the routing they're cheering they bring their coolers, they got their snacks, they are in it. They are in it to win it. They drive here they drive back. They do the things there are the some of these shout out. If any of these women listen to podcasts, you know I love you and respect the hell out of you. There's practice Multiple times a week, basically every night, some of the moms sit at the practice. They watched the practice. That is the level of intention.
Woody with their it's. So agreeable, not me! Oh! I love this for you not me. I can't know now I can't watch baseball practice. No! Thank you, love that, but no but she's like I'm so tired of like hell, yeah, you're, tired, I'm tired of hearing your schedule but are worth have power. when you talk about anything even if it real for you, you are giving power to that truth, I'm so tired. I am just so tat if you set their wherever you are right now and you started saying I'm feeling really tired, like how my next kind of hurting my you could very easily talk yourself. to feeling a certain kind of way and when you begin to feel a certain kind of way, you begin to act a certain kind of way, and it is a self fulfilling prophecy.
I am not saying that we do a moment. Of course you have moments where you are tired, but giving voice to that gives power to the thing you don't want to create. More of the alternative, is you know, I'm gonna take a man, out and get some rest. I'm really gonna honour my body with some rest right now. I'm really gonna sit down and just ground myself and take a minute to replenish take a minute five, my spirit, I know- maybe you're rolling your eyes. I sound a bit cheesy with the way that I talked to myself. You don't have to say that you'd be like hey, hey girl, we're gonna, sit a spell or a seat here for a minute we're going to what you know. However, Would you say that one scenario is you giving power to something you don't want she's, not saying like? Oh I'm so tired, thank god cause I'm ready to go to bed and it's going to be great to fall right, asleep,
She saying I'm so tired, she's she's, a lamenting she's bombed about the fact that she's tired, when she's out her kids game and she wants to have energy, she's, drinking, a coffee and she still feeling so tired, but she's giving power to that. So the alternative is oh, my this espresso is in testing, I'm going to stand up and sort of move around a little bit, I'm going to give some energy to my body. My body is really craving some energy right now, they're both the same thing, but they lead you in two completely different directions. This morning I finish my book guys finished my book, who was a big deal, my tenth book It was very hard to finish and I'm really brought myself for getting it done, and I knew I wanted to do this. Podcast episode free all, but
I also knew that my brain was kind of mush like the final chapter of a book. It takes a lot I and I just so. I was like oh I'm going to go. Go outside. I'm gonna put my feet on the ground. If you listen to my episode about things that I do to renew my spirit and connect with my higher power, that's a big one for me as my bare feet on the ground, so I went and sat with my bare feet on the ground and I just took a minute to sort of fill myself back up now. I did that because I was tired, but I speak it
to what I want, not necessarily what I'm feeling and we're we're talk. We're weren't talk, no matter! What should you gonna talk? You may as well talk using empowering conversation using conversation that becomes bread crumbs that you leave yourself with the direction that your headed, what you say, isn't even necessarily directly tied to trying to attract something into your life. but it is absolutely tied with your vibrational level and what you're putting out into the world more on that in a minute. So the first thing that is potentially blocking your manifestation is what you say and the easiest solution here, if you feel like you, are potentially accidentally calling things into your life that you don't want to
easiest thing is just to pay attention to the words that come out of your mouth. We do this all the time I did it earlier in this episode and I'm leaving it in so that we can have this moment where I catch it. Earlier in the episode I caught myself saying something that my internal alarm is like twitter, but that was a terrible alarm that was whoop whoop whoop, that's better okay, so that was my internal alarm. I said I'm clumsy and I'm clumsy, and am I oh damn, I'm literally doing it right now, doktor. Wayne dire has so many
credible books on the law of attraction and manifesting and something he wrote a camp, remember book, but I absolutely loved it. He said I am, I am oh, you know, there's at scripture in the bible be still and know that I am. I am. He said. Our divine words I m are the words of god. So if you listening to this watching this right now, if you ever use the two words, I am you better back it up with something bad ass. You get her back it up with something divine you better back.
up with who you want to be. I am clumsy I am clumsy I'm just reinforcing that in my own mind and I worked through a lot of beliefs and I had about myself a lot of limiting, believes that I had about myself just by becoming conscious of when I say I am so
for you don't ever follow that up unless you want it to be something, that's good. So the first way that you're blocking is what you saved a second way that you may be blocking. What you're trying to manifest is what you complain about what you complain about what you complain about manifests period period period, because this goes back to manifesting, what a wonderful listen to that episode, but just catch this for a quick minute thought and what we focus on matched with the energy that we focus on it with
is the strength of our ability to attract something me say it again, what you focus on paired, with the feeling that you have, while you focus on that thing, the intensity of the feeling. Those two things paired together are what allows us to attract or what attracts into our life. And you're like wait, no way cause like I keep focusing on. I keep meditating on this great thing in my life, but I just keep it acting more of what I dont want right, because the feeling attached to what you don't want is stronger than the feeling attached to the stuff that you do want. Why? Because the crap that we're afraid of is always going to evoke
a stronger feeling in us, then you know maybe someday I'll need a nice guy right. Oh, I want to attract like a nice guy, whatever thou be so cool. I have a partner la la la la la oh, I gotta go having to pay my bills. Oh, oh, we don't have enough money and eleven million accounts overdrawn at the energy that you bring to something essentially think of it like this. We're telling the universe all the time we're telling here's here's what we're! Looking for here's what I love. This is what I love and were telling the universe that, by what we focus on by what we think about the volume of that request is based on how much feeling you have when you focus on it and I'm in it
into that more. But let us stick with this idea of complaining for a minute. What you complain about you, add energy to right, cause, you're, pissed, off or you're better or you're annoyed, or you get frustrated, and you are telling the universe this this this this this. This is what I want is whatever you're putting out the world. It's like. I do not want. that's no ooh scrub ups. They said no scrubs, I don't want no scrubs. A scrub is a guy that can't scrub is a guy that can get know me. I can't think of the words right now, but they didn't want to scrub right you're over there telling the universe, no scrubs. No thank you, but all you're focusing on is
the scrub. It really was already there like under twenty five like what is she talking about but yeah now you know if you know, okay, so you're telling the universe. I don't want no scrubs, but you complain your girlfriends the boys. You can buy your mama about the boys. You tell, Everyone that will listen, that you just can't find yourself. Anybody on this or the only people you attract on this app are losers. You it's all you focus on, is the thing you don't want and you add energy to it and you keep complaining about it, and so the universe is like damn. This girl is interested,
in a scrub. I'm gonna send another one her way, because this is all she thinks about, and she thinks about it with passion. Passion is high energy, but passion is and always positive. You can passionate, we hate something right. So what you complain about you create what you complain about you create more of, and I mean I think, of this like when we go through breakups, and you know it super normal to go through a break up and you're talkin your girlfriend's about your processing, it with your therapists, you're telling your mama jack and everyone. Then this happen, and then this happen in this happened and
it doesn't mean that what you ve gone through, isn't real. It doesn't mean that what you ve gone through, isn't gonna take some time to heal, but it is really important that you are conscious of the energetic ties that you have between yourself and the thing you keep saying. You don't want, because if you dont want something you let her go. Right I am, I really want some wide led trousers try and everywhere I tried shop Bob. I tried nord stream. I have his vision in my head. I want these like wide leg trousers, but I'm not
for sure- and I got a booty and it's not necessarily the easiest thing- to find wide leg trousers that look great on me. So I just keep trying stuff gets shipped to the house or try it on it doesn't work. I send it back right. This is the just going to keep trying this thing until I get it. I look in stores still not finding anything, when it's not for me, I send it back and I never think about the trousers that didn't work and everything about those pants again. Never, but you you have that boss two years ago, that was a narcissist asshole and you he talking about how bad that boss was you. He telling people how bad that experience was or
We went through a breakup and your ex girlfriend was crazy town and you keep telling every you're like oh well. Let me tell you, oh you have about. Let me tell you this, and even when you're not talking to people you're thinking about it in your own mind, you see someone on a tv show and you're like well. That reminds me of Amy and she was crazy and here's all the reason why and you keep going back. It's like an obsessive compulsive need to keep unpacking this in an earthing it and all you're doing is attracting it to your life in a greater way.
Right, because if it wasn't for you, you wouldn't let it go, you would assume yeah. Those are not my pants. These are not the joints you seek. You would have moved on. So what you complain about you create free, and this is a big one. What you focus on is blocking you're infestation. What you focus on there is, I am focusing on right now. I don't know if you can hear, but there's someone using a chainsaw to drop down. You know basically a whole forest. We need the law acts. I dont know why they are my neighbors. Maybe I'm in taxes, ya, We think it happened here. You could hear like a shot gun three times in its the afternoon. Who knows, but if you are,
during a chainsaw know that I hear the chains ought to, and hopefully it's not here. Hopefully it's not an ancient redwood. That's that's going down! So what you focus on this was. Crucial for me to understand this is the most frequent a if you don't get anything else. If you don't take anything else away from this, even if you think the whole conversation about law of attraction and manifesting is bs, I mean honestly, it
Why you're still here, if you think that, but I mean let's stay open if you are, this is incredible. Just try this one thing. Just try this one thing out and see if it has any effect on your life. I feel like the easiest way to see what you focus on is the the frigging determining factor what you focus on the vibration that you bring to. It is what you call and your life period, and this shows up for, I think most of us when it comes to finances. This is huge. I know what it's like to be wealthy. I know what it's like to be poor. I know what it's like to not
are you going to make rent to pay for gas with change that you found under the seat. I know what it's like to park around the corner from your house, so that your car doesn't get repossessed. I I know it all, and so I know what the difference is and I know have you ever heard- that expression. You? Don't you want to know how to make a million dollars do I want to know how to make a million dollars like ok, you're gonna need a million dollars. Essentially, the idea is that if you have a large sum of money, it's easy to make a large sum of money and in business thinking it's absolutely true right. You can invest that in different ways. You can use it to grow your wealth, blah blah blah, but I think part of reason. That also works is because, if you had a million dollars, you're not worried about how you are going to pay your rent,
people who say money won't make you happy. Bullshit money will pay your bills. Money will cover your kids tuition right. That mama, whose worried about her kid haven't, get plane, tickets back and forth. That's a fear for her clearly show Thinking, I'm gonna be financially responsible for this, and what, if I don't, have the resources to make this experience, what it should be for him right money can give you things that make it so much easier for you to function to live, to, have your mental health be out of whack like that's much ease or to do. If you know how you're gonna be able to pay bills, lots of people in this country and all over the world have depression and anxiety very severe mental on emotional health issues and they don't get to take time,
to figure it out or unpack packet or go to retreat, they they're gonna work. Did I built a bigger babies to take care of when you don't have something and it feels foundational obviously there is going to be very strong emotions attached to that. Obviously, universe. Get at hierarchy of needs. The ability to take care of yourself space is the most basic. Am I save, do I have shelter? Am I like? Can breathe, cannon Am I o k and money is a huge piece of that, which means form, Some of us there are going to be very strong feelings. When it comes to finances. I think
if you were raised in our home, that had money if you never listen to people fight and argue about how they were gonna pay for something. If you ve never had to worry financially, I would bet that it's actually easier for you to attract more. I sort of wonder if this is the reason why people from wealthy families are able to build wealth. No, yes. In many circumstances, nepotism is at play, though I here's, your trust, fund, here's, the money, go. Do the thing, but also part of it is. I wonder if you never had any fear surrounding this, If you always had access to money, if you always had daddy's money or mommy's money ready to go, if you were a trust fund, baby. then. In your mind, money is like a faster that you could turn on and just always gonna be there for you. If you don't any other reality than that is your reality
so your relationship with finance is probably even if you're, even that argument spending, I'm not talking about fish, core responsibility. I am talking about strictly emotionally. What do you think about finances now? I'm going to assume that the number of trust fund babies who listen to my show is very small. This is just my guess: I'm going to guess that most of us did not grow up with the ton of money, that most of us did struggle financially that most of you also know what it feels like to not be able to pay bills or to be right now in a place where you don't know how you're going to pay your bill. So I love money as an example of the way we feel about something and how we unintentionally create more of the thing
We don't want. Let's say you are one of the millions of people that have watched a video on youtube about how to attract more abundance into your life. You want to attract more money. You want to attract more wealth. You want to attract security, you aren't hacked all sorts of things right. You watch youtube videos, you listen HU, the meditations I get it and I actually went on a journey several years ago, where I listen to all of those things and watch all of those things because I was like. I just had a hunch that there was something about my relationship with money that wasn't healthy and I couldn't understand it was very layered and all sorts things in it required not just us meditation, but also prayer and therapy in a whole lot of unpacking. But the way one thing that I was doing that I did not understand until later.
When I was younger and I was struggling financially when I was working to pay off a bunch of debt in my business when I was doing all of these things, the one thing that I didn't understand that I was calling into my life through my focus was obsessing over the debt obsessing. Now I would do my gratitude every morning. I would tap into that feeling of of blessing. I would tap into like you know, I'm capable of working and taking care of my family, and I have had all I've ever need and like all those things, but I would have sass over the debt I was. I would pay attention to every penny. I would pay it down and when it had this much more, I'm going to
at all. I thought about was the debt, the debt, the debt, the debt it was like this beat of my heart. It was what I lived my life through and I just kept. I swear to you in that time period. I just kept uncovering more debt and more like all of these things that had been hidden in the business. I would be like. Oh my god, we just paid this off and now there's just no. I just I swear. I was like. I don't understand what
spinning, I don't. I don't know what I'm doing, but I know that I am doing something wrong. I somehow am calling this into my life and I told you I believe that we attract things into our lives and I was like I do not want to attract. I jut like Lord Jesus, please just let me pay off what this is and have it be done. I do not want to attract any more of this, but in order to stop attracting, I have to understand what I'm doing, and I thought that, because every day I was doing abundance meditations that I was going to attract the abundance that I was looking for know because remember I told you what we focus on is what we call in, and the energy that you attach to what you focus on has massive power, and I will tell you right now that I was doing all of these things and going through this abundance process in reading all of these books, because my.
Greatest underlying emotion was terror. I was terrified. I was so well fear based. How am I going to take care of my kids and what am I going to do and how am I going to take care of these employs and how am I going to take care of these vendors? Unlike everything I did was from a place of fear which, by the way, is just his emotionally debilitating. It's a horrible state. inside of, but I thought I was doing the right thing, but all I did was obsessed. Obsessive and I am I you will never convince me that I didn't just keep them The universe hey give me more, people who need a pay things like gimme, more stuff to work through, because it's all I thought about as I thought about with fear my heart. woke up in the morning. The first thing I thought about before I went to bed at night, It was all I laid there and what am I going to do? What am I going to do.
and really just as I know the thing that shifted the thing that on blocked the thing that just change the entire flow of everything was deliberately only focusing on how bless them. I my meditation my mantra became. I have always had enough. I will always have enough. There is not one to I'm sitting here right now talking you, there is not one time in my life where I wasn't taking care of not once we're, a guardian angel shut up where god came in the form of a stranger where I got. You know a birthday
card from my grandma a month late and then I had twenty bucks that I could use to get some gas like every single time. Something has come through to support me and take care of me, and if that is real I'm sitting here, forty years old, right wearing a beautiful road that I found I didn't have to pay Alex. I found this in a closet. If I can look at my life and look at ten thousand examples of how I've been protected. supported inspired, love dawn. It might not always have shown up in the exact way. I wanted it at that moment, but it has always shown up any has always shown not, then it always will show up. Let me tell you a story about how this manifest in my life today, in the last nine
I have never seen so much evidence of the universe, karma a divine plan. You know, walk in faith and see that faith come to fruition. I have just Experienced unbelievable guidance in it
and it's happening in ways that are so massive, I feel like religious, like zealot like if I had to get one just discovered like the bible or some vague, like a blackboard again like c'mon guys. This is the thing, but for real, I have just been so cared for in the most incredible ways when it comes to finances and it I'm telling you it happened when I was able to stop obsessing over a lack and start focusing on abundance and start focusing on it's all flowing, it's all happening, it's I will be guided, I will be taken care of, and I just experience as I go, it's a story, so he I think, if you're hanging out with me, you know that,
an ex husband passed away, and I was the executor of his will and, like the trustee of the estate, make all the things we had both done that because we knew that if anything happened to us, the other parent would obviously be the one taking care of the kids, and so we had done that. But it's a lot. It's a a it's. I want to acknowledge anyone who find themselves in the midst of something similar. It is so much ass, so much is so daunting and am one of the things that I knew I was gonna have to do, was eventually sell his house and not just felt like I mean just feels like like up ten thousand pounds older on my shoulders of there's so much stuff in that house. It's
essentially double everything. Does the kids had rooms there too, obviously and then the furniture end a lot of things in that house needed to be fixed or repaired, and so just like the work that this is gonna, take even get it to the place where I can take it too, ok and then I was looking in his behold and as similar homes that in his neighborhood and it was like they ve been on the market for like a year, and I just I started to get such bad anxiety. I started to feel so daunted of like oh, my god. This is just this is so much and I started to spin out. I started to like freak out and then all of a sudden I dont know if this was my inner wisdom. I don't know
god or guardian angel. I just heard this knowing, and it said this is not what we believe you do not believe this. You believe that god can do. Anything I do believe that the universe makes up it's own plans. You believe that you are not tied to what is true or real for every single other person. I just I I I dunno if this sounds crazy, but I just I'm like no. I have so much evidence of being taken care of, and I have to believe that in this moment, when god knows, I need it so much. I mean my grandma had that poster on her wall. That said the footprints in the sand- and this is the time that god was carrying you and by god I need you to.
Carry me through whatever this is gonna, be know how to deal with this, and so I was like that's right. This is not how I choose to believe. I choose to believe that if I walk in faith, I will be taken care of that's what I believe. If I walk in faith, I will be taken care of, and I had this little like internal pep talk with myself and I prayed I was like you know. Thank you. Thank you for this, like I, I needed this whatever and I finished the thought and I swear. I I swear on my life. Thirty seconds later thirty seconds later, I had a text message from one of my friends who lives in that
well, who said hey. Sorry of this is not inappropriate, but are you going to sell dave's house? She said I have some family who's been trying to move here forever, and I think that house will be perfect when I tell you that this lined up so beautifully that. the people who will be in the house, is a family that we know and love so that we, like the kids, get to know that right, like their friends list. We are the ones who will be there. We could go back to the house and we know the people who will be stewards of it when it didn't list. It then have a real estate agent. Didn't you any now you could say that is a coincidence
he'd say? That's that's! That's not! That was gonna happen anyway. That's me will never convince me. Do you know I have to say to. I think if I would have heard that years ago, I would have been like calling bullshit cause. It's not lucky. Oh you're, just like extra last store. No, I really do think that it is when you can get to a place where you have absolute faith That it will work out. Because you have absolute faith, you litter, throw it up you throw it up to the universe. run up to god, you're, just like your whenever you but a timeline on it. You don't question if you dont make demands you're, just like I'm in a trust, butler to your core trust, its freaking, crazy, how things work out.
Is it blows my mind how things work out, and I think I've had so much evidence of this on, like really big scale when and if you remember years ago. I think right around the town. We did that manifesting when a one might even be in that episode. I talk about this concept of the ten dollar like see. If you can manifest ten bucks, the ten bucks challenge, and so many people called in so many dm, so many emails, like the response, was overwhelming from how many people were like. Oh my I did you set up and I manifested ten bucks user manifest twenty a manifest manifested. Fifty end this is some wool, but there is no difference There is a literally there's no difference in the face
But you can find ten dollars and the faith that you could be guided to sell a house to the right person. It feels like crazy to say that, but I've just you know, I've just had too many things lately, where I'm like hole, we crap. And it's not happening because I'm sitting here with the journal going, you know, I'm gonna make ten million dollars, words like. love a goal. I loved you called the shot. I love the you tell the universe exactly what you're looking for having a very specific idea in mind of what you want to attract really matters but even more important than what you know you want
as you know, wing without question that if it is right for you and good for the world at large, then it can happen that fast take without what you will. But that was huge when I saw that text like everything, spirit saddle- and I was just like this- is unbelievable, and I'm gonna tell that story. Even if I don't know it sounds Is he or it sounds unbelievable or something? Because it's the kind of thing where. I now there's a lot of stuff. That's happened lately where it would be really easy to be like god, where are you and godlike? I'm here
Life is still real and life still happens, but I believe that we are guided and I believe we are taking care of and yeah. That was. That was a big deal. So the fourth thing that might be blocking your manifestation. Is the action your taking now? This is where my approach to the law of attraction and manifesting is different. Then a lot of people who are on youtube or podcasting
a lot of people are sort of like make a vision board. Speak it into existence. Wait for the universe. To you know, do the thing and to be fair in in the example of the house, like that, I that was just that was the freaking miracle, but that, notwithstanding most of the things where I'm like holy crap like I've manifested this moment, I know that I set my intention, and here I am living out this moment there was action taken. That's a key is like people like. Oh, I made the vision board and am calling the shots, and where is my thing? You know I want the partner of my dreams and I made the vision born. I know exactly who they are.
But you haven't left your house in six months. You don't go anywhere, you don't do anything, you don't meet anybody. What is the actual where's the inspired action that you are taking to get you close. You gotta meet the universe, you gotta, meet god half way. This is a joint collapse This is a match between you and a higher power. What are you doing to meet god half way? What are you doing? Well, what did you do today? That can get you even a little bit closer to where you want to go? What is the next right move in this moment that can get you? Closer to that idea. I have had the: u oliver be done about it a million times but, like I have been practising the guitar on and off twenty years, more with more intentionality over the last year and a half, and I
add in the last six months really just let my practice of my guitar kind of fall away. There's been a lot going on, so I just haven't been practicing and I picked it up again and soon the wayne. Anyone else, if you argue our blair when near calices, go away and then have to form them and yet so annoying as it hurts. That's neither here nor there. If I have a vision that some day you and I are going to be sitting around at a party and someone's like you- want a jam What I believe is going to happen but like if I want to be able to play guitar, not just like I'm doing my cords, and I know that, but like I literally can play guitar. If I want that vision, if I'm a manifest that my life, your I'm, going, have to take some action haven't you wanna be a photographer. You're gonna have to take some freaking photos. You wanna be a content, creator
you have to put some stuff out on the internet, you wanna be a pod, castor you, so many people look at what other people do not like. I want that better He'd, never I want to be. I want to have a bar Gaza gue reach, but like I'm just you're doing my thing. After all. I have done almost four hundred episodes more than that. I probably done close to two five hundred. We only started counting a couple years, and so, let's say for sure, over four hundred episodes, which is than four hundred hours of this show do not compare the vision, have of someone else's life with where you are today. You gotta take some action. I was talking to me
good a couple of years ago- and I remember her saying this- that she had always dreamed. She is an actress and she'd always dreamed of being a superhero, and she really wanted to be a superhero really want to be a superhero. But like wasn't getting asked to audition for that and felt really frustrated and she'd always talk to her. It's been about how she wanted to have this role and he was like well, what are you doing to meet god and she was like what and he was like. What can you do? What can you do to get closer to the thing you wanted to do, and it was a really interesting way that she took it, because the only thing she could think of was she could get into superhero
I hope she was like well, I could get you know. You'll see the rock over there on instagram knees, doing his thing and he's you know so she's like what I could do, that I could get into superhero shape, and so she did and she was like rachel's a craziest thing. Like I started on this journey, I started getting into shape. I started training as if I had already been given the role of a superhero, and then she got a call to be a superhero in shazam which he is using. It was the wildest thing yeah, because you gotta show up for the life you're trying to have and what people get so twisted. Is you think you a show up at where you will be.
when you manifest the vision. No, you have to show up by an inch. You have to show up one per cent better than you are today actually say this to myself a lot do it for manifesting, but just do it for life a lot a lot a lot. I will ask myself: how can I do one per cent more and did it say I was working on my arms which, by the way, are looking pretty good? Not gonna lie I'm wearing a kimono can't see, but later I'll show you. The gun show its doing well, Can have my arms and I, how can I do one percent better and I was like well, you could do three more in the ok, three more so suddenly, now I'm doing fifteen instead of ten, although that would be five more, but you know what I'm saying I'll ask myself: okay, how can I be one percent better as a mom right now, just one just one present, I'm going to do one percent better. How can I do one percent better in myself care? How can I do one percent better in this pocket
asked one percent, and when you ask you're, not you're not trying to change the world you just like. How can I do a teensy tiny bit better than it currently am? Your brain will supply you with all kinds of ideas, and then just do one of them. You gotta keep moving in the direction of where it is you want to go. I want you to imagine that your ass, the starting line of the race and you dont know out What mile in the race your dreams, gonna run right into Oprah said there is no such thing as luck. There is only preparation, meeting opportunity. Moment in time. You don't know at what mile of the race your dream is gonna run into. You But I know for a fact,
that it'll never run into you. If you don't cross the starting line, what if the dream is going to run into at mile six? What is the dreams going to run into at mile? Fifty it's get it. Air, it's gonna, be there. The vision that you have is gonna, be yours but if you meet up with their your action matters, the vision, matters, the energy matters, the vibration matters all the matter, But you gotta show up. Lastly, number five
the reason that you may be unintentionally blocking the manifestation, the energy, the feeling that you are attaching to what you do. I've talked about it a lot in this episode. I talk about it, a lot in manifesting one at one, which is episode, two, twenty seven. If you want to go, listen to it, I've talked about it a lot, but it's because it's real the energy that you bring to something. Is it positive feeling? Is it a negative? It's why a gratitude practice is so powerful. It's. Why start in your day with gratitude, work and ending your day with gratitude. Work is so powerful. It's because gratitude. A state of gratitude raises your vibration. It brings you up a level and have remember this when your vibration is higher. The volume is louder on what you are trying to attract into your life. We We all know this. You ve all got out in the world and there's like someone who's in the bathroom.
When they're having the best day and it's like all and you like- want to be around their energy you're literally, it's like a magnet you're attracted to that energy. The same is true for negative, negative energy, toxic energy bitterness, anger hatred, and those things are lower vibration, and so the only thing that they're attracting is more of themselves. Like attracts like, like attracts like look around your friendship circle, look at your partner. Look at the people in your life. Look at the job that you have and ask yourself how your vibrational level has brought you to these experiences
As it is a really hard place when we have to be honest about how we got to this really hard place, but the alternative is you just go through the rest, your life and you keep blaming it on everybody else keep lay minute on god, you keep layman on the world. You keep blaming down, there's no good men, laughter, always gold diggers or you keep telling yourself this story and the story serves to keep you stuck to keep you right here where you are, or you can tell yourself a different story. You can speak the life that you want to have. You can focus on the things you want, not the things you don't you can put goodness into the world. You can put energy into the world. You can raise your vibration. You can walk in faith. Whatever that looks like to you, you can walk in
faith toward this life that you believe can be yours, but if any of these things are off, then it's very pass. well, that one or many of them or why you can't seem to attract the thing that you want to attract hope that that Helpful and if it was helpful guys, please like this video, like this episode subscribe to the channel, so you never miss a conversation with us hanging out or you go one step further and share this with your community share this with a friend, you think would dig it. I feel like if more people understood this, if, if we were able to raise the next generation understanding that they have control over what they attract into their sphere of, We think it could change the consciousness of the next generation, but also just the way
Everything feels it's funny how you know when I was younger, especially younger in my career. I had all these ideas, is about, much money I would He d have to feel safe or how much success I would need to have to be secure or how many followers on social media or how many listeners of the show- and I just I understand now in a way that I never did that have everything I've ever gonna need, and it's really is so cool like the show is a beautiful example when I stopped focusing on growing the podcast audience, and I just focused on how lucky I am to do this work and I can't believe
the people care about what I'm saying when I just tried to do really good job and put out really good content. in short, for you guys well, when I just did that the show exploded And every man honestly, we keep me like and everyone's while, like an old version of me, is like weeds grow. This list focuses book gasoline, let's and like no no wages keep doing what we're doing cause will be taken care of, even if it. those down and just like ten people again, three of them are related to me. I have to trust that if I'm here, and if you were there, there were being taken care of. and when you can tap into that truth, when that becomes your truth, it's pretty pretty wild. What you can call him.
And the flip of this, which I read about in everybody's book and a sir all my eyes at it. But it is very true is that when you actually understand the vibration to be up to manifest, You no longer are really trying to manifest right. You think like off, I could just get to this place, then you know I like the keys to the kingdom and I'll be able to call into anything in my life and yeah resting in faith, looks like I got some goals. I've got some dreams that got some things and I'm like that'd be really cool, but I just I'm not I'm not hustling for anything anymore yeah. I have everything. I've ever needed right here And so do you, but I had to learn this stuff before I get to that place, so I hope that something I said today will help you on your journey.
I'm rates. I appreciate you being air, appreciate you be my friend crochet how you show up in your life and your world and how you lead others and major yourself I'll, be back soon with more conversation, and until then remember I love you an emerging for you, the rachel. How is podcast is produced by me, Rachel Hollis, its edited by andrew weller and jack noble with dozens of outstanding hotels, hundreds of mouth watering, restaurants and a variety of cultural arts and live entertainment. It's no wonder that even in winter greenville, south carolina is one of the warmest places in the world safer. Labors the sites and the sounds of green
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