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2023-05-12 | 🔗

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There there are certain types of nutritional foods and supplements that I think are really important, and I liked them and I take him and they know I'm convinced about them and other people in my life are and that something worse, spinning my time on gas supporting people in they know sharing. sharing the things that I believe in with other people and You know, I think part of a two. It was my time to to really to start but, like I'd been highly, I was. I was the leader of that behavioral hafter company in France experience, I was always was given a lot of authority in a lot of opportunity to be very entrepreneurial, but I never liked built my team from scratch like What's the culture going to be, what are our values like? What's the mission and not like? What's the thing we write down, but what's the thing that we live out every day and yeah? It was just time. Me to do that, and so that was in two thousand and seventeen, and I have been
on that right. Since two thousand seventy. hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast Spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on the show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? going on with our inner child house therapy working out, for whatever it is? My guests are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these are conversations this. Information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis
I'd gas. What's your work, I look like I need similar. It's like I've gone through different phases. Yet when I was the I went through phase- and I was much younger was like all I wanted to do. Was yeah. I was only yoga and my personality, tens, oh yeah this thing and then only string, training and lately I've been a pretty strange and last four years and they got really into walking. my grandfather cover locked allowed to start a war. Self freakin died So easy it's successful, and it's so good for us I'm out in the country. So that is probably one of my sadness. Things is that it's not you can't just like walk grab coffee or walked through the grocery store, and I feel like that is a thing when you live in a city and you're it like you like. Why can't drive it's right? You know it's not that
sorry I need to do this thing you guys are in colorado or in boulder yeah, okay, but you grew up here. I was born and raised here, so I was actually born at home in Wimberley texas. way, oh k. I let's direction, I lament in all most of my sisters live in dripping springs, oh yeah, very cool, so you grew up here. Did you go to school? yeah I went to. I didn't go to school, huge deputy. I went to ST edward's, okay yeah. I went to school here and you told me a shake. Your parents were willing to health or if your family or what was that talks about that. So my my parents, like my dad and my mom, but my dad like super- was into health, food and supplements into like natural living and he was well both of them were entrepreneurs, and so, in the seventies, my dad had a like a he imported herbs for wow yeah for for supplies stuff at the: u s: hooper, airlines, that game and ginseng etc, and then, in the eighties,
I'm thirty, nine. Ok, so in whatever the early eighties, they moved to wimberley and day bought unnatural health restore and they ran out alfred store la and then they ended up turning into like an annual health food restaurant, so they ran out there. I was born there in Wimbledon then we actually moved too often cause my dad was during a partnership of whole foods. They were early early. I wonder then you set out. I was like. Oh we about about found out that his dad started wholesome foods. He what have you as a partner and like early business around I am, and so then I was raised like out, behaves so west of yeah west of austin. By mike, in the hood, but still my parents got out of that business. They stayed small business owners and entrepreneurs, but super a hippie crunchy. I you know had never taken it over the counter medicines never went to. Doktor, why my birth certificate? Until I had to go to first grade ass, I went
First grade like I went to get my birth certificate. Finally, love that I love this and I feel like it, something that would be so much more accepted. Then it would be now. I actually just talk about this yesterday I was recorded in part gas by myself and I was talking about the things that we put up with, but we should it, and one of mine is accepting the aches and the pains in the inflammation and accepting that you feel about an accepted and not sort of taking ownership of that, the journey and working feel better and the example I was using is how many times doctors suggests procedures for my children that they don't need blown away by that, and I in the eighties my parents were like Family model was there's a pill for that they love
to treat a loved medication they loved all of this stuff. But now that I'm a mom like when my daughter was four the doctor said: oh well, her tonsils are huge. You should have these taken out and I was like, but she doesn't there's no there's nothing happening to her. She not getting sick in early cabbages. You know preventively and preventively. You want me to do surgery on a four year old and there's just sort of been a stack of that. So I find it so cool that you got to grow up without that. How I feel like that affected how you sort of came into adulthood like, were you? Did you go the other way where you're like this is too granola for me, and now I'm gonna forge my own path or do you feel like you still incorporate a lot of the things you grew up living my I think of my life and I hope of my life as like an upward spiral like I find myself coming back to the same patterns, the same themes and rather than be like? Oh my god, I'm just doing the same thing over and over again, hopefully I'm spiraling upwards towards
like some greater version of myself and for sure like being raised in that you don't even really know you know it's like at the earliest age. I, when I was really young, I didn't know other kids got to take tylenol. If I had a headache I didn't know they were just like. Drink more water. You have some electoral, I that is, as you know, there was yeah, but then I went to school and I went to school with, like normal kids and in public school, and it dawned on me like, while other people get like gusher, at lunch- and I have alike, and I have my my parents were pesky, so I, like grilled, tofu, riddled but, like grilled salmon sandwiches at lunch with, like you know, whole wheat, bread
when I like, I was diff. I was different in that context and yet I think my parents, because they were very the very entrepreneurial, the very bold kind of entrepreneurial tat people at home. I had to have my own confidence to be just in the environment with them. There was not like a ton of coddling, pretty intense environment and and then at school. I was like different and I never had a hair cut tarzan worth grid. So I'd like long curls people called me. A girl like I'd, is a I needed to find a way to just be myself in that environment and feel comfortable. So I think I feel pretty confident and just locked into the way that we did things and valued stuff, and then I go to school and it made me you. I just realized, like it's ok, to be myself in this world, then naturally, you kind of progress Think in adolescents are early adolescence. I was like who do I like
stuff at all. I wanna do something totally different and I started like throwing it out and trying other things, and you know I wouldn't want to try eating fast food, and you know drinking sodas from the soda machine at school. You you're just kind of experimenting, and I think it you know in my journey. I think it had enough that it culminated, but by the time I got to high school, I was I just had to learn all my own lessons, unfortunately, and I only I pray for my children that they like learn some for me, but at that I think that's kind of bold attitude like a need to try. do everything on my own and that led me into partying, and that led me into drugs, and that led me into it, lack of like a sense of like myself and we're trying to understand myself amongst all these other teenagers- and I I got to some legal tool, but I had this really unfortunate experience. Where I took way too much lsd,
de. I somehow provoked a fight with people much more hard core their me, because I'm not I'm not a fighter by spirit and they beat me like really really badly and military. I was sixteen sixty two and a half and they stab me twice in the back and they stand me the me. So you know I was unconscious for days. I'd have I patella tendon reattached- I had to have emergency abdominal surgery have a huge scar because it mean they assumed. I was all my. My major organs had been affected. Luckily they weren't my spleen was like barely nicked, and so coming out of that. Unlike sixteen, is a very big doll, I don't have its uneven adult experience, it's a very! What's a dead. It's a life and death experience. Yes in a very maybe the way in which had sates adult is it's a traumatic psychological experience, through wit,
You have to make a choice for what you're going to do next where's like when you're a child, your parents are making all these decisions for you, like you know, but they call me angie, like angie, take this vitamin andrey this what we eat. You know and like suddenly, I'm like whoa like this is my life. I'm like I'm, going to make my decisions. It's all going to play out right at I respond to this life to these opportunities, well, and you have also made decisions that put you in that place so you're having the your grappling with like. Oh, there are consequences to what I'm doing too That's like woe like I didn't. Even I could make desist that would send me out of control yeah, because that is what yeah. I made a series of decisions and things were out of control. And then I'm spinning and now I'm like in a hospital bed, and you know and I'm I could have easily died and so the decisions I going to make going forward, and so at that point sixteen I had a very
had a renewed, fresh kind of my Experience of what health was in that it looked allow I liked revaluing these things, like my parents had kind of taught me about about nutrition, about exercise about it and not like owed exercise to play sports but like wow, I really want to be able to like feel good in my body and live this kind of vibrant physical and emotional experience. Suddenly, you know, I grew up being exposed to chiropractors and acupuncturists and stuff like that, and suddenly like I want to go to the acupuncture wrist to like figure out all this nervous system stuff I'm experiencing so I these seriously embraced trying all types of health modalities not just although it may be like what the main stream was, although I was in austin so yeah is like you know, wasn't like that. We are to go there to knock. You punctures mean that also really kicked off. I think which may be less of what my parents gave me a real. I think
emotional and cycle illogical, unlike spiritual searching, and I really wanted to try to yeah I fatal I figure out the meaning of life, but, like figure out who I am and what I feel in, unlike and what's going one my mind because I was experiencing a lot of just hearts. Already of your teenager. It's really hard and confusing. You ve got your brain. Changing you got these hormones, and if you introduce that kind of trauma with drugs, it's like it's very using so. This is what I was curious about, as your speaking was Did you have ptsd following this event? You must have yahoo if you're like couple years later. I remember I got a letter, so I became a man repeated them when I was seventeen, ok, well, ok, how do you what will I think so, but some of them
on tax leading up to this is that my parents started getting divorced when I was like fourteen and it was difficult and challenging in this- like you not not over exposed them right, because our present of you, but I said, they're, pretty bold personnel. it is, and so it was a bold. It was ad yeah. It was just a really challenging experience and even if they had been a really tough unit. I was set up to be a teenager that was going to push a lot about fisheries, learn a lot about fisheries, and so I think, with out that structure- and suddenly I'm floating out there on my own, I'm just like I'm on winding up in situations like that situation and coming I of that? You know I started going to therapy. I I'm I thought I was going to therapy before then like. It was much more important at that point and I started talking to through things, and it became clear to me that. I I I was time for media like create my own thing. I think part of that same impetus that I was describing earlier
like oh, I want this. Is my life that this is my life. I should I need to get out of whatever this context is and I think part of two too, was probably a more adolescent, slash, childish sense of what with my own autonomy. I'll, take care of myself kind of thing. That said, I think it was healthy for me cause. Then at my seventeenth that was, I was sixteen and a half when I had that traumatic experience on my seventeenth birthday, which is the second semester of my junior year. I moved out and I think they react to that. While I got my therapist to support it, and I think my therapist that point had said I had ptsd but the I basically had built my case. I had.
I had out streams of income, I mean I was going to highschool still, but by this time I had developed. This kind of weird awareness that I could beat box sounds like a very unique human b box skill and I started getting commercial work so like kinkos and it really interesting work start I started getting so that was giving me money and then I was playing drums. I was already playing drums in bands and making pretty good money, and then I was like doing paintings. I had just had enough cash flow when you had seen this modeled right, like both your parents wronged me, I was led just see. I never imagined working for a person like I just had never seen my parents work for another person. I've always seem like the idea admit a man jeanette. But yes, I was just like not a hustler but like I was whatever it took yeah and so yeah I mean I had the money. I got my therapist on board, she said at a I support, Angelo and trying this and I did it and it worked wow. You know
yeah the whole, my second semester, my junior year and then my whole senior year. I I support myself and you lived where I first like. I think I went to like my sister's apartment for like a week and then a friends
I got an apartment. I basically got my the the woman who I was doing the painting work for she helped me sign to get an apartment, so I got an apartment like you know, schwitters she co signed with me and yeah, and so I lived off of I I went to school in eanes went to Westlake high, and so I lived off like barton, skyway like in a little funky apartment. Hey guys. I hope you are loving this conversation between me and Angelo and if you want to try aminos for the first time ever or just continue your health journey angelo and the team at Kian is offering an incredible discount. Just for my listeners. If you go to get Keon, that's K, I o n dot com, slash rachel Hollis, you can get ten per cent offices
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multi policy and responsible driver get a quote today: a progressive dot com to see if you could save, progressive casualty. Insurance company in affiliates premium is for state minimum liability coverage rating discounts not available in all stages situations. Oh my god, I mean I might have, on the one hand and tripping out, I think, that's a mom and me but on the other hand I graduated I saw your early and I move from might small town to allay before I was eighteen, so I live by myself. My mom had to co sign to get me an apartment. I live by myself because I just was capable at that point like very similar, you are work three jobs, I'll do whatever I need to do and wanted to be out of my home environment, which was not great. But I never. I was never legally emancipated. I never thought about that before. But, like you say, your parents were very bold, but they gave it sounds like they gave it to you as well. You're, that's a very bold move. Yeah I mean, I think it's kind of you know if
really bold, and then your kids really has county it worked with what you hi no end clearly was showing enough positive progress like it wasn't. In that time period I hadn't become like homeless, lesser living on the anger I had I wasn't like I was just living on people's couches. Didn't too to elevate, could turn seem like ours? taking a lot of drugs, so it didn't, it probably didn't seem like. Oh my god, we have to intervene with us. It was more we'll just see what answers and you know we'll figure it out yeah, I'm curious. How and you can derive his deep for you, but like how that attacked affected. You spiritually or energetically when you said it literally, someone stabbed you in the back, like just the the connotation of that and the good yourself into a situation where you realize. Oh these its way worse than I thought it was going to be. How did you
and maybe still are like unpack that are managed, or find meaning in it or how did that affect you spiritually? So I think the best answer is. I still am yeah unpacking, and yet you know it's the kind of thing where you saw I'm stolen packing, it's from my childhood too yeah just trying to understand it and store it together and you know and having children now is a great gift to like rework through that stuff yeah. I think so, practically speaking, I pursued paths. You know like I pursued a meditation path very seriously for many years and daddy feel like that. Helped you I think of meditation and I think of the type of psychotherapy I've done done, a lot of psychoanalysis and journal is all being pretty related. In related in that, if you slow down and you just breathe and then why
What spontaneously comes up a lot just happens, yeah and what spontaneously comes up. I think in a sitting meditation or now you know, I said I walk, but really it's like a walking man. I walk a lot and I just walk- and I just kind of interesting to walking is I swear amd. Our came from the top the therapy. They observe that, through the right left, alternating movements that these things were being resolved in the brain and so walking. For me, this is kind of a form of of medicine. but I think that through sitting meditation by, slowing down and by breeding, and then the thoughts come up. The feelings come up and in longer I mean I've been in ten day all day, silent, retreats oh no talking no eye contact, no reading? No writing only meditation. I mean that kind of context. A lot of physical sensations come up there. You did,
even though we're in there- and you know, I think, in a in a meditative context- you're just it's like coming up and you're just releasing you're, just letting the be verses in normal life. Things come up and you like, I latch onto it. You know that guy latch onto it too turn it into something else. You know hope or I latch onto an idea, because I think it's important and I really want to develop it or nigeria up, and I dont have feeling comes up, and I don't like it and I want to I reject it, but when I rejected I kind of latch onto it yet and I develop some coping thing and in in I think in meditation you really just let it be. You know it's like this very ethical, loving acceptance of what is kind of like an idealized parenting yeah. I know it's like it's with your child, you, just if you can
just be their yeah. I ask that question because I feel like it's one of those things that so many people of her listening to this body cast listening to other things, watching you to everybody talks about meditation now, but I love different perspectives on why it helpful to the individual person, because I feel it meditation is one of those things that people feel like they should do but they're not really sure why or they dont know how to start or they dont know. So just I love arming the audience with more and more stories of how this is helpful, that the idea that you have something come up and just really set is huge, because I can get out of here this way I am very in my head, and so you know like somebody will come out and be like. Okay, all right, let's work through this. What is this? Why is this here? What are we going to do about it
and one of the most helpful practices from me is just to let it be whatever it is like a that's that you know, the practice of meditation is separating myself from the thought, at least for me, and it is helpful to be like uh. That's that's interesting or oh, I see how anxiety showing up but not judge it, do not try and control it or fix it or nominal way, but, like you said to just like release it, which, in my experience, invites or create the opportunity for a fuller experience of life, in life were always gonna, be taking actions. We're gonna be walked too. You know appear and we're going to do this interview, I'm going to talk- and I am doing things it's not like- I'm going to be in this passive state of just being a meditation. Yet in this chair right now, can I just enjoy being here? Can I see like spontaneously were comes up and the conversation? Can it just be as great as it can be, or am I like always rachel gonna, ask me a question. I don't like
Is this going to people like me? Are you know it's and all those thoughts? They don't do anything. They don't make my life any better now, and so I think that it's an extra- it's a kind of extreme behaviour to sit and do nothing, yeah, and in that you develop a skill to then, when you are doing things you can enjoy them more yeah. Why, and I want it knowledge that, because having done so many interviews in know jack and I will like seminal leave and one be like oh bummer cause, you can tell when someone king out of their head. You can tell when they're trying to anticipate the next question, you're gonna ask: do you can tell when they are there now Even really listening to your question there, just coming back to like the same bullet points, over and over and over, which comes from fear. I totally agree. an earlier on in my career. I would have been the same way, but it's worth saying because so many people listening to this aspire to be an entrepreneur or want to have,
pike ass, want to write a book wanted to be in a place where there sitting and talking with some one interesting but the peace that makes at the back. Is your willingness to just be present in the moment and to not over think, what's happening so that again another way that a meditative practice can really help you in real life. It also requires a fair amount of trust in yourself and confidence that you can sit there and be okay. I've lost potential guests on the show before because there are publicists will say. Okay, can you send over questions? We write out the questions. They can practice answering your questions and I'm like. Oh, no, no I know it's just a conversation. I promise you if you'll just be in conversation will go everywhere. You want to go, but if you were hearse answers, this is not it's not the right, it doesn't feel right and it's
the really interesting thing in a world that wants to be polish and have it altogether too, I hear vulnerably and tell your stories to show up as yourself to be real and it's just a really cool piece. I think to take away from this conversation for anyone. Listening is like that actually takes the most confidence to just show up and be like here. It is here's the story, but This is life so on technology. For that good thing, well done it's like our favour. It's the worst when someone is just like, as I mentioned before, were like a white man
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Tell me, then: how did you get from emancipated working on your staff who work on your health you're, doing the jobs you're staying alive to the man you are today it's an interesting question because there's you know, I made I said earlier the upward spiral, like there's, multiple loops. I made around that spiral, so you know which are the most important threads. The next phase of my life was going to college and in going to college, I think you know before that school had always been something that was before. Highschool was pretty easy for me. I could just I could beep, I kind of game the system and and then in highschool it actually got pretty challenging and I was doing all the social things and college was like this reawakening for me again, like my life, this is information for me, so I wasn't in the typical kind of party phase. I think many high schoolers go to college and I was like I'm going to get the most out of this as I possibly can- and I was interested in you know, like
deeper deeper thinking deeper, meaning. So I took like I took so many classes, and I think I took twenty one hours every single semester, but it was, I ended up. Majoring in religious studies and I got a minor in philosophy- I got a minor in music, I would have had a minor in dance if they had, they didn't have an official dance minor, but I took so much dance. I was too I just like took everything I could take and and but all of it was, I think, my own kind of personal development project college experience. You know, learning about the spiritual paths and the history and philosophy, etc, and through that I got exposed to languages, because if you really want to you know, if you really want to understand the koran? If you really want to understand the new testament, if you really want to understand, you know the upon a shots like you, you have to stay there, the original languages. So I studied classical greek.
I studied arabic and I started realizing. Woe like actually can learn languages and had never learned languages before cause. I could they take time and I was more into like things that we're just like. I was good and that was fun and quick, and really term yonder languages, so I learned and as so starting start a lot of service work. I went to central For a while, I learned spanish. I became pretty good at spanish, pretty quickly through just working really hard at it. then, I was like I want to learn french cause. A lot of the contemporary literature that was working on religion and history and philosophy was all written in French. So I learned french and then through that it kind of turned into I want to move to france. So when I graduated from from college, I moved to france and right before then I met this woman Kerry who's. Now my wife and- and I was a k, do you want to move to france with her, and she said yes, so we moved to France,
I lived there for a few years ago, a unique opportunity after the first year to basically create a university campus over there with St Edwards, and so I got to like who found this this camp, as I ended up being valedictorian of university engine doing very well in college. I was kind of all star, like nice, friendly doing all the right, things getting grand. So yes, they offer opportunity. I did that for couple years it was in partnership with apple. Actually cause was like an apple campus. So then I got tight with the. full education leadership in Europe. I was this young american kid that spoke fluent french by that time and they liked me- and I guess I left out a piece of the story, but I had been to india now and in college. I was very into yoga and I was very and you know studying yogurt philosophy, and so I went to india summer when I was twenty one and I spent a month
at an orphanage in the south kind of doing programs there for the kids that I went to the north for a month and I studied advanced yoga at this ashram and actually went was in there. This is also very sites like I'm, going back and forth you my story, but this really did. I think, change me. I was involved in a really traumatic bus accident, my bus, then another bus collided in the foothills of the himalayas. A lot of people died in the other bus. He was off a cliff. There was really no help, so I'm in, was. I was one of the very few people who was able bodied enough to climb down the cliff and try to help people all day and were you I was twenty one. This is five years after the previous experience so I spend the whole day doing that and I think twenty six people died and yet you're, basically literally carrying people off a cliff side for hundreds of metres, and I get back to the I had to hitchhike. Basically back to My-
oh tat to my ashram and get back there and I lay down in my bed and I just hurt shaking violently and years later I learn that's the actual natural trauma response So that's may be an example to us like it's weird how you dont know the things that you learn before in the spiral like help you and clearly, whatever trauma had been through, and I was sixteen the therapy, I done acupuncture everything had taught me. The yoga had taught me something about being more in tune with my body. So when I had this experience, I actually had a more and I didn't try to hold a dinner contain it. I let it out through the shaking, and I think I probably had a better longer term integration of that trauma Because I intuitively did something better in the moment, you know versus having a kind of weird reaction around it. Sorry that too, Jim to india was it based it really it it embarked me pretty deeply, and I want to come back to
yeah so the next year or two years later, I developed a program was seen ads where we ran summer camps. So we basically had a group of of students have come from st ads and run a summer camp for the orphans at the orphanage so I came back again to india to run that programme, and so I had a connection with india and apple europe, snob jumping back to my time, France apple Europe ran apple india. They offered me a job there. So then we move to india. I lived in bangalore for while all this time you know I'm in my twenties, I'm pretty I'm a lot more self absorbed there. then I am now and a lot more about like me and like my vision and my path and stuff awesome woman with me, but I'm kind of like you know sure you can do this with you, we can do this thing side by side, now, gas and and she'd. Naturally, why, once more connection and family until I have babies and do stuff something them again, you like one dare whatever
and it's interesting in india. I I've been on these and in so many retreats before, but I went to one retreat their support their retreat that sick attend day, silent. And it's one of those experiences. Maybe this is another example of. What's what can you get out of sitting meditation? Mrs Anne stream. So for people like just you, don't need to do this for people's her desk even entertaining the idea of meditating, it's one of those ten day retreats ten Whereas a day of meditation? There is no talking. There's no reading. There's! No writing. So the ability to hold onto a thought is very hard. Your thoughts come up and then just They burn away and then at some other thought that some other thoughts, all my fantasies about I'd, be an international businessman or I'm gonna, blah blah blah. Do this or this or that and like comparing all these things. Somehow, in the course of those ten days, really burned away, and we became very apparent. Was that carry was the thing that I cared most about? My life
and so I just remember, I got out retreat and I called her, and I was like I guess I knew she was like just wait and yeah it it's like. When are we gonna get? I don't want to have babies in india now yeah, and so I call her. I was like let's, let's move and she had wanted to move to boulder colorado, and so I quit my job the next day and I moved to boulder the two days after that, when the plan at all zero plan and then once I got to boulder. Basically, you know honestly, though, like with that focus of, like you know, character ready to get married now, we'd been engaged, we're going to get buried. Now, let's start having a family. Now everything just kind of fell into place you know I started, I started a couple different companies. I was trying to work on some with partners from sweden. Guys admettin, india, a bunch different stuff. I did up actually getting into this company that did behavioral healthcare. It actually worked with troubled young adults, people. I think I couldn't have fit better into that category. One hour
Sixteen he knows it was like my my adolescent people. Yet I ran that company for a few It was an awesome experience. It was. It was kind of the most idolized holistic supportive thing for trouble, youth from their nutrition to their fitness to life. Coaching to therapy everything was really awesome experience and it naturally came to an end like I was ready for something new and This is the moment where people think like I did you like identify this target market for a business that you really want to crack, in which I think people who want to come and entrepreneurial and honestly I don't even think I realized it until like a year later, I was like oh my god, I literally created the company that, like my three three year old when I was three little. Three old, Andy's mom would have wanted him to create I and I remember when I was three years old, really it's one of the first things, but I remember my mom giving me it was.
He'll acids cause. She was a master swimmer and we were presbyterians who talked and thought about protein nutrition and amino acid. and I remember her, giving them to me like. Aren't they great? I can't you feel them. I was like yeah, you know, like my mom, like loving this thing, and so when it I to like you know wanting to be leave as other company start something new. What were the possibilities? What were the opportunities? I think there's some? in what you just come back to you, routes that it doesn't have to be some crazy, innovative thing or something totally different than anyone's done before it was something I cared about like I really care about nutrition there. There are certain types of nutritional foods and supplements that I think are really important and I like them- and I take them and you know I'm convinced about them and other people in my life are and that something worse, spinning my time on gas, supporting people and they know sharing sharing the things that I believe in with other people and they
you know, I think part of a two. It was my time to to really to start a company like I'd been highly. I was, I was the leader of a behavioral healthcare company in the france experience I was always was given a lot of authority in a lot of opportunity to be very entrepreneurial, but I never like built my team from scratch like what's the culture gonna be what our values like what's the mission and not like. What's the thing we write down, but what's the thing that we live out every day and yet it just time for me to do that, and so that was in two thousand and seventeen and I have been on that ride since two thousand and seventeen oh gosh, like so many places. I want to go with this, but I'll start with this, because I think before we talk about the business, it's helpful to talk about what the business does and why it does all of these things. So when
heard about you- I was like oh yeah because- and this doesn't always happens, what sort of magical when it does. I take the aminos, and I had for a very long time because of my his friend, so he was like so pumped that I was going to sit with you today and it was a while ago it was when I was doing more. I wasn't necessarily fasting, but I was just waiting a little bit later before. I would break my fast in the morning, but I to run, and so was I I need something that can be me a bit of energy, can I just needed a little something it was like? Oh have you ever tried amino acid like try these and see if you feel better- and I did- and I had energy- and it was like sustained- was all the things so tell listeners and explain what they are, why they work at the most basic level, if that is what amino acids are and what their are, how they work that must be levelled at the most fundamental level.
Amino acids are the little building blocks that make up all the proteins in your body. And you need to eat amino acids or consume them through food through some type of supplement to ensure that you can have really healthy proteins nearby. fundamental level, so I think another angle of looking at this is thinking about it. As macro your trance ice. most people in your audience, are familiar with carbs, fat and proteins. Those are the three main macro nutrients, the the primary role of carbohydrates and a fat are energy energy that such fuel that he put into your car so you actually consume the carbs, and then you convert them into this thing called atp activities see and then that's how you like move, withdrew that energy, the primary role of proteins, is not the same proteins can be used for that same purpose, but there there
in role is to help you rebuild the proteins inside your body, so why is that while the way that our bodies work. Is that your most familiar like over fifty percent, your body is water? will have the solid massa stuff. It's not water. Over fifty percent of vat is proteins so you're liver, your kidneys, your heart, your skin, your muscles. Obviously, all these things are made up of proteins and the building, blocks of those proteins in your body are amino acids. Each protein is made up of these twenty amino acids and the way that proteins work is that they're in this constant state of breaking down and then recent the sizing to basically like, in the simplest terms, refresh the protein sky and when they break down and they re synthesize, the breakdown in these twenty amino acids. you can't reuse at all. You can imagine, like seventy percent of it is still good right that thirty percent you p out
so the primary role of eating protein in your diet, through any source, whether its plant or animal? Is you digest that protein you? break it down into the individual amino acids. It goes into your blood and then it supports you. rebuilding all these proteins near bodied helps you rebuild your organs, your muscle, etc. So of you if you'd stop eating protein or amino acids. Your body basically can't survive, not just not because it doesn't have the energy like a cat rebuild itself it's the raw materials to actually build all these key parts of your body, so that maybe the big question is why free mean hawaiian amino acid supplement. Why does it work? Why does it work in that way when you eat a whole food protein and I've support of all diets up all night out. Nobody can now, but I think you could be vague and prevention
and you can be animal based in terms of nutrition, specifically outside of anything else like, I think they can all be healthy if taken, if taken and thought about appropriately, when you digest and a whole food protein, in terms of like it actually being useful for the amino acids in it, like eggs, are kind of the best way. Protein is also right up, there is like the highest, and then it is things like chicken etc. But plant proteins can be great as well in terms of how much of the protein has the essential amino acids to visa amino acids and actually create all most of the benefits and the body they're the ones that create the new protein. Simply synthesis of the things that make you re synthesizing, proteins, a lot of the non essential ones you end up paying out or they get converted into sugars when you eat these, you break them down in your stomach like you eat this, protein sorcery down, and then it gets broken down to the amino acids
get some essential, some non essential and you get other things in it. If it's, you know, if there's grains, right, you're, getting sugars, carbs, etc, you're getting all these other things, and you can really only use the essential amino acids to stimulate the protein synthesis and a few all these things in your body. So if you take a supplement, like you are before you run like yours, you're choosing not to eat, you could just eat yeah right, you get used to like eat some type of really healthy protein, our son but by taking those essential amino acids, it's the most buyers, available immediately like its immediately available to your body and its in the ideal proportions of the essential amino acids to each other. It's like the most. I decided protein, but it's the ideal content of amino acids, that would be in an ideal protein. So your body just loves it. Your body love in the way that it loves it? Is it it? Basically it fuels. You too have energy if you ll synthesize new proteins, and we can go into more like how it does that. Why does
like pause their reactors? That was a good now to good, like laying down dash yeah. That is fantastic. I'm curious. How, like I told you how I am taking the amino, do you take them every day you take them before work out like what's your protocol to make sure you're getting the most out of that practice. So I just like, today, I couldn't find, if you like once a month me am, I haven't tried them yet that that yeah. So I start, I start from a concept of like protein nutrition and at the fundamental, the protein nutrition, it's really like the essential amino acids and the protein.
so I want to get about a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day right. I just heard this. I just heard this the other day and I was like. Oh, I don't know if I need to pay more attention to how much protein I'm taking in. I think if you were to track it you'd be like well. That seems like a lot and that's what most people's experiences you know if europe wait. Seven point: eight! That's that's good too! I think one is good. I I use the central, a minos fundamentally to help me get to that fly. It today higher and I use in and around exercise, because it's very supportive and are an exercise. So the idea is point: which is like the recommended daily allowance. But I would really call that your recommended minimum, that's like to like maintain organ function. Right so that'd be point four grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. So you know, if not, that is not the most for weigh one hundred pounds, but it's easy to use one hundred pounds,
and if you re a hundred pounds, you need forty grams approaching a day, whereas I'm saying boom. Ideally, you would eat more on the hundred grams sighed anne and I want to say to add. This is a thing that I had learn. Prior five years ago I worked with a nutritionists. You put me on. The plan was Heavens hunted brain fog. I was having a just dipson energy. he and I couldn't figure it out, and I had for a long time, historically use caffeine to kind of bridge that gap, and then my sleep was off. It was just like the whole thing and when he gave me the meal plan of that there is no way I can't eat this much food like this is too much because it was three meals a day and then to snacks, and it was a ton of protein, which is what I'm getting to enemies. I just do it do it for a few weeks like commit to this and see how you feel, and it was wild to me how much
better. I felt how much clarity I had my ability to focus, and its is just worth saying that, because I feel like we get confused about why our bodies that are struggling the way that it is and we try and bandaid these simple we're having, instead of figure out, what's really going on. So, if someone's hearing this and they haven't ever considered- that is possible there, not there actually, not enough, because when he gave me the the thing I was like This is so vain, but at the time it was like. Oh my gosh, herman, again a bunch away. If I e- and it's just not true in fact- I leaned out in a way I never had before it was like. My body was getting the fuel it actually needed for what that's worth to really important points. I would respond to that around One is one of the major ways that you can impact your brain, helping your overall access of shift from
say, emotions is through amino acids through protein because when we say proteins, adding most people think like these really hard substances there. Thinking of like your muscle, you neuro transmitters are amino acids or the derivatives of amino acids. Similarly, your you'd literally the village Chemicals in your brain that are creating your emotions, come from me acids and thus come from proteins, and so there's all this protein like. If you are not getting enough protein, it is very likely that it will impact your emotional house because you are depriving yourself of these key nutrients that actually conduct all it's. Ok, that's all the neuro chemical activities cell, import because so many people who are listening to the show have an extra layer of emotional ups and downs because they ve got hormones in play, and I think for anybody who has those hormones going on.
You're, already up against something, and especially in on forty as you get closer to being pyramid apostle like that even gonna be a bigger factor, so you want to set yourself up for success in every other way, But you can. I love that you said that, because I think with cunning goes so that earlier conversation about a society that just sort of accepts while this just the way it is just the way. I feel this is just it's not true, and it is possible to balance your hormones. It is possible to give yourself every advantage, so you feel better mentally emotionally physically, but I think it just takes up a fair amount of research. You have to sort of ask beggar quest, friends and ask why I love that you said that, because I haven't really ever thought of the correlation between those two things very high correlation good to now me no asked them about it. Should our main liner fees, I mean I just wanna, get it's it's not like you have to take. You no doubt be use need to take enough. Yet
to where it whenever works for your body, I think Another point I wanna relate to is that I do around, like you actually leaning out when you ate more yes and connected to something that just said to which, as you have to research, more no more things have to be comfortable with the with the fact This is a fact that more than one thing can be true. At the same time, and there's some nuance and finding out what's right for you and what makes you feel good and how to live a good life may involve like a couple things or three think four, five, six things too. At the same time, verses like I'm just gonna. Do this one thing, then everything's gonna be ok and think, specifically with something like that issue of leaning out all the calories, our real thing. The amount of calories it you consume and the amount of calories that you burn daily will impact the weight that you have on
scale. That said, there is more when you talk about your body, composition, which is: do you have more or less fat? Do you have more or less muscle, etc when you consume protein or free form, essential amino acids? There's something called diet induced thermogenesis, which is a big fancy word, but it's not that it's not that fancy diet induced. It comes from the diet, thermogenesis is like the heat, and so when you consume protein or amino acids, because you're rebuilding the proteins in your body, it tells your body to like hey, let's rebuild these proteins and you have to break down the proteins. You burn more calories actually burn more calories through consuming these than you doing you eat carbs or fat yeah? So it's unnaturally you actually have a higher metabolism. On top of that, when you have lean muscle and its legs, like not yours, is like from the sand. Eels are somehow take you haven't it's not like being jacked or strong, but just think yoga must you know you.
You burn more colors just at rest, because the calories choirs to rebuild that muscle tissue to rebuild the proteins requires calories. So if you're eating a little bit more food, but it protein or your you know your cutting out, some other type of I know like a sweet and studying a bit more protein, probably been we're. Satiated and those those calories rest It cannot be used to build things that increase your furnace basically, and thus, not it's not a simple calorie, n calorie out thing, there's actually there's more than their to truth. There yeah yeah! Well, it also makes it think of the more you sort of figure out these little tweets, and these let all it's like dialing it in or figuring out the equation. I feel like the more awareness I have of my body and how its functioning the more like it just feels like harder work. I was like my boyfriend about this last night of ten years ago.
My health was atrocious and I realize in retrospect that it felt way easier back. Then because I numbed every symptom I had. I ate my feelings, I drank my feelings. I you know eggs or pains or inflammation wherever all take some might be profile. Do this stuff. Nobody ever told me as you get healthy, The mentally emotionally, it's like you during the air, but in this new space you're a lot more stuffs, gonna come up. It's like you, know, day seven of silent meditation retreat or whatever you're like? Oh, that's in there? I guess I just wanted to say that, from a perspective of like go, slow, You don't have to figure everything out right now. You don't but
the idea of adding one thing to your life or one thing to your nutrition plan or one thing to exercise routine and just seeing how about one thing affects you is is like a really easy way to start to make change and to start to feel better as a growing. Feel better one area we're like old dang. Now I want to see about this, and now I want to stack this and now I want to build this sort of health pyramid in a better way, but just beginning with trying one so a summons listening to the satellite? Ok, I'm interested, I haven't thought of it before. I maybe have never even heard this word before. How would they start implementing a minos into their diet? an easy way. This is enter answering your questions specifically round nutrition. Yeah Anna minos, yeah. I think the easiest way to think about it is the if, if you were to take care, minos, for example, or an essential amino acid supplement. You really would just start by taking one scoop a day
and by taking that one scoop a day? What you will find is that you are going to support development and the maintenance of your lean muscle, your likely goin to have improved mood, you're gonna this more sustainable energy etc. And I really that that simple, you know I mean it's like come, That would be it like. You start with, like one scoop and see how it makes you feel if there's more things, I'd want to share talk about. That would help it feel more like natural and helpful versus like just take this thing, and it's going to solve your problems. Is that yet, basically that as you age, that you, you have a harder time digesting the protein and getting the benefit out of it cause I've?
taking the aminos in fits and for I don't take it every day. So my it's genuinely my life should I be taking this every day and before a workout? Is it five days a week? Is it for me everything's about energy like all I care about is. Do I have the energy to keep up with my life? Do I have the energy and the mental capacity to focus? Do this work? Do it well, then, get to five pm with the kids and not be totally exhausted? and- and I love experimenting so I'm like okay, tell me that was a plus student like tell me teacher what to do, and then I rachel just wanna, try it and let you know how it goes. Ok, cool got it so from a nutritional perspective, as it relates to protein and amino acids. Would I would encourage you to try or someone to try is to look at to track a little bit like how much protein am I eating? How much amino acids are in these things and to try to to try to get up to that one one! Gram per
pound of a body weight. If that feels like it's too hard, that is really whereas a daily supplement. Something like essential amino acids can be really helpful, especially as your aging, because, basically gram for gram, a scoop or one serving if you're taking capsules of that kind Munoz is worth twice as much the essential amino acid content as protein, so I I count it basically, if I'm past my rd a, I count it as twice the amount of protein as normal protein to hit those higher goals got it. That said, as you age after the age of forty, your ability to digest protein and convert it into the amino acids and then your sensitivity,
to then stimulate the protein new synthesis in your body goes gown and now something like essential amino acids has three times the impact of protein. It's not because, like the essential me, no acid becoming better, it's because you're, a beer bodies ability to utilise the protein becomes worse as you age age? Fifty, it comes more by the time, your elderly, it can be five six seven times, and that is with a high quality vegetarian, like so like a like a white or meat based protein. If it's a plant based protein is even less so even more and packed full and that's an awesome thing about something like Keanu minos. Is that its its vision? So it's of all diets, and it just can really help you hit those higher levels of daily, essential, amino acid and taken, I think, by just adding Askin in the morning before you go for a walk before you go for a run, and you will you will have that much more of the key nutrients that you need to feel good and then do well in life
If you're big into exercising it has amazing benefits around exercise, it gives you way more endurance. It gets you more results actually, so it increases the amount of protein synthesis while you're exercising. So it means you. It basically enhances the amount of muscular endurance that you develop or muscular strength that you can develop while you're exercising it supports recovery. So you don't get a sore afterwards. You can take it before during or after exercise and it's awesome and the thing is with something like Keanu, munoz, there's, no real upper limit, I mean I, you should be eating. Real food should be eating real food, but I'm just saying like as someone who you know founder of the company- and I have as much as I want of it like I- I ticket a lot like I I I do more thai kickboxing. I take a lot before I do kickboxing I take it during and I take it after and like I can. I get so much out of it and I don't feel tired, and I can
again. The next day I take it from ever gonna be fasting because, basically, any time ago more than three hours without either, protein or amino acids, which is fine. It's not like this is something you worry about, but you you start to break down existing muscle tissue to support the amino acid needs all your organs? Your muscles are not just the thing. That's like the strength for your body to move and do stuff. It's actually the rest. or of amino acids for all your other work, and so when you don't eat that's what, when people get really sick leave some kind of chronic disease they his other muscle mass, is because they're, basically, you they're breaking down their muscles to supply their organs with with amino acids. I think that's why you also see a lot of people who live for intermittent fasting and doing the thing, and you start to see the muscle tissue breakdown. If you look over time, if you're not approaching it in the right way or if you're fasting too much frankly, you'll see they start to look gaunt, and you can just tell a difference because your body's it's pulling
from the muscle tissue, as opposed to burning fat cause, there's nothing there for it to to pull from. So it kind of regardless of whether it's not just pulling from the muscle tissue to burn it as calories, your your org, ins and all the other parts. Your body need new amino acids to rebuild themselves since not just from like the caloric deprivation. Is that, that's. The point I was trying earlier on like protein is not just about calories. It's a the amino acids and sight of them that are used to rebuild your skin, your heart, your liver and, as you can imagine, and like your heart, in your liver and risk like restart your liver, especially like they can't just sacrifice, not being rebuilt. Look if you dont, rebuild the proteins in your heart you die, but you're muscle can be.
So that's why you break down your muscle tissue to supply amino acids, to your blood, to then be used to rebuild these proteins and other places in your body. So even if you think your burning fat you're also burning muscle to just supply me last as the other party or body. So all I had to say I take him if I take them. Firstly, in the morning I too take em and have coffee and like not eat, right away. You know and then, but I eat at least three meals a day, but I do more like amino acids instead of like snacks speaker, because it's the kind of thing words are not really that korea and I'm trying to get these I'm trying to get these these numbers for essential amino acids daily. That that help me feel great, and it's like there are snacks that are super hyper like that. But it sounds. It just feels easier and I use it in iran exercise going back. getting, though the simplest way to start, is just having one
serving a day. You know at a time when maybe you're gonna have a snack or first thing in the morning. If you don't eat breakfast right away or for exercise that just added into something that's a routine for you and I like the way that you described what I heard you I thought it was anchoring when you're trying to develop new behaviors when the main things I've learned is: don't try to do everything all at once, A man do one thing took one thing, I believe in and one thing I think I wanna try an anchor it to something else. So it's like if the four Can you do you? Wake up in the morning and you're pretty go to drinking water, add the eight add essential amino acids to that habit. If every morning wake up- and you ve stretch like added to that habit, just added to some other positive habit that you have and then you can start to stack them out and get more and more
mental. Where did the name for the company come from? It comes from the idea of key which is japanese for, like spirit life force, energy, and so it's really in our tagline is. Energy for life, and the big idea is, I think, so often in any kind of product company you know like in supplement companies. It's like you're going to take this thing, and it's going to like help you get to this specific goal. It's very performance oriented. Yes, we really want the company and the culture and the thing that we're doing on earth to be rooted in people having meaningful lives, and so how can it? How can it be this proud, that. That is a nutritional supplement. The provides a specific functional benefit be something that, like we taking it in your doing it in your purchase, participating in it. you're realizing like this is for me to have energy from my life. This is for me to, like,
the great life? It's not too, so I can look just so only so I can look stronger our so I can like lose weight or so I can you know it's not real having energy for life and said earlier that you felt like you have built a company that your mom would have wanted. Build when you were little. What does that culture look like, so when I said that I think it was most like the imf, but I do think my mom would love to love in this culture? I think you know one thing I have learned in my life is. My definition of integrity is not necessarily based on something absolute. It's based on people's words and their action. Aligning and there are people that I have respect for that. Do not share in values as me, but if they have integrity then I have respect for them because
they say who they are and then they do. That thing. That's real man that is so real and energy it is alarming to be much more open to many more types of people, different types of beliefs. To now the world in a way which are not judging people all the time you now and it's kind of just really, I want to interact with and participate with people who have integrity, now if our values align it like in terms of what we want to do, what we talk about, what we say it makes it even better, but like the number one thing is that kind of an integrity, and so I think that's at the heart of it. It's like What's the life I want to live every day was the life. I want all these people, I work with to be every day. These people, I spend more time with that some of my own family. So, like I don't I have some broken experience where it's like it's like weird. Does it make sense for saying this, but we're doing that you know and so kind of fundamentally to come the beauties people all the time ass, I won't be really fun.
With these people all the time, so the really an impact me and like my site, I hope this doesn't come across your selfish, but it's like trying to be like real about yeah life. I want to live absolute and then hopefully everyone else that works as part of this company. has the same value as I think this applies to entrepreneurs who are trying to build teams to leaders who are trying to build teams and to individuals when we think about being intentional with who is in our circle. We can't can for all our family of origin. We can't control a lot of things when I'll be able to control your in laws are, but you can control who you spend the most time with, and it's important to be. Just in the same way that your approaching it now of like. If I have some control over this, let me choose what slightly exotic? Knowing what you put into your process, you said you wanted it. We also need to be fun like like life- is, I think life is met before they ran so in everything. We're doing, can we not take our son
wolves too seriously are we willing to play. Are we to have fun and just like not have a grip on the work and the life Second, I I want to know more about myself and so desire for If awareness I'm unjust, naming our values, but second, you know another value is desire for self awareness that people exhibit that they act. The don't just assume that their fully cook that they know who they are, but they have opera to learn more about themselves in life through relationship with others as an explicit vi- that's like I want to learn more about myself and I will learn more about myself in this environment. Third, I think really big component is may more traditional, but it's it's about doing your best I I I want it. I don't wanna like phone it in this is my own. I was having a conversation with my son on saturday or sunday about like the cards in life that were doubt and just talking about like me, the
I got you got a pretty good carts, and so, let's not waste them yeah So I think it's just like in every single moment there's an opportunity to just do my best with whatever it is whatever the task is given to me, whatever. What I should like to know how to do it or not, do it whether I like it or I think I'm annoyed with it like just do my best, and so that's one another once the values its we're all we're, always gonna try to do our best, we're going to take pride just in the quality of our effort. Whatever happens happens, but like the effort I'm going to I'm going to give it my all another one. It's maybe more. Traditional is like a real value for professional growth and This is shifted over time. Cause earlier in the company was according to grow so fast and be at all is big ambitions and ass. We ve grown I've realise to be more patient and to be more humble, and we have grown a lot but too, but to realise that professional growth, I think, oftentimes
doesn't look like the way, encourage people, it's not about being a manager, heavens bigger teams. Doing all these things it's about becoming create at something you know I can you be so good, and so skilled and master in your seat that you can play that that position better than anyone else and I've linda myself in my seat and then just really encourage everyone on our team to think in that way to become. Gray and not be maybe so excited about the next career per like nothing, about professional development is the next career progression, but about greatness another one is courageous communication which I don't actually think is as common is people think, because I think oftentimes this is just candor. But do you have the courage to be candid, which is an important
thing, but some people dont have any problem being candidates like I actually can be pretty candidate to think some border personalities can be pretty candid and so there's other forms of courageous communication that look more like listening. Do you have the courage to stop talking to not defend yourself? Do not accept. And why you did it to just listen to what the other person says about what they think is going on or happening to tell them back what you heard them say and let it be best value that we have that's a value I want to cultivate. That's evacuate need to keep cultivating and- and I think the last part of courageous communication is it's similar to that. But it's it's more on the reciprocal side, which is, do you have the courage to try new forms of communication? So often again, I think courageous communication- or you know it comes down to people- think it's about just seeing what you think some people can't hear it that way. So do I have the courage and patience to take on the responsibility to get my message over.
Where's the other side of the fence and not assume that it's like will. They need to be able to just take my feedback or they need to be able to like get it together. So they can understand. Like know how you know cause. I think it's hard for me to question myself and be like. Am I doing my best to my trying hard enough like to really have that courage to, maybe I'm not saying at the right way. May I maybe I can try at some other way and just now really having the courage to a tool to adapt to other people's communication styles, so I think at its heart, that's the culture, its this group of people every single day doing that human experiment together. What do you think has led to such growth in the business. integrity. Hmm. In what way I think, on the product side, we say we're going to do this thing, and then we do that thing and we work really really hard to really to really do that and we
we don't try to have like the fanciest products or you know, tragedies I know, some new marketing hype that says this about blah blah blah. It's like what is the science and the research say over the last forty years, one of the most important products that I would want to take that I would want to give to my children that I would want to actually come on a podcast and talk about you know, I'm not. You know your proud that this is actually some I'm doing with my life years could be doing thirty other a hundred other things of my life. That's a meaningful product and then try to make it as best we can like used say we're gonna use the best ingredients try to use. passing greeds, try every single form of protein powder available and like choose only the one that meets all the specks and has the best taste in like just really obsessive about. really something I'm trying to do it and when you do that you have all these little wins. You maybe don't like blow up super fast, because you're not a sec, He is someone who, like fire
what is more the marketing year in that way, but I think that you just build oil low followers. It's a similar things. I could see ass. We have live phone wraps in our office that talk to people. If you call key on right now, you're going to talk to mal you're, going to talk to MIKE that's cool and they're awesome people that are like a month. I thought I was going to tear up the directly like aligned with the values I just talked to pierre, like so what you your hearing on the park ass. You gonna talk to this person in my office and that's. That person is what I just described. It's not like. I said this thing on here and then I dunno some person who doesn't care about these things. It makes a difference too. I think the advice And of social media has made o every sort of flit to what's the marketing with the marking, what's marking, which is important marketing matters but at the same time I really identify what you're saying, because my success is in the car
it's in, showing up its. Knowing that I can sit with you today, have come from IRAN, which is like very real life We can have an incredible conversation that adds value to people that shows up in the way that we want to and doesn't require a blow out for me. and does it require full make up, and I used to think because I was to follow what I saw other people doing that that was a piece of it that I had to look after way in order to have success. And what I have. found over time is like now, what's the quality of what your giving two people do, you know the way that you say that you will. Are you consistent in the message? Do your valley stay aligned? Are you doing this work way that you want to that's what rises to the top I love you that you set it because I know so many people are listening to this wanting to start
something maybe there in the middle of trying to grow something and when you get obsessed with how something looks instead of what it actually is you our chasing the wrong thing in it, I think, sometimes You will run out of steam, you run out of capital, you'll, run out of all these things that you need to chase the dream, because you were going in the wrong direction. Is surely now, especially post twenty twenty twenty twenty one, a lot of businesses have lost or italy. It feels like to me as a consumer have lost some of them. Ah you of doing business, that's like classic caring about your product, caring about your people. Having someone there to answer the phone muse, you know utilizing people on your team who believe in the same message you believe in the same things it seems obvious, but I'll stand by it forever that, like
a lot of the values and business that mattered in nineteen sixty seven or nineteen, eighty, four still matter today and I think that The way to win now is the kind of go back to some of those values to stop chasing the prettiest shyness thing, or how can we make a tick tock? about this okay, so you make a tiktok and it goes viral, but do you have the product to back it up cause? I love. You said that cause. I think it's a really good had reminder for anyone listening whose like building something, I think, as I heard you reflect back, my answer was probably most relevant to why we're still around today, you asked: how do we grow at what what's it? What's the reason for our growth, I think the sustainable consistent year over your growth is because of that yeah and
and I agree with everything you just said- and marketing and sales is very important yeah and that goes back to again. It's it's not like one or the other yeah. You know I mean I like marketing and sales is really important and early on they may be if you'd asked me that question in two thousand and nineteen I'd be like were very sales focused organization, because we were very sales, focused organization and we still are, and that doesn't mean that we can't obsess over our products to like you can do both yeah and the truth is like. If you I've talked to so many people, aspiring entrepreneurs and people who want to be successful, and sometimes people who are very proud
eccentric they love their product. I do oftentimes challenge them like. How are you going to sell it yeah who is going to sell it where's the traffic going to come from? You know if it's, if it's a if it's a physical store, if it's an online site like you, have to get a lot of people to come and visit you re what're, you know: how are you going to communicate it in such a way in which it's distinct and different, and that people know that your product is not like others? Why are they going to choose to? You know sacrifice their hard earned money in exchange for this thing that you're offering You have to be very good at marketing and sales, so both can be true at the same time, yet I mean in an integrity and they like I really like getting to meet you. I love getting to be a solution, Yes, your awesome day, I'm like so many others yeah, unlike I'm here, because I want to tell people right bout, my story, and I won't tell people about Qian right it. It can be integrated
like yeah, my desire to be a good marketer and a good salesman and promote my company and promote my story and do all these things that that can be healthy doesn't have. B, I think that's. The weird thing is what you are describing p. focusing only on the marketing and sales and they don't have right the poor. The pride: they dont have the heart, its that's grow, yeah, it's like yeah and that's maybe the internet I gonna see, namely earlier to like devalued integrity, to me what people are trying to sell me something and it feels like it needs to be alive. wherever there selling me on Yeah needs, be what I actually get and if it's not really don't like yeah, look, I just know it from my perspective too. You know you're talking about product based business, I think of pot, ass and there's some wild statistic which I'm gonna get wrong, but its close to this that, like ninety five percent of pod, will never do more than fifteen episodes like it's something
crazy, like that. Even massive you'll hear celebrities launching a huge show and they get all of this, but in it so pretty and their obsessed with like this, It was in the whatever, but there is no there there. They they do it and then they fizzle out cause. It takes work like anything else. You gotta keep showing up consistently and try and get better, and so I go back to this idea of if you are focused on creating something great you're going to organically, find the pieces for promo you're going to find like well. This is the way like we had a great conversation today, that's talking. That's organic, that's weaving in what you're doing, as opposed to a lot of new bees and business, which is who I'm aiming. This thought will spend hours and days and weeks and months trying to figure out what,
profile picture they're gonna to use for their instead. You know what I mean like, though, though, and it matters it does matter, but it's not it's it's not the thing. If you will folk on figuring out what is your unique offering in this world and what are the values that you bring to that and then how do you speak about? because you know it so innately like you could talk about this forever because you know it and you love you care about what you're doing. That's that's the marketing those things really work well but obsessing over the cover of something when there's nothing inside the box, and then I think it's really normal. Now I think it happens. A lot is just worth mentioning of, like oh, my gosh: stop creating pinterest sports, stop, creating a mood board, some going to coffee and talking about what might be go. Do the thing could do the thing and make it better,
cause you go and edit and learn. And okay, now we're going to have this label instead of this label. But you have to start somewhere and you can't start with like. What's pretty you need to start with like what substantive? Here you have to do yeah, If I thought through you talking about it will never get you guys. You have to do, and I think you have to do. You have to do kind of a more focused, more restrained version of each thing, but get all the way through the cycle and what I mean is what's what's what's like the smallest version of the product that you can make with the smallest version of the branding, the can make the smallest version of the marketing the cells that you can make and then go and do it so right just because you're gonna learn something like that. That version the products actually was not good. or you might learn like. Oh, even like the pent, whatever the photo eugene
it was for instagram that you thought was going to be so bad people loved that that was their favorite thing and you just don't know until you do it and thinking about it is just not it's not going to get you there sooner yeah. You have to just take action to the small spheres, of each thing, and I would also say the more restrained you are in each dimension of business like product. Don't do ten products at once. Do one product, a man, don't you ten marketing channels at once? Do one marketing channel dont? Do you know like just do one of each and finish it yes and then you'll start to get momentum. It goes back to the health com, station around like, rather than trying to do a change, all your health things at once becoming the breaching my whole diet, number two, my my training programme, that it's like you can like, choose one thing: do it anchor it make it happen, turn into momentum start. The next thing
yeah, and it also is allowing you to tweak as you go, and to pay attention to what works so in the same vein as health. If you think about entrepreneurship, if you do take on ten marketing channels at one time, and you start have success. You dont know where this success came from your not it's so much harder to track. Was it the email campaign? Was it so and yes, you could do links and things like that, but it's just so much easier to understand the scope of what's happening if you're only looking at one area, especially as a you know if you are a mighty team of one, if you're solo prefer in your trying something like make it easier on yourself. I love that you gave the advice of of just like, contain and small and focus have this go see what happens at it and keep going from their so good.
A good word and that came through a lot of pain. I utterly like arrive at that that came from an orientation towards wanted, everything try everything being very afraid committing to one thing: why committed is one thing and it doesnt work Then I will allow and just like freaking myself out, and I think also want like being really attracted to novelty as a person wanting to do all these different new fun things and realizing that if I focus- and I tried to this one thing and be better at that, get greater at that see what I learned from that not all Will I learn faster I'll get somewhere faster, I'll, get more momentum, it also is more. Fun is almost like with a party
we had a party and you're gonna, be like oh we're, gonna like this and that and the dj and the baba and like in the end, it's like your guests. Did you have the people you love there? I do like that. That was the heart of what it was and the deeper you go with those guests. Like the more profound experience you're going to have- and I think it's like that with career and work early. It's you can actually folk. As you can go deeper, you can learn more, it's actually really exciting and stimulating, and even the fear of the failure of the one thing you committed to is exciting yeah. And you beat you'll, be ok you, while you know you will fail forever there, a man Angela this has been in more things in your YAP and carrying it out, if people are listening now like
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