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427: 3 Signs of COMPATIBILITY; How to Know If A Relationship Is Thriving or Dying

2023-06-06 | 🔗
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I think that people really miss this as the red flag that it is. If you sit down with your friends like yeah. Listen to me, this is such a sign that your friendship or your relationship is not growing. If you sit down with this person, and the only thing you can talk about is the past. The relationship is dying or already dead those end up being sought fun conversations because you're, bringing up all the best times that you ever had. So you leave these experiences and you think, oh, my gosh, I have so much fun every time I see Kevin, but if you stare back and ask yourself you like Kevin is not interested in anything that is going on in my current life right now, oftentimes these
ends these relationships, these men, towards these, whatever they are our we only interested in? who you were to them when you met them. hi, I'm rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast ice and so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their show. We talk about everything. life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for, whatever it is. My guess are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these are. conversations, this is information for the curious, this is the rachel Hollis.
I guess I to everybody, welcome to another episode of the show. If you are watching this on you too, then you're, like woe rachel, did you have a court appointment today? Why you dress? I fancy I just was feeling a little ruffle moment. Ok, that is what is happening right now. I just it's. Friday is the first time the sun has come out in the two weeks, and I just was feeling happy and I wanted to put on a little vibrant orange color wanted to just so that's why That's why I've got some big puffy sleeves and a pet plum. That's what's happening with happening on the show today is a conversation about relationships, more specifically compatibility I was having a really interesting conversation with a friend group of mine. A bow
One member of our group, who has recently gone through a pretty big breaker. and we were talking about how we get ourselves into these situations where we stay inside of relationships way longer than we should. This is true for romantic relationships. I think this happens super often side of friendships, and it was just a really rich real unpacking of like the mistakes. I've made the mistakes my friends have made and how we found ourselves in this place, and it gave we an idea for this episode, because I know that we are not the only people who will look back on the choices we made in the past with friends or romantic partners and be like what Why did I stay in that way longer than it should have? I think it happens, because
we are not of lining on some really core basic fundamentals, and I want to chat about that with you. The guy I like, if we are aligned as friends as p who are dating like we are aligned on some really basic levels. You will always know whether or not we are compatible you. Always know whether or not you are with the right person or you're in the right relationship. I guess this girl be one as I'm looking at these? This could be for work as well. This could be like. Am I compatible with this company? I'm about to start working with my compatible with as potential new manager in my life, so I'm in a share three signs that you are compatible and the reverse is also true. I'm finished she her these three signs. These three questions you can.
yourself, where, if you're not saying yes to these questions than chances, are you really need to take a deeper? at why you are with some one that you are not aligned with. Let's jump em, it, turns out- because I like, when things so, to flow together and our cue and in a little bit of a mix? These are all how questions. So you know who what, when we're, why how these are all three house. So these are the three house of our we compatible the first one is: how are you both owing up consistently. How do you and this other person show up in your life in the world in your community? How do you show up consistently I'm adding the word consistently because anybody can show up any way at the beginning
many of us fall in love with someone whether to friend or a romantic partner. We fall in love with them in the beginning basin behaviour in the beginning, and we use that behave are they had in the beginning to ignore all the other stuff that came after it? So I'm not sure if you guys, are familiar with the idea of love balmy. This is some. and I learned a ton about when I was researching narcissism. I had a great conversation with a woman here on the show we talked about covert narcissism and how that shows up in relationships, but this idea of love bombing happens with narcissus. It happens with colts. It happens a lot at times with companies that are really good at marketing, which is essentially that when you get into a relationship with someone they are so oh
were the top about how wonderful you are how compatible you are. How at everything about you is perfect. Oh my gosh, we have so much in common, oh my gosh or so wonderful. Where ve you been my whole life. If you encounter Someone who has no new for like two weeks and is already obsessing over how great you are you all that should be one of the biggest red flags you have ever seen. Nobody is going to meet you and, within five seconds, be deeply passionately in love with you. It's just not a thing or Let me say it a different way: it's not a healthy thing! Certainly we meet people and right away. You have this feeling in your gut you're like oh, my gosh, we're going to be friends forever, like I love this girl she's, so wonderful or you meet someone you're like oh there's, a spark there there's something there
but when you meet someone- and they immediately to you- are like so over the top- it's hard not to get involved in that it's hard not to be for lack of a better term, her not to be turned on by someone. Thinking that you are so freaking amazing and your like, ok, I guess I'm pretty great. And you are really fantastic, but it should take someone longer than a minute to figure that out, so this love bombing thing happens where someone so over the top? Oh, my gosh you're, so amazing, slash often times people who love bombing employ mirroring. This was like a huge like this blue my mind when I learned about mirroring. This is
thing that people do in negotiation is a really powerful technique, but when I better understood that people utilise this when their dating and it's sort of whether its conscious or not, it becomes a form of manipulation and me it's very scary, because if your mirroring you really are the most insecure person. You don't have a sense of self, so you begin to mirror behaviour. Mirroring looks like you sit down with someone, let's say, you're on a day or having coffee, and they start to ask you about your life and whatever you say. They also do that. They also love it. They also read those books. They also are super and personal development. Oh my gosh, I love cat. Oh my gosh, I'm really close if my sister to
and its part. It's like built into this whole love bomb thing, because you're thinking wholly crap, we have so much in common. This person must be my soulmate. This person must be my new bessie. We are so aligned and is just super dangerous, because psychologists have found that we will forever judge that person through the lens of their behaviour at the beginning. So, even when you start to get red flags, let's say it's three months after six months and in your like dang, they said that they were soon. were entered going to see concerts, but they are not like. Did they go with me, but were not really having a good time or they said it
we're really into their health, but every time we're at a party based smoke, a pack of cigarettes and have way too much to drink, and they say it's a one time thing, but everything here is off it's why I use the word consistently. I want you to just take stock of this right now, whether it is a romantic relationship or friendships in your life To just ask our me and this person are we showing up with the same values? Are we showing up in the same way because it feels a little bit like I'm, showing up like this and their showing up in a totally different.
their showing up totally differently than they said that they wanted to, and we will make a thousand excuses, usually because now we are busy, we have lives, we have responsibilities and people counting on us and all the things so its highly possible. You don't have I am to double check like oh, my new friend sarah man she's, like kind of acting very different than I thought she was going to, but oh my gosh doesn't like whatever I'm not gonna see her for a month. It's fine, but those things begin to stack up. Are you and this person showing up consistently and ya? I would challenge anybody in a romantic relationship. I don't care if you ve been married for forty years. If your relationship is healthy, then it
didn't scare you to ask some questions about it. It's only when we know deep down something isn't right here that we are afraid to take a deeper dive if we discover all this stuff's back there, if we open the closet and find all the crap it's hidden inside of it, then we're going to have to make some hard choices, but if we just ignore that this is happening and like keep doing this thing over here and let's focus on the parts of it that work, we don't have, to face the hard stuff but door unwillingness to face the hard stuff. Your unwillingness to have the hard conversation is why you are energetically blocked in other areas of your life in in terms of flow and what working and what it's like. Everything has to be flowing smoothly or one area of block
just going to block something else, so if, for no other reason than you're just trying to live a better life to live a life, that's more beautiful that you enjoy more. You need to ask yourself this question. I've told you guys before you know, as I was in my past relationship for eighteen years was a really long time together for eighteen married for sixteen and we used to joke and I'm using air quotes. If you can't see me, we still joke all the time that if we had met later like if we had met each other ten years in or fifteen years, and that we wouldn't ever have asked for a second date- and we would laugh about that, but in retrospect that was the biggest red flag on the planet, that if we had met as the people we were that day we would not be interested in each other at all and its because the reality was, as we both
older and as we evolved in different ways. We were very different people and we showed up in the world very differently, and if you looked, if I had just looked at what was happening consistently, not with words but with actions, I would have wrecked nice, that much sooner be really mindful of anywhere in your life. You are in a relationship with some one that has very different values than you do, that is showing up in the world very differently, all of us sort of go off the rails. a little bit from time to time. All of us do something a little different right. You go to bed, As for the weekends, you have sugar, free vodka red bull again, which you haven't had since you were twenty two, but it's like your cousins bachelor party. All of us have moments in time, blips in time where we act out of character.
But when I'm looking for his day in day out, how is this person showing up and frankly Why would you have someone in your life who so miss aligned with you in terms of values? Obviously, as I'm saying this, I am talking about someone in your life who the values that they hold and the ethics They go through the world. With this scenario, where this is bad for you, when someone's values, ethics, principles, our way lower than yours on the flip side of that if you have someone in your life, you like this, my mentor, my teacher, my big sister whatever, and they are actually way more advanced than I am god bless them,
as they are hanging out with me when I'm struggle and when I'm trying to become a better version of myself? That is beautiful, but is also worth being mindful of that, because if you are scenting yourself to some one else as having values that you are not consistently acting out. You need to have a gut check. You need take a deeper dive and ask yourself why is going on? Why am I showing up like this? Why am I acting in ways I know are not healthy why? When I've been blessed with like this amazing partner, this amazing friend group this amazing family, whatever? Why am I consistently sabotaging myself? Why am I potentially sabotaging this relationship that is so healthy for me, but may be very unhealthy for the person on the other side of it. Curious city pushes you forward leader
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me for years rage any time you have my number, you call me up you, but I am also very conscious. You know even is his age. He is still all the things you schedule is variant since I have only really reached out to him for mentorship, maybe once a year in the few years that I've known him may be twice But you better believe that if I am going to reach out to John freaking maxwell that I'm gonna come come, I am going to like be prepared. I've got my notes. I dont want to waste his time. I'm gonna come as the best version of myself, because I respect that. I am getting to spend time with someone who is far
advanced in a lot of ways. I would like to be advanced so, unlike our eye, if I'm in a come into his atmosphere, if I get to fly at his level for a minute, if I get to do that, if I get the opportunity, then I want to be the best version of me and it should be this. For all of us in any relationship. The number one way that you know you are compatible is: are you both aligned with your values? Do you show up for your values consistently? The second way, the second, how the second? How is How do you want to live? How do you want to live your life right now? How do you and this person want to live your life right now, We both super into working out day in day out you're, going to get up you're going to go to the gym you're going to do the thing: are you both into building a business?
You're both aligned your entrepreneurs, you you want to build something right now. That is how you are living your life. Are you both super enter partying pull on the weekend. There is nothing wrong with that. I am not suggesting that there is any right way to be. I am suggesting that compassion ability is about whether or not you have these things in common how're you living in your day to day life. This is another one for oh, my gosh friends that you have had for a decade right, friends that you have had some high school. Are you guys living life in the same way. you know every once, while connect with people that I grew up with that I've known forever, and it's super nice to hear how they're doing you know you check in on the family how's your mama has your sister, like you do those
Things and it's beautiful to have people that have known you, since you were five years old, but at the same time, I leave those interactions, those phone calls or those coffee dates, or you know the text especially I leave them and I'm like we have nothing in common now I love this person. I will love this group of people for the rest of my life and if any of them called me right now- and there were like rage- I need you I'm like I got you what you need cause, that's the kind of bond that we have. It goes back that far that for life, if they need something I'm here but day to day, it is completely different lifestyles and I think that people really miss this as the red flag.
it is. If you sit down with her friends. Like you listen to me, this is such a sign that your friendship or your relationship is not growing. If you sit down with this person, and the only thing you can talk about is the past, the relationship is dying or already dead, his absence so often with friends where you're like. Oh my god, remember that time that we did the bowling party and you fell down the lane and then you had like a strike on your shirt it was blowing in the knee on because it was black light bullying and, like you remember that time that we all went to cabo and Sarah got food poisoning and she threw up in that sombrero and then they kicked us out of that club like those end up being so
It's fun conversations because you're bringing up all the best times that you ever had. So you leave happy hour. You leave brunch, you leave the walk around the lake. You leave these experiences and you think, oh, my gosh, I have so much fun. Every time I see Kevin. We laugh with me. You know it's all great that, but if you stepped back and ask yourself, you like Kevin is not interested in anything that is going on in my current life right now. In fact, oftentimes these friend these relationships these men towards these, whatever they are. I really only interested in who you were to them when you met them. for anybody that is working on themselves. Doing the therapy person development you're, trying to build the business you're trying to grow into the next version of yourself and you get together
Your friends, and the only thing they can talk about is who you used to be a big red flag for real, because what's gonna happen, as you are going to over ten. That version of yourself every time you are with this friend group or you're gonna sit with some one and they just can't like the can't go there I went to dinner recently with a friend of my boyfriend's and I had never met this from before was summoned. He had known for ever and ever like twenty five years
something so he was in town and we went to dinner- was so nice. We had a great time- and we were, I mean eight minutes into the conversation, and he was talking about is a job where he has to travel a ton. He travels all over the world and he was talking about the toll that that takes and being on different time zones and all these things- and I was like oh- and what are you doing- to take care of your health like? What are you doing to ground yourself to be centered as you move through these different spaces and times, and how are you taking care of your health, but also like? How are you taking care of yourself emotionally in the midst of a really hard season for you? And you just like looked at me for like fifteen seconds and he was like whoa okay, we're going to talk about this, and I was like oh yeah. I don't do surface, I'm not interested in a surface level conversation I am only interested in real talk and unit.
when minutes later. We are talking about all that we have gone through. He didn't No, the story of my kids losing their dad and what the last like four months have been. again, we are telling him that story and my boyfriend was a guy. You know it's been a really hard couple of years. Twenty two, two is really hard on us, but he didn't like say what it was. A gift hung about how hard twenty to us, but he didn't say, Thing- and I said to the guy- oh, I had accidently gotten pregnant and am there was such a shock to us, but then we were. are excited and trying to figure it out, and then the baby died in the second trimester and was devastating for me, especially, and also just physically. It really mess with my hormones and- and it was just really hard. I experienced a lot of depression for the first half of twenty twenty two and this guy looked at me again and boom
It looked at me cause he was just sort of like okay you're going to and I'm like yeah I don't. This is real life real life, every freaking person on this planet, every single one of you watching this on youtube or listening to it in your car, on your airpods, like wherever you're getting this information, every single one of us is experiencing, hard shit all the time- and I dont know why it's not were normal to just say how you really are it's. Why my first conversation to everyone I meet to every brewster to the kids. How are you- and I mean genuinely and, if you ask me how I am I'm going to tell you the truth. I mean like I'm super overwhelmed today. My kids are driving me crazy or I'm having the best freaking day. Ever I'm going to tell you the truth: That is how I want to live my life every single day. That's how one show up right now is, as myself
and you need to make sure whatever your version of that is, if yours, When he's really into health, you are always going to be incompatible. with someone who's, gonna half into health. If you are, really. Oh my gosh, I have a friend who just went through this, where they, are the most. I rarely met some one that works this hard on themselves and they ve had to do a lot. therapy- and they are nowhere near perfect- they are such a beautiful human. They are working so hard to figure themselves out and their fabulous and their gorgeous and lots of people. One day someone who looks like they do. The problem is that, if you're, just looking from the outset in your just look at this person, has been like- oh my gosh,
Therefore, yes, I'm all the things you don't always get. Someone wanting to talk to that person in a bar. Who's gonna be compatible in the ways that matter so bless bless her because she keeps meeting people and she's like such a good human beings as she's, always like? Oh my gosh there so nice there so sweet there. So what nor am I yeah if they are not working on themselves as hard as you are working on themselves. It will never work period because its such a core value for her moving of a home and into a new one means I find myself with a million different things that need to be fixed. It's a long list. You know, like fish. Washer needs repairing or as a whole in the dry wall or the driver
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It cannot be the mamma I want to be, and I am the only parent, these kids zau. So I can not be that if I am not healthy, emotionally physic, we in my getting enough sleep, am I getting enough water? Am I accidently drinking too much caffeine, like I really have to be conscious of that? I have a part Who cares about that even more than I do now? on the level more than I do. So, if anything, I'm like learning from him, I could not be with someone who doesn't care about that, and I think I think about this a lot of like for our core circle. I wish that when you were succeeding in a certain area of your life- and you had a bunch of friends who really struggle in that area that when they
out with you. You would rub off on them, but what I think happens more often is that the area they struggle in they actually pull you backwards. they actually put backwards. I heard someone say this recently: there were like someone who's like good energy, good vibes, really good at something succeeding in growing. It is impossible for that person, no matter how great they are to pull Some one further down the wrong who does not want to grow? Let me say it again: it doesn't matter how good you are, how brave how strong how beautiful energy, how much your work it doesn't matter how evolved you are. You are
incapable of forcing someone to change who does not want to change. They were like it doesn't work that way, but it is very easy for someone who is negative energy, bad vibes wants to say It is very easy for them to get their claws in some one who is trying to climb the latter who's trying to crawl out of the hole who's trying to break the generational cycle like its shockingly easy for someone with bad intentions to negatively impact someone who's trying their hardest. I just say that, because you need to consider the full costs of the people you allow into your close circle, and I'm not even saying like
oh, you got a. You know, tell your cousin that you're never going to see her again. I just think the first step is being conscious that there's miss alignment and the second step is just making some space there. Finding some like yeah, I'm not we're, not gonna! Hang out every week This isn't a great influence for me. I just think it super dangerous too, continue to hang out with someone, because you know your good influence for them. Fear like volunteering as a mentor, great. I love that, but in your personal relationships you don't need to be anyone's mentor. You need to be coming in at the level of equals. I've used it.
A thousand times over the years, but the bible has scripture that talks about two oxen can't be unevenly yoked a yoke is that harness that goes over the top of two oxen when they would plough a field, let's say, and if one ox was four feet tall at the shoulders and the other ox was two feet tall at the shoulders. This harness that's meant to set between them. Both is never going to work. There never going to be able to pool the plow to plough the field, its the same with our personal relationships. Is Ashley, romantic ones. If you are evolving as a human being and your boyfriend saying in the exact same place and he's the same person was three years ago: unevenly yoked. It's never gonna work. It's my friend.
Meaning all these guys that she thinks are cool and are actually fuck boys who wanted eight or because she's pretty, but can't go deep with her You can't go deep with her, then you can meet her. on any level and it's a waste of her time, so we talked about how are you both showing up consistently, what are those values in your day to day life and are they aligned? We talked about? How do you both want to show now. What is the life that you want to live? Do you both want to live the same kind of life? The third? If the second is, how do you want to live now? The third is: how do you want to live in the future. How do you want to live in the future? Do you have the same idea for what your features going to be? If you both look out five years now, ten years
now do you know what it is that you want to do, if you both look out five years in the future, ten years in the future, are you aligned with where you are headed now, or will we ridiculous example? Gazelles like I want to give an example of like my real life, but number one is about part of what I am doing with my life and my future is raising these kids. I am raising for kids do in my very best to get the for them to adulthood as good human beings. I could not have a partner who doesn't understand that. That's what my futurists that, I am. This is where we're going. This is the we are to talk about this, how we want to do our current life. This is what my today looks like- and this is where I'm going. This is the big like goal of my life right now. One path is like I'm, a mom
and I want to do this really well, and there are very specific ways that I want to show up and as a as a romantic partner. I again I couldn't be with someone who didn't understand, fully support. That We love that and fully support me in that role. The other piece is so stupid. You guys, but I m I'm busy I'm going just say it. On the one hand, there is this part of me that is like forever ever a dirt bag, beach hair, don't care cut off flip flops. That is definitely a part of me, but when it comes to how I live my life, I, like I love to travel. I like a nice hotel room. I absolutely will put off taking it.
Rip for the amount of time it takes me to set aside the amount of money that will allow me to take that trip in a busy way. I everybody is aligned with us. Not everybody likes. This wants is none of it. Plenty of people like I really want to go to the top go island. I really want to go to hawaii and I'll stay, wherever it doesn't matter. I'm in a fly in the center c on southwest animal stare, whatever hotel I just want to be on the island. I have tons of friends like that. That's their true love that for them, but for me I'm just being real. I would rather not take the trip to be able to save up for a trip. That's like the way that I want to experience that
Your girl has traveled so much and when you have traveled as much as I have, you have some ideas, some beliefs, some aesthetic choices that you want in your location, you're like what does this have to do with your future cause y'all? I want to live well, I want to raise these babies. I want to do a good job of that these babies are raised. You are going to find me. Where are you going to find me on? Maybe it's like six months in the south of france, maybe its six months in switzerland,
I don't know, but you are not going to find me in one location, you are going to find me living my best freaking wife and my best life as we have established she's bougie. So that means I am very dedicated to the work that I do to wanting to run really smart business to make great financial decisions to invest in the right places, I'm very dedicated to learning as much as can growing as much as I can so that I have the kind of money that I want to have when these kids are launched. An I get to go, be the woman that goes to the same beach a niece every day, and I also in this scenario, know how to speak french at this point- and I go, you know, stare at the ocean and have a glass of champagne, and that is my life, because I'm
Older and retired and launch these kids, and this is what I want to do, and it just so happens that issue also absolutely super aligned on like this is where we're headed. This is where we're headed at the lord is willing and the creek don't rise. Booze gonna be sent next to me on the beach in the south of france haven't, ass, a champagne gettin pictures of like the kids, you know, grown and like living their best lives. We also slash living our best life, so we're both, really aligned on light. We want of well were willing to work very hard for the financial means to live,
in a way that we want to live and that when we get through the season of these children, we want to travel and have adventures and be no do the work that we can do from anywhere in the world and just leave a really beautiful life. If I had a partner who wanted to have a very traditional life or a very conservative life or didn't like to travel, didn't like to leave home, the idea of you know spending six months, another country made them hyper ventilate, they couldn't amount. What's gonna happen here were incompatible in the future that we want to have maybe or in a relationship, and one of you desperately wants to be apparent and the other does it.
It has got to be one of the most dangerous choices I ever see. Couples make when one person does not want to have children, but they deeply love their partner and their partner really does want to have children, and then they make the choice. Have a baby, that's crazy! That is it raise the life changing decision. We don't talk about it enough, but that rarely goes well. It rarely goes well because, even if you end of loving your child because they are your child and you're, like our a committed to this, like I'm, going be in it, there's a part of the person who did not want to have their baby, who now that's the partner whose sort of force them into it. It's just like that. It's incompatible
How do you want to live your life every single day? And how do you want to live your life in the future? Can your partner even see the same future that you can see? Ask yourself that question for a minute: can they even see it? Do you not describe the vision that you have for your life, because you know you're going to get pushback because they're going to think you're crazy? That should be a red flag. If you don't have anybody in your life that you can speak openly and honestly to about what you see for your future? That's a red flag, because your yeah, maybe you're, one of those people who will work in you know, silence and obscurity and you'll just make it work, and then you'll show everybody what it is and that's how they'll be able to capture vision, but more often than not. If we're not able to speak our vision, we won't pursue it. If we're not able to speak our vision. If we're not able to be honest about,
we see for ourselves. We take away any momentum, any energy we play small, we keep it quiet We don't want to bother anybody with our aspirations or our goals are hope. Sir dreams, we just like, let's make it real quiet. Nobody has to now I'll keep playing this character, because this is the version of me that they liked best and I'll live out the next fifty years and will call a good what what a waste, what a waste of your god given pet. actual what a waste of your ability to experience freedom. I want that, for you. And I hope you don't want it for yourself and you don't have to make any big decisions today, but-
worth being real honest with yourself about your romantic partner and your closest friends, and maybe your work. Are you aligned on your values? do you wanna live today in the same way. do you wanna live tomorrow in the same way. If you answer no to those questions, seemed to have a bigger conversation. All right guys. Those are my thoughts, those my thoughts for today. These are my sleeves for today. I hope that this was helpful you are still here. If you are hanging out on you tube, send this video to a friend which I subscribe to the. animals you never miss. An episode. Give us video thumbs up. If you are listening to this in audio full from oh man. I would really appreciate if you would send it to a friend or share on your social. If you think it's a good one, if you think there's something in it, that can be helpful
well. This show will always be available to you guys absolutely for free, and the only thing I ask in advance is that you just put the work out there in the world. I will be back soon with more ideas More things that are floating around in my head, more problems than puffs leaves and until then remember I love you. waiting for you, the rachel Hollis, is podcast, is produced by me. Rachel Hollis its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble.
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