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473: BONUS: community LOVE challenge

2023-09-04 | 🔗
COME SEE THE PODCAST LIVE!!! https://bit.ly/46ScIHJ This is a special bonus episode dedicated to sharing love and happiness! I'm launching a simple yet lovely community challenge. We'll look at the power of greeting each day with love, as inspired by a timeless novel. This is about providing positive energy to everyone you encounter, paying greater attention to people, and making the world a better place. The challenge is about feeling better, reducing anxiety, and experiencing joy, not just distributing love. This challenge is for anybody who is spiritual, faithful, or simply enjoys positive energy. Try it for a day, a week, or a month. It's a gift to yourself and the rest of the world.
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Hi guys it's rage. This is a little bonus episode of the show for the first monday of the month. I've never done this before, but I have this stirring on my heart to do a community challenge. That's so simple! That's gonna, put goodness out into the world that costs you literally nothing and is also going to make. You feel really good In the last, almost seven years of doing the show, I have been really blessed to get to hang out with you guys, and this community continues to get bigger and bigger, and I have people come up to me all the time and they talk about episodes that they
do they talk about the books and I just know you're out there. I know you're working on yourself. I know you're working on your heart and how you show up in this world, and I thought that it would be cool if we use that energy, we should have put some action behind it and it's really
in the fall. But the very first community challenge is very easy greet each day with love. There is a book from the sixties that I think is maybe one of the greatest things ever written called the greatest salesman or the world's greatest salesman or something along those lines. And I know that sounds funny because you're like what a sales book, it is a sales book and it isn't it's honestly, a guide for life. It's a very small, read it's a beautiful piece of work and my copy is dog eared and tattered and you'd be shocked at how often I reread the chapters in this little tiny book. Essentially,
it's the story of a salesman as told through parable, and the parable is talking about this old salesmen who lived in ancient jerusalem and these practices that he did to become the world's greatest salesman. And honestly, you could substitute the word salesmen for just about anything, because the practices are just Stuff that will make you a better human being, but my very favour it in all of the book is the first. I highly recommend that you guys grab it and read it. If anything, I'm saying is kind of like sparks something and you re like. Oh, I need to check that out, but the very first chapter, where he's talking about a practice for life, says I will greet each day.
with love and it's an affirmation that shows up again and again and again in this chapter I will green each day with love. He goes into detail about some of the ways that you do, that that you who you a go throughout your day and every single person that you see every person that you see you make it your goal to look at them. You don't say it, but you just look at them and you think with sincerity. I love you, you send them love, you send them good energy, and I love this practice because it makes me notice people more. I pay more attention to whose on my walks and who I see it the grocery store, I pay more attention to people that I am would autumn quickly give a smile to and may be others that I close down a little bit more. Maybe I'm more fearful of, or I wouldn't necessarily say, hi- and now I'm going out of my way to like catch their eye and send them love and
yeah. Maybe this sounds prick cheesy or like hippy vi, but you know, I'm your favorite hippie cousin, so just go along with it, but I also think. You know if you have any spiritual practice, then this concept, what align with you? If you, Our spiritual person, the idea of love as the greatest vibration we could reach or should align with you. If you who are of any faith, that's grounded in christianity? This is something that should align with you. Love thy neighbour as thyself is the foundation of the christian faith as much as someone might roll their eyes and think that it's ridiculous going your day and moving from a place of love and coming back to a place of love, real, he does make everything feel better. It makes you feel better.
It lowers your anxiety. It's a beautiful tradition to teach our children. It makes you feel calmer. It makes you show up in, day with more joy, cause you're. Like why don't know fight She then, and I don't know if I broke any huge bound stay, and I don't know if I made a good gillian dollars, but by god I loved everybody that I saw. It's importantly, I love myself. So that is my challenge for you this month. Do you want to take a deeper dive? The book is something like. I think it's the world's greatest salesman. I haven't looked at the title in a while cause. I've been reading it for so long, but if you type that in to your computer, you'll find it that is my challenge to us, don't even try for a month. Try it for a day. What, if your affirmation is, I will greet this day with love. I will greet this day with love. I will greet this day with love.
and love is not perfect. Love is the best that you can love is loving enough to try law. is putting yourself out there. Love is saying you're. Sorry, love is self care, loving, kindness. Love is giving without an expectation that you will get something in return. You get to decide what love is for you, but for me, going through the day with love is my intention. It is the best I am able to feed.
And I like to think that the energy that I put off to others when I'm in that state is one of the best things I can give the world. So I just thought: wouldn't it be cool if we all did that when it be cool, if we at least tried yeah, that's my challenge this month. I hope you'll take it on. I love you
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