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538: START TODAY | 5 Things that Will MAKE or BREAK your Business This Year | PART 2

2024-01-09 | 🔗


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moving starting any job or headed into the next stage of life. Whatever it is discover, cash back debit is for everyone check out eligibility and terms at discovered dot com, slash cash back debit, discover bank member de, I see a lot of people will stick with. Well, it's good enough right. It's good enough! I have some customers. I have some I it's good enough, as it is already feel overwhelmed. I don't want to have to try and fix this or make this thing better. but don't you get that someone else's comin up behind? You Don't you get that some? who's, got more Gee, whose hungrier, whose small, whose consume more. Don't you understand that if you aren't thing
about how your business might go out of business? You run the risk that it will you gotta care, gotta be passionate about what it is that you're doing and when you lose the passion. That's one thing: sort fall off the tracks. I I Oh hollis- and this is my podcast- I spent So many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything. Life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan, four intermittent fasting. What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for whatever it is my guess, are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these Our conversations this is,
information for the curious. This is the rachel Hollis I guess it's rage, we're back or back for part two of yesterday's episode, which is five things that will make or break your business this year. I've had a snack which was the maui neue venison bar do you guys know about mowing the this is not an ad. I know it sounds like one was actually just a really freaking awesome brand, like you have to go. Look them out there, so cool it's a company out of maui. Who is helping to control the access dear population, which is an invasive species they hunt? the dear they use like bow and arrows and like night vision whatever so it's the least stressful way,
of killing. A dear that they can possibly figure out sin is really lead me to really clean me, because these are wild dear, it's helping to control an invasive, pcs and maui and its freaking delicious. They have a like a box that they deliver their ships. so we have gotten the venison box for a really long time when I was in hawaii poverty, ago I started getting their jerky, which is delicious. I love jerky cool like that and I loved jerky. Sorry but he cares. Ten of you are like no keep talking about the jerky, but a lot of times. Jerky has a lot of sugar and act which is not great. Mowing neue has a bar. When I say bar, I mean it's like a meat stick and there's no sugar and it's delicious and integrate low snack that
and I want to have a hit of protein. I dont have a whole milk them doing something like this and I want to stay in energized. That's what I go to I know, sounds like an ad I guess it was, but it was just mean doing x. I love the brand, not because anyone is paying me so as I was Enjoying my bar was coming to tell those guys in case it on about maui nui cause. It's fantastic. All of that to say, let's talk, biz talking bears, if you are just jumping into this conversation, please go and listen to the podcast. Just before this one, its part, one explain the wise. I explain the first two things that are going to make
break your business this year and now I would like to land the plane I mean, let's like take it to a and the next we're going to go up in elevation, we're going to turn off the seatbelt signs. You have permission to walk around, but at the end of today's podcast we're gonna land, the plane, we're not doing a part three. Just to recap. On last time we talked about mindset. We talked about finances. The third thing: that's going to make or break your business this year, slash all the time is systems. Systems and processes, the sexy world of systems and processes. This is a really hard won for most small businesses and solar prefers to figure out. honestly, you tend to just be hurting cats right you're, just trying to keep the ship afloat you're trying to manage all the things are trying to get through another day at the coffee shop. Another day in the bakery another day in the restroom
and the idea of slowing down to put a system in place feels ridiculous like who on earth has time to put a system in place. I guess what I would challenge you with. Is it doesn't matter? If you have time you need to make the time in twenty twenty four were put in some systems in place. Now I used to hear people about systems all the time or processes all the time- and I remember it was a really hot topic. For several years. At every conference I went to every mastermind people were alike. We need a system for this. Are we develop a system for that, and I felt really dumb because I didn't know what they were talking about. As one of the things that you keep hearing it everyone, so like a that, you feel like you should but I didn't want to be the lay mo who didn't know what everyone is talking about, and so I find the astor friend. Who had really built her entire business
around the processes she put in place to make it happen, and she had. I want to see, like eight employees and she had a completely remote team which has not big deal now, but sister had a remote team before twenty the ever rolled around her team, was all over the country. She really focused on hiring the best bull didn't matter where they lived, and I was so astounded by how you could effectively run a team of peace that you never were in the same room with and she was like. Oh, it's all the processes that I have put in place, and I was I can you explain to me what a process is and how to build. One I couldn't find a book on. I couldn't find a: u two bonnet. If you google,
you'll find a lot of apps you'll find a lot of software. That's like here's. How you do a thing, but no one was just like here, is how you build a process so as to what it is and I'm not gonna, give you her answer, which was like very official and still in technical terms. I'm an explain to you. What a processes to me a process is a map that you create, of how to do anything in your business so that if a total stranger came into your business, you could very easily use the map. You have drawn to show them how to do the thing or a process. Is you automating, a part of your business so that you don't personally have to pull the lever, push the button ship? The thing you automate something so that it happens automatically. That is what a processes
to me, but my second question to her was: how do you build one, and I remember that she looked at me like I was an alien I was like. No, I dont get it. How do if I know that I am always behind eight ball when it comes to growing my email address or if I know that the person who works the cash register at my coffee shop, never up cells, the client and ask them if they want a muffin two. If I know that that's the thing, I know what the problem is, how do I build a process that gives me a saloon And- and she was like- I- I don't even know how to explain it. I was like well girl, if you could figure out how to explain it. That is a book that I feel like a lot of people would buy or a course that a lot of people would take for today's purposes. I would just love to convince you that you need more of these in your business and then explain to you how I personally
build systems and processes. This idea for this particular line item on the less came to me when I asked a girl friend of mine, who is a very successful freelancer, so she's a very highly paid freelancer in her. field. I said: hey, I'm gonna do a podcast about the things Will help business owners and twenty twenty four? What do you think the biggest area of tension in your life is, and she was like with out question getting paid for the work that I have done and I was like. You tell she said: well, it's really hard, because I'm so busy that I am constantly going to the next job and extra the next job, and it could take me a couple wants to realise that I have been paid for something I did in the summer time she like, then, once I realize it, then it got to chase people down.
Even in them an invoice. I need to send a follow up. There's all these things that I have to do to get The money I'm owed and it's really hard. It takes a ton of time and I hate doing it like. Okay. Well, that's interesting! Now, if we go back to yesterday's episode, where I talk about how important it is to face your finances, this would be some That falls under that realm, because a guarantee of my friend every single month was looking at her finances and seeing how much she's holding in accounts receivable. She would maybe make some changes in her business. But what she focuses on is the works with her head down. She doesn't work. She keeps churning turning churning not stopping to work smarter instead of harder- and I know you must have heard this at some point in your career. But please let me reemphasize. Cash is king in a business or as I like to call it caches. Queen
in a business, because, let's just speak this about the ladys caches, everything accounts, receivable could have a million dollars at you are owed, but if that cash is not gonna flow through your business anytime soon, that can lead to financial ruin. I told you that I love the book shoe dogged by phil night and in that their cash flow is one of their biggest issues. They would have so much money that could potentially come on the books are so many people. that wanted their product, but they had no cash to pay for new products so that they could sell more. It was like a whole thing and it went on for years. Cash flow is a big issue for me, friend and then ten minutes later for freelancer that works with us. I get an email, not literally Ten minutes after dark talking, my friend, I get an email from a freelancer that we work with and It was like. Oh my gosh, let's grab coffee, I want to talk about the next project and she was like absolutely. Also, while I have you did I send
invoice to the right place, because I still haven't gotten paid and I'm mortified right, especially, We when someone sends an invoice in december, because it gives a freelancer you have to assume like they want that money for travel they want their money to buy, gives like they got bills to pay. I hate freelancers not getting paid on time? So, like now, what happened and she's me the email address. I'm like oh dang know that that is not where you send an invoice. That's why you have been paid. Here's where you send it all, send it myself. Also always tex me. Always shoot me a note if, for some reason, you're not getting paid right away, that's not our style! So let us now, but I thought it was so interesting cause I'm like oh dude, look. She has the same issue as my friend He forgot to check in she sent an invoice. She didn't realize she'd, send it to the wrong place on like oh clearly, systems and processes is something a lot of people need, no matter what the issue is in your business. All of it
to say? You need to know right now that you are going to spend five times as much time building the process as it would take you to just keep doing the thing. Maybe even ten times you will spend ten times as long building process as it would be, to just do the thing. The way you ve been doing it, but what you're betting on is the time is going to save you in the future and timely. is money, especially if you're freelancer, because in the time it would take you to go chase down the envoys you could be working on project that will bring in more money. So how could both of my friends in this instance better system as this process? I can think of a few ways. Number one. There has got to be an app a software, a website, some. Kind of thing that you could use to automatically send invoices to people that you work with? So maybe it's that you forget that you had it
but if it were me literally as soon as I wrapped a job with someone, I would have it set up in my phone. I dont know an act as are you, but I am confident they exist We have an app open, my phone. Why could immediately send an invoice to the person who owes me money for the job I just completed or, However, you roll out, maybe you do a deposit and then later you get your final balance. I would also have it in that app that you could automatically send a follow up. No, if you don't receive the payment. My sister invited me to my nephews birthday party, my nephew birthmark, coming up. It's a bowling party were very excited to go. She sent that imitation through ebay- I just text of my sister was like- will be there. What does he want for his birthday? Invite has sent me ten. Follow up emails telling me to rsvp for this six year olds birthday party
and so, if eve, I can send me that many requests to respond to a six year, old's birthday invitation that I already rsvp for in another fashion. Certainly there is a finance app that would remind your person that you have not gotten paid. That is an example of automating something So you may be had to press that button to send the invoice in the first place, but you automatically have something in place so that you personally do not have to follow up now. If I was building a map of what this look like, I would literally right down the steps step one I need to send an invoice as soon as its done. Ok rate. How can you remember to do that? Well, whenever a book and appointment and put it into my calendar, I could literally set an appointment for around the time
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we have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat care or prevent any disease. The next piece of the automation is that your invoice system is gonna, send a follow up on your behalf. The next step in your process would He too every single month see where you are with accounts payable in receivable, so that your facing your finances. So you know where you are: that's just a simple example, but we can create a system, a road map to any part of our business where we
experiencing tension in December. I did an episode of the start today, podcast, which was all about how to make more money with your customers or clients in the season. That you're in December is a big month for shopping. So I was like hey guys: here's like six ideas for how you could just make more revenue this month. If you haven't, listened to it, it's in the start today, podcast feed go check it out, but one of the things that I mentioned was asking for the up. Sell asking for the up sell is like the lowest hanging fruit and most people will not do it. Whether you're in a consultation based business, whether you have people interacting in a brick and mortar store with a customer, ask for the up sell the up sell is: do you want fries with that? The up sell is? Would you like to upgrade to the
Your popcorn for only seventy five cents more, the upgrade is. Would you like to buy one of these ten million teeny tiny products that you didn't know you always needed, which are in the line on the way to the cash register at sephora. Right the up sell is: would you like a muffin to go with your coffee? The up sell is: would you like to take home a bag of coffee beans, because you love our coffee so much? But in order to ask for up sell either you have to do it if you're the one interacting with the customer or you have to teach your staff to do it. What is the process for them to do that thing? Map it out in the same exact way, here's the goal that we want to get too. We want to ask for the upso okay. Well, what would my employ need to know in order to do that? Well, they need
You know what to say right. We might need to role play like all pretend to be the customer and then we'll get them use to the activity watch sales, videos of how people train a cell staff. I know you like will this is a teenager. Work has a brief in my coffee house. It doesn't matter. The foundation of cells is all the same and it's about talking the person and understanding what their goals and desires are and how the product that you have might be able to better serve them. In this moment she got a role playing that acted out with them. You got to explain to them what they should be up. Selling right. Do you want to? I am making this success. Under coffee house, but, like people ask me all the time if I wanna baked good to go with my coffee or if you go to a restaurant servers like how would you we haven't him
we want a low sham pain to go with our lunch in your like. Actually, I do that sounds fabulous right like its teaching them. What to pitch to the customer as something that becomes a hat. Which maybe your hearing this in your like. What is a single muffin gonna do over the course of my business a whole hell of a lot, because some, I didn't understand back in the day. Is that making money in a business is not about these massive windfalls where all the son, you get a good gillian dollars. Making money in your business is about stacking die it's making a low, but here a little bit there and a little bit there, and if the average order for your customer at your coffee house is five dollars because they come in and they get the same during every day they spend five dollars, but you can get that average ticket
price up to eight dollars because now their buying a muffin to over the long run. That has huge implications on your business, because it's not something that's happening with a single customer. If you ask a hundred customers in a day and even thirty percent of them increase their average ticket value for you that ends up being your margin, so whatever it is you're trying to do you need to map out the other thing. I'd say for processes is understanding that the process will not be perfect. The first time that you will to tweak an augmented as you go, to get it exactly where you want to be, but starting just like starting down the path of how you're gonna make this thing easier for you in the long run, is huge there
many moving parts in a business and its really easy to focus on just getting it done, but the magic is. How can we get it done more efficiently? How can we get it done in an easier way if you have not read? I didn't know that this whole podcast, going to be me telling you what books to read, but I realize in retrospect that's exactly what we're doing. If you have not read the e myth, the e myth revisited, you gotta check it out. It is all about this idea of how do you create systems so that your business can run more efficiently without you having to do everything you can be poised for greatness. You can have an incredible product. You can have an amazing team, but if you as the head of your business, never get a chance to to go up above two fifty thousand feet and look at the business and figure out what needs
fix if you're so head down working in the business that you never get to work on the business you're, not going experience a kind of growth that you want to experience so systems and processes, systems and processes. Its essentially like training yourself, training, your team to make it easier for you to do the things that only you can do number for the fourth thing that is gonna, make or break the business this year, refining rough, finding none of the people who have ten million you tube shorts about how to go. Your business are going to talk about refining. You know why cause it's boring. It's boring! Nobody wants
talk about, how to do the same thing over and over and try and improve it by small degrees, but ya. That is the game. The game is not how any social media videos can I make unless you are social media. for answer and you make money off social media content or uterus magically a figure out some way that you see a direct correlation between. Your social media presence and the money you make unless you're those two people for everybody else, refining what you ve got and what you have created is everything except for sexy, which is why nobody talks about it to me. Refinement means that you look at the different parts of your business. You look at your product, you look at the customer experience. You look at
I ain't relations. You look at your marketing. You look at whatever. I'm a you know all the main pillars of your business. You look at those things and you ask: how could I make this thing better? How can I make this thing better? How can I refine this one thing? That's actually the the beauty in any of us who have products right, whether it's an experience or something you actually sell in the market. I love a product based business, because the customer will tell you free time how to make the thing better. They will tell you every single time. I think that one were building a product. We get it as good as we can get it for the money we have in the time we have and we launch into the world in a small way. You don't buy
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Ash rich. Let me give you a freaking chefs kiss of an idea that I heard recently. I was watching a video on products. Success cause I'm a nerd and I just love hearing business professionals, talk about things and this guy, who, unfortunately, do not remember his name. Is it just like this random products? Guy guy who's talking said something so succinctly: that I have thought, but never like thought of. In these terms, he said: listen to your customer about the problem, but do not listen to your customer about the solution. It is your job to hear what your customer is saying to you in terms of what's working, what's not working what hard work
tension is. I hope that each and every one of you in your business think through the lens of what problem are we trying to solve? What problem are we trying to solve? For me, I wanted something that would help No, there are deeds here, and I am so grateful that you're here, but I really think when I imagine in my audience I I imagine women just cause. That is those of my girls, like we're so happier here, Chad, but for the most part I tend to think of women, and I have her so clearly my mind and for as long as I have been in business, doing this kind of work, I always say her. I always talk about her. If I go to meetings with people,
I am I'm serious exam is where my podcast is housed or from talking to my agents. What are I'm always like? Well, she would do this and she would do that and without fail. If it's a new partner in business with me, they'll be like who is she like? Who do you keep referencing cause? They think I'm talking about like a friend of mine, and I am except she is this amalgamation of all of you that I have interacted with at conferences at speaking engagements at book signings at the airport, at the grocery store for the last decade. So I know her so well and what I wanted to create with something that makes you feel empowered. That makes you feel in control, and if you look at literally everything I have created over the last ten years, my intention,
that, again and again with the website with rise conferences with every book I've written with every podcast episode like I'm trying to think of every single way that I can to make you feel empowered. That's that's the problem. I'm trying to solve not me trying to give you power cause. I can't you view power, I'm trying to do work that makes you realize you have always had the power you are. The these are your ruby slippers. You have always had the power china, be like glinda the good which, like go yo, click come together. You ve always had the power that everything I'm doing so when I created start today, gosh twenty eighteen, I guess when I finally made the journal. It was because this practice
this made me feel empowered and I'm just going to keep saying you don't have to buy my journal. You can't buy my genre right now. Cars are sold out. You don't have to buy the journal. Do this in any notebook, you have a daily gratis in practice right down your goals as if they have already happened. Ask yourself what is the one thing that you are going to focus on first and then go. Do that saying: go creators less nodded to do list where the results that I want this week. That's the basics of this journal. But I made it because the problem and trying to solve is tools that you could do at home. That you're, like I freaking, got this. I freaking got that so. For me, gratitude makes me feel. Grounded makes me feel, like god has. My back makes me feel like the universe. Looking out. For me gratitude does that for me riding down my goals like physically riding down my goals, it that does that for me, makes me feel empowered
choosing the one I'm in a focus on first, that focus makes me feel empowered in control. I know where I'm going right, having my list with me being able to make notes. All of these things like this makes me feel empowered. If you took on the allens of solving the problem. How do I help women to feel more inherited by the way? I hope you do. We need as many people as possible working on this, if you took it on, will you'd approach it in a different way. You do something different there, but for me this was the product that helped me do that, but when we first put started a journals out, oh my gosh, I mean everyone ass tat journal gate, though ever forget first, it was like ok. Well. The thing we need to refine is our shipping process. We have utterly failed at that. We figured out how to make a journal, but we ve utterly failed at a shipping process. Then it was like we don't have a customer.
esteem we have no way to like help. These people get the things that they need or hear how it's going swear to figure out the customer service team. Okay, now we need to refine the actual price The number one thing that you guys hold us, mrs, like twenty eight this a while ago, people were alike The journal needs a ribbon. The journal needs in the dirt. We need a ribbon. We need a ribbon. The journal has to have a ribbon, and I remember my team kept coming to me, though People really want a ribbon in the journal, and I was like I dont can't they just stick like a piece of paper. Of a photo or candy. Just like do a thing: You can't say he kept saying I'm I are. The people have spoken the aid want a ribbon, we're gonna do a ribbon, but there have been so many things over the years where the audience will talk about the issue
and when I was earlier in my career, this is the one you guys gotta, listen to cause like, I feel, like a bunch of you are going to get this when I earlier in my career, I would listen to the audience, tell me how to fix the problem. The problem was that fifty different people would have fifty different ways. They wanted the power. well. I'm fixed and I didn't understand I was like. Oh, I gotta, please everyone I got to do everything the customers are asking me to this youtube. Video was watching. The guy was like cuss. It will always have an answer for how they want it fixed but rarely are they willing to pay for the solution they just ass few to implement. So as a business owner you will off implement something and be like okay well. In order to have, as I now have to charge more money and they're like oh, no, no, I'm not paying more money and you're like we'd know. You told you wanted it as an app- oh, No, I want or does it out, but I don't actually want to have to pay for that
just telling you what I would like right. So I loved his advice that you have to listen to the customer about the problem, but not listen to them about solution, refinement comes Amy, you being obsessed with. How do you make it better? How do you make each part of this thing better and even with new journal. There are things that I'm already like ooh. I wanna tweak that a little bit like this what does that have won reuben. It has to cause there's two different sections of it. I feel like these things are a little long, so the next time around I'd like to trim them by a smidgen and the printer was like By how much I make you know why I don't care if you think that this is this is for me right. Bees things that, I think, will make the product better and I think a lot of people will stick with. Well, it's good enough right. It's good enough. I have some customers, I have some.
Hi ends its good enough, as it is already feel overwhelmed. I dont want to have to try and fix this or make this thing better, but don't you get that someone else's common up behind you? Don't you get that someone who's got more energy, hungrier, whose watch more, whose consume more? Don't you understand that if you aren't thinking about how your business might go out of business, You run the risk that it will you gotta care, you gotta, passionate about what it is that you're doing and when you lose the passion, that's one thing sort fall off the tracks. I think that more businesses, are lost because of burn out because of a lack of passion there
a lack of opportunity or a lack of resources, member in the first episode I talked about how important or psychology is the psychology is that you have to be obsessed with your customer. of how do you make this better? How do we do this? How do we explain in a better way right. So when it what about this idea of refining? What I would challenge you to do is there are twelve months in this year. I would challenge you to pick twelve different pillars: twelve different areas of your business, and it can be as granular as pinterest marketing we're going to be obsessed with pinterest marketing in the month of march. I'm making I am, and for the month of march, really focus on learning as much as you can tweaking as much as you can refining as much as you can with your companies. Efforts in that area
maybe in the month of April, its email, marketing or its product design or its customer experience, but for every month of this year have a refinement. We're gonna refine this thing in the month of september and see what happens. It's a way that you step back out of the business, stop working in it and work on it and you make things a little bit better, a little bit better a little bit better and just so we're clear a little bit better doesn't mean you spend more money. a bit better might mean that you realize you're spending too much in certain areas or you can let go oh uh freelancers or you can do things in a smarter way- I mean god. I hope you guys are paying attention to ally I am not about to be that you to browse look
I'm gonna change a business. I wrote twenty seven books and fifty minutes and made a million dollars now, but a I is but an bananas what you can do with they. I I was on camera today. I had to I need to do an interview for my kids' school and I was waiting for that to happen and I had like fifteen minutes so I went on to Kamba. I have kamba as an like on my phone, and I was just messing around like a just, was curious. I was a co wanna. Do it just sort of see what was there because I kept seeing every time we want to combat site, They have an ay, I thing, and I was what is the a I do on camera. You guys I First, really scared me and I'm like our eye robots you may take over and I control over that, but until then I'm going to get help with my marketing efforts. I it prompted me it said upload.
these three pictures, and so I literally just uploaded like the first three pictures and my camera, and it said what are you trying to promote when I wrote like us. You see how this would work for start today and I wrote a journal for my journal. Business like it was really basic and then forty seconds later, not even It had made a real like a video using those pictures and each real was like you're going to love our journal. Here's why and it just said things that were, kind of what you would find in any journal, but I was I holy crap wholly crap. Now I have, and I love you all. This is not However, I have so many editors who work with me on the show specific Video editors, I love them all. This is not there's no like we're here for wherein it you and me.
But I've been in media for fifteen years. So there's a certain. level and energy that I want to bring to the production of anything we do. But if I was just starting out- and I could not afford the me of freelance editors, both audio visual, that work with me on the show you better believe I'd be up in. Handlers I or up in I'm sure, there's a bunch of them at this point getting help create the videos for the product I'm trying to sell, maybe spend a month and your refining. Is you learning how to work with a high? Maybe you spend a month and you take an online course, but I challenge you to not keep pushing for
new and bigger and better and more products and more customers, and more than a more that, stop trying to add more start trying to make what you already have better, which, by the way, is just freaking good life advice. Also that statement, but for life, stop trying to add more just take what you ve got, which is awesome and see how you make it better, refinement two more things. I want to say on that because I wrote it down and I think it's good when you talk about refinement when you're looking at each month and what your theme is going to be ask yourself: how can I make it better or explain it better? Make it better or explain it better? This is specifically for market
in services products your business, your urban, be whatever iver, it doesn't work because it sucks it sucks and you need to make a better or it doesn't work. because you are not explaining what it actually is. Most of my career has been spent inside of educational marketing assign even a term. I knew when I started, but educational marketing is any time that you are introducing an idea or a product or service, that your ideal customer is not familiar with when I first started doing this work, do you know how many moms, like working moms working women, young college students had gone down a personal development route? Nobody knew what I was talking about: the first rise conference
literally nobody to- and this is so funding this just popped in my mind. I remember at the first rice conference in Austin, texas. The whole thing was about personal development for women that very first day could feed in the room was so magic. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it was going to be something special and it was the lunch break. We had this whole morning about your life making a better. Whenever- and I remember I was walking from the place here like to go, have lunch and we walked out, and their will ten women out of a hundred and twenty who were right out front of the higher, where we were doing this conference just chain smoking just lying once it like they'd, been in this. France! All morning, they haven't been able to have a cigarette break and they're out there. Just like. having cigarettes, and I remember why, can buy them and I was like that what would you like the eyes are so bag because I was like like
I know a talking about how to make yourself better, which starts at a foundation of health and bless their hearts, I'm so glad they're here but I knew looking at things like hey rate. How are they weren't even like trying to hide it, and I thought, oh god we have so far to go, They don't even understand that taking care of them, selves and bettering their life. is immediately destroyed by chain smoking cigarettes. So I tell you that story. To emphasise the idea that so much what I do has always been about explaining to people who are as familiar. Why this thing matters why this thing will work? Why should you care about your hair
Why should you gotta therapy? Why should you drink water? Why should you move your body? Why should you do this thing? Why does a conference work? Why does you getting to go on a vacation by yourself if you can forward it like. Why does that matter? I have to educate if I was just the owner of a burger stand, I dont need educate the population on why burgers and fries I just need to make really good burgers and fries and have a really good customer experience. Some of you have a great product, have a great service, but the audience doesn't understand why it is for them. So your marketing is not about selling your marketing should be about explaining to them why that matters, but if you just have your head down doing the work, you are never gonna. Take that step back to see. What's really going on so refinement to me is asking yourself do I need to make this thing
better or do I need to explain this thing better? Something to consider our at my loves. My beautiful humans were onto the last one to the fifth thing that will make or break your business this year. And more than any other, this will also make or break your life. Really consistency consists see as key you ve heard me say. I hope you will continue to hear me say because it Israel, I told you at the start of this I've, been an entrepreneur for twenty years. I am nowhere near the smartest I am nowhere near the most connected? I m not most talented. I am tenacious as hell, I going in every area of my work. I can see that again and again and again, I can see people that I started with as a keynote speaker. Who were smarter than me more tat
Ted, they had cooler stories and I haven't heard of them. In years I've seen people who are offers who had really cool perspectives and real cool insights to share and they had one book or two books in those books didn't work or they didn't get the attention of the act leads. They didn't make the new york times less than they gave up. I have seen so many businesses people way smarter than me. People with way cooler products who, unlike what happened, to what happened to them and when I look it up and when I do some research, I think of those of you who were with me back in the blogging days, are those of you who loved blogs and two thousand and eight two thousand and nine two thousand and ten when blogging was like really a thing. Think of some of the loggers that we're like the biggest steel in the world? You know that if you watched blogs view red blogs, if you follow
Girls, like you know, I all the time, I'm like what happened to fashion bloggers. There are so many and bloggers, I loved who just disappeared. Consistency is the freaking key it showing up every day and doing the little boring things that most people won't do. Jim rhone, I think, or stephen covey. One of those guys said that the subtle change your life is easy to do. That. problem is that it's also easy not to do in your business, the stuff that will make the difference this year, the stuff that will ensure that you are around five or ten years in the future, the stuff that will guarantee you take the vacation of your dreams. You want to take in twenty twenty four. That stuff is the boring stuff.
Its calling another customer its keeping your word it sending out another pitched at its asking if they want to buy a muffin, it's taking care of your mental health. It's getting your work out and because you know that if you get that work, and you're gonna be in a better mood. During the day you gonna be a better leader, better mama, better all the things, consistency again and again and again over twenty years started. I am on tuesday I will be forty one years old. I started my first business when I was twenty, so twenty one years I had a business. I have made a living earned money for my family doing this thing over over over and now with social media. There's this place to show off what you're doing. there's this whole glamorize, aesthetic of what it looks like to be an entrepreneur back in the day actually that we had an advantage in that,
Was nowhere to like show off because now I feel like there's so much entrepreneurs who are just showing off, but not actually making any money in any kind of business consistency whatever it is, you are taking on consistency relic. All things are: king, like you know, last summer they were going so well and now it's like it's not working. Ok, sarah. Were you doing last summer that you're not doing now? Probably the boring stuff right? things that you don't really like to do what they freaking work, consistency, consistency, consistency, I'm like have shirts made that is like make consistency, sexy or consistency is sex. I don't know it's a working title, I'm not sure what it is. But it's the freaking key, can we get fired up about it? It's not sexy. It's not hard. It's not! Com
we created is that something needs to take a course on its the stuff. You know you should you doing, and you are not doing that's the thing. If you just did the stuff you know you should be doing but you're, not you just did that do for ninety days watch what happens watch, how your life changes. When you just do the things that you should be doing every day over and over and over, do it without telling anybody do it with no one watching, don't put it on social, don't talk about it! Just do it just do the things again and again because the entrepreneur game is a marathon is not spread, and The people who can survive the marathon or the ultra marathon is more accurate, are the ones have the endurance to hold it up,
The endurance comes through repetition. Consistency is not a magic bullet. It's the only answer. Stop looking for the quick fix, stop looking for the cure, all stop! Looking stop buying people's courses, who tell you they're, gonna, quadruple your money in the whatever stop investing in things. You. Don't really know what did it stop just do the stuff. You know you should be doing. Do it damn it. Let's go. Do big things this year. Right I mean you assume some big stuff take care of our people. Let's grow this business, let's positively affect our community. Let's practise self care, let's pour into ourselves with the energy to take care of other people. But let's take this business to the place. We know it can be. Let's take ourselves to the place we know we can get to. I am glad that you hung out with me today.
This episode was helpful to you. Would you please please, please send it to a friend who is a business owner of a friend who is an entrepreneur? I know we liked the ladies, but boys can be in this mix to send it to Chad. Send it to your brother, Chad he's an entrepreneur to send a tan, be like listen to this check. She's got id as sent it to the leaders on your team and new guys can talk about how you can implement some of these things this year, but this podcast will always be available to you guys, absolutely free, and the only thing we ask in return is: would you help our team by? get out into the world. I will be back soon with more information, more conversation. Until then as always, I love you guys and am rooting for you, the rachel. How is podcast is produced by me Rachel Hollis its edited by andrew weller and jack, noble.
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