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590: Feel Good & Live Well: Healthy Tips for Optimizing Your Body & Mind

2024-04-15 | 🔗

This Episode Originally Aired | March 14, 2023

This episode of the Rachel Hollis podcast explores the concept of viewing health as an experiment, emphasizing the importance of trying different nutritional and lifestyle approaches to see what works best for an individual. Rachel shares her personal experiences and struggles with diet, exercise, and body image, including her journey to lose weight and improve her overall well-being.  Rachel discusses the psychological aspects of health, including the effects of body image and self-love on personal wellness. She encourages listeners to find their unique path to health by listening to their bodies, experimenting with different health strategies, and embracing a holistic view of wellness that includes mental, physical, and emotional health.


00:00 Unlocking Personal Health: Experiment and Discover

01:30 The Power of Caffeine and Starting the Day Right

02:10 Embracing Health: Simple Hacks and Fundamental Insights

02:53 Navigating the Overwhelming World of Health Information

04:22 The Universal Challenge of Body Image

16:36 A Deep Dive into Health Measures and Self-Love

24:24 Personal Health Indicators: Skin, Digestion, and Self-Acceptance

30:26 Recognizing Body Changes and Self-Care

31:24 Navigating Shame and Self-Compassion

32:33 Personal Journey with PTSD and Self-Therapy

35:52 Embracing Full Consciousness and Body Awareness

37:02 Practical Health Tips: From Awareness to Action

46:16 The Power of Elimination Diets and Personal Experiments

50:44 Simple Yet Effective Health Hacks: Greens and Water

55:08 Exploring Health as an Experiment

01:00:04 Concluding Thoughts on Health and Self-Care

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