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74: How To Set Yourself Up For Success: A Sneak Peek of Our Documentary "Made for More"


On this week's Podcast, we're releasing an exclusive sneak peek of what you'll see in our documentary, "Made For More," hitting theaters for two nights only, January 2nd and January 9th. This is a portion of my keynote from RISE 2018, in which I talked about how I set myself up for success. So many times we talk vaguely about "working hard" or "staying committed," but I wanted to lay out some simple and practical tools and solutions that help me stay focused and be successful. Get your tickets for "Made For More" on January 2nd and January 9th right here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/rachel-hollis-presents-made-for-more-encore?date=2019-01-02

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Hey guys, it's reach our houses, and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was originally you don't. I live in the dream man You tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now, we're going it now, because we are launching a new package straight up and I'm super except that the seller add, if you guys, are not already familiar Trent. He has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for, a very unique style of coaching yeah rearing, Rights are. The point is really. And put a stray from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through of withholding you back in Mostar, we haven't people's lives young for love that, if you guys want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short, let's go get it.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed out. And created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition. And I started dreaming about one of our most popular products. The start today journal. I start dreaming about this. A couple of years ago I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I'm kind of put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened there,
something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I rode down every day, and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are. What are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal and I was like guys: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook writing down the same thing every single day. But what I think is interesting as business owners or creators, is often times in fact, most of the time, your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for, and I finally just thought what, if. Turn this into a product, and I started to dream and plan, and I literally taped pictures wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it,
wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you complete at each journal. You'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we ve heard now- and I mean you knows, times? We messed up on the shipping, and sometimes we rest up on. Interior, but we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of peace. Oh so incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away to aim in the direction of their dreams, so If you are not familiar and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code. Dot com forward, slash shop and find
all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and if you're not anymore, to buy. Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you dont have to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will litter. We literally change your life.
Welcome to the rise. Podcast, I'm Rachel Hollis and I built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma, and a Google search bar each week will be sharing tangible direct advice or inspiring interviews with this same intention. These are the tools to change your life, hey guys it's Rachel and on this week's episode of the rice podcast I won. To give you a sneak peek at what you're going to find inside, are made for more documentary. If you haven't heard, we actually made a documentary about our women's conference and it is back in theatres on January. Second, January ninth, which is my birthday, suits.
Bruce Special, but this is one of my keynotes from the conference, so you're wondering what you're in for what you're gonna learn. All the good stuff here is a little taste of how I set myself up for success. I hope you enjoy it. I feel like is the most important conversation I'm mean to have with you the entire time. What that we're here, Because I hate with a passion when people- go on pod Tass or stand on a stage. And they're like chaser. Dream work hard Andrew, like Does that mean? What does that mean? I wonder what time you wake up in the morning hours No, what breakfast you I need to know that he enjoyable product.
Cool advice, I'm not interested in work car. So I have this because air gonna stay on families. Time and be. I want to make sure I get through all the points, and I want to make sure that you guys are taking notes, because this is the most tangible, real advice I could think of for how you get. Wherever it is, you want to be whatever you want. Aren't you want to run a half marathon? You want to write a book. You want to start your own company. You just might be a better version of yourself. You want to go home and be fire and all those things. This is the best advice that I have because here what's gonna happen. Well, hang out and its awesome. In this room, and you have probably moved more in the last twenty four. Hours and you haven't last tenure, real real right number one. Now you know you can which is awesome, but then you didn't go back home right to go back.
Where there are children and lie and your partner, maybe and your job and the same stresses that you left there there you are all waiting for you and so the biggest thing that you can ask yourself is how do I keep this feeling? How do I keep this motivation going when I get back their original women tell them like how to actually achieve a goal, and then I realized that doesn't do anything. Unless I tell you how to set yourself up for success. First,. What I can tell you exactly the direction to take to drive to Vegas right now, but if you don't have any gas in the car, how are you gonna make it. Why is homes we decide like a lamentable Jesus dream, I'm on fire and I'm ready, and the world is burning down around you. How well do you think you're gonna achieve that goal, so these are before we get to how you
play achieve the goal. We're gonna talk about high set yourself up. First success. You have yourself, you hang out with me. You may have heard these before. I don't care. What you write him down Anyway, so the first thing that really talk about this A little bit from the idea of five to thrive, which is, if you are not taking care of your physical body there, they zero percent chance that you're gonna become the version of yourself. You want to be. It just it's just real if you are not drinking water, how much? Why are we supposed to drink? Ladies, Having now happy, if you don't, yes, and that bothers you never heard me say it before half your bodyweight. Let's pretend you eight hundred lb cuz, that math is easy for my brain and one slash two. That's fifty slash fifty oz of water Every single day and the question I get all the time is what I have done. It appeal ah, yes
literally just stated, onstage? Why? Why me today Oh yes, you wanna drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day right, no water, judge minor South hydrate talking about you! try and childlike half of it for me when I'm trying to adopt new habit, it's really hard for me to take things out of my life. Are you this is that same way? To give up, something is very Hard for me, but to add something is not that hard and so view start there with water. You are on the right track that seconding, that's really important in terms of physical You have to move your body, you have to I hope that by now you understand a little bit of what we're trying to get you to do and we keep having you get out here, see shake your body thirty seconds and sit back down. Doesn't keep your energy up, do you think you ve been nice
to your kids, your co workers to your partner to everybody in your life. If you kept your energy up and you were listening to whatever your favorite music is, while you did it yeah it matters you guys we are animals walls were not made to sit around all day and watch game of France I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I love when people tell me that data have time. I don't hate. How do you get to work out in? I? Don't you just schedule the time I am you you can't. Let me check for a second it's on my heart. I went home last night and I was so freaking amazed by the work that we did yesterday and energy you brought to this room and the thing that I could not get half my heart was almost every woman in this room stood up. When the question was I hate the way. I look, I'm
That guided me, like I feel like like your mom or something I was sick I saw Kynaston, is- is that many people stood up because I you're so beautiful. You so freaking, beautiful and you dont know way. That's what's crazy! It's not that! It's not true! It's that! You don't believe that. So I have to wonder then what is it? What is it? why? Why that? Why, because you didn't say I don't like the way. I look that wasn't the question it was. I hate words have power and you're in in moments like that is the truth. When we're not filtering, Cells, we will write what we really think inside. We will write what that whoop and our head is really saying to us. So I just one or two, we shot him out like why? What is it? What don't you like.
No, no, no, you are not fat. You have fat You also have fingernails that doesn't make you fingernail high. You understand. I hope that you understand that you grew up in. If you grew up here in the: U S, you grew up in a culture that is obsessed with looking a certain way. Do stand, that in other countries, they have different ideas of what a woman's body should look like so european culture that told you you needed to look a certain way and here's the thing if they convince you that something's wrong with you. If you confuse you about how to get it? The way you want it to be, they can sell you stuff come on guys.
Here's the thing you know if you read the book, how I feel about this, I used to be a size fourteen and I spent a decade learning to get healthy teaching myself to find an exercise that I really love, love of getting into a place where my stress was lowered, were my anxiety, was lowered through exercise and not consuming, is much sugar and not taking in as much caffeine and yes giving up diet coke. It takes a long time and I believe that it matters now because of how you're gonna look if you get in better shape, but because of how you gonna feel you don't need to be a certain size and what chills me it kills me, because when I asked a question, do you were gonna say
I knew I was gonna, be about the size of your body, and the thing is. I was like what can I say to them that won't somehow be like for sure. Elise would tell you something different for sure. A therapist would tell you something different about how to get to a closer place with self love and feeling good about yourself and letting go of those and the wise in your head. That tell you need to look a certain way. The other thing is. I always want to speak to you. How I would speak to my girlfriends, good or bad, are not an expert on shore, pal rage and here's. What I would say, if you don't like the way you look, you can change it. You are in control The problem is that a lot of us have started and stopped and started and stop so we decide. This is just the way it is the people who are trying to sell you things are
to sell you diet and exercise and those really tight, Google lemon pants that make you look a full size, smarter than you are and will only cost you a hundred and twenty dollar Is by its very simple, it's very simple: to lose weight if you want to it's, not easy. But the equation to lose weight is this in any form if you consume, Can you burn off in a day you lose weight, it doesn't matter if you want to do paleo. If you want to go vegetarian, the end and diet, I think our incredible if they can kick start you the problem with diet. Is it it's hard to stay on them? It's not that we can't start them. It's that they're not conducive to be
can we stay on forever? So I want to encourage you right now, because I know when I was struggling with my weight and like a size like at five to have a lot of extra weight on my body. I felt like garbage my back hurt all the time I was winded I felt uncomfortable. I couldn't keep up with my kids all of that stuff. It's why I started to make the choice to change and it was very slow but guys it's possible. So if you stood up, if you checked your box, when the question I hate something about myself. A bunch of other people are going to talk to you about how well the love yourself being just in a meditation on it, and that is so we'll, but also you are in control of this. And remember what I said yesterday, its habit. So much of your time
It is right now are not conscious choices. How did you would agree? You just tend to eat the same things you eat them at the same time, they taste really good. I'm stress my kids are driving me crazy announcement of Gulf WAR. I did that last night we had a hugely emotion. They did anyone else emotionally, you last night What am I felt like? Did you guys phyllite crap, there's a way in your body does not want that to your mouth your body, dozens. I'm not gonna like stick with this the whole time, but but I just want to encourage you in that just because it has worked yet doesn't mean it won't work ever and I want to challenge you in this audience right now, threats. Talk about in a little while next year's rise, and I hope that you will want to come. I want.
Our rise video next year. I want. Are I'm proud, video next year to be our long whose We have all done something in the next twelve months. That makes you so freaking excited that I send you an email and say: send me a picture of your moment of pride. We can't even keep up. Because there are so many. Show me tat girl, your physical body matters unclear what your dream is. If you are not taking care of this none of its happening, or it might happen for a minute and it's gonna stop, because when you feel good in your body, man generative, my my make up. He does a good job, because your who I took pictures with this morning, you know what this face looked like before. But she was like she never see me on things you ve been working with me for years. You ve never seen on, say she was like Europe cracker happening, I'm like you, I'm feeling good
I can freaking do anything in this day. If you put beyond say on an I jump up and down for a minute, I'm, like my body, knows what that means. We're gonna win. You have today care of this women.
And have this terrible habit are this years ago this woman said imagine yourself as an empty glass base. Nurse you're through this empty glass face and I'm someone's pouring a pitcher of water and to you and every single thing in that pitcher. All the water in the picture is everything you need its love. It's joy is nutrition, its goodbyes as all the things that you need as a woman and it's an endless pour the water will never stop it's always coming, but the woman. What we tend to do is we're getting all of this poured into us and we're like I gotta. I need I need to get it to my babies and even give it to my husband. I need to give it to my mama need to give it to my friends. We we start to Tipp are vase over to China spill out all the good stuff that we have on everybody else. I what happens to a glass space.
Keeps tipping over and tipping over and tipping over what happens. It breaks, nor on the flip side of that, if you just stood tall and strong, and you allowed that goodness to be poured into you, Allow that to happen. What would eventually happened to the water in your base would overflowed everybody else. You are having. I hope, your vase filled up this weekend. They said thing that we're gonna, do you ready some this second thing thing that going to do that. We're to talk about is personal environment. All right. This is one of those things that have never set on stage before and I'm going to challenge you and I'm pissing people off and I'm going to hurt your feelings dont mean that I never ever want to hurt your feelings, but
not your cheerleader, I'm or coach a cheerleader? screams and cheers for you, no matter what you're doing a coach says. I see something more inside of you. I see that you are capable of more in a coach pushes use from war. There is one I may tell you about your dream, and I know I know that there are women Homenas status, their initial shame, and that is the devil. Don't even listen
Hey all our next women's conference is only a few weeks away and if you have never attended before this is the event that will change your life rise is a three day: women's personal development conference, where we laughed until we pay our pans and we'd have about our things that we cry and we find community and we create the road map to changing our lives or our businesses or whatever it is that you're working on. If you want to find out more your curious, what it's all about, I highly recommend you go check out the instruments and see what our community says. You can hear it straight from them. It's at: let's rise, dot, co and, if you're looking for the next one, it's happening in Toronto on March this through the seventh that's Toronto March. This, through the seventh check up all the details at the Hollis code, dot com- if you have been looking for a nudge, if you have been looking for something to kick start change, I promise this is the thing. If your house is a disaster, that's a signal. Some
I'm really back, and I don't mean guys- I don't mean your kids trashed, the house, my kids trashed the house every single day. If your house is still see if your car is still see if your personal environment is cluttered, it's because your heart is cluttered, it's b your mind, is not clear if you are setting out to pursue something girls it here Facing down a dream, and you get to go more like you How we handle this put together and you're gonna go home, you're gonna, walk in to a house its absolute chaos. How long do you think you're gonna be able to maintain the energy that you found here. So I don't even think by the way I have cleaned my own home. Unless I was forced to in a decade
I have it and I'm not I'm not I'm all. Until now, I'm not we decided. We talked about this. We decided when we first got married. Neither one of us want to clean the house, and so we did it, we ve thought about it. The time. Is it your short? So that's your shoes. I did the trash last week. We should all the time, and then someone who'd been married for like twenty years would like the best investment you can make in a marriage is a good housekeeper. And we did not have money at the time we have they did not have money and we sat down and we budget it out and we figured what can we give up in order to have this luxury which, at the time with someone who came once a week and deep cleaned our house, they would have at once? We cast keeper? Don't you feel like the Beverly hillbillies when that you're, just like. For one day like someone else cleaning your toilet is worth its weight in gold and that, the truth that isn't true? Maybe it?
You was going to get on top of the clutter. Maybe you need to be honest with yourself when you need to throw some things away. Maybe to get organised or maybe I I have a friend whose house is crazy, crazy, and I'm always like girl get housekeeper. Could she can afford it answer is I don't want anyone to know. My house looks like this. All. That's a great plan. Get out, get out of your own way. You'd. Of your own way. If you can't afford that luxury, yet you better put from fleeing the arm, like my mom on Saturday morning and clean up your life and if you can get out of your own way, ask for help you're like you know how many notes again a day like how do you do in all? Unlike I don't
I want to talk about. I shall not do so. May talk about slavery right now. I do not know her actually love her and I was so disappointed in her eye. You sugary, love, adore studious person on planet went on today show nine months ago, and they said how do you do it? Mamma to girls, All these businesses has been doing his thing. How do you do it all and she was like now just like prayer and. Being really organised an intentional, and I was like screw you now, That is a bold face. Lie, I'm sorry, there is a zero percent chance. The curries don't have helped zero percent and the reason that pisses me off is that millions of women watched her lie the remedy at that meeting The woman watched her say that and they felt inferior there were
Oh you look at how pretty she is. Look at her hair looking to make it look at these businesses she's, but look at what a good mom, I'm sure she is. I freaking love her, but I was like that was a moment for you to speak truthfully to the women watching this ram about who you are and what it takes to operate at this level, and you didn't take advantage of it because a worried what people are going to save. You said I have a nanny. And I did it the Mena things I have ever heard in my entire life ever on the internet, where the first time that I said, I had a nanny, the meanest like passwords, what kind of blanket he blinked this and blinkered like that? Love her own kids all must be nice to surround any bond bonds all day, while someone else raises your babies and the thing you guys, the bang, those people, the people in the cheap, see
whether they're strangers or your mother, in law or your best friend or whoever they always know the exact button to push that freaking precious us there like they see the one thing that kills you and you're like. Oh, that's right, I am a terrible mom. I am a piece of garbage Can't clean up my own house give thing: you're freaking cares we're so grateful the woman so do I I acknowledge her at the end of of the book. Georgia is a part of our family. She loves my baby so well. She is no was best friend. This is why in the world, wouldn't you accept help? If, if it's something that you can have- and we have to wear my girls who started the app? Where am I
here. Ok, these two girls right here started an app where you can me if I'm saying this wrong, so you can you connection, other minds, other adults, that you trust to trade baby sitting hours. What what did Bob. Spell for me yet. Yeah I'll be right there right, ok, so but that everyone use it? your girlfriend's on it. If you can afford the help trade, the help traded. Third thing, Who are you hang out with matters. Said another way: not,
Our friends are worth having. You are the combination of the five people you spend the most timely think about it. Second, first, that's the first time I heard that years ago, like the most time with toddlers, I'm in trouble You are the combination of the five people. You spend the most time with. If you're struggling not to be negative, look here circle if you're struggling with your way, look at your circle. If you're struggling to stay motivated. If all of the sudden, your relationship has gone to garbage With everything they do Why my even with this person, you don't love me like they used to be
care about me, they don't think I'm pretty look at your circle, can't tell you how then you talking to a friend can either make something better or make it worse. And so one of the things that I always hear and as someone who's always trying to elevate and grow, I might dang it. I need some really good people in circle, and I would also challenge you to think if you are the smartest person in your circle, you're in the wrong circle,. If you are the most motivated person in your circle, you're in the wrong circle,. It doesn't mean that you only get to have five friends, though, for some of us that would be a gift. It doesn't mean that you all the sudden decide like I'm, not gonna love you. I can't hang out with you anymore. It does
mean that your very conscious of that friend of yours, who always gossips, whose always negative, whose always do have a friend that you of anyone have a friend that maybe went to high school with or college with, and whenever you Out with them, you become that person again or we do. This is siblings go home for a holiday and all listen. You two were Burke to those rules. Cave we think remember. We think that we're making conscious choices and really it's what so this is a really interesting. Conversation happens, you're like shoot. I really like I really like PAM like her. She always brings the best guacamole taco night. You have to decide, though, for those people who you know are a negative influence in some way. Are they move more influence?
Do you? Are you more influential to them? Because if you can't retain this version of yourself that you want to be all the time you are in trouble. Better choose your friends wisely, and I hey I'll, tell you why I freakin hey going on a lot of business premises and I hate when they're, like find a mentor, and I This is incredible like you to be a stay at home mom and you could be mentor by a mom who you know she's an empty nestor, uneven she's got a really. Well, that's an incredible pairing, but am I? their mentor tree, where Where do I find a mentor because I'll. Tell you why the weight and not fundamental is to not not reach out to a person. You do not even know and be like dear. Oh, I just really feel a connection and I think we should. I think you should mentor me a mentor.
Is something that happens organically. It someone who's already in your life already in a place of influence, and you just Africa, can we use you just honestly. Turning someone you know into your mentor is just one moment of intention: Let me just say, like all see, when I see you're like hey, can I buy you a cup of coffee and talk to about a few things, and I want to encourage you to if you are able to go to a place like that you're able to go have coffee with someone you admire. I want to encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity and treated with respect, because I've had people who just hit me on the right day, the Lord was with me, I may be had some wine and someone said: can I pick? Can I pick your brain, which I get all the time? and I get it. I was once a young woman in my current. I wanted to pick the brain of someone I admired and now my schedule just doesn't allow for that, but ever once while some will ask and then- we sit down and they don't know what to say. I thought
they're, just like me somethin, I might argue, can it be so John C Maxwell is incredible and if you haven't read his book fifteen in viable laws of growth by John C Maxwell, one of the greatest seekers never seen in my life. You, if you ever seen these an old pastor, currencies old that he is he's been oldest. So if you ever see him at a conference in get a chance to go, hear him speak he's just so incredible, but what was fifteen invaluable laws of growth? He is like fifty bucks, so Jonesy Maxwell as its how ever along you ve been given to meet with someone you admire, you should spend twice as long preparing for that meeting like right. Your questions down have them. Phone, if you only get thirty minutes of my time, you better use it. So
You don't have access to a mentor cause. I never did. I was like I love that always you were preachin mentorship and I don't have it. I decided ten years ago that I would be men toward by Oprah. Tony Robins Uns Burnham, Shard and any I'll stay Ramsay anyone else who had a book upon cast a Youtube video that I could I have built this. I have built this. I built this company, these books, every single thing that I know how to do with the high school diploma and a Google search bar. Every single thing, You want to know how to do from bill. The company. To put on better make up exists on the internet right now for free.
I cannot hear people tell me that they don't know how I'm like. Do. You know how to use the internet. Come on tell me you don't know how you just want the easy solution you just want to make it faster for you. You want the quick fix as well, this would die it's all the time. Right now, like you can drop a hundred pounds lights. Is cut up a lot happier body a fine now It wants to do the hard way how to do the hard thing which still want to we keep hoping there's some trick. There's some fast cure the guys that their, why You'd have already figured it out by now it he bought and sold it to a long time before. Right now,. So if you want mentorship, if you want friends- and you don't have them-
Oh look: online, go read a book, go, listen apart, calf, honestly, it has absolutely changed my life and my career. For me to be intentional about what I consume. So this is the other thing. Man, that's gonna for sure spells. Ok misses the other thing is if you go on Instagram and feel like crap about yours, you need to edit your media. You realize you the day I had this epiphany about a month ago, I was like. I am not a fitness professional funny I lived there, never was a where was truly unapproved needs me, because
Anyone he's gone on a weight loss journey like I have and has gotten in shape, like I have you kind of our always like. What's the next thing, and so I'll be totally honest with you my neck, thankfully fibres I'm, I'm I'm gonna get six pack apps, I'm gonna get him get em. I will do that Where do the crunches? Those problems to be what you do to get those that I don't know, but I wanna and then truthfully and I'm gray. I can go around ten miles right now, I'm gray, I jump on stage. I just want credit. If you were there lasher. Do you remember that am I jump I gotta out of breath. And I trained so freaking hard to be in shape for this stage- and I Remember that right now, and what I also remember is that a lot of business model a thought, my job I don't ever have to be. I civil respect those women and I follow them
I think they are so strong and is so inspiring to me to see. I wish I knew their names at the top of my head, but see these like women like flipping tyres. Therefore be men are due like pull up some and doing a loop they're doing all this effort the amazing. I don't mean to do that if you really like. If you love make up and you love hair and you follow bunch of instagram- are to do that and it inspires you to try something new, keep consuming that if something fuels you creatively in anyway keep consuming now, but if it makes you feel like garbage, cut it out or stop looking at Instagram guys pay attention window, I feel great window. I feel like crap, stop doing that thing. The fourth thing habits. Your habits matter. Your habits are like
they controlling your life right now, the bad ones and the good ones, Who has the bad habits. Shout about what are they, What why. Late night eating Mary preach. Why. Just in case of the phone. Yes, that is a bad habits. Yeah. Shit, yeah, that'll, breach thou breach girl. Your habits are controlling your life. You'd identify the triggers for your bad habits. Figure out how to turn them into good ones, so chick place us maybe need to cut up, took place,
I don't know you were being silly, but I'm just like choosing that one at random. I believe deeply that if you can do something for thirty days, you can do it forever. I really do believe that I'm living proof of that slowly part of my weight loss journey as I have slowly cut things out of my life and I knew weren't helping me one after another, thirty days at a time, because if you can truly gets the eye nor talks about this in the book, so forgive me that its repetitive, but for the longer term. I would start something, but I never had one time I'm not cheated on a diet. Anyone else yeah I'm sure there are people who have the willpower, I'm not one of them. I didn't used to be
And then one day, I just thought what, if I just didn't break this promise, this dumb promise about not having diet coke? What if I just didn't break this for thirty days, just to see, and after thirty days I didn't craven anymore, I did the same thing with meat when I could tell that it was really affecting my daddy. Genocide, a quick way more information than you wanted. I did the same thing with dairy. You know anybody who loves cheese and ran stressing more than I do. You don't know any boy it's my love language. I just adore it and I was noticing bad break out- always right here, always my chin and I was going on what every it's always there and I don't. I don't love when I'm not saying I don't love to wear, make up some like what is this stuff and I've just googled, Why might you be getting break up on your chin and they
you all these ideas and then I tried s, and I will try that and I think it's lotion your potions and then some article somewhere said cut out very just cut out dairy for a month and see what happens and it was night and Night and day- and in fact this is not what the Dairy Council Wickham aback recruiting We are not telling you why my journey, if I have it now within a second I'm not having kidding? I will have a break up this week because of an evening during this weekend, emotionally emotional. Eating you know how that gas, but how its matter. I would, really love you guys to spend some time this week after we leave here to think about
right down to notice to be conscious of what are the habits and I'm doing without thinking about it. And how can I wondered at times? I don't think that you can take it all on at once. How can I choose just one bad habit and change? The action trigger will stay the same, but I want to change the act then, the fifth seriously Seriously, listen, listen to me! If you can conquer the morning, you got it. You conquer the morning, you conquer the day, you conquer the weak everything else that comes after it. Your morning matters it's. Why talk so much about the idea of waking up an hour before you need to especially your mom? Don't listen me. If you have a child under the age of. Why don't you crazy you didn't people's them? You know that I haven't flat in six months. I don't know how to wake up an hour earlier. Unlike don't be dumb,
A child under the age of one waking up an hour earlier and using that time for yourself. Using that time I have a child under the age of one waking an hour earlier and using that time for yourself using that time to work on your goal, using that time to work out or prey or Rita nonfiction. Your loving or read a vampire book that your loving or whatever it is, but I don t I think it's time you know you have time you're spending and doing something else we talk about. A lot, but it is no less true. Success is about choosing between What you want now and what you most you have the time you have to figure out how to use it better. So, if you can conquer that morning, if you can I'll, tell you my right, so I wake up Dames Britain's me, my coffee, because he is a precious baby,
I am and he's a good man who brings my coffee, everyday cup of soldiers and folders, my whole life, so my daddy drink, I during my folders, I like it. So he brings me a cup of coffee. And we do meditation on gratitude like you like you, what we did here today and we have like a guided one that we use, which are basically ripped off for you yesterday, and we do that same kind of thing. We focus on things that are grateful for the more right and our five minute journal. You guys saw that is my answer on. Then on Amazon, but twenty five bucks. It's it's like five lines. You fuel it out every single day, three things, I'm grateful for three things that would make today great and an affirmation you come back and I did the same thing. I never come back and I be honest: I just do the morning because there's something really powerful about being intentional with your morning. These are three things that would make today great. Ok,
So five minute journal it's on Amazon. If you want to grab it the last thing you choose your attitude, life is not happening to you. Life is happening for and you decide how to respond to it? You don't get pissed off. I heard once you don't get pissed stop. You'd do pissed off. No, I just ever looked out. I mean like how challenge you not others around on the states is now you do pissed off you do anxiety. You do feeling like garbage. You do verbally abusing use yourself You do I hate my life. You do we're all doomed.
You do I'm a crappy mom. You do that likely because it Habit but either way you do it. And you can just as easily do joy gratitude blessings happiness. Thrilled excited awesome, you can just as easily do those things we have to consciously choose it now. I dont know if music works for everybody. I just know music works for me is why such a big part of what we do, because I have a bad? ass, playlist. No, no, I have a bad ass brave ass. You ve never even heard Take my the size and make me feel truly bad ass, ours so inappropriate.
In fact, I know this is your actually some of you so so my bad ass playlist is called mobile. That's my power word. Or something identified years ago. It was something that I wanted to be, but I was playing small. You may have read about it: That word has a lot of power to me. In a minute. We're gonna do another meditation about our future, and I want you to think of a word that symbolizes the future version of yourself but my playlist is called mobile and is. It was like twenty songs that dress we feel like I can flip over car. If you need me to And they're all so inappropriate and was, I didn't realize that, like I had made a playlist on Spotify in a bunch of people followed it and the I realise that they make. Could you see all your play innocent?
Them so there are like twenty six people who follow the mobile play less before was able to like lock it down, and I don't know how to keep them out. I apologize. What brought you will have a play less on your phone. That at a moment s notice can turn your attitude around and the thing you're not gonna want to cause you're gonna be pissed or sad or angry, or you hate everybody or everybody hates you and you have to choose, saying you! disappoint like your mom, I'm not mad, disappointed sand,
put on that music. What I don't yeah attitude matters Crap, SAM, here's, your Do you have thirty seconds and I'm halfway there, but I guess I have another keynote this afternoon, we're in a finnish a thing. What The next thing is the panel with me and Dave, which is good, it's fine, I got to change my shoes, I'm going to put on a jacket. Someone gave me today it's going to be awesome, so I promise we'll come back, we're talking about laying the groundwork for success and now we're going to talk about how we get to our goal. Youdecide
You decide right now. The life you go back to it doesn't take that long to turn your life in a different direction, but it's a choice. Please please please, if nothing else, promise me and promised yourself, because we don't break those promises that you will go back home and take steps to keep going in the direction
and started going this week? We should hang out on more than just as part against, which means that the next time you are an interim or facebook or you to be sir and Type Rachel Hollis into the search bar and check out all the fun things we haven't going on. I'm your favor plan. Ladies and gentlemen, did I mention I have a book coming out here to think it's called get out of your own way, a skeptics guide to growth in fulfillment and we're in the pre sell window of windows. I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about
twenty lies that I once believe that were keeping me in my own way. I have written this from the perspective of someone that, Totally different from Rachel Hollis, even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the perspective of someone who's been skeptical of tools like this book or even the pot Castro listening to for ever and ever its through. That lends that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I think in uncovering the truth behind those lies, and not only did it help me get out of my own way to help you get out of Europe. There are two ways I want to say. Thank you for preparing this book. I have created an e course any course. Yes and e course a sixty minutes each course called finding your. Why it's a fantastic resource, it's available! Absolutely,
or free right now for having pure the book? And if you go to get out of your own way, the book that calm right now and follow the problems not only we get eat. You can hear the first thirty minutes of the book again Get out of your own way comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link follow the problems, and I appreciate your support.
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