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Hey guys it's Rachel Hollis- and this is a quick word on money. Let's talk about money, I'm doing this as a ten minute episode, because I feel like I just want to give you a little food for thought on this Monday or whatever day or consuming this content. I grew up not understanding how much my relationship to money would affect my ability to make it and would affect my ability to manage it, and I want to just put this out there for any of you who might find yourself in a similar situation. I grew up without money. I grew up listening to my parents, fight constantly about the lack of money. I grew up watching my family members in a work to get that pay check and then the paycheck was gone as soon as it showed up.
I learned the idea of oh I'm in a treat myself to something that I probably can afford. While I have money and leaving no money behind to pay bills, so I really grew up watching some pretty harsh relationships with finances and not understanding that there was any the way to be, and, as I became an adult as I became an entrepreneur, I really can see now how my early relationship with money affected my beliefs, asked him about it, in fact, I love asking people. This question like, if I tell you you know, if I gave you a million dollars, if I could wave a magic wand and then all of a sudden, you would have a million dollars. What would you do with it and what would that mean to you and people?
well describe all of these things- they'll say: what's you know it would be freedom and it would be fine and it would be me taking care of my family and I'd pay off my dad and I'd go on a lavish vacation ride, buy a nice car or etc, etc, etc. Whatever money needs to you right, so they'll talk about all the things that would mean for them if they were able to have that kind of wealth show up, but there and you flip it around and you go. Okay will tell me what your family taught you about money when you think back to your family of origin, the people that raised you the people that were around you. What did they say about money? And then you hear somewhere truth come out. You hear money is the root of all evil. You hear money doesn't grow on trees. You hear while there was never enough money or you know, I was taught that if people were rich, then they must be evil, because the only way to make wealth was to do it in an evil way or all of these things. When you ask
people to tell you the stories that they grew up believing about money, you uncover some really negative thoughts about what finances mean and it's impossible in less your conscious of it. It's impossible to separate yourself from those childhood belief systems when it comes to money. So if you can think of like ok, what did your parents, and maybe you had parents what a great relationship and attitude about money, but most of us did it and if you can think about your own family and what they taught you and then see the parallels in Europe
financial situation to what you grew up believing and what you now experience, they are usually directly in line with each other unless you ve done the work to get past this. So I was on a call today as a non profit organization that I'm really excited about, and I think they're doing great work and I had a call with their director in my background, is an event planning and as an event plenary planned. Oh my word, so many nonprofit fundraiser back in the damn really good at fund raising, especially for organisations I believe in and ad hoc into this director em. I was asking her questions and. ok, tell me about there's an tell me about that, tell me about your fund raising and she was talking about fund raising in a way that I was like o day. If I don't
anything else for this organisation. I've got to change the mindset that this woman approaches fund raising with I was like: oh dude. There is so much money out there, there's so much money out there. So many very, very, very, very wealthy people and organisations who set aside a certain amount of money to donate to non profit every year you have incredibly worthy non profit, and the only reason you dont have access to all of that money. That's out there is just they don't know about you yet that's it, because that shifts her whole perception and she's going into this fund raising round thinking, like. Oh man, weren't donating like they used to and there's really not money for the arts. People don't want to give money to the arts and people a donate for causes that are about what in girls, and I she has that my said already. She is full
limiting the potential for her organization. Whatever you believe is true, if you believe that so many people are ready and willing and want to help and have hearts for this and have the finances to support it, and the only thing is they might not know about me. Yet that is empowering. That gives you a direction that says. Ok, Y gotta get my message out. I have to make contacts. I've gotta get the word out about the work that were doing and then This money is going to be available to me. The flip side is like there's not enough money, there's not enough money, and nobody knows about it, which one of those is more powerful when in doubt, your goal, always with the mindset that is more empowering to you, even if it's hard for you to believe that its true at first practice. The mindset that you want to have the same thing is true for entrepreneurs. The same thing is true for you
HU, as your considering asking for promotion this year. Whatever you believe is real. You give energy to it. So when it comes to money, if you're an entrepreneur- and you think money doesn't grow on trees, wholly crap. How do you think you're gonna find customers? If you Thank you. No one eye on this great bakery in my town and there are people every single day who are spending money on birth. They kicks for their kids, and that is my special see and the only reason that they have spent their money with me as they don't know how great it as yet one of those beliefs is very empowering the
Other, like, oh, nobody in my town has money. Nobody in my town like cake right. I am not like trying to get you to reinvent the wheel. I am trying to get you to understand that the belief system you have about something absolutely is the indicator of your relationship with it. If you have a scarcity mindset,
bout money. If you ve scarcely mindset about finances and wealth of you think, there's not enough if you think oh man, I better like blow through this as fast as I camp before, there's not enough money for me to treat myself. You are perpetuating number one, your handling your finances, abominably, you're, not taking care of yourself, your sacrificing the future version of you for your current versions, Comfor, your sacrificing your future life, so that the current version of you can like have a nice pair of shoes or go out to dinner, with their friends or by drinks for everybody and you're doing it. Because you have a scarcity mindset, because you think the monies gonna run out. The thing is, it's all there and it's all available to you, but your belief system when it comes to money, will absolutely affect how you treat it and how you treat it will be an indication of whether or not you are
well to acquire more or whether or not you are able to hold onto the money that you actually have. So there's all sorts of information out there about your particular industry, your business, your own personal ways to acquire wealth or to make more money or to save more money. That's not what I want talk to you about today. All they want to do in this quick episode is: ask you to think about what is your relationship with money and how is it influence by your family of origin, because if you can connect those dots I'll blow your mind and hopefully give you some better ideas for how to approach wealth in the future.
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