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Hey guys it's rage, and this is a quick word on commitment. Alright, it's really easy to get excited about. A new idea is really easy to get excited about a new goal to envision a better life for yourself to think that it would be great to learn how to play guitar or to speak French or to train for a half marathon whatever it is that you imagine doing with your life, it's really easy to get excited about what could be. I think that a lot of disappointment happens for us when we think about a when we dream about it, a lot when we talk about it a lot, but we don't actually do anything like right now. I guarantee there is something in your life that you have wanted to do for a long time that if you work to find the time you could and that you have the means, whether that's the resources that
I am the money to invest in you know getting singing lessons whatever it is that you actually have the ability to do this thing. So why aren't you doing it? Why aren't you taking steps to reach that goal now? Look. There are all sorts of things that affect this. There are seasons in our life. There is a question about you know: do you even have the energy? Do you have the mental capacity to take on something new there's what happens to us on the other side of going through a global pandemic or still sort of being inside of a global pandemic that were on shore were uncertain. We feel stuck. We don't want to make any choices. We don't want to get involved in anything, because what, if I commit to something and then the world turns upside down again right or there's the void in the back of your head, that tells you all of the reasons that you're going to suck. Oh, don't don't even try because you're going to quit or don't even try because you're going to fail or don't even try, because they're gonna laugh there's a million reasons. Why we don't, but what about the thing
that you are really passionate about that. You think would be real the fun that you know would be good for your life or incredible for your business, and you just don't do it. I heard this line years ago and I happened to find it recently in an old journal of mine. This line that I wrote down and I love it, and I want to share it with you, because when I heard it for the first time, I thought about it all day and I had to ask myself some real questions. The line that I heard or the question that I heard was: are you interested or are you committed, because, if you're interested in something you'll talk about it, if you're interested in something you'll research it You'll tell your friends your cast a vision, your day dream. You may then put it on a vision board. You make a Pinterest board, you do all sorts of things, a bow watcher interested in
but if you're committed you do it, it's not a question. You know I used to eat fast food all the time. I grew up on fast food dude. I still love it like in my brain. I wanna go to talk about right now and order everything on the left side of the menu. I would kill to eat Mcdonald's french rise like Delicious as there is no world where I would eat fast food today, I just it's not it's not even past. Yes, of course, it's possible if I'm starving on a desert island- and someone gives me like a quarter pounder, I'm about to go right, but I am committed to my health. I am method to eating things. That love me back right. I am committed to making good choices and it doesn't mean that all cake and moreover case so, but it does mean that there are things that are non negotiable for me. I just I it's not even my realm of possibility.
go? Have food from the drive through or to go? Have a soda filled with sugar is just not my thing. It's not my thing too drink to get drunk. Like I'm thirty, nine. I got for kids, I gotta wake up within the morning. I am committed to this version of myself when I was twenty one when I have gotten absolutely housed and been hung over the next day. Yes, absolutely I did all kinds of stupid crap- and I was twenty one, but committed to a different lifestyle now. So, if you're wondering why, when you know that you should amusing air quote, we know that you should do something, but you, out when you're wondering why it's because you're not really committed to that vision, there's a great like Jacko willing quo. If you guys know Jacko this X, Navy seal he's an author is a pod casters super about us and he has his quote years ago. He was on the top
in the Ferris podcast and someone I dunno was TIM had asked, or some one had asked like. How can I be tougher, and you just point blank was like you just be tougher. You want to be tough start being tougher. It's like the simplest thing, the most obvious thing, and also it just resonates so deeply with me. If you want to be tougher, start doing soft bits, more difficult, stop talking yourself out of it, stop making excuses. Just go! It's like my commitment. At the beginning of this year. I decided I'm in to stop being such a weeny. I'm gonna do stuff. That scares me, and I have already done so many things in march- that I can't believe I've done ran a marathon without training, went zip lining jump to the ocean in England in the middle of January, got dental work done now,
terrifying, but I did it like I'm doing all these things, because I might just be tougher. So if you want to achieve the goal you gotta stop talking about it, you gotta sobbing interested. You have to commit yourself. we gotta commit and if you don't want to commit or you're, not in a place where you can or it's not that season for you. Oh my gosh, no worries, no pressure. No stress tell yourself like okay, not right now, I'm interested in it now, but I'm going to be committed to it later, but it's better to understand. What's really happening, then to think like. Oh, I just don't have air or I'm just not. You know, ready or fill in the blank
If you can make it that cut and dry you're interested or your committed and there's no shame in either one of those choices, but if you keep pursuing something and you find that it's not really happening, I just want you to be real and want you to ask yourself a tough question. If you are committed to this thing, like you were committed to your marriage, like you are committed to taking care of your babies like you were coming, to your faith. Well, you wouldn't slack off on it. You would bow out on it. You wouldn't find reasons to not do it you'd be all in. So that's a choice they have to make. Are you interested or are you committed cause, is a big difference. Ok guys. That was a quick word with me. Your friend rage. He felt he was helpful.
Please send this to someone that you think needs to hear today until a chat with you again remember. I love you and I'm rooting for you.
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