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2022-03-18 | 🔗


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Hey guys it's rage, and this is a quick word okay. So what I'm focusing on for this week for this day is the fact that it is a full moon now I know I know a dogma, full moon, a lot, because as I love the idea of a lunar cycle, I love the idea of taking time out every single month to unpack and ask yourself great questions and do some journaling, and it just so happens that my friends and I choose the full moon to do that on. If you want to understand more about that practice and how we got into it, you can listen to episode to twenty two of this podcast, but that's not the point of stays episode. The point of today's episode is the theme for this month's full moon. So if you're not familiar every single month of ie,
obviously there is a full moon and every single full moon has a theme, a theme not made up by me, but made up by generations going further back. Then we can even imagine- and this month's theme for the full moon is the worm moon, the worm, men and maybe right now, you're like oh, my god, how on earth ass, she even find a lesson in the warm moon girl. Have you ever met me? I can find the lesson is I don't have anything and here's what I'm meditating on this month for the full moon, the worm, moon and what it means. So I did some research and I found that it's called the worm moon in march, because it's typically the time of year when worms would start to emerge
So during the winter there you know embedded in the ground or if its larva, maybe it's inside, of tree barks and in march, was when first nations and ancient people would start to see those worms come up and down to the ground and when the worms came out of the ground, then, the birds could start to eat them in, it was a sign that spring was coming or that spring was near or that spring was on the way I remember The worm moon because last year I had just fallen in love with my bow and we went on a hike And it was that kind of new love where you're still so nervous and
like you know, you're in love, but you haven't said it yet and like you're feeling all sorts of weird- or maybe you guys are cooler and more confident than I am. But I was definitely feeling very weird and we were on this hike and at a place outside of Austin Texas, called enchanted rock. It's a really cool park. If you guys live around here, you should check it out. It's a gorgeous hiking, especially during this. at the time, and we were hiking and like it was the craziest thing and I dunno what these were called. But there's all of these like worm or silkworms, or something that I have a stream coming down from the tree. That is very hard to explain unless you've seen this before, but imagine like a tree that you're walking by and in that tree is five hundred little worms hanging on a silk stream and the place we were walking. We were walking through trees, so every few feet we both get covered with these worms that it was like hilarious. We kept trying to like get the stick
in off each other and like trying to not disturb these creatures, and I remember it because then that week I went home and saw that the full moon theme was worm. Moon and I'm like. Oh that's hilarious, like yeah, you're right, the worms are coming out. So what I love about this idea is the sign of spring the sign of spring. I feel like that is especially powerful, because so many people well our inside of a personal winter. I mean we're inside of a physical winter. Must he live in a different part of the world and your your temperatures are different. Many of us are inside of physical winter, like today, when I'm recording this episode in Austin Texas, it's twenty five degrees, it's very cold
that's it that's an actual winter, but many people are inside of a personal winter or an emotional winter. I heard a statistic yesterday that from february of twenty twenty two august of twenty twenty. They checked with people and depression in the. U s went up by forty six percent, that is wild and nobody surprised by that right. Like February twenty twenty two august, twenty, We were deep inside a pandemic, we were isolated. We were scared, nobody knew what was going on. We were losing I loved ones. We were losing jobs like it was it was. There was plenty of reason to be depressed, but here's, the part of the statistic that really threw me off is that those numbers have not
back down. Those numbers have not gone back down. People are suffering. People are scared. People are sad people feel alone, they feel like. they feel stock and to me I think it's really powerful to hear that. If You feel like that. You are not alone and also, if you feel like that, it's very normal. in our lives. We are going to go through seasons of winter. Think about winter right. It's it's cold, your eye. delayed ed, maybe things for scarce, maybe it looks, bleed like outside my window right now, everything's iced over and it's a great day and your cold, and you can't get to places and we're all going to go through personal or emotional experiences that feel like,
And it's ok! It's ok to acknowledge it. It's ok to be like those, worms and might be in the ground. It is ok to be in your personal form of hibernation. it's ok to not be ok, it's ok to feel those things, but I want you to hold onto just like the idea of this worm. Moon is that spring is coming spring, is coming. Every single winter will always be followed by spring. This is a natural cycle of life. And its natural cycle of your life? You have to hold on to the hope that this is a season for you. This is not forever. This is a season and, as you start to feel things thought, as you start to feel things can have come back on mine. As you start to see, the sun
come out again for you. I want you to not take that as a fluke or just something that happens occasionally. I want you to begin to see those sparks of joy, those. With that ray of light. I want you to see that as reminder that spring is coming. It is normal and natural to go through low seasons. It is now more unnatural to go through cycles. Were you question like who am I, what am I doing? What is this all mean? Why am I ve been doing these things? That is a good thing. When we go through hard seasons, we get stripped right like we, its. Like a tree in the winter time losing all of its leaves and losing some of its bark in lou Was it in sharing those things when spring time comes? It gives that plant the ability to bloom and to become something new and to grow taller. I just want you to hold that in your heart this month,
there's incredible work that you can do and unpacking this full moon and asking yourself what are the things? What what What are the leaves that you need a shed. What is the bark that you need to shed one of the things that you need to allow this winter to strip? from you in order for you to have the spring time that is coming because it is coming always always always spring will follow winter. I hope that this was helpful to you guys and if it was share it with a friend, I m the person. I am because I just keep trying to share ideas and if you are interested in the idea of personal development, man just send like, if you read a great book, send it to a friend. You listened to a great podcast, send it to a friend if this was helpful for you
to a friend. In fact, when we're in hard seasons, one of the best ways to get out of it is to start to show up for other people. I love you guys, I'm reading for you and I'll see you again next time.
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