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2022-10-10 | 🔗
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Hey guys it's rachel- and this is a quick word on your path. Ok, we get so obsessed with believing that things need to happen in the exact way we have them in our mind. I think that this actually be. One of the reasons that so many people give up. on their dreams and their goals, because it doesn't Happened: the way that you think it's supposed to we obsess over here's where I'm going, here's how I'm going to get there? Here's exactly what I'm gonna do here's, what it's gonna feel like here's, what it's gonna look like, and we miss all of these opportunities that the universe tries to send our way, because it doesn't show up in the exact package that we think it's going to. So we completely miss it when it passes by
it's like wanting to find love and having a really specific idea of what your dream partner is going to look like, where what kind of job they're going to have, where they're going to be from what they're going to do, and you completely mess all of these incredible potential partners, have your same values who have your same belize, your same dreams like they be your best friend they'd, be all of these things, but maybe They don't look the way, you're, imagining the look, and so you just never give him a chance. I think that is about being obsessed with the goal being obsessed with what you want, but being really open to how that shows up. If you think that you know the path that is getting you from where you are too, where you want to be, and you are so freaking committed to that path and that path Lee you're gonna miss opportunities, one after the other that could
actually lead you in the direction you want to go way faster. I think about this a lot for friends, I've known who have struggled with infertility. This is such a hard subject. I have several friends right now who are years into the process of I v F, and it is so brutal I have. Ah, I just have so much love for any you who are in that the financial burden, what it does your hormones, the emotion? What does your relationship like? It's just, oh god, it's so brutal and
I am not in that space, so I can't speak to what that might feel like for you, but having counselled so many people in this process over the years. The only thing that I can come back to without contacts without knowing your story is this idea that there are so many ways to be a mom. If the ultimate goal is to be a mother or to be a father, there are multiple paths to get you there, but if you believe that the ultimate goal is to be errant and that you are in charge of the road that gives like. If you have to be in control of both of those things, you can maintain control, you limit your access. You limit your resources, you limit your possibility and I think you slow yourself down a lot of the time
does now there's only one path. The same can be said for falling in love and finding your dream partner right. If you have to control both the goal and the road that gets you there, you are limited and you're gonna move. Slower. So I really want to encourage you as you're working towards something in your life to be open to the path it's gonna. Get you there to believe so deeply in the vision that you have like obsess over what y'all, let's obsess over. What just fall in love with the vision that you have for this dream fall in love with how it looks and what it's gonna be like and just dwell in the I like how's it going to feel when this thing finally comes true, but be totally open
how the universe is going to get you there. I have this project that I have been working on, probably for a decade literally, the very first time I had this idea was ten years ago and it has been arduous and it has been hard every single step of the way, and I keep laughing to myself at how many times all sort of get discouraged that ok, that didn't work and then all kind of give up for a couple of days and then I'll get my head right again. I'll get my heart right again. I'll spend some time focusing on the. What focusing on the dream I get. My self filled back up with that energy and then I'll be like ok. What Evan I tried, who have an I called. What can I do? How can I move this along? How can it pushes forward- and I free king promise you- I cannot wait to do the pod cast about
this dream finally coming to fruition, because I am going to tell you all of the hundreds of different roads I tried to take to get to where I'm ultimately going to get to, and I know that I will, because I just keep trying stuff. I want you to try a path, and if that doesn't work, do something else and if you hit a roadblock, try and go around if you can't go around it, go under it, go over it bust a hole in the wall, try and go through, but I swear you can keep making traction if you're willing to let the traction be in small increments or be on a road that you know without you'd end up on my best friends in the world are not people, I would, invasion being my best friends, my partner, this. incredible love, this beautiful human source of so much joy and support in my life, I never
could have imagined ever that it would look like this, but I'm open I believe that god may universe, I believe they know better for me, then I know from myself and the times that it feels hardest that I feel most blocked are absolutely when I am trying to control everything so give it a thought ask yourself. If there is an area in your life for your trying to control the path and literally you could say in your next prayer. You could say to your guides: you could the universe all right, open. Surprise me, the most wonderful things happen when you have that kind of attitude when you fall in love with the goal, but your open to how you get there.
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