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Guys, this is big. Like, really big. My newest podcast, Your Fave's Faves, comes out a week from today, and I wanted to share one of my favorite moments from the show so far so you can feel as hyped as I do.

Each week on Your Fave's Faves I sit down with a celebrity guest as they count down their all-time top five in any category. These are the stories you won't hear anywhere else, straight from the celebrities who lived and loved them!

Please enjoy this sneak peek of our upcoming episode with comedian, podcaster, and superhost Matt Rogers as we go deep on the best, hottest hunks from the 90s! And if you want to hear the rest of Matt's hunks when his episode comes out, make sure you subscribe here: https://bit.ly/yourfavesfaves.

Your Fave's Faves premieres Wednesday, November 18th.

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Get ready to see a different side of the celebrities. You know and love I'm Rachel. I could not believe what I am about to tell you. Darting this November, I'm sitting down with all your face to talk about all their fates. Have you been? I need to know about your favorite celebrity shafts, top five secret ingredients or what about your favorite, actors best roles, while this sense best on screen kisses meter. so I made a podcast where I could ask them the result are hilarious, surprising, heartwarming and always real. Now here's a sneak peak of your faves faves with Matt Rogers left Jump in Ireland. I I don't know why you're piping things o you dont know no now out. Fine is I looked back, you got any
right now, but no tell us We are going I'll, tell you ever gone Virgo and top five nine. These hunks beacon as I did not dare to enjoy them at the time I was but a wee child, and so now in retrospect on, like I have this discourse, I never had we, I must die and I feel like I'm through. Ok wait. What year were you born? Ninety Nine will that's a setting to me. I don't like you. I was born in the nineties after I was bored. Maybe the trips me out that people are born in any other decking like can't held him like you're, so young, it's ok, I of course in cat, but the values like I've. I do have an appreciation for, like I'm doing my due diligence here, I'm trying to look,
the conversations that I wish we could have had at the time and I have an eye irritation for areas among these culture. Ok, though, my knees hangs in the four we began our bees in light five leading up to the number one or these than any order just until right now. I just looked down on my list and they can be they re. I think we should lead us to a big number. Yeah call, ok, that I in fact completely agree, and so I there there now look there now ranked I'd, be virtually wrote down with mobile. My back, I, like it yeah number five number five on my list is an really at in the ninety seems kind of like a funny guy becoming a leading but we had I number five for me- is the water only well Psmith wealth lies five out of the nineties, hunks enough
forget it when he burst onto the sea in fresh principle, I had that affable charm, that physical remedy happening and we all fell in love, and then he declined to parents they star Year, correct because I definitely Europe watching hand on fresh pensive, Bel AIR, but I don't know that I thought he was sexy. It probably was independence day and that really- and this isn't nineties, but It really was solidified with hedge, oh yeah. He handed with, of course, to thank. You might have endangered need like teaching him in the whole thing, in that, when I was like ok, this is thing, but you re also verse burst onto the thing we didn't know. We didn't know what he's gonna become. Oh yeah! No! I, madam, I also have for all of these, so my one of my favorite things that rosy o Donnell would do in the main beetles whenever she would have liked to see a star on the show she would say: do we have any highness shots in the movie should call Jaime shots like a little if you could see there, but in the film you can see well Psmith
in a film first was wide wild west that sell my high tech vehicle. I'm not, I don't remember, remember the by the broad and happiness when he like he's like in a tub any false through a roof, and many stands up and all the bad guys our time together, more like staring at him and these make up, and you can see a rosy o Donnell Jaime shot in their hey good too now do you remember I mean there all the time in an kids will not know that that there was a time when ratio to annul had the biggest show on daytime television. Yes, she was I'm you ass the kid voting yesterday. She was the Kelly Clarkson of her day care occasional drainage eels while in same but yes, she was a culture movement. I mean I was loved that shout it who did, and I remember I was either a couple days. I would stay. I would stay homesick from school and it was like, probably fifteen, to twenty percent that act so that I can watch
see em like bright and early when we die like for sure that she was actually a lumber tankers. but lady together, because I love you, I didn't understand. Yes, her Tommy her Tommy and also I mean just so many iconic moments on that show. Like the barber episode, we should have known She was crying one Barbara. I am
number one see like started to get really into Broadway everyday issues always into Broadway, but then there was a thing where she like started for fort, like she was then like the captain had demanded. I actually was on. She was emu. I think it was the original cast of through the revival of Greece on Broadway. I believe she played member. I like I know that should lead rather at some point ashes that fact the character for her yes, flame, yeah and assistance, since her frame, I believe, has been backed abruptly as well, but she is like a legit theatrical background when she was like she was talking to talk about Broadway Ev Ry, but she re had walked the Walker. When I also do feel like. I have a special place in her heart for anybody who finds a way to be.
Musical theatre who can't sing? Oh look. That's me like I'll love musical theater, but I can't sing get. Oh god. You know he missed the memo that day and have you ever seen pitch perfect. I have ok. Do you know well enough that if a reference, a very small part, you would remember it likely but I really want nothing hammered out, can greatly so that they are acting in the audition scene of pitch perfect there. These nerdy guys and one of them, is like. I can't sing. I hate myself every day, but I can't I was not blessed with a billion think that is me. We ve gone on attendance that started with wealth met up about, and I like it. I, like you, know what it all. Speaking of not most music, Tell them making it work. We'll Smith Van always very swing around now we love that yet that figured it's his hunk term as well. I feel because, like he was putting in the city when they eat
is TAT, the brain guy allow a little they bought before they were caught them. Bob's, and I don't know if I can be like a hip hop like pop aren T, STAR kind of made him more dynamic, So jointly every Wednesday, when I hang out with a new celeb and we count down your faves face, this show premier November eighteen so subscribe now and never miss an episode.
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