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BONUS - I Got to Hang Out with Luke Bryan!


Surprise! Keep watching this space for more surprise content in your feed, but I wanted to kick things off by sharing this awesome conversation I got to have with the incomparable country music ICON Luke Bryan! I can't even believe this is my life, y'all. I hope you enjoy!

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Ok guys so today, I'm so excited because I am sitting down with country music, STAR, Luke I don't know this is my life, but I am really excited to talk to him about new album born here and live here die here. How will we already know a lot of the sun set on the one hand, but which it about all the things so check it out? I Rachel a. And I ve built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the freedom for me. Can I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and tactical. I and inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life and your business this
is the rice podcast. So, first of all, thank you so much. I care even believe that I'm talking to you, I am such a massive fan country music, such a big part of my life for my entire life. So I'm just Tiggle pink. So I first, let's talk about that. Album Joe by the time this interview airs. The album will have been out for for a second. So what's what sort of talk that way, but tell me about the process? What number album is this for you, and how did you know about the AIDS crozier? This is my servant, studio, album
What a! While? What? What are wild, riotous van me to death said Anne in and on which has been such a blessing in n. We, you know, the name of the album is born here, live your die here and it's a song bit that speaks about grown up in small towns and in a real rural environment and yeah. Just so excited it's finally out and people will have the opportune. Two to go and in here some of the songs and apply you know it's always flattery. For me, when I met a show or at a meet and greet in a fan, goes hey this one particular song on your new album. It's it's my jam, it's my song! It! It speaks to me. So I really really glad the fans can finally hear it.
This idea of a small town, something very familiar where I grew up literally on a street called we'd patch highway, and that was not we time patch highway. So my family on both sides is from Oklahoma, very southern roots. Panic the preacher's daughter, so a lot of that has really been a big part of who I am today in the work that I do and how I show up in the world. How has that sort of small town life manifested for you and the music that you create?
patch. However, that sounds like a ban is certainly right. You know, I think that the foundation of growing up in a small town really really sit. She worked to succeed when you, when you are able to take a lot of you're, you're, you're ethics and your humbleness and your work ethic and and I'm sure you dealt with the same kind of feelings, edge unit ratchik rear. I may not think when you you ve got that foundation of being a Jew you in person brought up in a small town. You know we all went to Saint Church and everybody knew everybody's business. But the main thing with me, as I really had a town pull in for me to that, was always really like My side and really was begun.
They all the way and in azure able to you, know gosh up, I'm so blessed to have been all over this country. And then you know what I can say that I was born in a town six hundred people and its southern endearing about that? I think people people want to hear the store is a small town life and was. I would have wanted to be the other way. I mean it taught me how to appreciate that. You know that the simple things and then you know it's of itself. So. I've been really fun. Learning learning a broad spectrum of the world too may not take her. When I found myself orbit around New York City or even Elaine. I tell myself: how did I get here so put pretty phone leeway? Are there are times in your career? I have to imagine that there are and where you have, that sort of added by the experience of
like tat moment of how am I sitting at this award on my meeting this person. I think my grandparents was very close to where picks cotton. They were farmhands and then the experiences that I've been able to have and look at and think like grandma couldn't even imagine this life, and now I get to live it because I stand on her shoulders and the word wrongly that made it possible for me to be here. Do you have those experiences with me here? In the first time, you performed the grand a lottery the first time you have a number one head of the song rudder and it's all about the little you know with me. It was always about just small success
and enjoying each small success and then turning them into a beggar success and and and be a naive, the whole way. So with me, I just I just moved in Nashville to do what I knew right, the south at that that talked about my life and do the best I can and with every little success. I enjoyed it and then I picked another goal or another achievement, but yeah like when you walk in to the sea and I awards in your sit on the front row in your nominated for entertainer of the year, and then you actually when they entertainer the year. I mean those are moments in life that bit that define you forever in it makes it it makes all your sacrifices really really worth it. I mean: can you move town, you you don't know.
If here you don't you don't know if you're gonna ruin your life or enhance your love, you dont know if it was the right move and then finally win win, you can sit back and go when you can sit back and go, you know I can walk away from this career and I've done everything I set out to do and mentally and physically I'm complete. You know, and I in a now what you hit all your your dreams in your goals, you gotta focus all make a show. You stay happy and not always not always trying to chase the next thing. Some I'm just dumb, but like settlement, will you, when you're on the front row these big front row, these bigger war, chose in your hugging on other stars and he rose. She grew up watching and follow in its pretty pretty amazing stir, that's incredible. How has it felt for you to release in our time period and everything is sent a frightened have to a man,
and that there would have been, maybe your tour or press or different things that existed to support it, but don't get to happen now and what we would all give or pay to go to a country music concentrate. So how is it all the different you? I would actually paid a performance er. I owe you we originally had the album are scheduled to release like April twenty six. I believe the torrent, like, though the latter part of April and you know we sat down and we were like the last thing that we needed to be doing at that time was like look at look at the album and trying to celebrate. Something went wonder certainly in when you know
Still? They were still in a lot of we're. Still there's a lot of stresses in a lot of an unknown steal a mean. Even you know two three four months later, but so we we moved. We realised that April was at the time to put the album now. So we released one margarita which, as you know, we could have some people could have been. You know you could have second gas relation that somebody actually turned out to be a sound that I think people really just enjoy, because every time it every time the return on their tv on. You know it's gloom and human, and so it was fond of put a fine summer song out
so now that the islands coming out on August seventh at them, and I think it was the right move to move it and but you're putting an album out during this time is you hope people just wanna go buy it, for you feel People are sitting around warning to consume, consume new stir up a new movies and and hopefully new music and so an end. You know it's funny were we probably would have you I would have interviewed sitting in the same room with one another. Instead, we have a bit we're having to do this work but you know, I think I think the beauty
What were in the middle of is everybody has to just reflect, and in and not get caught up in. You know saying how bad things are mean. You know we have to this. Is this is kind of what we're dealing with now and we're going to make the best out of this current situation, I'm going to make the best out of putting this album out and in and hopefully the next album will be back to normal and we were kind of joke. Even with one margarita, it was a number. It's a number one sound that I've never performed LA. I mean it's so so while to turn to two ever If you tell me that one day in your career, you can have a number one song that none of your fans ever saw. You perform laugh at me what a wacky idea, exactly what you say it did when it came out, did make me feel
like summertime. It made me feel like oh yeah. We yet life's gonna be got again we're gonna, get that moment backs what made me feel like. I was in a moment that I wasn't really apart. So for what it's worth? That's why I love it do like even more creative in the sign like having this. This pause in your life like being able to be present when you feed, aren't spend more time with the boys in your wife. Do you feel like that has sparked any Activity any already feel like you're, just being able to let everything rest. You know what it's funny: I've gotta, taking the the second approach of really. Luckily, I had my album. I had my album done for the most part when when covert, but you know in when all this started
So when, when I realize that you know we were just kind of really in like the simple fact that that I had eight to nine hours of sleep for four months consecutively, I'd never had that in eighteen years, so I just kind of taking a step back, really try to focus on, spending time with my family and then being around the house and in being there every night I mean that's just so far in for my wife, and I I mean you know, and I think you know I kind of wonderful just my. Want me here this much. We we We have fought with all that domain, as she certainly Our more than she is used to and in Burma
at the end of the day, did take a little step bad, but you know be unable to spend our my family, we'll put me in a man, sir, when I get ready to really start back and working on the next album I'll, be able to pool pull out of these experiences and stuff from what's bingo and under this time. So so that's the beauty of when you're right and in trying to perform music. I mean every experience breeds another inspiration or another idea, I mean, are you being a creative rider to know you understand it? I mean you know using your creative time why Lee and an even like when I have added a song ideas. I go on my phone and just saying I'm into my voice recorder and I've been doing that couple times a week, but I went back and went through in logged method,
and stuff like that, so they're, all in that up owners. Just when I, when I get rid of sit down, start right in some of these ideas, that up out of is win. That's what I do know, however, if I've been creative work, I've just now. If I've been plain outlay,
right. Well know we hey. We all knew that time for savage right. We need that time to sort of come back to our selves so that we can be creative again and I'm I'm so interested to see for those performers, creators celebrities who have been going going going for so many years. What this time will do for them, like I'm sure, for some people this will be maybe make them anxious and than for others. I think it's possible that we'll get some of the best work of their careers out of having just such ass to slow down so excited to see what comes out of the the voice. Man was on your phone brother major needed. A cheerful will pay. Some life were taken the time to to sit with me. I am I'm tickle pink and I
I'm one of many many people who can't wait for you to be able to get back out and tour with this music as man we need. We need a country music concert in like open air venue here, I'm on a falling chair feels like life is good again, so yeah so exciting when it comes back and will make sure and one checks out this new great music. The good is, as you already have a few of the sums They ve been out in the world for a man, so Roy nobody listened. I was like I got. These sounds I feel will yet with with a minute's gown of an oddity too three number ones before you release Arab album. It just gonna happened inadvertently but thank you for having me in and in like so hopefully we weaken weakened each other to show where is sound. But your spine issuing unexcited for you in via the other. The pictures, Wool Wilson
shut up. My instagram is basically have fishing you, you, our very day whether that.
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