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#RachTalk 12: Wardrobe Malfunctions, Fascia Stretching, Food Sensitivity Test, Iceland | Joe Biden


Things are getting sweaty on RachTalk, AND Rach gets the test results from her food sensitivity test that ya'll wanted to hear! She's fully vaccinated and she's headed to Iceland!


After #RachTalk, please enjoy a snippet of this week's episode of my latest podcast, Your Fave's Faves, featuring President Joe Biden! For real! Listen to the full convo by clicking here -> https://megaphone.link/CAD5967061714

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Suppose you come the guys want them to re. Sat my we'd be show working our European Office and talk about Random bang this week, we're talking about my new ivy park sweating through my clothes Jimsie trends. The fact that I am fully vaccinated and ready to travel like this. I report, though rosy did a rosy data Harry aren't you know I'm so hot I've losing thugs who do the vibrate, ok bright and early this morning, I'm not even sure of the sunset. I got an email from my travel agent. The subject line
As Iceland is dotted with over one hundred volcanoes, yet is home to Europe's largest glacier its perched on the edge of the arctic circle, yet has warned by the Gulf stream. Iceland truly is a land of fire and ice. It's also the land of storing the Interior says. Do you now. Did you hear the news Iceland has opened backup for travellers who are vaccinated and your girl folly, vaccinated, vaccinated you're in Texas to live my life, ready to travel the world and in preparation for that moment in my wearing full ivy park. Yes, I am thank you rosy for hooking up, but I do too, wanna like show you guys how absolutely uncool I am. I put this outfit on and then went to walk out the door and realise that this is sheer. So these plants are shared.
That's my skin. Ok, I didn't know, but the reason. Matters. you're wearing your chin. Oh ok, ok bang our women to be naked under here. That's what you wanted. You wanted use freeburg freefall. Let all hang out my wind, I feel like you, girls have different parts than I have your tell me, you're wearing the most miniscule thin pantaloons. The world has ever known in a light. Color with no, Shoney's on that is what you are trying to tell me right now. Let me let me give you a story: can my giant puffy marshmallow look
some you don't see every day face, yes, stretching from not familiar that it's a really intense, very deep, stretching fills awful, but so good for your by she puts out or like like the bed thing, and then she searched stretching mean. I've worked out earlier in that morning and I'm wearing these cuts. Things and she's stretching me it's a normal thing, but I want you to understand that when I say that Kimberly stretching me, I mean like yet I can even do what she does like I'm in a full things, are there our places like Emma giving birth. Maybe I don't know ninety minutes, she says by ice and her Ben MO everything's well and good, and realise that during I work out. I have my crotch is just ass, the circle of sweat still got the sweat,
courage, it looks like I have blown out or I have paid my and, and this poor one men just data her, freaking job said nothing just and I know she saw was like this girl has a glandular problem. Someone help her. So sorry, sorry beyond say, but I'm unaware Shoney's with these pants. This is this I'm logic and where this in Iceland this is this is made for sub arctic temperatures. Do I look? what I look like real spelt in this right. Let's jack, you know Joe clerk. Ok, first of all, I think this matter. This is like bear this goes here
we're gonna wanna day, we're fine, ok They look so good. That's all you had to get Justin Bieber. His wife could choose this big. I feel like I'm being I'm like a little kid wearing floating to keep me from drowning. I I don't know if I can do this whole thing we're in this thing, I'm about to be in a bra member. This whole thing number her moment we Caroline now my offer, looks even more insane, but at least I'm not about to pass out from temperature problems. But I want you to know if I see you out in the world in a crazy outfit, I'm going to be your biggest hypesquad, I'm going to be like yeah girl, be you, my eighth, greater literally wore a historical wig in his school pictures. He enemies. Mommy. Do you think it's? Ok? If I were a wig and my picture,
And I was like live your life brow. The muscle airs photo ever it's on my refrigerator next, the other kids looking like a normal humans and there's Jackson being himself. So if I see you out there and you gotta you, your crotch is gone in your pants, I'm just gonna, be like you. Do you. If you will work, all I took my own blood for a food sensitivity test, and I did not know that this was gonna, be such an interesting topics, people, but so many people have asked me what my results are, and I will tell you because it was so shocking and has been really helpful for me. I don't know what I thought it was going to say, but a deafening wasn't! That's when you get your test results back. It breaks it down into like different sort of levels of sensitivity. The top two on that list.
Were pineapple, which I knew, because if I e pineapple, I filled my thoughts, go clothes and then Nan. Ok, all that is a shocker. I have bananas or had been as all the time. I would put him in my smoothly. I would have one f my Ryan, I knew that there was something of my smoothly. I think even said this to you guys, but I thought maybe it was almonds which would be terrible attack, my diet. It was but a man I know so banana and then like right under that is like not as sensitive but you're so sensitive to it. Chicken. Turkey Caille asparagus and lops. Now is not allowed to be a boogie person anymore. I can my lobster and chickens half my diet, so this actually makes a ton of sense to me. This is why I want to do the food sensitivity tests in the first place, because I
feel like I eat so clean and I absolutely fine- and I like gods and with the girls and a drink wine and whatever, but like I really clean and I still have I'll get so much information off a bloated, unlike what is going on. So I knew with something so for about two weeks. I haven't had those things in my diet and I really do feel better. I feel like boom. Look at that. I wish I had a big time on because then this would really look strong. You can't bill is Jack, but this Why is there an angle? I could do it so that you really see this way. This way we look at her boom boom boom boom boom yeah. Did it she's again there this angles, I am really upset about my outfit like gets the most absurd, not upset enough to put that HEAT Box back on, but well. What am I
So you guys, you will be so fine, let's do a giveaway this week. I gotta do just like normal gimme, this beautiful box producer war and think of us as it does to the box, or they can see so many. What is this k? Many plus, I think, maybe you could they brew one cup at a time, but it's totally for free Tell price of this is seven hundred and eighty nine dollars this. This week's give away along with some other friends stuff that we have here, but I have to who is take a screen shot of the show and put it on your social with hashtag rate stock and tell people my gosh, you guys we're sucks the best she so fine watch on you, too yeah. That's we're given way this week. Also like a thing brands, do you want to send us fun things and then that's what we give away to her? No, I must have the Tesla, in which case eminently
That, for myself, are you guys don't forget to like this video subscribe and hit that bell to get a notification every time I post a new episode and let's comment below with something fun, let's say I know you tell me blow and tell me the craziest thing you ever wore when you were a teenager, because I am sure we got some stories up in here. I had so much running out with you today. Until I see you next week. Remember I love you high.
I'm Rachel Hollis, and there is your neighbor Joe Biden. Are you know, I'm glad that everybody Skippy, I just intimidate, concert tonight to be a big deal word more daughter, wouldn't make a choice.
I have no idea how I have this distinct honor, but I am so grateful you can do it with you, of course, so I'd love to ask. I think most of us believe that we have some idea. We have. We have an idea of who you are or an opinion of who you are. I would love it if you could describe yourself to someone who's never met. You almost got a hard thing to do. Maybe Rover questionnaires and maybe the way that I would describe myself like, I suspect, most of you would based on the values you raised to two things matter: I was told you were talking backstage my dad
an expression he said, he's all time, families beginning the middle and the end. Everything resolves around family and Now for real, my family, Ben raised in the public eye Ben I've been assessed seven, twenty nine years old My children, too three and four years old. I liked it won my daughter, one fourth daughter, California, and but my dad and my mom has certain basic. Value my dad used to say remember Joe
man or woman here word: you're, not a man or woman. Your word is your bond. It's the thing my colleagues and you'll even see the president former president other presents kid me and they say I know I'll give you my word as a Biden. We had an expression in the family that if you meant something. Really was important. My fair, my parents, one know exactly what the deal was: issues gimme your word. You gave your word. That was a sacred oath. and I think that too. Most everything. I've cared about. The way was raised and hopefully will conduct myself is. Everybody is entitled to be treated with dignity. Everybody,
no matter what my dad would. No more walk by the guy. That shoeshine stand and not say hello to him and say hello to the chamber's board and upon coming Hotel Du Pont and fly. We always tell you the most devastating thing my dad could say was disappointing You only said it twice in my life. I remember both times and I was us senator. He was he retired three times he hated not working and he went back to work and he was in Philadelphia. We live in Wilmington enough to tie, had to be up there and take him to lunch and walk along years ahead of me, and I was with another guy, Good friend and guy walked across the street, asked me for money was Biggie And I'm never my wife ever did this before. But what made me do it? I don't know the guy that I attract the floor with Hannah saying he, joking inside I'm working this side of the street. and I said, I'm working this side of the street.
Am I dead stopped her mind? Had never had any money. And- Turn around walked back openness. Wall was forty dollars took out the forty dollars and gave it. The guidelines. Should you disappoint me? You disappoint me and he was right I've never done than ever before and never going to give up. My father really meant. And my mother and I M not sure I've lived up to it, but my mother would say too. I was lucky. I had one of those moms, not a joke. Everybody neighbour, which she had been there, mom,
My mom was, we might sit around go out on dates would be due back had to be in by twelve o clock. We come home and be friends of ours. My mother be hearing confession the kitchen, not a joke, where we re at a small split level home and you walk into the dining room, is merely walked in the dining room, the door. It was like fifteen by eighteen, the dining room and immediately left as an arch. The kitchen, where is it A table in the coroner Busby couldn't see the whole table. You can see the chair near the door and my mother, my mother, was consolingly one of our friends. You'd walk in at twelve o clock. She go like this hand. Might acute movement don't come in? She never gonna jump anyway. My mom was a really. She ran all Irish Lady use principle. This Helen. She say you know joy, bravery, lizard, every heart and someday you'll be summoned, Sunday, will be summoned
And her her favorite phrase was that death courage is the most important virtue. Because our courage, you can't love with abandon. It takes courage for a moment. The band, and so the way I guess I describe Myself- is always trying to not known. Kind of live up to my parents expectations what they expect from us. And down. The bizarre way I'm still trying to do it. The book promised me dad I. I hope I get up every morning, hoping that both proud of me. because. They made me promise, Then I wouldn T quit, I wouldn't step aside continued.
Work in the things in Havana made my whole life, and so on. I'm, not sure, I'm just right now I don't it's not that it's hard to describe my last thing. We're dead faces, a lucky person gets up in the morning. We really were changed lucky persons. only puts both feet on the floor. We are about to do Still matters. Those of you who are a little older. Think of how many people you know been very successful. don't really well, whatever their occupation. Who no longer think it matters, it does Get them up in the morning with a sense of purpose. I think the greatest gift. That's you Give a child is Opportunity to find that sense of purpose. What is it
makes them think what they're doing every day is worthwhile. Lucky. my moment.
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