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#RachTalk 3: Barbie’s Out!, Drivers License Dating Advice, & 80’s Toys


This week Rachel shares her favorite root cover-up product (not an ad), tries to guess Barbie’s new girlfriend’s name (representation matters!), reacts to Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License music video with some dating FYIs, and reviews classic 80’s Toys - shoutout to those of you who remember Gizmo! 

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Hey, guys, welcome to rate sock. My weekly show where I sit in the office drink caffeine and talk about random things to day we're talking about life. give it away. One of your favorite, People just came out, I'm right into a Livia Rodriguez, new song, sash video driver's license, I'm wearing this beanie, so my gosh is gonna be good, and I think I can at least watch with caution. hey guys welcome to another week of rage. Talk this one. Meaning Jimmy like my meaning they gear eggs?
I'm wearing a beanie number one, because then you won't know that I'm really about a blowing my hair out and that its below freezing on top and number two, Because my routes I mean they run deep and when I We say they run deep by mean they're here does anyone else have this problem here goes very fast. That means that my grey she asked splinters like a broken mirror just right out of the sinner partner. I say this because if you dont have access to a hat, do you guys know about route cover up, do about route cover up Jack, all sorts of sprays. I use bumbling bubble, not an ad. In fact, I'm just gonna, like I'm How can I do an ad unless you hear me say this is an ad which you required to do by law event. give us on these genuinely because I like it, it's called brownish And just give it a little
hold your for like two days. If you don't wash her hair, which you know I do not. Oh my god, you guys barbies Gay Barbie's gay. Did you hear this news, I'm so happy Barbie and her girlfriend also have an adopted dog which feels like the most accurate portrayal of my lesbian friends that I know of Sammy, said gay men adopt children, gay women adopt dogs item that is too much for you too, but its yes. But this is so fantastic because it freaking representation manners. It matters that you see yourself in the toys that you play with it. You see yourself on screen that you see yourself on stage and so just all the things let's bring em all. Let's do it. Let's have it be. Let's welcome that's what the world in their wearing shorts.
Say: love when's your gosh arm right it does Barbie. I wonder what girlfriends name is Sammy. What should Barbie's lesbian girlfriends name be Barbie up some. Soon see me. We do yea, ok, Kyle BAR in key right- but he's velvet with an eye instead of a why ok gray, ok, thank you accurate, so thank you too. Mattel representation matters. Speaking of my best and I M wearing one of the birthday gifts that I got for my will this one, I think, actually came from rosy I worthy have because I talked about them in my Sunday email and then I just wanted to show them off. These are the melody. Ehsani
manifest socks, and the reason I say her full name is because my girlfriends are obsessed with her and they were so freaking excited to get these socks and I was excited, get them for my birthday because one I liked to manifest and too I wanna be cool like their cool. I was watching tv, the kids and I looked over and my eldest son Jackson was wearing my socks and MIKE did you wear my manifest socks to middle school and he was like a get out of here get out of here with your feet that are bigger than mine. Give my socks,
you need me- ok, let me up hold on give me one minute, I'll, be right back one eternity later right back and that back here I am now. Where were we? Where were we? While we talk now we're about to get our driver's license s where we were? How she's to also one of these kids wearing today said the woman wearing of guinea? I do
like that they're like oh, it's a used car sector like a vintage Mercedes. How can we have a men coeval minute? First, why? I love that you wrote a revenge song. I love this, for you says you are not gonna. Remember this ugly boy, five years from now and the boy girl she gonna end up working at jellies God if I had ended up with who I thought I was gonna end Africa when I did look him up years ago. He eyes saw where, on my life, not that there is anything wrong with this he's a put diet, trust and tease bold. Why that their work, I feel like I'm, not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom like I'm such a loser right now, thirty, eight years old, like thy out to this child
spying. It's fine! Ok! Here's! What I wonder wondering she says you didn't me: you did it mean and all God, it's beautiful, that voice of mine, you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me. Is he famous? Who is this a battle? Is this about a celebrity? I don't know anything. I thought I knew I know she's like you're a jerk we dreamed about me getting my driver's license. We had all these plans now you're with the blind girl and then she's like ice sorry for all of my friends were talking crap about you, because they'll never know you like. I did high knee ho, nay HO nays. No, this is for a Livia Rodrigo, slash anybody who needs to hear this right now he hurt you she her
whoever it is. We're done. Probably your friend see this full four who he actually is. You can have beautiful. Memories was someone who's ugly on the inside, because anybody can be nice and excited and lovey and dreaming with you with that hair and your beauty and that voice like a song, bird, ok, gimme a gazelle laugh, go just the entirety of beyond sees lemonade. Album just go watch that movie and then come back to me, but this is beautiful.
And you can sing- and I'm not saying this is in your plans, but I would love a gospel album from you just say I was born in nineteen eighty three. We thought it would be fine if we showed some toys from my childhood and basically, if you remember these toys it's time for a night. Sarah ok be original game boy. Oh my gosh, my neighbours have, if I didn't have this because we did not have money and looking at it now, unlike those probably the worst quality. you ever, oh my gosh, the view master, I have a similar was really let all and I feel like you, you little others will use when as fast as you possibly could, I never was allowed to watch them of a grandma. I was still
terrified. What's this thing's name, we dont humming gizmo. Ah, I just pulled out of the depths of my being. Why do I know his name? Yak sounds like a sound you make when you ve had too many majorities hours. These DOM Fisher Price, like you're learning. The role is gay. You know these did not work for anything. You may as well put like loaves of bread on your feet. That's how fast you were moving forward. These were garbage the baby dinosaur from dinosaurs, as I was called man that show so freaking annoying, and I watched every episode house I'll show oh, my God, the ghost dinosaur this ever happened. You guys, my meemaw. Did it my mom? Did it and I used to think
Old Ladys, how sad for them you to start choking on nothing for no reason now. I too hope Will you do it this one of no I've been in really important meetings before I'm trying to impress people, and this has happened and I'm just wheezing for twenty, It's an there like take your time, but the more you want it to go away. The longer it holds on. I think it's like a demon holds under that little thing. The dingley thing that hangs in the combat drought. Look I'm so right now, if you got that Cardy be Slash, Megan be stallion reference. If you remember the dinosaur show if you love the barbies gay and you feel like I do about Olivia
Right now we can be best friends, not a lot of people can go from dinosaur, show to walk, and I feel pretty proud of myself for my range Oh wait. I do want to tell you that this week on your face, staves, I'm sitting down with Bobby Bones, and it was such a fine conversation if you of country music, as much as I do or american idol, you probably know Bobby his top five list was the top five people that he would have referred and our party, and it was a real awesome checked so check that out. Are you guys if this was fine, and I think we both know that it was make sure that you subscribe to my page. You, you know, hit that little bell so that you get no vacations, and you give us a thumbs up, give us events up hello, given the thumbs up. Ok, that's all the things I could think of to talk.
with you today. I hope you enjoy this episode in until I see you next week. Remember I love you and I'm rooting for you
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