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#RachTalk14: WARNING - Not Suitable For Weaklings!


FINALLY, Rachel gets to try The Rock’s energy drink and the results are explosive. 


0:40 - The energy drink is here!

3:30 - Taste test

4:40 - Wild Orange

5:50 - Rating

7:13 - Kelly Clarkson Show

8:55 - Rise Women’s Conference! 

RISE Women's Weekend is happening IN-PERSON for the first time in over a year and a half! Join us for a weekend filled with love, energy, inspiration, community, sisters, and spirit. Experience the life-changing tactics that this event is famous for in our favorite city, Austin, TX! Tickets go on sale Wednesday, June 30th @ 12pm CT https://www.riseliveweekend.com


After #RachTalk, please enjoy a snippet of this week's episode of my latest podcast, Your Fave's Faves, featuring Bobby Bones! For real! Listen to the full convo by clicking here -> https://megaphone.link/CAD5967061714

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Today on the show I am finally trying the rocks energy drinks. and I got a lotta necklace designs- are whereabouts again go em today is already exciting. First of all, clearly You saw that I have been wearing some interesting choices here on rates tough pig socks twice we're back. We're stylish and- I have right now because energy drink is here the lion up choices Jack, please flash back to where this all began. Hell, I'm in any that energy drink, I'm a need to try it for my life and also on this. I obviously don't need help with energy, but I
will by literally anything this man cells. Does he want to sell me life insurance. Great o o Is your phone not silence Jack back to it? Dwayne though Rock Johnson he came out with an energy drank and I'm not I won a minute. Try five and your. I already have too much right. These are common out. You were already grass caraway. Never in my life have I had a canned beverage that was this. Never Were you guys it is rolling around town drinking this much liquid? I just peed my pants thinking about the pressure of this.
my bladder, but you know we're fine, ok! So let's talk it through its like blah blah blah a hundred calories, yadda, yadda, yadda, rapid data, carbohydrates, rival flay, then lots of things got some Colleen. That sounds good for us not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women and persons sensitive to caffeine. I want them to have just added something funny there. I, Don't you wish that they would have been like not suitable for children, pregnant women and women, like I just felt like thousand opportunity Dwayne. I shouldn't be this excited, but I am eminent and you all tat the can I tap the can. My kids tease me like mommy tapping the candles and do anything that's what we do in my day, Sun TAT, Peru, it out. Ok, here we go. I feel like a warrior crash.
but when you open that another thing I would have added in the marketing real quick. Do your member, I think those Coca COLA did a giveaway. Does anyone remember this? You would open the can is like a sheet like a golden ticket, Gaga common clause against Ranuzia Uganda, from real gains, but inside of the five hundred dollars they had to sub doing it, because the idiots who got the money money shot out of the can peoples old, drank the liquid, that was in the bottom of the candle, they're just to give the illusion that it was real coke and then they got sick, they poison themselves. run it just like always dumb people ruin it for everybody. I just feel like you. Should openness and like samoan warrior should like
bout like official, ok, the original tastes like shred small. Now, let's start over here with lemon line open this one tastes like a lot of people going to mix this with a liquor this summer and then throw up four hours later. That's what this one tastes like now we got pineapple cocoanut, unjust, double checking. I don't drink energy drinks. I just him right, processing out right now, and so, like they're sitting right here, cause of last summer had an energy drink was like. I was in LAS Vegas and I was twenty something I mix it with loud call now, and then I threw up forever and that's what this
reminds me of, but what is also alarming for me, who doesn't have energy drinks? Is that I'm just having so much of these? You know what I need to try and either try this and then go work out. Can I suddenly push more? Can I do things? Can I explosion that Vice Epps try subs galoots, wild orange. A wild orange is good I personally had enough energy. The rates talk me on sign has been lit up
by the power of Zoah Energy. This is sort of like movement lit only went to Mcdonald's and you got the orange drink. This isn't Mcdonald orange drink, but for grown ups, who want to have muscle so big that they can undo like a sleeper hold, will doubtless good super buried cheese out this one's on my favorite. Oh, ok from one to five, how many rocks when I give the rocks new energy drink. Will I Yemen about four four out of five? The rocks I just herbal medicines thou my ball. I just how things that will be the teeth like of brute salad, where we, by these giant c, o from the website. You got that fall mark.
in we bought it directs. There's gonna be so awkward for him and were best friends, and he really this is how long I like support It is very clear- and you don't even know it's gonna, be like we're and beyond that family they can his family vacation my family vacation. I took my kids on a trip for spring break. I was trying to set the intent, gin before he went like. I always do this like what? What are we doing? Why are we doing this? Whenever son, I got all the kids gathered together and, unlike ok for and have already set the intention right. I've already told them what the goal is like. Ok for just to reiterate what is the goal of this trip and with out missing a b he's like ass friends of the rock like no, no that's our families. Life call
both for our trip is to laugh as much as possible. That remember Mommy just said it, that's our goal, cowbell more Kelly. No, she does not go by cowbell we're not close enough for us to have a good picture there. I did get to go to college Clarkson Show whose incredible woman who had lost over one hundred pounds and when they asked her how she did it. She said she was inspired by my book. Grow, wash your face and they had reached out means that hey. Can you come out? We'd love to surprise her, and you know she's gonna be talking about this? credible health journey, we would love for you to be there instead of come out of the back room and it was so rad except imagine that, like you're surprising, this person y'all know me like, if I see you out in the world where I'm at we're going to hug it out we're about to like have a moment here so like I come back, room is way too much energy, as if I had already had these drinks, what I just like tomorrow, in fact literally the video
judge of me like I'm, like a monster coming to, like you know, destroy the village like I'm so excited bouncing around the back, and then I can't do any Like I've run on stage, and I might like I got. I can't hugger when you're backstage hanging out she's talking about this journey. it was so cool and all the sudden was like do you want to come to rice like do you want to speak on the rice stage, like I just feel like you will be so powerful for the women in the audience to hear your perspective and your journey and how you made it from there to here and she started like she got emotional and she was like what I manifested the crap out of this and I told Rachel bows like me to present the crap out of this and she said you did girl. I believe that one hundred percent
about Austin Texas, you're gonna, be a speaker on our stage. So hopefully are already have your tickets to rise women's conference. But if you don't want to put a link in the description, you can go we'd all about it. It's a three day conference for anybody who feels like if you fucking you'd, like a kick in the pants. If you feel like you need basically energy, drinks, but without the energy, if you feel like you, want to spend three full days unpacking what's going on in your life and figure out, what's holding you back from becoming the woman that you want to be, this is the conference for you. There is nothing else like this in the entire world. Honestly Donovan take my word for it Jack. Let show a few attendees like the kind of things that they say. Can I do that I turned my first rise vent, Minnesota Lasher and it was like changing. I've been able to achieve so many goals that I really don't know also have without him in their wisdom from this
There's a rise was catalyst for transformation. We have to pour into ourselves so that we can better poor and to others- and this is the perfect opportunity to hear from amazing, so hers, so that were able to do that. Like a member warrior, sparing gets chapter of yours spot and comes up with don't wanna do. Are you guys? I hope you enjoy this episode. I hope what made you laugh, which is always the intention. Let's bread, some positivity go down below and tell me which flavour of this energy drink you think you'd like the most and remember until I see you next time, I love you and I'm rooting for you hi, I'm here to help us.
This is your favorite, today on you, faves faves, I'm sitting down with a country, music fave and an american idol fave and one of my Instagram faves Bobby bones. I guess I should be surprised that this conversation, so fine, but you honestly never now that I never know when I, when I click, ok, this prisons on the show I dont know where they can be awesome. Are they gonna be weird? I feel Bobby and I could be real. I friends, I know you guys so sick. You hear me say that, but we had a ton of fine and Bobby shared his dream dinner party. Like the five favour people, he would an invite over for dinner and its cooler, then
Normally, you would here because in some cases, he's actually met some of the celebrities that he dreams of having over any had really who read stories and I mean is a fine conversation that I flew you're love as much as I did so. Here's your faves faves with Bobby bones, if you love it, please take screenshot tag me TAT Bobby. Let us know what you thought check and tell us who your five aver people would be for dinner here. It is enjoy. Hi, I'm Rachel Hollis- and this is, maybe you're, tat living people, guess that you would like to have dinner with me if I did create the ultimate me plus five dinner party,
Five people that I would invite improbably enjoy myself way too much that I would never have to talk, and that's always Michael. I have a job where I talk all the time that one is not I really thought I regret to say I'm done so, our you an inter an extra completely introverted, went on when extroverted observers in I live. I understand. A lot of my life either on tv or radio or even on stage doing stand up and when it's time for it to be over, I have I'm not tired. I just I filled that cup and I have no and I don't of you get this at all, but at times, because I also feel like I'm imposing on people all the time like. I feel like nobody really want to talk to your hang out with me. So I was just going to sit on the wall and then what happens? If you will go like ice introduce and unlike what? No, I just don't they now worthy of support. kind of all my life is,
definitely understand the idea of sort of going out and being present for your audience and then all of the energy that requires and wanting to then go kind of girl into a ball and like not have to me Kate with anybody, but I would say I it sort of like you can turn on Wednesday into and then I m yeah, I totally at your side. It was about What's that I had to learn. How did you or I was just mentally exhausted all the time by how can I gotta figure it out and uncomfortable now, my own skin, where people don't? You know like that. introverted shy version of me? I don't care that much anymore, unjust to Tire Rachel CARE anymore wreck. Why also killing wanted the biggest learning for me in the last couple of years. Was I used to think I'm gone do you know a keynote or conference or something that report a ton of energy to be on
then I would kind of glow retreat into this whole, and then I realized I, Have a very tight group of best friends and their people in my life who actually give energy to me. So if I'm around those people, they don't take more, they fill me back up and so instead of going into a hole now, I should have come back and hang out with them and get to laugh at Google and have a good time and then that kind of replenish is my spirit as well. That's interesting! The there a better view charging stations yeah for me. You know I think, for so long because my my story in a nutshell, as I grew up, I never had a dad. My mom was a drug addict who diner forty. So I love very much, but I did our relations with any parent really anyone except my grandmother who adopt me for a bit who served up so I think most of my performing life before stage or on the radio or wherever it was my thinking just chase, some sort of love and biggest putting all this energy out,
find whatever love that people would give me, because that that was the first to be rewarded for anything, was and performance so. I get this love and I had second within it would go away now, go chase it again, and so I think I am an older and I now have some one that I do love for the first time in my fiance that I had now she's. Where's my life. I've ever told I loved, but I think, there's there, While there is a better that where I think part of me finally say feeling go to my own skin. Is I finally feel loved, and I don't always have to chase it anymore, because there would be nice where I would come. Offstage and not. You know I was playing theaters all around the country. Doing stand up and you know I'm telling Joe to reach out to people on the shows are going well and you get this high from performing. Then you go back to fifty hotel room, it's just the opposite, an awful feeling so it's going to get my mother again, I gotta go again. I gotta go again, so I think a bit of it is.
Finding someone that makes me not chased it as hard that makes sense, yeah and I think it's it's so I mean just as someone who should have watched like I follow on Social unalaska barriers that had so quota c. You have your percent like those of her son, we're talking so I know it sounds very weird for a stranger to say that to you, but to sit and watch you guys did your relationship because first it was like the puppy, and that is a girlfriend and there, when you guys got games like man a huge deal to here like this is the first time that this is the that's really vulnerable to have to be in that place is, but also, I think, when you find your person that you can trust in that way. That is incredible. So congratulations. Thank you. I didn't know that it was real, like people actually I thought I was movies honestly in books and where people said that they had to that oh, I was here I was just on forty but my home.
I thought. Okay, this is fiction. Nutty people just find somebody and settle what their best, but The first time ever. That was like all wait, a minute like my dark heart, actually FF I was a little something: that's never been able to be felt beforehand. I'm a bit of a new believer in, and I think that's helped a lot in You know how I strive to find love and other places. I just like to be on the right to be off now, because I don't know as much as a really like a big deal. There really long way to tell a story, but that's enough of that. Very much you. I love there on. If we build the idea behind this, Parkinson's are just that it would be fine.
and light hearted and said they were people listen to, but most often conversations we're off and other places. So I'm here for.
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