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Introducing Somebody Somewhere: The Jungle Murders

In Season 2, David Payne and Jody Gottlieb take you into a world few people ever experience as they investigate a 2016 mass shooting in a Seattle homeless encampment known as "The Jungle." Three teenage brothers were arrested for the crime, but are they the real killers? Only the Jungle knows.
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This is Lloyd Language, one of the producers for murder of evil. I want to tell you about the upcoming season of somebody somewhere, which investigates the twin Sixteen mass shooting in Seattle, homeless, encampment known as the jungle. Here's next serve two posts, David Pain and Jody Golly, as they embarked on their side month investigation into the still unresolved murder case over the next six months. We would work our way deeper into jungle, sometimes armed, sometimes not sometimes with back up
Sometimes solar trading guns for butter, as we got more and more comfortable among the jungles residents, have again my gosh, of course. Next time now, tomatoes, though I thought that we spend more time and halfway houses and methadone clinics, and we careful we drive up and down gang operated streets asking ill advised questions. You know a guy named lucky to hang around here we spent days debating were witnesses could be found look he's in the deep, because and along the way it changed us for me. I have to confess no longer look at the homeless. The same way that's a monolithic problem that can be addressed with single solutions or simply avoided with death, cast eyes. You see the tables have turned
now. It's me who want something from down looking in rather than avoiding their eyes searching expire. Skin for telltale tattoos, I've only seen and police stills for Jody. The change was different. The despair around the murders we investigate it was more slow, moving and pernicious. As we say Further into the morass acute, senselessness took a stronger I woke up fired up this morning. So I haven't really been sleeping very well and as they call you know, the weather's turning and I just got sucked in to this I got to appoint this morning where I was like. How did we get here? These are kids. These are kids, these our kids, and I think I just like God to a point where something about
verdicts, something about the case some day about the demeanor of these kids. Oh, my god, I could go on for six hours. You when you see how we give you return Mohammed Society get here just like seriously. When you see these understood the frustration as human beings, we are hard work to try to find meaning and senseless thanks to bring order to the chaos around us. I was search for that meaning to- and in that moment, I realize my search for the king of the jungle was something more than just a search for the truth. It was a search for hope, subscribe and listen to somebody somewhere season to the jungle, murders on Apple podcast,.
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