« Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia

Sneak Peek: "You couldn't make this story up."

Steve Hodel, a former LAPD homicide detective, and son of George Hodel - the prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder, takes us through the gruesome discovery found in Los Angeles on January 15, 1947.
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It couldn't make this story up. You couldn't go to a studio and say hey. I got an idea for a story and it's the sign any grows up to become a cop and his father. That's it What the hell are you crazy? The fact that this incredible story is real, its historical. They couldn't make the story on that Steve. Her down you'll be hearing a lot from Steve throughout this series he's our mom a hotel uncle so. The Russian. I Steve is our great uncle. He said. Many seven years old now and he spent the night Twenty years of his life investigating his own father as the black dahlia murderer. There's a phone oh that Uncle Steve, has from when he was little. He city,
nine George hotels, lap, the Father, a murder, suspect and the son he's holding the one who eventually set out to prove it, Steve grew up to become a decorated homicide detective for many years in LOS Angeles for three hundred murder investigations under his bell. If there's, any authority on this murder. It's our Uncle Steve Hotel, affirm. People are familiar with the crime name itself, black dahlia, but if you ask somebody: are you familiar with Elizabeth short murder, they're gonna, say no never heard of it, and so very few people know who the victim actually was other than this sitting when the also respond to the crime scene. They have a new body. She's, a Jane DOE Jane DOE number one.
January fifty rising forty seven Oh, I do know purse nothing. The detectives note that the body is been drained of blood sanguinary, there's no blood at all at the crime scene, so that they know immediately that it occurred elsewhere because it would have been a lot of blood and they discover that the body has been washed claim. The right breast is Weekly excised removed, they look at the left, thigh I see a large chunk of flesh, has been removed, there's four to five inch, incision right above the pure area, which was totally consistent with hysterectomy. There was blood force trauma to the head. She'd been struck, multiple, times ahead. The other horror that date.
The Turkish discovered at the crime scene was at her mouth had been fought almost ear. Here. Also clearly observable was that the body had not just been thrown out of a car and edges dump there. It was carefully pose just offer the sidewalk the upper torso, Andrew over the head. If he were, surrendering or giving up and then carefully juxtaposed, maybe six inches to the west of the upper torso was the lower half Legs were spread wide open. So was clearly that somebody, trying to make some kind of a statement here and had carefully pose the body was actually horrific She was cut
completely into with each half of her body. It was for the most shocking effect the upper half with arms raised was moved far enough away from her lower half with its legs spread the person who first discovered her thought it was two pieces of a mannequin The detectives took her fingerprints and within a day they idead. Her asked twenty two year Old Elizabeth Short, there wasn't much minced left at the scene, but one of the first detectives there made note if something route of evil episode to coming this Wednesday.
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