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Supposin' I Did Kill The Black Dahlia

Steve Hodel uncovers a pile of evidence connecting his father, George Hodel, to the Black Dahlia murder
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Root of evil is a production of sea thirteen originals a division of cadence thirteen in partnership with twenty. This story contains strong language in graphic and potentially disturbing content. Discretion is advised. Now we're standing right on the corner of Wilcox and De Longpre, one thousand three hundred and fifty eight North Wilcox, which is the LAPD's Hollywood police. I work several years here in patrol and then went on to seventeen years detected here. Our great uncle Steve HO down.
Standing outside Hollywood station, in LOS Angeles, where he was for many years. As a homicide detective, This is a central part B. For me. I have a tremendous love for all the memories of not only all the key. But all my partners and all the people that I met and work with, I would spend seventeen years investigating cases over. Three hundred I and my partners have Elias clearance rates in Calais, pity, three eighty percent, whereas the city was averaging around fifty five percent. We told you back in episode, for that was after
Steve had retired when he reconnected with his half sister, our grandmother to MAR Hotel Their first conversation in decades was days after the Father George Hotel. Died and ninety ninety nine and that's when tumor first mention to Steve that George was investigated in the black dollar murder in the coming years. They begin speaking on a more regular basis and in Two thousand three just be forced Facebook Darya Avenger was released and before any family members knew about it. He got another call from his sister. I got a call from family and she said I just got a call from foreigner
and she told me that she just met a man at her work at the time our mother, finer. Hotel was working at an hour. Larry. In LOS Angeles, she was a woman. Friend of hers came in with a boyfriend and introduce to amend and their standing there talking when she's introduces fauna hotel. This man says fauna hotel. He says that's an unusual name, priorities. Many years ago, Doktor George Hotel any relation. She says yeah. As a matter of fact, there is The man's name was: Walter Morgan and, when Steve connected with him He shared some incredible information
turns out he's a retired dna investigator. And he lays out the story worthy actually went to the House, the Franklin House. They picked up my dad the day investigators and taken in the hollow justice for questioning, while they had him physically their Morgan, a couple of other guys sound guys working for election. Went out to the house actually broke in yes, I used a card and shame the front door. Whenever we put microphones in the house in the living room in the bedroom. He said we ran a hard line.
For the basement out to pack tell telephone lines and ran to Hollywood police Station very station I spent eighteen years of my career, there's a where we're standing a hundred feet from, and he said wired for sound did the recordings I mean help super couldn't write the script Steve, had written a book without any proof that his dad was ever officially a suspect. Imagine it's our mom Steve niece, who randomly runs into one of the original black Dalia investigators and
investigator corroborates that not only was George Hotel, a prime suspect in the murder, but that they bugged, His house This was the first time. Steve had heard any of this information, It all started from a chance meeting in her mom had we believe, and fate of destiny. It was all preordained. I don't know what the answer is. This is incredible. Island unfold, I got started. This is rooted evil the true story at the hotel family. The black down.
I leave that and I'm Russia, and we are your hostess Steve came over one night and he said I gotta tell you something Kelly, because the book will be out. A few days, and I want you to hear it from me. First that's Kelly Hotel Steve's younger brother and our other great uncle, he said, our dead was a homicidal. A maniac I knew he was crazy, but I never thought it was that crazy and any story telling me some of the details and
Of course, I believed him immediately cause. I've always believed him, as he's never lied. Stephen has never told? Allied to my remembering why, when he came over to tell me about his book and about our father I believed him immediately, because I know Steve would not risk his entire reputation. It is. Don't do this. That's not Steve its. Important here to re, emphasise the fact that when Steve's, who came out he'd maiden. Incredibly compelling argument that his father was the black dahlia killer, but he did all of this without any concrete information that George Hotel was actually ever and LAPD suspect.
So, in April, two thousand and three my book came out black dahlia Avenger, I contacted Steve Local of the early times, Give me a heads up on this and said: hey. You know the books about to come out, and I said here's the deal my father, I believe, is so my investigation is the black Shelly Tiller has been present. To active, had Deputy Steve K and he's revered at and said enough here to file. So. I want to give you a heads up on this cause, your goodness reporter and wanted you to have it information? He goes to I pity, hence the sailors. So does he thinks it's father guilt, black Dalai Lama, Then they basically say it's an active phase.
The activists blew him off. So Steve Lopez contacted allay district attorney. Steve coolly, truly says to him. Why not a dime of taxpayers money to reinvest again a sixty year old case. Pieces, but you know there is a box in the vault label. Blacked Elliot If you won't see that Yeah, I do so they go down to evolve. Cannot this box he takes. It upstairs it goes into reality is rooms there sits down, opens it up and opens up a file and out
also picture of George Odo Wove guess he was a suspect. Steve Lopez them through a few of the documents and fell The original transcripts of the electronic surveillance of George Hotel the same electronic surveillance. That day investigator Walter Morgan told Steve hotel about after meeting our mom in her art gallery, they had bug the Franklin House. And these were the transcripts of the recorded audio of George, who down from inside his home, It was all real, and this was the evidence, Gee Lopez wrote his columns and allay times
an uncle Steve reached out to the DE himself, for we were After I contact coolly along with her, producer friend of mine and whistling. We review the files yeah. Let him do. I guess, I'm a Jew, So we got all. I spend the whole day copy everything Related to George Hotel six hundred pages of stuff So his dear documents surveillance the transcripts all of this. Nobody knew they existed. They didn't exist in LAPD files, even though they should, because we learn that they were actually all handed over the LAPD and have disappeared, so they vanished from LAPD files. Today's
l a p d- doesn't know they exist. Today. I pity doesn't know. George hotel was ever a suspect What I discovered is that actually this lieutenant Jemison Lieutenant Jemison was the original led investigator on the black dahlia case for the district attorney's office. He worked along, inside Walter Morgan This lieutenant Jemison was Org. To turn over all the files to LAPD there. No recordings hundred forty six pages transcripts. Turn them over to LAPD And he was ordered to shut it down close it out never speak about it again. And that's what he did. What he also did was
He locked away a second set of books. He copied them put a second set of books in evil that's why he wears a white hat my mind lieutenant Jemison not done that we were never known any of this. The George Hotel was ever connected. At one point, during the black dog investigation in nineteen, forty, seven, the LAPD He had a thousand officers working on the case, then the king file, just disappeared, but before that happened, the lead investigator lieutenant Jemison had made a copy of the Inn tire file and buried it in the district attorney's vault in nineteen fifty
fifty three years later, that's what cd. Odell the Son of the prime suspect now had in his hands, but how Could the LAPD allow the case file on its most high profile murder to just disappear. There was a sang assertion did with Beverly Hills, chief of police, Cliff Anderson and What he said was, vice as like shit. If you leave it alone don't smell it, but if you start kicking, turns ever when smells the shed, that's all John Buntin we introduce Some back an episode to John focused.
On crime and policing in cities, and he wrote the book Eleanor the struggle for the soul of America's most seductive city, and he says that during the I'm at the black tie, your murder in nineteen, forty seven corruption was everywhere, well, I'm LOS Angeles was they place on which law enforcement was shot. Three with corruption you had the LAPD and you have the LAPD Detective Bureau and the is office with another source of power, which was frequently riddled with. Corruption and pay off commonplace. It was worth it price of doing business there. Certain rules observed There's a lot of discussion about how much
but he also amounted to buy some us, and that's that figure was as high as thirty million dollars, and you're an ambitious young officer and you didn't respects those prerogatives. Your career would run into trouble the angel. S was a messy pledges, and that was a real frustration to organised crime. Figures like Benjamin Bugsy Siegel would complain that LOS Angeles was too hard organise. He had to pay off the captain of every division and you had the sheriffs you had the police, you had the prosecutors, One of the reasons why he tried to the camp and go to LAS Vegas was because he was just frustrated dealing with all the factions in LOS Angeles, the idea that the wealthy and the powerful were not subject to the laws
LOS Angeles was one, was well established knowledge sharing its one. The reasons why the bike, Dalia cases too much speculation. With copies of the day a file in Hand Steve, took everything home and began to painstakingly piece it altogether. I sat down and went through the transcripts spending for five months putting it altogether. This was like pure gold, As far as this is concerned, time line is critical here back an episode. Three
I told you about the incest trial in nineteen, forty, nine between George who Adele and his daughter to MAR during the trial. You might remember that one of the witnesses we're Sherman recanted her testimony and she was arrested. For perjury, then George hotels, improbable acquittal came on Christmas Eve, nineteen, forty nine! Well, There was another witness who live on the stand: Lillian Lenore ACT was her name. She was called by the defence and she test if I that tomorrow was lying about her abortion. She said she knew because she was with tomorrow at the doctors, office, Lillian Lenore RACK said only an examination of Timor was given no,
Abortion was performed. The following is one of the documents that was in the d file that Steve recovered. Again, George Hotels, acquittal was on Christmas, Eve, nineteen, forty nine. This document was dead. In January thirtieth. Nineteen fifty a little more than one month later and it was written by a Santa Barbara policewoman named Mary one key fur, and it reads her sir I'm sorry, I missed the gentleman from your office on Wednesday. I work at odd out worse and I arrived home about ten minutes after your men left for LOS Angeles attics, acted to come to LOS Angeles early this week, as I had business to attend to their, but I find it's not necessary for me to make the trip, except to give you what information that I can regarding the woman whom I brought to send.
Barbara from the home of Doktor Hotel on Franklin Avenue When I arrived at Franklin address a consensus I was wrong as soon as I entered the building. The doktor seem very anxious to tell me that the girl was in a bad mental condition in the chair. It attempted suicide. When I asked to see Lillian Doktor, Hoddan, explain that. I had no need to worry about her, giving me trouble on the way to Santa Barbara. He stated tat. He had given her a large enough doesn t keeper asleep for three hours. Doktor, hotel and Joe bear it a room, At the residents took little and to my car, holding her up on both arms that wakened her and she began to tell us about the doktor she took. A great deal about her relations with him and she
data that she was very much afraid of him. She said she had witnessed an abortion performed on his own little girl. And then she stated that he had threatened to have her child. Taken from her, if she didn't testify in his favor in court. She, but she had never attempted suicide and that she had now ever cut her wrists or her hands She stated that the doctor constantly gave her trucks and then what wakened the cutting had been done while I was in the doctors sitting room waiting for the woman who was to drive with us. I asked the doktor what had caused the girl to go haywire so suddenly he said it was a good great deal to do with some of the cases that she had in court it wasn't until Lillian, waken and told us how she had perjured herself in court for the doktor. Then I realized what case was that had caused her. So much worry there
scratches and bruises on her forehead and her arms a three year old baby said that the doctor, not Tis mommy down and made me me cry hard It was after I left Lillian at the psycho word that I had a chance to talk to your bear. It he's It is emphatically that there was nothing with only an except what had been brought on by the cruel treatment received from doktor hotel. He stated that he knew Lillian had perjured herself at the trial, because the doktor had her under his influence. He said the relations between the doktor and his child were terrible and more. Worse than I had any idea. He stated that the debt after boasted that the fifteen thousand dollars he pages defence attorney It was used influence the district attorney and that that was how the doktor was cleared of the charge against him.
Really stated that she had a very guilty mind after the trial. And she told hotel that she was gonna, tell the district attorney, but she lied on the way This stand I've used Lillian at the hospital yesterday, she seemed glad to see me and she stated that she would like to tell me all about the true facts concerning the doctors activities and the trial. But she stated she knew He would have her done away with as well as her baby. She said she would like to have told the men from your office all about it, but she said she not sure. If you were her friends- and she was just plum scared to tell for fear, he would carry but his threat to have her boy taken from her and to have her committed to an insane institution? I know that this information will be of any help to you. It's
all. I could tell you if I came down personally, but if there is anything I can do to help in anything. That is good and sincere. I am at your service, Very sincerely yours Mary w on keeper. What's so remarkable about the innkeeper letter is the fact that it demonstrates to what links and what. Ends and how violent George Hotel was in regards to witnesses that were threatening to testify against him. He drugs her. Not sure to the ground you're out unconscious stages of suicide?
cuts her wristwatches unconscious. Professionally bandages them. Totally setting her up for a fake attempted suicide, all of this to discredit her, because she fears that she's going to inform on until the truth about the abortion in Timor absolutely violent. He is It was done in the presence of a three year old child. Reading a statement in the letter that says he hit mommy and knocked down. He hurt mommy bad as heartbreaking You remember from previous episodes that five years earlier in nineteen forty five George
today was a suspect in the overdose death of his Secretary Ruth Spalding. This was one of his most they did the same thing with through Spalding. He drove his granddaughter and took pictures over. I'm absolutely sure drugged, Elizabeth Short at the house before him. Close to him and that would have been easy saw, It just shows how violent now clarity was Will we Lenore ass? He could killer because she was too close to it than that Easy saw. The next best thing was to. Totally discredited to me. This letter is a file piece of evidence because it basically It goes shows us. Georgia
its true nature. But there was still so much more in the d a file there was another document investigation conducted by Lieutenant Jemison Rigour, They actually interviews my mother on the cinema, appear. Firstly, shows a picture of Elizabeth Short and I'll read from their actual document. We turn a Jemison. Oh now show you a photograph of best short ask whether or not you ve ever seen that young lady in your life, Dorothy. No, I never have Lieutenant Jemison did you A conversation was doktor hotel about the murder of Beth Short Dorothy,
no. Unless we mentioned it when it was in the papers Lieutenant Jemison. Did he ever tell you? They can't pin that murder on me Dorothy to the best of my knowledge, She didn't and doesn't Knower Jemison honour about date of her murder January, fifteenth nineteen, forty seven to remember being out until four a m in the morning with George and coming in slightly intoxicated, balanced years ago, Dorothy We never went on drinking parties because I don't drink because certain tendencies to drink too much he does, approve of my drinking, and I dont know what I understand your question Lieutenant Jefferson, Willie. Information that I have is that he was quite intoxicated himself. A time on that occasion stated they couldn't, pin the black dahlia murder on him
Dorothy. No, no! That isn't true Lieutenant Jemison was getting nowhere with Jerome. But she knew more than she was letting on. Remember an episode three she was the one to tell tomorrow to run away from George. She told him are the George was capable of anything need killed. The secretary lieutenant Jemison. Now, in view of the fact that the district attorney's office was interested in contacting all persons that might have something about whether or not doktor hotel had anything to do with this murder. I now show you a photograph of a new girl and ask you if he recognized that girl is Dorothy. There's something familiar about her face. I think she may have been some model or something lieutenant.
Would you say she is colored girl or half indian? Do you now Dorothy now I'll show you another photograph of the same girl with a man. Do you reckon as the man and the Photograph Dorothy. I would say that Doktor hotel, Latona Jemison I'm sincerely interest in contact. This girl for information through No, I dont know her I've seen her face sooner photographs that George has ever Would you have any idea where we could find her Dorothy, no Jameson. There is a third pictured Arturo Dell in the colored girl. You still can't place any person that might know where I can find her Dorothy. I dont know.
Genesis? Let me advise you that we do have information that he George Odell, did associate with both short. The girl, in the photos with George who Adele, was Mattie comfort. We discussed her back in episode three She was a model and jazz singer, and she had then, who memoir about her sexual relationship with both George and Rural and that we witnessed George beating Guerrero in the bathtub at their house, but now, when asked to identify her. Again the rarer gave Jemison nothing eventually Jemison tracked down Mattie Comfort and got esteem.
Directly from her, which was So when the d, a file, the statement was type doubt and read as follows: Mattie Comfort said that she was with doktor hotel some time prior to the murder and that new about his being associated with victim, but then Hand written above the words she knew and about was the word nothing someone after that, Act had changed the statement to read: Mattie Comfort. Said that she was with doktor hotel some time prior to the murder. That she knew nothing.
But his being associated with victim to attempt to change reversal of meeting the total meaning of it. You're going to submit a formal report will summon adding in that so clearly. This was at a later date. Once again here the brief time line. The black dahlia murder was in January of nineteen forty seven the trial ended on Christmas, Eve of nineteen, forty, nine The incident with Lillian Lenore ACT came one month later, at the end, in January of nineteen fifty. And then just a few weeks after that, Walter, Morgan and his audio technicians, Bro into the Franklin House and planted bugs in the bedroom and living room and
The house out for five weeks, So, from the end of the incest trial to the end of the stick out was within it span of just three months As for the stake out eighteen detectives, recorded Forty one spools of audio from February eighteenth March. Twenty seventh of nineteen, fifty the original audio schools from the stake out were lost, but all one Forty six pages of transcription were in the d, a file that Uncle Steve found there. Printed in full in is updated book black dots I venture
and there are some very incriminating things, beginning with the first day of recording. You're, going to hear two voices now. One voice is going to read the transcription entries from law enforcement. The other reading statements recorded of George Hotel. All of this is verbatim February, teeth for twenty p noise around the house, woman asking for greater several times it is, though she was crying so thirty five p M Hotel in a man with a german accent had a long conversation hotel, the German that's the best pay off I've seen between law enforcement agencies
you do not have the right connection. I'd like to get a connection made in the days office, any imperfections will be found. They have to be made perfect, dont confess ever Two and two was not for or just a couple of smart boys there. To give me, two men in the days office were transported demoted because of my trial. Supposing I did kill the black Dalia they couldn't proven. Now they can talk to my secretary
are any more because she's dead realized. There was nothing I can do, but a pillow over her head cover with a blanket get a taxi I'll Georgia Street receiving hospital right away expired at twelve thirty nine. They thought there was something fishy anyway. Now they may have figured it out killed her. Maybe I did kill my secretary. A twenty pm sounded as though two men went those steps and enter the basement began. Taking something was referred to not a trace. It also appears as though a pipe was being hit.
A twenty five p m omens. Eight hundred and twenty seven p dot m woman screamed again. It should be noted that a woman was not heard before the time of screaming, since six hundred and fifty p dot m She was none any conversation and not heard of again until the time of letting out these two screams a forty p m,
german leaves the house escorted to the door by hotel is highly likely that it was a murder. George Odell and Spare unhurried got this german friend of his walk downstairs. They pick up an object. The officers here, a beating, a thud, Beating against a body The screams. More blows to the body, a woman screams again and then go silent. The fact LAPD in the district, attorney's office or state listening alive. Hollywood station fight minutes away. Why are they over there and kick in the door
I couldn't believe what I was reading, The police officers like why They doing a rescue here, whether it was a murderer felonious, all it didn't matter, woman was being beaten. They're, taking no action, February: twenty nine thirty p m they'll conversation with man and woman hotel. Ice cracks, a peculiar people, the Persians, the country produces no virgins. They fuck all day in a violent way and at night the practice sexual perversions figure
Twenty six, nine, fifty p m Oh, don't mention something about murder March Forth one twenty one p m phone rings. Hotel answers, you're talking over a tat line. Oh yes, it's been tat for a long time. I'll be home for the next hour, be shocked March fifth to ten p m. Hotel in conversation with man and woman seems to be taken. Photography of a realistic nature. Hotel show some pictures of his two, the two people March, twenty fourth, one eleven, a m o dell com.
Well sent a nice letter to MRS Barbara fifteen Forty three valet HO street San Francisco, something birthday wishes Mrs buyer is Dorothy buyers to Mars. Mother to Mars birthday was March. Twenty fourth and she turned fifth Teen on that day, just a few HANS after the incest trial, urge was sending her birthday wishes March twenty fifth eleven ten p M hotel and barren man with the accent came in talking low sounded, like hotel, said something about Black Dalia Baron said something about FBI then talked about Tibet.
Sounds like Odell wants to get out of the country. Mention Passport Odell scene. Afraid about something? This is just a few days after Lieutenant Jemison Interview, Darrow Cheat Oh George, that Jemison asked her about the black dahlia and, if you which had ever said that they can't pen that more. IRAN him told him tat. She was shown pictures of Mattie Comfort, and that Jemison knew that George was associated with a list its short Guerrero, told, George everything March, twenty six twelve. I am hotel, talk,
about picture police have of him, and some girl thought It destroyed them all. March. Twenty seventh too, I am all quiet good night. March Twenty seventh nineteen. Fifty was the last day of the stake out at the Franklin House. Days later, George Hotel skipped town. And he would spend the next forty years in Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines, he'd start an entirely new family. There
leaving his own family to pick up the pieces. It's difficult to understand how George who Adele was never arrested. He was recorded, saying I suppose I did kill the black dire he could improve it now they can. Talk to my secretary any more because she's dead, he was over Bird assaulting another woman, simply killing her and then looking in the dirt in the basement. In all This was on top of the other evidence that Lieutenant Jemison had collected
So how did he get away? It was intolerable. We could have laid out so much on so many They had all this sensitive information as behead beady control officer. For the entire LOS Angeles County I suspect what happened was. What we know is split and I think, They were in a situation, so it was come after the fact. What do we do? We got decision will look he's out of a country we made able to find him if we do bring him back Is it going to lay out everything here, on everybody. He's out of the country. You know, maybe for now, let's just leave it at that
and move forward. Do the things we want to do clean up dodge and sometime in the future? We can come back to it or whatever. I think that's what happened the evidence in the d, a file pointed directly to George Hotel but Steve Didn't stop there so This has been an ongoing investigation and I keep updating my findings in a new edition of the book and a new book anyway. At one point: five: Finally, I discover that there are some Frank Lloyd. Junior files. You see a lay special collections archives, but that war about check him out back at the beginning of apis said three. I mentioned that the Franklin House was what our family called the historic Hollywood
at George Hotel owned. I also mention that the real name of the home is the south and house, and it was built in, one thousand twenty six by Lloyd, right, the sun, Legendary architect, Frank, Lloyd, right, So I go down and put on the line the gloves go through the whole thing and given the Lloyd Right file and going through the file and just miscellaneous stuff, architects, Dauphin and I come to a dinner file. It says hotel code. Who, though, so I go into that
discover some actual original receipts and therefore work that was done at the Franklin Sodden House in nineteen? Forty seven, I'm looking at these original receipts for materials, and its list, ten concrete bags of cement- and I look at the data on the receiving end, its January, ninth and tenth nineteen, forty seven, I can't believe my eyes such sitting, there I'm looking at these receipts for the cement bags, fifty pound bags, and of course my mind immediately flashes to the cement bags. Remember. We talked about the summit bags used to transport them.
Body from an unknown location. To think a lot in episode too, Steve Odell spoke about the fifty pounds, cement bags and fertilizer, bags with water. Blood on them that were found. At the scene the investigators had determined that they were used to transport, the two halves of Elizabeth Shorts body, Well, you know these are actually the same cement bags in my mind that were used to transport from the house. Now, of course, we don't have a serial number on the bags or anything, but how many killers walking around with fifty pounds limit value, their back pocket and the date course. Its exact time is three days before the bodies found, so that was one part
next received. I come to his four landscaping. We're landscaping was done at the Franklin House and three hundred ten dollars worth of landscaping. Of course we have, the manure fifty pound bags of manure fertile light, but we are also used to bring the body parts to the primacy you might also remember from episode to that. It was theses an unidentified. Green granules found in stomach of Elizabeth Short, so you're talking about for light, steer manure and in the autopsy the coroner found feces in the stomach. Elizabeth short Stomach and
there's only one way: that's gonna get there and that's through oral ingestion or force fed. So I'm absolutely sure that George FED, this steer manure at the house, forced her to eat. It the vulgar about it. You know for sure that each should, in the coroner's report. It also said that there were an unidentified green granules particles, found mixed in with a faces fertilizer would contain that material. That is perfectly with it. So you got the original receipts for both cement bags and fertile light at the house, and you ve got them at the crime scene.
And the date of the date locks it in. So this together, of course, is a huge fan. Connection and illnesses. Physical evidence photographed in the original, crime scenes on January fifteenth our uncle Steve, It has clearly established himself as the Black Dalia Authority. I'm through blog he's able to connect with his readers and anybody might have something to contribute to his ongoing investigation, Steve was interviewed for this podcast. He was protecting a piece of brand new evidence. She finally agreed to share as we're doing
interview, I'm about to come out with some startling new information to be presented to the public. I get an email from a woman and she Donna finds herself and she says I was going through some of my mother's personal effects. Selling her estate and I came across this box and within this box I found a letter and the letter was written in my grandfather's handwriting and it was addressed as follows in case of doubt, Margaret Ellen's or Glenda genes. Dubious em,
the study, S M, as my grandfather's name, Washington, Martin, and she says this is a letter that he wrote back in October. Twenty fifth nineteen forty nine hand written. This is I've, read it and it refers to a linkage to the black dahlia murder. She sends me the letter and I'm just Toby blown away by it because it's I can afford, This is like a cousin to a dying declaration. In other words, Grandfather is written this. It's not to be opened by or read were made public its own. In case of the death of either of his daughters. Then he goes on with three pages of handwritten letter that lay out the fact that he was in format for LAPD working under cover
He was living in LOS Angeles He then goes on to say that his friends with an individual who doesn't actually name him, but he gives the initials g h in Georgia, Odell G H and he refers to The fact that his personal friends with GH he learn to lay out the fact that G h. Whom he is known as the killer, the black dahlia he says that he's writing this letter not to make it public or anything, but simply because he's afraid gee Age, will harm or kill.
One of his daughters either daughter and that what is written is for the police department basically and not to be reveals other that if no harm comes to them, he's very clear in the letter that the police know who, whose is He goes on to say that g h, involved with them and corruption. Payoffs pay names in attorney that's involved in it. He says that the police knew the jail was involved in these crimes with her protecting it. It was, I mean a huge support and vindication of me. Steve hotel can talk for fifty hours about why it off, together and comes together, but it still Steve Hotel, the Son of George Odell, saying these things. So I mean it's like the d, a files you know where completely
unbeknownst and unaware of anything they corroborate. The George Odell was the prime suspect, no doubt about it. This is the same. The very fact that this letter existed unknown sitting in a box for seventy years. Never intended to come out, except should harm come to his daughters, is a vital piece of evidence coming right out of the mouth of one of the insiders This is the guy is working for BP and his naming g age as the killer. Next to us sign conversion from George Odell. This is so right up there with This letter at the most recent piece of Steve's investigation, but it won't be the last. He won't stop
until the case is officially solved. There is one thing now: one piece of scientific proof that could find We put the most famous unsolved murders in american history to rest but according to Steve the l a will not cooperate. Many years ago I was able to obtain a full dna. Profile and my father and Terrible expense to myself, I had the top DNA laboratory in the nation body labs and these coasts Coast Virginia. Process a number of items- and it runs about twenty, five hundred dollars each piece I had per of his shoes. I had poor five different envelopes mailings with stamps flaps.
And they got his full dna profiles off the flap of the envelope so now We have his full dna profiles so now What we need a saucepan dna, so previous position was this all disappeared. We have nothing to compare it to the sorry in a coma. And then they had a exhibition a couple years ago at the police museum and they had on play some new items that they had discovered in the files. They had hoped show about the black earlier and I notice that lower uncouple letters. These for the taunting letters that the killer centre, the LAPD in the newspapers, the same ones that Steve had sent out copies of
four handwriting analysis but took pictures of him. Then I went home and blew him up. Look on the envelope and it's got a date on postmark of October tenth. Nineteen fifty will that's my father's birthday. So I got my attention anyway I wrote a letter to LAPD. So give me an or of time and I'll sit down with whoever's got the case. Let us out. This is good potential dna testing and basically, after a month, The chief of police responded to me in a letter saying thank you and enforced, Lastly, we don't have time to look at court cases with good luck with your investigation
bottom line. Is that as ever written to them as a reasonable chance that the DNA will come back positive no, just unwilling to take those steps and they have no interest. They can to the evidence, and it's easier for them to say, go away or ignore it and that's what I ve been done. If it is his duty alive and a story, this could will be over with one dna test our uncle is taking. His reputation on it. But he knows it's out of his control for now he's going to kill doing what he's always done obsessively Lee building
case against his father. As the murderer of the black Dalia. Here Steve's brother in our great uncle Kelly Hotel I am very proud of Steve, very proud of my brother a little worried that he's become obsessed with this whole thing. I've seen him withdraw from a lot of things because of working on the book or having meetings about the book, I don't think and be any closer to this for Steve He was once described by one of the dossiers that is like a pitiful. Once he gets his teeth into something he doesn't let go. I think he has uncovered one of the greatest true. Cried
stories of some decades at least has been hard. Oh my family, my son, Don't worry about me! I know that dad you totally obsessed with this. Can you just get off the train just ended the time to do something else, you know, but I can't at some point I do have to stop and it may be sooner than later. I dont know because at some point the width burns down. Tell that I don't have the fire the belly as much as it was even five years ago.
And at some point probably just say: ok, I'm done I'm seventy seven now in the when I joined LAPD, my goal was to retard forty one can always twenty years on and retire maybe get sergeants Bay, which would give me three four hundred a month and I'd be shut, hi cotton and live happily ever after right, so I've had to revise that a bit. If I could do it by like eighty one, instead of forty one in a million, Maybe so, if I, tomorrow or if far, for some other reason I was. I was unable to proceed on the investigation. I more. A happy with words Jennifer Elizabeth Short, I did it for her family. I did it for all the victims.
Uncle Steve's black diet. Investigation has affected the entire hotel family. Once we began to see the evidence he uncovered there wasn no turning back, but none of us have and the unique experience he's had figuring out that his father may have been one of the most prolific and brutal serial killers of all time. See through his exhaustive twenty year. Investigation Steve, hotel didn't only come to the conclusion that his father, our great grandfather was the black Dalia murderer. He is also compiled evidence that he believes proves. George hotel has murdered almost fifty women. I've been through every possible
ocean within extreme anger and hatred of what, Did these poor women and their families I've been through all of that and gone back and forth with it. To now, I'm not just as a point of terrible sadness. I've just reached the point where the sky was major, really fucked up worsen, I've ever seen are known and he was my dad and there's nothing. I can do about that. I loved poor that gave me life Unburthen breath I hate the monster in him. I'll die, emotionally divided like that love the father and ate the monster.
He started on the next episode of rude of evil. I must have been eighteen. Nineteen years old, and it was gonna like ok, you're gonna meet your grandfather for dinner, That was the only time to talk about it. You know a look but you don't know my mother screw you now you ruined my life, but genuine anything to do with you closure is a hard thing to combine the hotel family. Ass mom, like mom. Why were you obsessed with finding your birth mother? Why are you not ever obsess like finding your birth father and you know she's just see now I just there is more important No mother, I mean she always had only politely started. It aside, I think she can always thought in the back of her head. She didn't want to find out
swear, listenin to episode six of root of evil, the true story of the hotel family and the black dahlia mood of evil it episode Series produced by sea thirteen originals, a division of since thirteen in partnership with the anti.
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