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The Troubling Questions

Fauna Hodel and her mother, Tamar, both leave their own unique legacies, and their children try to make sense of it all. In doing so, unresolved emotions and crucial questions are raised.
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Root of evil. Production of sea thirteen originals, a division of cadence. Thirteen in partnership with twenty. This story contains strong language in graphic and potentially disturbing content. Discretion is advised. Where is the river flows forever, with trees on either hand? George hotels, actual voice and he's reading a poem two, some of his grandchildren from Miss Filipino family. Remember in nineteen fifty
in the middle of the buggy and stick out of the Franklin House, George, Cape town Green leaves a floating castles of supply. The voting will all come. You re married and then he spend the next forty years or so leaving any where he began. Another new family in all ended up having eleven children with fire. Different women
Ngos the river and now has the mill away down the valley away down the hill away down the river. A hundred miles or more little children shown by MRS Ahern examine certain. We're going for nearly ten thousand mean to buy when such around I'm sure that spaces are going for ten grand. Easy, easy, easy and jars. Live maritime shut, the penthouse. It's a little
saying being here. I think it's very it's strange, but I live here and I want the street all the time. So I I pass this building, but I dont even consciously think about it, but now that I'm standing in front of it, we're, though, that that this is part of our family history, Nagasaki, family, stream ring. I have always said that I am ashamed that George Hotels blood runs through my name's, like I'm always always. Now you're standing in front of one of the tallest residential buildings in San Francisco, three thirty, three Bush street. Got a three hundred sixty degree view of the city and the Bay Porto Del live the last nine years of his life here in the penthouse until he was ninety one years old, when he
intentionally overdose himself, on sleeping pills, George, never like never served a day in jail, he never got what he deserves no, of course not, but I almost feel like indebted, he's getting that now no matter how much money he had he was so is evil. He was evil here is pure evil. This is the root of evil. I mean that and one thing my sister Russia and I have learned in doing this podcast- is that with joy, Joe, do nothing ever simple. There's always some mysterious clue that makes you wonder coincidence or connection. She's apartment here has an honest, directive view of a cemetery, but it's
I just any cemetery. It's the one where Elizabeth Short is buried, YO our story. My thing is, there was never anybody held to account and that's the beef. I have This whole story is that you know you have the floor.
James cowering and crying and being upset and and being broken. The people that were the perpetrators walk free at our Uncle Peace Hotel tomorrow Oldest son in the late eighties- He was invited to dinner, in LOS Angeles, by his uncle Stephen Kelly, hotel they told him there would be a special guest. I must have been eighteen nineteen years old. And it was clear like ok, you're gonna meet your grandfather. I was angry about what my mother had gone through If there was any at all, that was the only time to talk about it. You know a look but you don't know my mother, can it what one talk anew in wanting to say something about it.
Having everybody just gonna gloss over it. It is like you know, as if it's normal den we're kind of a thing and here's the guy that based they ruined my life. This kind of really awkward. It's kind of way these things, which you can have complicit, Keeping things quite even in a situation where you could say something and that in turn out about it not being able to do something about it, but they didn't make any difference. If I confronted him or not, she already in dismay. Is someone who is a liar and crazy? It's easy to say I should do something, or this is the effect that it has, and maybe I should have done something about it for all victims to that, but I was conflicted mad, but
Couldn't really sad. I just didn't. I didn't have the words really to describe it when you are who down inflicted feelings. Are the norm especially when you're talking about to MAR here's of hotel the younger have to Mars five children. I dont want mom to be, I, in order as hard to say, because she doesn't thought of things, but I don't want any slandered cause. You're understands use victimized at a young age, really badly, I just want people to understand that, and you know just Don't go off in one direction and think what a Lamb lady. Because it was a psychological issue. So
be more open, minded and understand situations and distort pigeon hole, your mind and the one thing about MAR Hotel, because sooner born like that. Here's to Mars Middle Son, Joy Hotel, reason their primary compassion fires, because if I had been her and experiencing onto the things that she had done turn around and under my kids, the things it. He did my sister funny to me maybe a tremor again I can't forgive. What am I did? Was she found a way to separate all of us. She wouldn't talk, show about each one of us and the other person and then make it like that person? was talking shit about me. Being a level of distrust among us, so we didn't communicate and their talk about
things that have gone on to us individually, I got You were right. You were I ain't but you re wondering Wonderingly, and I could have told me that in fact about how you ve talked about me about how does the user and how to face the kindest mean paying you know just makes me wonder what going on here. This is a phone call between our mother fauna and her are there to MAR mom. Was never conflicted about confronting tumor. At your hearing. You not hearing it currently directly. Hearing it I'm thing down a little better.
I pointed at battery that I'm not even about this I don't like is all the computer that always going on in the apartment, what the boys, always deadening. Forbearing happens. I don't like that. All the clergy, interacting you're, just a bunch of men better, they going through now work. I am glad to say that I dont, like all the future back, even create counselor. Good what everybody here. Wherever a moment driving could be better than weren't before that I just don't like all the it's like. I could go over there for
an hour or two in the midst of me. Being there there's our guide, the boy, the boy they're, getting it to fight with you or you are getting. It replied the boy everything if you know it is in trouble I think I feel like. I almost feel like you a lot of confusion I think I do You would think, but I replied,
You put out so much people how terrible the boys are that people by those stories to because we knew that long conversations about lady about our joy. If you know this, why, when I hear all these stories about what people are saying that you say about me, I too believe that, because I know all the things you say that you raise your whole life that you from the time they came out and you make me her bottom line. I just level feeling that the way we ve talked about pave the way you ve talked about joy in the same way, you're doing all bidding me than other people. No, no. You know why I talk about. We talk about joy. That way I am bear myself, that I didn't have chance to do it right to have it and control so that I had a husband and I had money and that I had Children bear me that there are from different father. We can work
very romantic in their reading. Bear me I mean: do you do for part of the two, because their beautiful children- and they all have different? You know and everything you can carry their way do. You know that I have been created, for my children having a boy, and I feel I do believe you when you were created bar is a person before you had eighty killed.
I wish I had been, but I really got myself out their people really like you. When you have children, and here I welfare and their legitimate, and you get a lot of flag from everyday life and people around by people who get with you about out avoid wherever they are right, that standing up for my children, I thought I thought I was doing. I was looking like a normal another normal mother, get on their good mother is good working on their kids when they do like that in the world and that I will bring all that I knew you'd know. Both matters will pick up where the cares of all kinds.
I wanted to tell you what I want it right or wrong what I wanted to bear to know that I was a good and very clear that I really clear and at what they would bring me waiting. All that I would be. We support I wouldn't be. I was very clear and I was kind of a car with island tying pew. Then I don't think it was right, I'm not saying it was good, I'm not saying I didn't carry it over and let it harm my whole family cuz. I did
That's where I was going to help me with trying to make a clear- and I should have been strong enough in my view- that I didn't have to pay them at all, and I were everything went away. I have had to look at how inadequate I am inadequately. I prepared raising a failure,
It will be anything right, give natural about the only thing I can say and really love them when they were a little, but I didn't make you protect them because I didn't have any fat. I didn't know how to protect the rights of the older I didn't leave. I don't feel any real love coming from you for peace or join. You just gotta think. Well I do now. I decided, I don't see that makes me feel they don't have a real by their lack of you and you don't seem to have a real. We fear lobby really love each other. Some I never left me. I don't think she was capable what then she began to do at times
I don't remember getting a lot of times and guesses and loving from my mother. She was ass, follows a sea. No later than I'm just wasn't a good person something that she can use That's the way she bit me. He was never mother. For a few years when we were young man, funding Somehow what ye for all of us to live in together found too isn't there, but it was me either mom tomorrow and the boys
am I didn't, have any money so mom. She was in charge of getting this house and pay the rent and bringing the family together. And I really believe mom did it for the boys after tomorrow, but far those boys because she wanted them to feel at love, mom exuded love and when she hug you and she spoke to you. She was listening. She was loving you never in their lifetime. Experience that hears peace again positive in one was definitely the whole cited positive, always put a positive spin, even when there wasn't positive in terms of actual actuality. She always with some
the brighter side of things and she always put her best forward in terms of her attitude towards thanks, which was very uplifting, vonny, didn't let her asked a factual her feature in the sense that she was a loving sweet person, and He saw a pass all that stuff, even the pasts things that she dealt with. Her term are held on. To the past. She didn't know, a process which he'd gone through ever gave herself a break up to try to figure it out to wear You know it's just from one chaotic mom to the next were fine. I was like to me this kind of the glue of the family. She was gonna like the man that I didn't have as where Tamar to a systemic There is no way around that. Despite our the ways that tomorrow had tormented her children. They all men,
we need to break free from her when they became adults and then she got sick and that's when a lifetime of confusion bubbled up to surface. Here's fauna number two, when she is in dire straits and stuck in her apartment and real, except maybe special diet for her. I made sure she took the right man. She was taken, expired medication, this horrible, the state she was in nobody wants to go see or the boys don't wanna go seared I mean I didn't, go see, seer enjoy it just let her be put out. This treaty because he may need. As you know, this is Do not worry that so I couldn't do I couldn't do it the humanity, wouldn't let me do it from human to human. She needed to be taken care of
so I did and I got her into assisted living. And then I got I on October forth, to test in fifteen to MAR Hotel passed away at the age of eighty. When she passed Michael crying. I didn't hurt too badly. I don't eat my mother once you don't hate my mother, ok, I Haider. I just theirs. No love there, because She didn't created any I thought I loved my manner I mean I love my mother after
I found out so much by the time she died. I would just devastated. If my mom was here today, I would say you lied to me all my life. I never really got closure with Tamar. I never got accountability or I can go to pieology at her. You know few months before she passed on was as close as I get to. Apologizing, which was mainly for her she's said I was sort of mother and I said: well you know that's fine. I don't need an apology. I appreciate that you're saying it cuz. I really honestly, I'm well past needing someone to apologise, because what I was looking for is a real acknowledgement, not yet I'm sorry
closure here love I could say something to my mom right now I let my mom no lover, so I can say, and I'd probably ask her what else happened. Here's joy again, I was, the ship ass. She was in vain, and I just not that I didn't have to deal with innovation. Anyone I me. I made all the arrangements for be permitted and get on there I asked me what I wanted to put it. I said something out there trying to help somebody with their earn and all the stuff sit in a box, and then I D told fund that she had to go pick it up, but I wasn't
the winter haha hi, it's russia- and this is my palm fauna hotel and she's picking, therefore, an I'm in town, I'm in town, Honolulu, Hawaii, my hometown, this from a video I recorded right after tomorrow died, she was cremated and I, with my mom and holding the box for tomorrow's ashes the seas emotional about it. I think it's funny little by little funny to bring them with acid in the car I knew I was speaking here anyway, while she didn't think she was brainer back. She got their wild boars gonna take their, but that's it happened so she's here with us. Do we're here and she was laughing about it. A secondary.
It's not gonna let this is just an ironic that we have Tamar and it's really about the holiness thin. Just here forever, and this is certainly a ring. I wonder what is fully now everyone, because we're not getting off is alive. Six months later on. Was diagnosed with breast cancer First of all, it is fine it. Thank you everybody for the tremendous support I've receiving in reference to the, see were that entered my life and I am not ashamed of
cancer in, but I just feel that if I don't name it it'll come for fast. I am beyond measure. Might girls arranged everything here in a beautiful apartments, This is to my daughter, Russia, my daughter. He bed has been holding my hand both of them then my daughter in LAW genome my son in law, my little granddaughter they Lonnie rose, oh my god, and the best european the world and all the lemon support from each one of you I started chemo yesterday it You weren't really well, I'm so surprised You say was only about a two hour chemo treatment in but act by the evening it hit me, and I was feeling nauseous and call the doktor about nine thirty, and he told me to do in little queasy.
Today the metal there, but I know that this is going to work Perfectly I know that I am blast, I'm happy move through this, and one in every eight women are getting breast cancer. So whenever this is all about, we have to be more aware and even though I had a mammogram only a year and a half ago, there was absolutely nothing there that showed up in that breast that's affected witches crazy you how it can Oh six tumor is one of which is like a three point. Three sets inches in diameter and the rest. Your tiny and it has affected a couple of the left, knows of tiny that I know. I know that I know I'm getting through this. Thank you and thank you the bottom of my heart. And
Here's mom just a few weeks later, Who ever dream? I mean it, I'm sure It happened to me. I might turning sixty five August first, I was so proud that might need to lose weight, but I felt as healthy as a horse as our here, mom sitting in her kitchen, with the huge smile on her face. The buzzing sound you here in the background is from there. Clippers shaking her head. Any diner trillionaire. That would have never thought. I had cancer. I hadn't been sick. I mean maybe I've been a little tired but goodbye
Excuse me I have, there was a remarkable human being. The way that she grace Ali went Are you? Cancer is indescribable I mean she had a double mastectomy. She had three brain surgeries. She went, through chemo and air every single time and we We were going to loser every surgery- and I were just like- oh god, oh god, ass, soon, ass, we walked into the room she was like can I have some coffee and we just lost it because she just popped back. There was
strong strong, but then she got really weak and she and into hospice I don't even know where to start. I can't share publicly Mom doesn't want me to yet, but today September. Twenty two thousand seventeen and more fun hotel in hospital care and is dying she can't Orwell. There. She is dying saying that she's gonna live until she's ninety and hospice and the doctors say differently, we think we probably
We have a matter of weeks, if not days with her SAM trailing a hard. we have to move on can keep going forward me a good representation of her and be a light in the world. Women are loyal. A layman opportunity couple. Two days later, mom died oh yeah, Mulholland waiting. He all over the alarm as destroyed as Russia and die in our family were It only seem right to focus on whom my mom was and what
represented me, so we had a celebration of her life in Hawaii early Father would briefly, for this. Gathering were grateful for the love that share the stories. River further light shines in this world and respond to our late extinguished, maple more than another, Ah.
Funny hotel was on a journey, her whole life, but more than anything else. It was a journey to find out who she was and that lasted until the day she died. She found her biological mother when she was eighteen years old. But she died without ever finding out who her father was And ass mom, like mom, why were you obsessed with finding your birth mother? Why are you not ever upset dining your birth father and no she's. I know I just you know I just there is more important than ever no mother, I mean she always kind of, like politely started it aside. I think she can always thought in the back of her head. She didn't want find out- Tuesday.
Before she died. I didn't say that she. Believe George was her father. She She didn't say naming and she had no filter, that last few to his That was the first time ever heard those words come out of her mouth. I remember from Episode one that the first night mom tomorrow in Hawaii they stayed up all night. And discuss their lives that's when to MAR told her. The George was investigated in the black Dalia murder, imagine sitting on that beach, Lonnie High and sheep seeds, to tell me that her father was in estimated that murder, but she so told mom about the incest trial part of the reason that mom felt the need to get out of there as soon as possible.
Was that she was afraid of hearing from tomorrow. The George was her father. All I want to do is get on a plane and go back home, because I I thought she was going to tell me that man was my other. If she'd already said it had been an insect trial, and it was just here utility stuff, remember, George had already got into my pregnant once shortly. Before the incest, trial, that pregnancy was illegally aborted, and then Margo pregnant again with mom only one year later to my my whole life. Could I get in her face and I'd ask her and she would never deny it like, and I want to Know- is George Moms dad and never say ass should never say now, but she never direct
answer that Russian. For me, I asked her multiple times tomorrow evidently did deny that George Hotel was Mama's father, not to me won't me she did and she repeated the story over and over again that it was some italian. Playboy in San Francisco, who guttered drunken took advantage of her his name was Carlos or something like that. George Adele may or may not be my mom's father, but at the End of the day I have my family and I love my family- and I'm still so blest that my mom gave me my sister, Russia and pretty cute and that's never gonna change. That love is now we're gonna change now, despite if we get any,
definitive answers- and I know we're not gonna- have everything answered? No matter why'd, you know three a key players are gone and that's ok, you know we have to move on from here but my morbid curiosity, you know I want to know more, but I don't want to as much as I love and law our mom I dont, want to let it define me and keep going insane. King for the answers, like my daughter She was conceived. We had an anonymous donor, but then. Anonymous donors, dna in and my heart means nothing to lay Lonnie. Her parents are me and Anna I keep thinking of, and in that sense I get that doesn't matter. Love is what matters
and we love. We love her unconditionally. She can overcome attacked the donor. He can never contact her, but that that doesn't matter, and I have to come to think of it like that. I like it doesn't matter of Georgia's mountains. Has it doesn't matter? We have each other ray and we had our Mahomet and cheese stilled, although love that we can possibly mean and the both of us, to carry on with our lives and for you tat, you know shit that would lay Lonnie and pass it forward. Jimmy he can better be acting and break the cycle break We hope that Through this process we be to answer some lifelong questions about our family. Some we have, and some we haven't, but the king.
Since this to linger our way, Does it mean to be a hotel and what pray should we continue to pay for them. Legacy we ve been left me maybe asking those questions for the rest of our lives. But finally for the first, I'm ever all of us have green to discuss it together. Our story on the final episode and food of evil. I didn't want to her. She even more than your rehearsing. This has erected we're on together in one room to confront the past and each other. I was mad at my brother peace when he moved away he had to get out. I had to really destroyed when he left Maybe we'll find some of the closure we ve all been looking for. I want
to Bonn this fairly. I one be part in the same way you are not filled than I was because term or kept his soul. She, then long since God were in the room together. Yes, so let's do it Thanks for listening to episode, seven of of evil. The truth story of the hotel family and the black Dounia mood of evil is innate episode, series produced by sea thirteen originals a division, of kittens thirteen in partnership with tee anti coming from
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