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Rush Limbaugh Apr 07, 2021


When the MEE TOO movement began with me public shaming of Hollywood mogul and top Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein, nobody can predict the societal impact

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At steeple? We believe investment advice is about more than helping. You manage your wealth. Our investment advice is about you. It's about providing your kids with opportunities for a head start in life. Feeling secure your retirement in realising your dreams? Just may become a reality because you have a plan, we believe in you. Your path to investment advice starts with your steeple financial adviser, fine, or new, stifle financial adviser stifled outcome. That's S tea. I f. P L stifle Nicholas in company incorporated member S, Ipc and unbiased when they meet to movement, began with a public shaming of how they went mogul in top democratic donor Harvey Wednesday. Nobody can predict the societal impact, so researchers from. university Colorado wanted to see how attitudes have changed since me to took off among the answers they got. Was this women who come with a heart attack or some other medical issue may be left to fend for themselves,
Men are now afraid to give women CPR less. They be accused of sexual assault, not kidding. Men said that they'd be fearful of being charged with inappropriate, touching or sexual assault, so they will not administer CPR to a woman in dire circumstances. The Stir is lead author. Sarah Perman is clearly astounded. She says that, while these fears are real, it's important to realize they giving CPR is a life saving act and the gender shouldn't matter. What yeah me too, and I totally agree these fears, shouldn't matter to me in theory, but miss permanent real life is in theory. Is it and there's about
a weirdo cases out there just waiting to make that allegation. I don't blame these men at all, not with the situation that the militant femininity have created out there. You live with it. I wouldn't know CPR, tough, it out
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