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Rush Limbaugh Apr 27, 2020


New York City America's highest number of Corona Virus cases had one high profile patient that caused a media sensation.

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With all that's going on. We need to keep our bodies moving and our spirits high. Now our trusted friends in Kaden. Would the leaders in C b d have a way to help level Select CBS complete line of products. They start with a penetrating formula. Then I do not see, b d to be really effective level select cd is independently tested, zero percent, Th Sea and its made in the USA visit level Select C B. The dot com order any of their products right now and get fifteen percent off use the promo code c b d, fifteen or subscribe and save even more New York city. America's highest number of corona virus cases had one high profile. Patient had caused the media sensation, not at a time You're, who resides in the Bronx Zoo was the first non case of human to animal corona virus transmission. They knew
so they held departments investigating, but they think that a keeper infected or the Good NEWS is that of the TIGERS, doing better, she is expected to make a full recovery, which is a good thing. Many zoos want to make a full recovery to because they shutdowns causing problems. California's Oakland Zoo is having a hard time scraping. We get our money to keep the end most fed others. Zoos are in the same predicament because they all rely on visitor fees and don't genes for their food budgets. But that's not the only problem. According the LOS Angeles Times the animals are on happy because of the shutdown it turns out that, except for the ball legal
the zoo animals are bored zeal. Keeper say that most of the animal seemed amidst the people who come to stare Adam Zucchini per se. Contact with human beings stimulate the animals, they just look at food. What are we talking about here? So I guess that humans are not the evil oppressors the poor, captive animals. After all, we make their lives meaningful and interesting because they think they can eat us. The animal rights wackos not gonna like this one bit if they figure it out.
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