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Rush Limbaugh April 10th 2018


Joe Mathews, Author for the San Francisco Chronicle, accused Orange County, California for betraying its residents by opposing State Sanctuary Laws.

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There's a guy who writes columns for the San Francisco. Chronicle is really. My name is John Matthews. Over the weekend he accused Orange County California of betraying its residents. He complains that Orange County supervisors voted to oppose state sanctuary laws, thus aligning themselves with President Trump, which is very bad. If you're a California leftist Matthew, says the Trump has targeted California in a campaign of lies and mass deportation of the counties own immigrant families, Matthews, then blames Orange County for abandoning a plan that would house hundreds of homeless people and temporary shelters in Huntington Beach, Laguna GO and Irvine after protests. People know cities do not want the homeless are illegal immigrants and shelters there. He says protecting its own hypocrites and providing housing for its own people should now
We haven't left for a wealthy county with three point: two million people, that's what he's really mad at Orange County is wealthy and they want to go their own way. What Mr Matthews, in this metal leftist don't want to grasp is Orange county officials did exactly what they were elected to do. Uphold the law. And represent the values of their community like it or not. Mister Matthews people who live in communities you call wealthy are just as entitled a representation by them. They are. What is you are you know whose long been betrayed when it comes to illegal immigration, the voters of Orange County. They finally have enough and their standing up against this date. It's about damn time Russia has just made his spectacular web service rush, twenty four seven. Even more spectacular. We have a special premium going on right now, a brand new tumblr.
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