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Rush Limbaugh April 13th 2018


Los Angeles Board of Supervisors approved a program to end the homeless epidemic in California by allowing homeowners to convert their garages into housing for the homeless.

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Recently I told you about a San Francisco Chronicle columnist, upset with Orange County California he's mad that Orange County voted to opt out of California. Sanctuary law he's mad, that they won't allow homeless, shelters in some neighbourhoods, and he complained that wealthy suburbs shouldn't acts so ugly, whether new, LOS Angeles plan to deal with its massive homeless problem automate this guy very happy. Last year, the L, a board of supervisors, approved a pilot programme to allow home owners to convert their garages in the housing for the homeless, or they can build new little sheds for the homeless in their backyard plans. For the three hundred and twenty square foot Backyard huts are on the drawing board. Maybe Obama's brother could move in the local government would give the tenants vouchers to cover most of the rent, but the homeless would be responsible for paying the rest. No one could go wrong here. The sick,
thirty thousand homeless people and away. So this could be the magic wand finally solve the problem right once it works and allay the idea can spread to other California cities and soon are angry little San Francisco chronicle cobblers can have his own very own homeless person. As a back yard neighbour, he can show the ugly acting rich people in Orange County how to be nice. Folks, not a word of this was made up. It's all real. With Russia, twenty four seven you'll never have to miss one word of the rush, Limbaugh show and no new yearly met. Get wretches exclusive, Tumblr Cypriots his wisdom all day long with rush twenty four seven and
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