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Rush Limbaugh April 23rd 2018


Scientists are with joy as they have created a mutant enzyme that is able to break down plastic.

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Come today and get ten percent off, that's simply safe, USA dot com, my friend scientists are beside themselves with joy. They have accidentally created a mutant enzyme than eats plastic bottles. A couple years ago, scientists discovered the enzyme at a japanese waste dump. They bring in an international team to tweak it and one on the inside mutated. The new insights takes just a few days to break down plastic. Not the lead researcher says that, thanks to the mutant enzyme, there will not be a need to drill oil to make more plastic, because the plastic we already have can be recycled back into its original components. If that happens, can you imagine the result? Liberals can stop making laws to be
plastic. Straws in restaurants stores can give customers plastic bags again. You can buy bottled water without the environmentalist Wackles complaining about. What's in landfills, plastic will be again, which is why I have a prediction of my own it'll never happen because liberals don't really want to solve problems. They just want to complain about problems and blame Amerika for problems with the last thing. They want to do a sob anything because American can't improve so just watch. Environmentalists will accuse the new mutant enzyme of causing global warming or wiping out endangered species are hurting polar bears. Mark my words. It will not be marketed as solution. Ultimately, with rush twenty four seven you'll never have to miss one word of the rush Limbaugh show at now New yearly members get Russia's exclusive tumblr from Russia's wisdom all day, long with Russia.
Twenty four seven and Russia's exclusive tumblr is our best tumblr, yet check it out at Russia. Limbaugh not calm. Your listening to the EU. I be network.
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