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Rush Limbaugh Aug 24, 2020


Well at there low rated convention last week, Democrats used an 11 year old crumb cruncher to slam President Trump's immigration policies.

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You know most homes and Gerda companies try and trap you with high prices and tricky contract. Simply safe is different. They provide you with all. You need to protect your home with number the drawbacks of traditional homes. Professional monitoring keeps watch twenty four slash: seven ready to send the police fire or medical professionals. If there is an emergency, it starts at one thousand, four hundred and ninety nine, a month, had the simply safe USA, dot com get a free, hd camera, with your purchase that simply safe usa dot com, their low rated convention. Last week, Democrats used in eleven year old Crumb, Cruncher Slam, president trumps immigration policies.
Read her emotional letter, accusing the president of ripping families apart because her illegal immigrant mother had been deported, but the few people a watch. This propaganda didn't get the real story. The child's mother entered the country illegally in nineteen. Ninety eight she was caught at the border and reported back to make all she's not back over the border again illegally and laid low till she was caught in a traffic. Stop in two thousand thirteen. It was the old banana regime that determines the mother should be deported homeland security, followed through in two thousand eighteen.
So these asinine liberal should be accusing Baroque Hussein Obama of ripping families apart, but that doesn't fit the narrative now, in addition to using this eleven year old lie about president drunk the Democrats have released and add it accuses trumpet saying immigrants are not people that their animals it's another brazen lie. President trumpets was talking about members of the Vile Street Street gang S. Thirteen again regularly praise on immigrants, What is a liberal support? Lawlessness, the criminality in chaos and not only when it comes to illegal immigration? Look at port! Look at Seattle, look at Chicago look at New York City, that's who the liberals are and that my friends is no lie,
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