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Rush Limbaugh August 9th 2018


California is currently experiencing the largest fire in state's history and the drive-by media blames global warming.

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Last December, a record breaking California fire burned. Four hundred and forty square miles it destroyed over a thousand buildings and killed two p in January. You see Berkeley Study, warned that one hundred million dead trees increase the risk of even more mass Myers. They recommended thinning forests and removing dead underbrush, but California is run by environmentalist wackos. Now California is experiencing the biggest fire in state history. Some four hundred fifty five square miles of burned and the fire is still growing over. Eleven thousand buildings are at risk and the fire may not be contained until such
the drive by media blames global warming and climate change, their blaming California residence for moving into previously underdeveloped areas. There ridiculing trumps comments on the fire, but they dont criticized California's liberal environmental policies, which left one hundred million dead trees as kindling is fuel for these massive fires. This is political malpractice on a grand scale. California, Democrats are more concerned with giving sanctuary to illegal aliens and building billion dollar high speed trains, and nowhere in banning plastic straws then protecting their residents from preventable risk in almost any other state, they'd be held accountable for it, but in California their applauded.
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