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Rush Limbaugh Dec 18, 2019


The 25th annual United Nations climate summit collapsed in failure last Saturday in Madrid. Delegates and 200 Nations could not agree on a scheme to hijack wealth from prosperous countries and redistribute it to themselves under the guise of carbon credits.

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Witnesses around their necks. These twelve any supposedly symbolise the twelve months until the next year. When climate summit protester Emma Dean, stood on an ice block holding her two year old Missus Dean complained that her daughter is growing up in a world where there will be no. Food on the shelves, half of the world is gonna, be underwater. She said, even if summit leaders reached an agreement that still wooden fixed the planet, she said now, in addition to the symbolic ice, lynching protesters dumped truckload of horsemen nor outside the venue. With a note for summit leaders, the horse excrement stops here. But extinction rebellion protesters are full of bull excrement. They These shenanigans will not stop a thing. In fact, future climate summits are huge protest opportunities for them. Their website even tells recruits how to download a rebel star,
So these losers they can go out and play rebel because there's plenty of food on the shelves. The world is not under water and it's not going to be and they're going to remain prosperous, despite their best efforts
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