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Rush Limbaugh December 18th 2017


It looks bad for Dreamers after Democrats have thrown them under the bus and promised to shut down the Government by the end of the year to fix the Obama Amnesty.

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The count down the Christmas is on, and if you need to find a gift, everyone will enjoy visit. One eight hundred flowers, dot com order, their arrangement of a dozen Mary read roses: only twenty nine. Ninety nine, when you do one eight hundred flowers, will give you one another dozen free, that's forty percent off folks. These roses are picked at their peak and shipped overnight, but a one, eight hundred flowers dotcom, slash rush. That's one! Eight hundred feet hours, dot, com, slash rush. When President Trumpery tended the unconstitutional Amnesty Obama granted to so called dreamers democratic, the ceiling. But if you remember Trump,
laid his actual from taking effect until the spring. They give Congress time to come up with a fix now, the time democratic or so mad that they said they shut the government down at the end of the year. If a fix wasn't in place will so much for that democratic leaders, Nancy Blowsy, chunks, humor, have caved. They are no longer threatening government shut down if the end of the year spending build ditches. The dreamers, in other words, dreamers, junk you. This isn't setting well been Wiltshire washing than director move on dot. Org is making threats of his armies of Congress goes home for Christmas and leaves dreamers and called there will be a grass roots uprising that will scorch every legislator, who fails to do what's right. We'll get that flame through already out there, because a dreamer is.
Only keep dreaming Democrats a throw them under the Kyoto bus. Again, in fact, have a message for you: dreamers in order to be heard by all our first deliberate in a little spanish lingo carry a dog dreamers. L Partido Democrat, that cave in deal translation. Dear dreamers, democratic party has sold you out like they were always going to be released. Snobby done, Phidias nodded With Russia, twenty four seven, you never have to miss one word of a rush: Limbaugh show and now new yearly members get Russia's exclusive tumblr from Russia's wisdom all day, long with Russia.
Twenty four seven and Russia's exclusive tumblr is our best tumblr, yet check it out at Russia, Limbaugh dot com, your listening to the EU. I be network
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