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Rush Limbaugh December 1st 2017


Politico reports House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Mitch McConnell are working to fund the Government into January instead of before Christmas.

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Well, a plan being hacked by republican leaders in Congress shows how much things are changing political reports and house bigger, Paul Ryan and the majority leader in the Senate, which Mcconnell are working to fund the government in January instead of before Christmas. Now the short term spending bill will not include something Democrat say as a must: aid Dhaka fix, which is basically amnesty for the so called dreamers children of illegal immigrants who were protected by ETA bomber executive action. Political says the Republicans are now daring the Democrats to go ahead with their threat to shut down the government over illegal immigration. For the last eight years, the very mention of a government shut down made a stab wish Republicans quit
in their boots and cower in the corner. Obama and the Democrats ran roughshod over the because Democrats knew no matter how ridiculous you're spending demands were. The Republicans would have peas and surrender rather than risk being accused of shutting down our precious government, but now Republicans are reportedly ready to tell the Democrats the pound sand. Now, where is this new courage coming from well earlier this week president Trump tweeted that Democrats were threatening to shut down the government and hold the military hostage over illegal immigration? He showed that he's ready and willing to put the blame where it belongs squarely on the Democrats and now the Republicans have some courage. Trump is not afraid to fight, and it appears Its contagious, hopefully with Russia, twenty four seven, you never have to miss one word of a rush. Limbaugh show at now
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