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Rush Limbaugh December 25th 2018


Stockton, California is about to embark on a new experiment next year which chosen residents will receive $500 dollars as well as tracked and study to figure out the income floor that residents deserve.

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Stop done. California is among the launch of experiment, a no strings guarantee basic income, a five hundred dollars a month for its people to eliminate poverty. Supposedly now they're going to armed with a select group of residents early next year, Michael tubs stop tonnes twenty seven year old mayor says that those who get the free money, you're gonna, be tracked and study hopes that they collect enough data in a few years to figure out the income floor that people deserve. The money is not coming from taxpayers yet at the initial handout is from a group calling itself the economic security project. Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes also cofounded this hare brained scheme. Now he hopes taxpayers will eventually pay five hundred dollars a month to every american earning
Under fifty thousand dollars a year so that they can have income security now, as you'd predict, the bunch of stock done residents are drooling at the idea to get free money, already summing letters and emails to the young mayor begging to make the list now. This. a special kind of stupid economic ignorance on steroids. It's not income security, it job security for liberals playing Santa Claus with other people's money,
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