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Rush Limbaugh December 5th 2018


On Monday, A Sermon was given to the community from Apples CEO Tim Cook stating to everyone that the sacred duty of not kicking off certain divisive people from tech platforms is a sin.

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more than one eight hundred flowers, dot com, slash rush, that's one! Eight hundred flowers not comes lash rush, but hurry. The offer ends Friday. As we get ready to celebrate the start of a Christmas season. We have just been treated to a highly spiritual sermon on Monday night. This when Giver spoke of getting rid of hate, division and violence, in other words, bringing peace on earth He focus on the right thing to do. He preached about the importance of being clear on moral questions. He advocated Sing decisions on values and he closed with these inspiring words. I believe the most sacred thing that each of us is given is our judgment are more readily our own innate desire separate right from wrong. Choosing the set that responsibility aside at a moment of trial is a sin. The preacher TIM Cook Apple, CEO, he was receiving
anti defamation, leagues, courage against Hate award very first one they ve ever awarded. He wasn't talk about the golden rule or the sea. The season. He was talking about the sacred duty to kick certain people off of tech platforms. Divisive people not kicking them off is a sin. This new religion of Mr Cook's is a real ho ho ho woods. Mary shut up. If we don't approve and their gauze all cooperation. I've ever had with Apple out the window.
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