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Rush Limbaugh Feb 04, 2020


We've arrived at another milestone my friends 18 million American household use food stamps. Now that may sound like a lot but remember under Barack Obama, all the one number reached an all time high of 23 million that was 20% of American households.

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stolen company law, unspoken talking, copyright, twenty Kobori American you're you're, never compromise drink responsibly. We ve arrived at another milestone, my friends, Ain T million american households, yours food stamps. Now that may sound like a lot but remember under Morocco, saying all the one. The number reached an all time, high of twenty three million, that was twenty percent of american households under President Trump Footstep use- has plummeted, do a nine year low. One reason the numbers are for this is because the economy is booming, but that's not the only reason. The trouble administration just closed a ridiculous loophole that allowed millions of people who apply for food stamps, regardless of how much money they make not any.
Without that stupid loophole more foods, damp users are actually people in need. Normally, this would be praised, but don't hold your breath on that. If the left reacts of all, it will be to complain that fewer people on food stamps is assigned the trumps. America has no compassion, but of course, if the opposite, that's true, it's a sign that prosperity and economic growth has returned for everybody. This is real compassion, not increasing the numbers of people on food stamps, but increasing the numbers of people who no longer needed. That is compassion.
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