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Rush Limbaugh Feb 15, 2021


UC Berkeley one of the most liberal University is on the planet and for 40 years, Berkeley has been spending money from a multimillion dollar fund with a terrible history.

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You see Berkeley, one of the most liberal university is on the plan of action. For forty years, Berkeley has been spending money from a multi million dollar fund with a terrible history. The geological eugenic institute fund is just what it sounds like it's a fund devoted to eugenics Now, eugenics, as they discredited idea that the human race can be improved by breeding for certain traits and getting rid of others, it was the basis for Hitler's horrible, nazi ideology and Nazis. Believe the area and race was supreme, so they tried to eradicate everybody else. They deemed inferior. In America, eugenics was promoted by Margaret Sanger the founder plan, parenthood. She believed that blacks were inferior. She wanted to use abortion and get rid of him, which explains why so many planned
ten percent of these are still present in minority communities. Now, when the LOS Angeles times reported on the Berkeley Eugenics Fund this week, family members were shocked to learn that has existed for years, but the school kept quiet and quietly spent all that money. Guarantee if any conservative school have Supremacist eugenics fond its doors, one clothes, but this is Barclay run by well. So nothing's going to happen and they'll keep spending the money because in their own minds, liberals are superior and they deserve to do as they please, including wiping out any of us they deem to be inferior.
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