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Rush Limbaugh February 12th 2018


After United Airlines made a tough call on asking a passenger to leave its emotional support service animal behind because of its size past month, Spirit Airlines did the same with a college student for having a hamster.

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operate. You still got the same monthly monitoring service price. That's only fifteen dollars a month and there's no long term contract design, simply safe, USA Dotcom. That's the website, protect your home and your family today go online, simply safe. U S! Aid dotcom, no offer code needed just that address simply safe, USA, Dotcom, United Airlines. May the tough call this month when they told a passenger travelling from north, to LOS Angeles that she would have to leave her emotional support service animal behind the passenger had a ticket for Dexter. The peacock but United sets no way now. Twenty one year old college students in the news over an incident occurred last November. She was
I'm from Baltimore to her home in South Florida to take care of a medical issue. She had with her pebbles her dwarf hamster, which is part of the gerbil family, was going to provide emotional support for her, not one spirit. Airlines reviews passage for the road. The student says she tried, unsuccessfully, to rent a car after agonizing for several hours. A student claims that she followed advice from Spirit representatives and took pebbles to the women's restroom is doing said she was scared and so was pebbles pebbles ignore is going to end up with good reason, so pebbles was put in the toilet and the toilet was flushed it's by by pebbles and after the d
it's done the student said she sat crying for ten minutes in the store and then flew home. Now Spirit says they never told her to flush the animal down the toilet. They do admit. The student was originally told that her hamster would be allowed to travel. As for the peacock, he should thank you lucky stars. He can't fit in the toilet. Folks do with this what you will, but all of it did happen, really with Russia, twenty four seven. You never have to miss one word of the rush. Limbaugh show, and now new yearly members get Russia's exclusive tumblr. from Russia's wisdom all day long with Russia Twenty four seven and Russia's exclusive tumblr is our best tumblr, yet check it out at rush Limbaugh dot com. Your listening to the EU. I be network
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