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Rush Limbaugh February 1st, 2017


Democrats have already decided to fight President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee.

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where'd, they will filibuster a Supreme Court nominee before they even know who it was Senator Jeff, murkily, Democrat Oregon claim the seed actually belong to a bomb has failed nominee. America garland. He said this is a stolen seat. This is the first time a Senate majority have stolen a seat and we gonna use every lever in our power to stop it will what levers tat. They have got the power of tantrums, the power of hysteria, and that's it organize liberal groups of already said, they're gonna spend millions of dollars. Smearing crumbs nominee ignore them. You can expect them to claim nominees out of the mainstream, the knees and extremist he of either paused to women's rights. All this stuff just ignored folks, in fact, better too laugh at them for a change. The Republicans hold all the cards, including the so called nuclear option. When democrats insist on filibustering the nominee
Republicans, can use Democrat playbook against them. Go nuclear changed the rules, kill the filibuster Harry read the Democrats, did it to Republicans to pack the judiciary with Obama's judges. It's time to the tables. Of course Democrats will come down with amnesia about their earlier tactics and the dry by media will side with the Democrats, but the only power the Democrats have is, if the Republicans cave and Trump won't
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