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Rush Limbaugh February 2nd 2018


Criticisms of the State of the Union keeps coming in but not about President Trump as he got a positive reaction. The criticisms was aimed at young Joe Kennedy III for speaking in Spanish to Dreamers where many of those Dreamers don't speak the language.

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One. Criticism of the state of the union speech gives robbing him, but not of trumps trumped gonna, seventy percent positive reaction, half the people say the policy outlined- will help them directly, and that includes a big number here. Forty three percent of Democrats who watch and liked it know my friend's a criticism is aimed at young Joseph P Kennedy. The third critics are taking his response to the woodshed they're, not focused on whatever was going on with his mouth, the drooling or the chapstick or whatever, or the unfortunate optics of using a car as a backdrop which brought back memories of Uncle TED's, Oldsmobile, submerged Chappaquiddick,
Here's what liberal critic zeroed in on Kennedys bite, lingual stunt, hosted MP, arson speaking to dreamers in Espagnole assume they don't speak on glace. He called that a patronising falsehood, since they ve been here since they were kids, others called it exclusionary. In addition, to being condescending, an ignorant, not all dreamers or from spanish language country should also, by speaking Spanish Kennedy, erased those from Africa or Asia, and besides said the critics Kennedy spanish noise, while others laughed at Kennedys claim. Democrats will fight for them because Democrats through dreamers, under the bus by caving during the government, shut down. So what appears that the well oiled Kennedy political machine is a bit rusty. Maybe it's been under
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