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Rush Limbaugh Jan 08, 2021


Pennsylvania Republicans hold a majority in the state legislature, on Tuesday they prevented Democrat state Senator Jim Brewster from being seated for the new term.

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The buck. Sexton podcast freedom is our fight. This year, you have a Democrat party that increasingly just bears its authoritarian fangs without Any sense whatsoever of fair play and good they toward the other side, because they haven't had for years because defeating Trump in their minds justified absolutely anything. The box Sexton Podcast, get it for free daily on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you find. Your pot casts Pennsylvania Republican. The majority in the state legislature on Tuesday they prevent a democratic state, Senator Jim Brewster from being seated the new term
The issue was mail in ballots. Mr Brewster, the Democratic defeated his republic, it opponent by just sixty seven votes, but three hundred eleven malian ballots were counted, even though they were not David. That's a violation of the states election law, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court run by liberal Democrats ignored the law surprise. They said these ballots could be counted solve. Republicans took the case to federal court where it is still pending. Meanwhile, Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Ferryman tried deceit, Mr Brewer Republicans, and what the media calls and unusual moves said no way they voted to remove the lieutenant governor as the presiding officer the proceedings and then refuse to see Mister Brewster until further review. Now, of course, the Democrats went Ballistic, Pennsylvania's, democratic hack, Governor Tom Wolf accused Republicans of subverting the democratic process.
Democrats, as all of you know by now, believe they are entitled to bend the law or to break it or to stamp on it or ignore it whenever their powers at stake in anybody gets in their way, his subversive, thankfully it seems Pennsylvania, Republicans have had enough and they actually want their election laws followed. Its a novel concept will keep track here.
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