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Rush Limbaugh Jan 09, 2020


Last weekend, a new foreign policy expert appeared on the scene former Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, weighed in on the air strike that took out General Qassem Soleimani.

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stolen company law, unspoken talking, copyright, twenty Kobori American you're you're, never compromise drink responsibly. Last weekend I knew foreign policy expert appeared on the scene, former Tennessee tightened defensive, Tackle Albert Haines Worth weighed in on the air strike that took out general chasm solely a money on social Media Haines Worth posted an idea for the mothers in IRAN, he advised them that if they were planning a retaliatory strike at America, they should launch their attack on the White House. You probably not surprised that his advice to IRAN did not go over well with normal Americans. Now, maybe Mister Haynes Worth
don't know that custom solely a money is directly responsible for killing and maiming american troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the recent attack on the. U S, embassy in Baghdad, the saudi oil feel, or maybe like so many other liberals and elected Democrats. Maybe Haines warrants loathing of Trump means that he doesn't care about sodium Armani, sordid history at all. But there's one glaring question that Albert Haines worth Social media post raises, and it's this: how long will it take for the marketing department Nike to realize they may well have found their next big Marquis
STAR to go right alongside carbon caper Nick a former athlete whose hatred for America could rival caper nics could be exactly what Nike needs. Will they see the opportunity
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